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>>Medicinal Mushrooms - Maitake & others {video}

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Immune Modulation from Five Major Mushrooms in IMCJ via NIH - 2014 A study showing the benefits of mushrooms Agaricus b., Cordyceps s., Grifola f. (Maitake), Ganoderma l. (Reishi), Trametes v. (Turkey Tail) to help modulate (balance) immune cytokines and boost chemotherapy effects. The most common medicinal mushroom component is beta-glucan. A product containing these mushrooms is the Naturealm - Sacred 7 powder. I use this for my children immune formulas and smoothies. We also use Standard Process Epimune Complex capsules (Turkey Tail & Maitake) and DaVinci Acute Immune Benefits liquid (Maitake & DMG). Some of our other products have the beta-glucan.

Fungi Perfecti ( by Paul Stamets - 2022 Products and research on many types of medicinal mushrooms from one of the top mushroom experts.

Can Beta-Glucans be a Weapon Against Infections by - 2020 CENSORED Beta-glucans from mushrooms and other plants like brewer's yeast and seaweed help support your body with infections and cancer, possibly COVID.

This Mushroom Compound Is a Longevity Powerhouse by MercolaPDF - Oct 2023 Ergothioneine from maitake, oyster, lion's mane and even white button mushrooms can be a new vitamin that helps reduce cell problems and promote longevity - even crossing the blood brain barrier and seeming to help with cognitive impairment.

Dietary Sources of the Longevity Vitamin "Ergothioneine" by YouTube - Oct 2023 Mushroom studies.

Are Mushrooms a Fountain of Youth? by - Apr 2021 CENSORED They seem to help support your body reduce PSA and prostate tumor growth. They are seem to modulate the immune system and support your body against tumors and viruses. Mushrooms provide glutathione and people who ate 2 servings per week reduced their mild cognitive impairment.


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