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Toxins That Damage Your Health

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JAMA Study Confirms Drinking Fluoridated Water Lowers Child IQ YouTube  - Mar 2022

Fluoridated Water Causes Brain Damage by MercolaPDF - Mar 2022

Dangers of Acetaminophen by - Jan 2021 CENSORED Creates neural and emotional effects with high doses (see bottle) causing liver damage.  (Ibuprofen irritates the stomach with high doses causing kidney problems.)

Study Shows Significant Link Between Mercury and Autism by - CENSORED Mercury from dental work and vaccines may contribute to autism

Studies on the Health Risks of Fluoride by - CENSORED Fluoride is much more toxic than most realize

Are Phthalates Damaging Babies Brains? by - 2021 CENSORED These plastic derivatives seem to impair brain development and increase learning, attention and behavioral disorders. They come from exposure to food packaging, take-out containers and food processing equipment.

The Role of Glyphosphate (RoundUp) in COVID-19 and Health by - 2021 CENSORED How glyphosphate poisons your system. How organic foods help to reduce the risk of glyphosphate. How glycine can help protect against glyphosphate.

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The Case Against Fluoride by P. Connett, PhD, J. Beck, MD, PhD, & H. Micklem, DPhil - 2010 How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the ad Science and Powerful Politics that Keep it There.


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