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>>Corona Update Dec 2020

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This page includes: Ivermectin a COVID Super Drug?, Big help from Vitamin D, C, NAC and other supplements, Homeopathic options, Humiditifiers, Real Help for Long-Haulers, COVID Vaccine Concerns, PCR Test Inaccuracies, The Great Barrington Declaration, Flu Numbers, Danish Mask Study, Lockdown Harm vs. Benefit Debates, Vaccine Allergic Reactions, Understanding Vaccine Options, Sweden's Progress, Seasonality, A Second Wave, Engineered Coronaviruses,  The Great Reset, Technocracy and More. (Also see our Immune Support page for an inclusive summary & more help.)




FINALLY, as of January 15, 2021, the NIH has lessened its resistance to IVERMECTIN from against to being neutral and neither against nor suggesting it. (Although FLCCC has made the case that it can save most patients.) It is my understanding (from a patient whose high-risk father recently recovered) that one of our local hospitals (St. Vincent's) is using the I-MASK protocol and possibly vaporized hydrogen peroxide. You can too.

    >>YouTube has Removed Dr. Kory's Senate Testimony on Ivermectin by Fox News - Jan 2021 See it here. U.S. Senator Ron Johnson protests big tech censorship. 

    >>Doctor Pleads with Senate to Review Data on Ivermectin to Save Patients by FoxNews - Dec 2020 Pierre Corry, M.D. representing leading expert doctors in FLCCC alliance testifying before the Senate in a 10 minute video. He says that Ivermectin is a miraculous drug to help COVID-19 patients and that We Have Known this since the spring of 2020. It is highly effective for prophylaxis and for severe illness treatments. Masses of people (especially African and Hispanic Americans, elderly and poor) are dying needlessly! Doctors are pleading to save them.

    >> I-MASK+ Protocol with Dr. Marik by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Nov 2020 This is an IMPORTANT talk to share with your medical doctor or anyone at risk or infected with COVID-19 or a long-hauler with COVID. These clinical doctors review studies (minute 36) that show the Benefits of IVERMECTIN for prophylaxis (pre and post exposure), early illness home care and advanced hospital care to SAVE LIVES. This drug is said to have a long known history, be very safe, and low cost. Testifying before congress, these doctors say it works miracles and that ALL DOCTORS SHOULD KNOW about this to give their patients help that is available. Ivermectin has some drug interactions but out of 3 Billion doses used worldwide over many years, reportedly there are only a few hundred cases of severe side-effects. These doctors discuss (min 45) that the NIH still offers NO treatments for pre-hospital "home" patients but that studies show (min 15) substantial evidence for the prophylaxis (pre-exposure) and illness use of Ivermectin and Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, Melatonin (and B-complex). (Dark skinned, older and obese patients can be especially helped by some of these.) Also discussed is benefits from appropriately timed use of steroids, aspirin and doxycycline. They discuss evidence (min 30) that now shows hydroxychloroquine is only possibly useful? as an early treatment and leans towards being detrimental later on. They suggest (min 46) that Remdesivir (recommended by NIH) does NOT seem to reduce COVID-19 mortality and is expensive. They also explain that serum antibodies do NOT seem to be effective. Finally, these doctors question with grave concern why Ivermectin and nutritional info is NOT being given to all treating doctors so they can help more patients NOW.

Doctors and patients can find doses and full protocols and PDFs at 

Dr. Rolland's comments (Jan 2020): AGAIN - WHY IS THIS NOT BEING SHARED DAILY FROM OFFICIALS? See my many other posts to address this. Might this save tens of thousands of lives? This drug IVERMECTIN seems to be very beneficial (and safe?) and I recommend that my patients and family ask their doctor to review this drug for them. (I did not realize this medication is widely used for cattle, horses and swine and so is low cost and readily available without prescription for animals at farm stores.)  It is great to see doctors recommending supplements. We are having success with these and several others since March. From a natural point of view, these supplements are very safe and help with a variety of health issues. These medical doctors directly support vaccines. I feel vaccine benefits and risks should be openly considered so that patients can make an informed choice. See our comments on masks, social distancing and lock-downs elsewhere on this site. (Additional very helpful supplements include: NAC, Curcumin, CoQ10, Vitamin K2, Omega3, Spirulina, Garlic & Magnesium.) 

    >>Ivermectin Now a COVID Treatment Option for Providers by FLCCC - Jan 2021 Includes their protocols for home prevention and home care, and hospital care (including help for severe cases). 

    >>NIH Revises Ivermectin Treatment Guidelines for COVID-19 by FLCCC - Jan 2021 NIH is neutral now and no longer against it. 

    >>FLCCC Response to NIH Committee Ivermectin Guidelines for COVID-19 - Jan 2021 FLCCC explains why they feel that the NIH guidelines do not go far enough and scientifically why the drug Ivermectin should be recommended for (all??) COVID-19 treatments.  


    >>How IVERMECTIN Helps Against SARS-CoV2 by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Nov 2020 

    >>Good News Ivermectin Reduces Mortality in COVID-19 Patients by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Nov 2020

    >>IVERMECTIN Works for COVID-19 by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Oct 2020

    >>IVERMECTIN and COVID-19 by Dr. John Campbell - Dec 2020 Discusses the apparently very good benefits of Ivermectin. In one Florida hospital study, this drug lowered mortality of overall COVID-19 patients from 25% to 15% and of severe pulmonary patients from 80% to 38%!!

    >>Is Ivermectin a Game Changer for COVID-19? by Dr. Yo - Dec 2020 Discusses benefits of Ivermectin (used worldwide for many microbial issues since 1975) for COVID-19 acute and long-hauler from studies and anecdotal stories. (Better than HCQ?) Half life is 12-36 hours with possible moderate side-effects. Does it lower viral replication at the cellular level. If FDA gets so much funding from Big Pharma, will they recommend a drug that costs a few dollars verses a few thousands? Also, if a drug gets approved, does that mean emergency use authorizations EUA of vaccines or other drugs must expire? After spending over $15 billion on vaccine development and manufacturing can an existing generic drug with a strong safety profile be the answer?

    >>Remdesivir and Tamiflu May Not Be Effective by - Dec 2020 They are also very expensive compared to alternatives.

    >>Hair Lice Drug May Cut Risk of COVID-19 by 80% by New York Post - Jan 2020 Here is another angle on this story told by a British doctor. A common, low cost drug that is being used around the world to help COVID-19 patients with apparent success. (Why is this not being discussed more?)



(See our Key Supplement Reviews for links documenting all recommend here.)

    >>Vitamin D and COVID-19: Evidence for Prevention and Treatment by Dr. Seheult of MedCram - Dec 2020 explains how D3 works and its critical need for 2020.  <<According to the NPR reports, the U.K. rolled out a program to give vitamin D3 to all of its older citizens. (Why not to all of it's citizens? physicians are asking.) But they have now "mysteriously" cancelled that program, supposedly with new information showing that it is not clear if the vitamin D3 is really helping or if it is just a coincidental finding. (Haven't we known since April?) Since vitamin D is low cost and helpful with many health issues, and since it is very safe, doesn't it make sense to just give it to everyone just in case?>>

    >>How Long Will We Ignore the Truth About Vitamin D? by - Dec 2020 References Dr. John Campbell and others. What if ten of thousands could have been saved?

    >>Vitamin C Treatment for COVID-19 Being Silenced by - Dec 2020 Very informative overview of vitamin C. Presentation by International Orthomolecular Society. China using IV vitamin C for COVID at doses of 10 to 20 grams or even up to 100g per day with recovery of most and with no reported side-effects. High dose report shows reduction of ICU stay by 44%. Even small doses of 200mg helping to reduce death rate of older patients with pneumonia by 80%. We have known about using vitamin C for acute illness for years. Did W.H.O. met with big tech companies in February to discuss the blocking of information about vitamin C therapy to the public? How many LIVES can Vitamin C SAVE???

    >>NACs Crucial Roll in Preventing and Treating COVID-19 by - Nov 2020 We know this is very helpful for issues like COVID-19. NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) is a precursor to glutathione and helps with a variety of respiratory and metabolic issues. It reduces replication of certain viruses like influenza, inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokines, improves T-cell response, benefits a variety of lung problems and reduces hypercoagulation (blood clotting). Some hospitals are using this. How many LIVES can NAC SAVE???

    >>Simple Strategies to Improve Your Immune Function by - Dec 2020 Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, selenium, melatonin, etc.

    >>Homeopathic Care for COVID-19 by Dr. Prasanta Banerji - April 2020 Practical homeopathy is from a 150 year tradition of treating patients. Homeopathy is a unique system of healthcare that has been around as long as modern medicine and chiropractic and is used effectively around the world. Interestingly, their first recommendation of Thuja is one of the ingredients in our Mediherb's Viranon formula (along with St. John's Wort and Licorice Root). Some people are using this alternative as their primary care for COVID-19. Please carefully study these care protocols or consult with someone who is knowledgeable before using them. Many homeopathic remedies are available over the counter. Find a local source. Consider taking a course to learn its usage.

    >>Can Humidifiers Help Prevent COVID-19? by - Dec 2020 Researchers from M.I.T. reviewing data from 125 countries found that indoor relative humidity had a significant correlation with new coronavirus cases and daily COVID-19 death rates. (Humidity is also driven by seasonal factors - shown elsewhere to be linked to infection rates. The biochemistry benefits of proper hydration are shown elsewhere in detail by Dr. Moybeen.)

    >>First Effective Treatment for Long COVID by RUN-DMC - Dec 2020 It seems that using 1) a low histamine diet 2) Supplements 3) OTC anti-histamines and 4) prescription medications may really help!! (See our Nov Update page for more details and doctor videos.) Coordinate with your doctor. The supplements used include: Niacin 10-20mg spread through day (watch for flushing), Selenium 100mcg, Zinc 15-30mg, Quercetin 500 mg three time daily, Vitamin C 1000mg three times daily and Vitamin D 3000-5000iu. Also some find help from: Magnesium, Iodine, Omega-3, Melatonin, CBD, NAC, Benadryl and Aspirin. Please consult with your doctor before taking medications.

    >>NAD+ deficiency may predispose the aged, obese and type2 diabetics to mortality through its effects on SIRT1 activity. NIH Nov 2020 - Dr. Wentzel's technical paper discussing NAD+ effects on COVID-19 hyper immune reaction and long-haulers...



Looks like we are seeing reactions to the vaccines in Australia, the U.K. and some in the U.S. What if you can get life-saving benefit from a drug like Ivermectin and recommended supplements and have only a mild illness and then get a durable immunity from natural exposure? We know less about the vaccines than we know about SARS-CoV2 itself. What is the benefit vs. risk of taking these vaccines compared to the disease? There are questions about whether the vaccines will stimulate an immunity that lasts or whether there will be a "need" to get a shot every year. Will it work for mutations? Also a question whether they prevent disease or merely help keep it mild (experts saying there has not been enough time to show if they prevent severe illness), possibly vaccinated people may then still become contagious? And big questions about possible long-term side-effects

See our Immunity & Vaccines page for the bulk of our vaccine content. (under ongoing development) Including: the DOD and other studies suggesting flu shots may make one more vulnerable to coronavirus. Expert concerns that multiple vaccines may trigger autoimmune responses. Also the discussion of herd immunity is now being admitted as something that just is not known. Rather the number will continue to be inched higher as people accept the notion, until it is at 100 percent. Further, that number will not officially allow for natural immunity (which generally is as good or better than from a vaccine) but that it must be from vaccine (at least that seems to be true with W.H.O.'s new, narrow definition of herd immunity).

    >>Can Some Vaccines Hurt Your Immune System? by - Dec 2020 Vaccines for coronavirus have been unsuccessful for years. Some of them have caused side-effects like antibody dependent enhancement ADE which can allow the virus to enter cells more easily and a Th2 immunopathology which can cause an allergic inflammation. (See Dr. Yeadon's comments from our November Update page questioning whether a vaccine is necessary and explaining that ALL COVID vaccines are still experimental at this point. Thus the FDA emergency use authorization. Also, caution from the relative of a doctor I know who said that she eventually left her team leader position at a major pharmaceutical company because she kept getting pressure to sign-off on things that were not fully tested and ready to be released. She cautioned about taking any vaccine in this stage.)

    >>Can The Vaccine Really be 90% Effective and What Does that Mean? by - Nov 2020 These are novel vaccines. They are expected to reduce those getting severe side-effects. Vaccine trials are designed to prove they work even though double-blind. Data needs to be fully transparent so that scientists and doctors can review all aspects of it. Vaccine risks do exist. Vitamin D promo. Doctor reviews EVMS treatment protocols for Early and Severe COVID (15 min) and a supplement plan.

    >>How Has COVID Changed the Future of Vaccines? by Corbett Report - Dec 2020 Are vaccines proven or still experimental? What is the end purpose of a vaccination program?

    >>Will You Have A Choice about Getting the COVID-19 Vaccination? by - Dec 2020 Will it affect employment, business, school or travel? Various approaches to getting vaccines accepted. Side-effects are being relabeled this year as "immune responses".

DR. BENJAMIN RUSH, George Washington’s personal doctor and a signer of the Declaration of Independence reportedly said: “Unless we put Medical Freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic...  The Constitution of the Republic should make special provisions for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom.”  Dr. Rolland's comments: Please look up Dr. Rush and read some of his other very challenging comments about health care and your American liberties.

Does it seem that with the many yet unanswered questions and with other treatment options in the tool box (even after spending over $15 billion dollars on the program) that there should be a free and open discussion about the vaccines and that people should have the freedom to choose for themselves?



   >>Inconsistent Pandemic Rules by - Dec 2020 Lock-down rules vary widely from country to country and even state to state. Officials are caught telling citizens what to do but having "good" reasons that they themselves do not follow the "rules". Can we admit that we all human and have good reasons? What are the actual risks? Where did the seasonal flu go this year? What can we do to really help each other?

    >>Why Do These Experts Have Such Concerns Over the COVID PCR Testing? by - Dec 2020 video of Dr. Roger Hodkinson, one of Canada's top pathologists and advisor for a COVID test company urges his colleagues that testing is causing MASS HYSTERIA by unsuspecting public (who trust their officials) and that masks are NOT effective and even social distancing is NOT effective since aerosol spread and that the risk is so small (except for elderly and immune fragile) that people should be allowed to return to their work and the shut-downs should all end immediately. Then video of Dr. Yeadon, retired Pfizer respiratory division leader interview sharing the same views and urging that there is NO NEED for a VACCINE and that they are all still EXPERIMENTAL (and that people should at least be informed) and that PCR testing is grossly inaccurate giving many false positives and that the LOCKDOWNS need to END. A video of German attorney working in Europe to expose the HOAX that is being pulled on the average citizen. Lastly, a video of former Russian intelligence officer talking about goals for depopulation and totalitarian manipulation. 

    >>See the GREAT BARRINGTON DECLARATION - a collection of medical professionals (>39,000), scientists (>13,000) and concerned citizens (>700,000) who are calling for the END OF LOCKDOWNS and mass harm to an unsuspecting public. Are you concerned? Sign it today.

    >>Where Did the Flu Go in 2020? by - Dec 2020 How flu is not being counted the same in 2020. How "locking down" or being indoors spreads the flu. Respiratory specimens submitted for influenza testing that test positive are down from 20% to about 2%. PIC reporting. 

    >>Do Asymptomatic Patients Seem Less Infectious? by - Dec 2020 Studies debate the issue. A recent look at 10 million residents of Wuhan showed that not a single person who was in contact with an asymptomatic person themselves tested positive. Asymptomatic people appear to have low viral loads, shed for a shorter time and still develop antibodies. Of a few who were re-infected or tested positive again, they did not seem to be infectious because they had low viral loads and no viable virus when cultured. Also, what of fear, Trudeau and the Great Reset?

    >>Is SARS-CoV2 Everywhere? by Dec 2020 Studies are finding the virus in food and even spreading on air pollution outdoors.

    >>Danish Study Evaluates If Masks Change Infection Rates by - Dec 2020  Danish peer reviewed and published study finds that for average person (non-healthcare worker) properly wearing a 2-layer surgical mask, both the mask 1.8% and non-mask group 2.1% similarly tested positive for SARS-CoV2. Antibodies were found in 1.4% of the mask group and 1.8% in the non-mask. Other respiratory infections were found in 0.5% of the mask group and in 0.6% of the non-mask. With a virus so small and apparently droplets and aerosolized, this study suggests that regular masks do NOT significantly protect people from contracting the virus. Well worth watching and reading this.

Dr. Rolland's Comments: This study suggests that strict mask wearers tend to associate with other like minded people. Is it reasonable to fault others for much of the spread when the virus exists around us? Perhaps social distancing is more helpful than masks, but even New Zealand had outbreaks after they had locked down the whole island and declared they had been virus free for weeks. And perhaps this helps explain why the prison near me has hundreds of cases just now even though residents and staff are isolated and wearing masks and get regular testing, etc. Yes, there are other studies that show how HELPFUL masks are for reducing the spread of droplets (I have posted them on this site too) but look around at the mandates being implemented and consider if they are helping lower case rates. Would providing key vitamins be a cheaper and more effective strategy to help people? WHY are officials NOT using these other helpful tools? Can we use techniques to help shield the elderly and medically vulnerable and let the virus run its course elsewhere? (I assume that properly worn N95 masks provide a different level of protection.)

    >>Do Mask Mandates Reduce Viral Spread? by -Dec 2020 According to this Rational Ground study, it appears that states With mask mandates have higher rates of infection (27 per 100,000) than states Without (17 per 100,000) mask mandates. How much scientific support is there for using a regular mask to limit spread of a virus? A National Bureau of Economic Research working paper suggests that NPI (non-pharmaceutical interventions) like mask mandates, travel bans, stay-at-home orders, quarantines and lockdowns do Not reduce COVID-19 infection or death rates.

    >>Trauma Director for John Muir Health is Removed after Questioning Lockdown Benefits by FoxNews - Dec 2020 The original Youtube interview with Michael Debloisblanc, M.D. was removed but I found this report. Dr. Debloisblanc was removed from his position after he and two colleagues send a letter to their Contra Costa county (California) health department outlining concerns that stay-at-home policies were causing much more non-COVID patients morbitity and mortality.

    >>COVID Conflicts? by - Dec 2020 Surgeon Reid Sheftall, M.D. reviews a number of concerns about COVID testing, lock downs, mask mandates, school closures and the calculations of COVID-19 infections and mortality during an interview with Ivor Cummins.

    >>How Lockdowns Hurt the Most Vulnerable and Seem to Do Little to Slow Viral Spread by - Dec 2020 Ivor Cummuns shows that in many countries the virus was in decline even before a lockdown was ordered. And how the slope of the decline continues on about the same trajectory even after the lockdown is implemented. Many are suffering mental health problems, abuse and economic / food insecurity (only just beginning) as a direct result of unprecedented lockdown policies. 

    >>Congressman Luke Letlow Died from COVID Related Complications by New York Post -Dec 2020 It is tragic that this young Louisiana congressman died from a heart attack following heart surgery (two surgeries?) to relieve blood clot complications during his short battle with COVID-19. The congressman was 41 years old and is reported to have had no pre-existing conditions.

    >>Will Lockdowns Last Forever? by - Dec 2020  



   >>Can Emergency COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Massive Side Effects? by - Dec 2020 Odds ratios can be misleading. Clinical trials are hard to track. Do we need a COVID-19 vaccine? Will it save lives? How will it be distributed?

    >>Allergic Reactions to Pfizer's Vaccine in U.K. by Dr.Been Medical W- Dec 2020 Reactions are expected and of the 21,000 who got the shot, 137 or 0.63% had a reaction. Interestingly, of the 21,000 who got a placebo, 111 or 0.51% had a reaction. Likely due to something in the base fluid? Remember that typically it is the second shot that people get the more severe reactions after they are sensitized. Discussion of basophils and MAST cells (innate immune cells) and how allergies occur (releasing serotonin, heparin, histamine). Common side-effects are injection site pain, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain and fever in descending order. The first smaller dose is followed by a second larger one on day 21 which creates a stronger response providing "protection" by 28 days after the second dose. (Moderna "protected" 14 days after second dose.) The antigens of a vaccine can't trigger active disease or symptoms like the active disease will. 

    >>COVID-19 Vaccines AstraZeneca DNA vs. Pfizer & Moderna RNA by Dr. Seheult of MedCram - Nov 2020 explaining vaccine types

    >>Which Vaccine is Better? by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Dec 2020

    >>COVID Vaccine Deep Dive: Safety, Immunity, RNA Production with Shane Crotty, PhD by MedCram - Dec 2020 Interesting Q&A from a medical perspective on vaccines. 

    >>Comparing COVID Vaccines Pfizer vs. Moderna vs. AstraZeneca/Oxford by ACSH - Nov 2020 The AstraZeneca vaccine is supposed to be as effective in older patients (vaccines are typically more effective in younger people) and have fewer side-effects. It is supposed to build antibodies and memory T-cells.

    >>How Pfizer's RNA Vaccine Works by ACSH - Nov 2020

    >>Why Is Anti-Vax Information Considered a Terroristic Threat and Not Scientific Debate? by - Dec 2020 

    >>Concerns that Pfizer Vaccine May Cause Female Sterilization by Health & Money News - Dec 2, 2020 A circulated screen shot of this web page details concerns about the effects of polyethylene glycol (PEG) causing allergic reactions. It also discusses (in technical terms) concerns about the spike protein syncytin-1 that is part of the human placenta in pregnant women, possibly being affected by the spike protein antibodies stimulated by the mRNA vaccine. <<Please note that this link was taken down because it was reported to violate the terms of the host.>>



    >>What You Need to Know About COVID-19 by AARP - Dec 2020 A collection of information from a media perspective?

    >>Has the CDC Misrepresented the Facts Before? by - Dec 2020 Swine Flu and other prior outbreak issues

    >>Sweden and the Second Wave by Reuters - Nov 2020 Under criticism Sweden attempts to continue its gentle COVID policies and seems to have milder outcomes than those countries who are using much stricter tactics.

     >>COVID-19: What Sweden Taught Scandinavia for the Second Wave by BMJ - Dec 2020

    >>More Engineered Coronaviruses Are Under Development by - Sep 2020 Discussion of plans for coronavirus research and pandemic management. Watch the PLANDEMIC2 video here with Dr. Judy Mikovits (CDC whistleblower), virus research and 2003 SARS outbreak. Very concerning hour long video. Discusses U.S. patents on coronavirus putting CDC and Dr. Fauci's group in charge of all related research and treatment possibilities. Origin of COVID-19? Is it natural or manufactured? Watch concerning hour interview with virology/microbiology researcher Dr. Jonathan Latham as they discuss gain of function research and theories about where SARS-CoV2 is likely to have come from. Describes several known safety issues, prior lab disease leaks and vaccine links. Says it's hard to be a scientist these days. Charities profiting from investing in tech solutions they promote as global health solutions? Relative of SARS-CoV2 was in Wuhan lab freezer for seven years. Anthrax and other research? Profits & careers. Third video of Bill Gates' predicting this type of pandemic in 2015. Helpful to understand what goes on behind the scenes in high-level virology research and how in trying to help humanity it also risks human health and creates potential for great calamity.

    >>Who Pressed the Great Reset Button? by - Nov 2020 On a side note, you may come across comments by the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau at the U.N. discussing how the COVID-19 pandemic has helped significantly accelerate the Great Reset that global leaders have been working on.

    >>Technocracy and the Great Reset by - Dec 2020 Is this a glimpse of the future and how many "unrelated" things will be merged? i.e. Sustainability, Urban Development, Electronic Banking, Online Shopping, Digital Surveillance, Medical Passports, 5G Internet of Things, Energy, COVID Pandemic, Vaccine Tracking, Globalism, On-line schooling, Income, Property Ownership...etc. How does this affect your rights to privacy and self-governance?

What's ahead for January 2021 -  

Hopefully, it is about connecting with God, setting your priorities straight, taking care of your health, caring for your loved ones and helping your neighbors and friends.


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