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>>Acute Care - Hygiene & My Sick Room {video}

Dr. Rolland shares ideas about preparing an isolation sick room and caring for an ill family member at home. This room can also be used to shelter a vulnerable family member during a pandemic. Face masks, good hygiene & cleaning and ozone sanitation are also discussed. Oxygen concentrator for home use. Body positioning to improve breathing and use of nebulized hydrogen peroxide may be powerful tools for respiratory viruses.

  Prone Positioning for Respiratory Infections by Avi Physio - Jan 2021 The largest part of the lung is lower and towards the back.

  Tips for Breathing with a Lung Infection by Jonathan Bayuk, M.D. - April 2020 Taking deep breaths and holding 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times then forcefully cough on the last exhale. Repeat set again. Then lay prone for some time. Get up and move every hour or so and stay hydrated.

  Breathing Exercise Tips for Lung Infection Challenges by Avi Physio - Jan 2021 Be in a relaxed upright position. Breathe slowly in through nose and out through pursed lips. Out should take twice as long. Teaches diaphragmatic breathing and lateral costal breathing. The 4-7-8 pattern.

  Prone Position with Pillows by Prema Yoga Institute - Jul 2020 Proning demonstration with pillows.

  A Position to Manage Pneumonia by TVN Nephrologitst - Dec 2020 Position on knees and elbows with head down to assist breathing and discharge. Downward dog. Works in ICU and says ginger & curcumin with honey can help loosen secretions. Tapping back to loosen congestion.


  Ventilation & Filtration to Optimize Health by Dr. Joseph Allen of MedCram - Jan 2021 Dr. Allen is a Harvard public health professor who explains how to better maintain good indoor air quality and how it helps optimize health and limit COVID-19.

  Protection Differences Between N95 and KN95 Masks by Popular Mechanics - Feb 2021 These masks are multi-layer 5 and can filter well to 0.3 micron and even most to 0.1 micron (99.8%?) helped by Brownian motion effect and an electrostatic charge. Only N95 are NIOSH certified while the KN95 (not typically as good) are certified by the Chinese government. Both are better than surgical masks.

  The Great Mask Maquerade by MercolaPDF - Sep 2023 Cochrane report finds across the board masks do NOT seem to help reduce the spread of SARS-CoV2 and there is no solid evidence showing that they do in spite of best hopes and expectations!!

  Link to Rutgers University Cleaning Solutions for 2020 - Cleaning tips. Concentrations given for bleach, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. USE SEPARATELY - DO NOT MIX TOGETHER.

  Survival Medicine: Emergency First Aid by Dr. Alton - great website of education and supplies for all types of emergencies


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