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>>Corona Update Jan 2022

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THIS PAGE INCLUDES: More Harm than Good, COVID Only Deaths Much Lower, Shots Supress Immune, Boosters Can Damage, Hepatitis, Myocarditis, Deadliest Shots, Vaccine Cover-ups, Melatonin, Artemisinin, CBD Helps, Ivermectin Pressure, Truth, Non-COVID Death Surge, Life Insurance (Also see our Immune Support page inclusive summary & more help.)

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  "If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, then the world is yours, and all that is in it." - Rudyard Kipling

  "You do not lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault not leadership." - Dwight Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States


    >>See the COVID Vaccine, Adverse Event Reaction numbers from the latest CDC reports on / COVID (for years now, OpenVAERS has extracted data from the CDC system to report it in a simple format without editing or manipulating).

    As of July 23, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there were reports of 518,769 adverse reactions40,991 hospitalizations, 12,808 permanent disabilities and 11,940 deaths - these are estimated only a fraction of the actual total according to the Harvard Pilgrim Lazarus report on VAERS reporting participation on 

   As of October 8, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there are reports of 798,634 reactions79,669 hospitalizations16,766 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far reactions include: 2508 miscarriages, 8136 heart attacks, 9470 myocarditis, 3735 thrombocytopenia, 9787 Bell's palsy, 7336 anaphylaxis, 31,196 severe allergic reactions, 9472 shingles and 24,805 permanent disabilities. (Statistically, a majority of reported vaccine related deaths occur within 3 days of vaccination.)

   As of January 7, 2022, related to COVID vaccines there are reports of 1,033,992 reactions115,754 hospitalizations21,745 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far reactions include: 3,594 miscarriages, 11,055 heart attacks, 25,773 myocarditis, 5,176 thrombocytopenia, 12,951 Bell's palsy, 8,811anaphylaxis, 37,466 severe allergic reactions,11,758 shingles and 37,937 permanent disabilities. (Statistically, a majority of reported vaccine related deaths occur within 3 days of vaccination.)


    >>Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good by CCCA on Rumble - Dec 2021 Very Clear and Concise. PLEASE Watch. Canadian Critical Care Alliance is a group of medical doctors who believe that medical care should be proven safe and effective before being used for patients. There are so many problems with the Pfizer data from using absolute vs. relatvie numbers, to unblinding and vaccinating most early on, to having small sample sizes, to not tracking all participants, to by-passing several steps of the safety testing... this video clearly explains big concerns. 

    >>Canadian Covid Care Alliance at - Independent science based evidence about COVID issues.

    >>Freedom For Information Data Shows COVID Only Deaths Low by Dr. Campbell - Jan 2022 British health data shows 152,000 deaths within 28 days of getting the vaccine. British data reports just over 174,000 deaths with COVID on the death certificate. But when the report states the number of deaths from COVID with NO OTHER comorbidities that number is just over 17,000. And the other shocking thing was that the average age of death was 82 years old - around the typical life expectancy. U.K. professor also estimates an excess of 50,000 cancer deaths over the last 18 months due to lack of medical care - access, missed treatments, fear, delayed diagnosis. (Dr. Rolland's comments; That is only around 10 percent of the total reported COVID deaths. Remember that is near what CDC said last year when they reported that value as 6%.)

    >>CDC Credibility: Admits Most COVID Deaths Have Multiple Comorbities by Ron Paul Liberty Report - Jan 2022 CDC now admits that 75% of COVID deaths had 4 or more comorbidities. Many officials telling people what to do and not doing it themselves. Study of 145 countries says vaccines make things worse? Why are monoclonal antibodies being blocked from certain states and people? Lock your child in the trunk to avoid catching COVID? Tennis player detained in Australia against his will because of natural immunity.


    >>COVID-19: A 2nd Opinion with U.S. Senator Ron Johnson by VCYAmerica - Jan 2022 PLEASE LISTEN TO THESE EXPERT testimonies about vaccine injury and what went wrong and what went right during the pandemic response. You can watch all 5 hours of this Senate testimony on Rumble if you search for 2nd Opinion

    >>COVID-19: A 2nd Opinion (part 2) with U.S. Senator Ron Johnson by VCYAmerica - Jan 2022 PLEASE LISTEN TO MORE Testimonies about vaccine injuries.

     >>Pandemic Narrative Taking a Sharp Turn by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022 CDC advises importance of protecting those who are vulnerable. CDC admits over 75% of COVID deaths have 4 or more comorbidities. CDC admits COVID shots cannot prevent transmission. CDC cuts positive test isolation period from 10 to 5 days. CDC advises to not test shortly after infection because PCR test can be positive for up to 12 weeks post. CDC admits that 40% of COVID hospitalized patients were for in for something else. Unfortunately, even some SCOTUS justices do not have an accurate picture of some stats and severely exaggerated numbers i.e. child cases and comparison to flu.


    >>How COVID Shots Supress Your Immune System with Dr. Stephanie Seneff by Mercola on BitChute - Jan 2022 M.I.T. Researcher (5 decades) Stephanie Seneff, PhD, explains her current research paper on biochemical damage caused by the COVID vaccines. She explains how these vaccines are very clever and trick the body into producing abnormally high antibodies and how they interfere with normal, innate viral immune responses like type 1 interferons. While a little technical, this interview covers her findings about the increases in the number of Cancers (breast and lymphoma), emerging latent viruses and neurological injury (i.e. Parkinson's like symptoms, tinnitisbell's palsy, etc.). The vaccine's seem to be traveling on and damaging the nerves throughout the body. It seems to be creating autoimmune diseases (Alzheimer's, prion, CJD, etc.). She discusses VAERS data underreporting and how many multiple injury signals are showing up after even just 1 year of vaccinations (many more than 30 years of all other vaccines). Also about inflammation, athlete injuries and vascular damage and of the early findings of 82% miscarriage rate when pregnant women jabbed in first 20 weeks. She asks, why the government doesn't care? These signals are only beginning.

     >>How COVID Shots Supress Your Immune System Dr. Seneff Review by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022

    >>Are Blood Clot Inevitable from mRNA Vaccines? with Dr. Hoffe by Total Health Matters - Nov 2021?

    >>Doctor Warns That Majority of COVID Vaccine Patients Could Have Permanent Heart Damage by Dr. Hoffe - Jul 2021 notes from his YouTube interview

    >>Boosters May Cause Immune System Damage by Dr. - Jan 2022 European Medical officials are raising concern that giving regular boosters can damage the immune system.


    >>Joe Rogan Experience #1757 Robert Malone, MD Interview Full Transcript - Jan 2022 Link is faulty. WARNING: Rogan may use expletives. I post it for those who want to hear it directly. Eye opening 3 hour interview exposing many concerning and threatening issues from how the COVID-19 pandemic is being controlled. Find more from Malone on

    >>Censored Censored mRNA Inventor Tells All on Rogan by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022 Here is a written summary of Malone and Rogan.

    >>Think Twice Before You Vaccinate Your Kids with Dr. Malone by Epoch Times - Jan 2022

    >>Joe Rogan Experience #1747 Peter McCullough, MD Full Interview on Spotify- Jan 2022 WARNING: Rogan may use expletives. I post it for those who want to hear it directly. Eye opening 3 hour interview exposing many concerning and threatening issues from how the COVID-19 pandemic is being controlled. 

    >>What You Need to Know About the COVID Shot with Dr. McCullough by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022 Dangers of the spike protein. The mRNA vaccines prompt your body to make spike proteins. Spike protein goes through body and collects places (especially the ovaries) and effects are unknown since some toxicity testing e.g. fertility were skipped in hast to release vaccine. Annual VAERS reports have averaged about 39,000 over the last 10 years, while there have been over 700,000 made during the last 12 months. Myocarditis numbers have surged, mostly in boys, with 85% occuring after the second jab. Myocarditis short-term estimates are 162 per million in ages 12-15 and 94 per million in ages 16-17. Vaccinated are just as contagious as unvaccinated. How many are dying from the COVID jabs? Early treatment often leads to good outcomes and is vital to help patients with COVID regardless of their vaccine status.

    >>Moderna Shot May Cause Liver Hepatitis by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022

    >>Liver Injury Caused by Moderna Vaccine by Dr. - Jan 2022

    >>Spreading Out Vaccines May Reduce Myocarditis Risk in Younger by Dr. Campbell - Nov 2022

    >>British Medical Journal Demands Full Release of All COVID-19 Vaccine Data by Epoch Times - Jan 2022

    >>Judge Gives FDA Just Over 8 Months to Release Pfizer Safety Data by Epoch Times - Jan 2022 The FDA had asked for 55 years and then 75 years to release the over 360,000 pages of safety data that it had reviewed and approved in just a few months. What was so special that it shouldn't be seen for 55 years?

    >>COVID Shots Are the Deadliest in Medical History with Steve Kirsch by Mercola on Odessey - Nov 2021

    >>COVID Data by Steve Kirsch on Substack - Jan 2022 Steve's group funded repurposed medication research and came up with fluvoxamine. He is involved in promoting other alternative treatments for COVID. His group has also calculated that VAERS is 41x under reported. Find those data calculations on his substack.

    >>VAERS Data and COVID Jab Safety with Jessica Rose PhD by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022 Calculates underreporting of VAERS.

    >>Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes COVID Vaccine Cover Up with Brook Jackson by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022

    >>Children Are Dying from COVID, Lockdowns and Overdoses by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022


    >>Almost Half of New York COVID-19 Hospitalizations Are Not for COVID by Epoch Times - Jan 2022

    >>Pfizer to Roll Out Omnicron Vaccine in March by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022

    >>"COVID Chronicles" Video overview by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022

   >>Forced COVID Shots Take Worldwide Center Stage with Veronika Kyrelenko by VCYAmerica - Jan 2022

    >>Vaccinated People Who had Severe COVID Outcome had at Least One Risk Factor by Epoch Times - Jan 2022


    >>COVID Long-Haulers by Dr. Al Johnson and Dr. Peter McCullough YouTube - Oct 2021 Help and concerns. Good interview.

    >>Melatonin Significantly Reduces COVID Mortality by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022 In one study, 10mg of melatonin reduces death rates by 93%. Studies show melatonin reduces hospital duration and sepsis. Non-COVID melatonin use starts low and increases as necessary.

    >>Study Finds Natural Treatments for Coronavirus by Epoch Times - Jan 2022

    >>Artesunate Strongly Modulates Myeloid and Regulatory T-cells to prevent LPS- induced Systemic Inflammation on N.I.H. - Nov 2021 from the herb Artemisinin

    >>CBD Blocks Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV2 from Journal of Natural Products on - Jan 2022 Another benefit of hemp CBD.


    >>FDA, Boosters & CDC with Dr. Meryl Naas by Mercola on BrandNewTube - Nov 2021 Meryl Naas, M.D., is an internist who specializes in toxicology, vaccine injuries, Gulf War Syndrome and etc. She talks about concerns and care for vaccine injuries and COVID.

    >>Doctors Under Pressure to Not Use Ivermectin by Dr. - Jan 2022 Medical doctors are getting pressure (letters) from insurance companies to "not prescribe" Ivermectin for COVID patients. The FDA is sending the AMA and Pharmacy association letters urging their members to "not prescribe" Ivermectin for COVID patients. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Keep in mind that regulatory agencies, trade associations and insurance companies DO NOT PRACTICE medicine. That is up to the individual doctors. Why are they being pressured how to practice without discussion??)

  >>Plans to Tag Us For New World Order by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022 Review with Dr. Zelenko who believes that early, effective treatments were suppressed. Discussion of how some studies suggest that 85% of deaths could have been avoided. That is 700,000 Americans may have lived.

    >>The Real Pandemic is Insulin Resistance by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022  Diabetes and obesity.


    >>Florida Researchers Find No Asymptomatic Spread on Rational Ground - Dec 2020

    >>W.H.O. Says COVID Asymptomatic Transmission is Rare on YouTube - June 2020

    >>Study of 10 Million Finds No Evidence of Asymptomatic Transmission by Principia Scientifica International - Dec 2020

    >>Post Lock-down Screening of Nearly 10 Million in Wuhan, China in - Nov 2020

    >>Household Transmission of SARS-CoV2 in JAMA - Dec 2020

    >>Asymptomatic Spread Revisited on - Nov 2020 


    >>Truth Behind COVID-19 and The Shots with Dr. Peter McCullough by VCYAmerica - Jan 2022 Cardiologist Peter McCullough, M.D., has led the way with effective COVID treatment options.


    >>Life Insurer Refuses to Cover COVID Vaccine Death on - Jan 2022 Because patient knew it was experimental.

    >>States Investigating Surge in non-COVID Deaths Among 18-49 Year Olds by Epoch Times - Jan 2022 Theories include overdoses, suicide, vaccine injuries, etc. 

    >>Indiana Life Insurance CEO Says Death Rates Are Up 40 for Ages 18-64 - Jan 2021

    >>U.S. Code Which Specifies What Constitutes Emergency Authorization on - current and updated


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