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>>Corona Update Apr 2021

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This page includes: Censorship & Personal Threats, Ivermectin Benefits, Vitamin D & India, mRNA Cautions & Blood Clots, Reasons to Delay Vaccination, Holocaust Comparisons, Skewing Adverse Reactions, Pregnant Women, Ugly Findings, Effective Viral Treatments, Flu Vaccine & COVID, More Masks, Penalizing Obesity, Free Speech (Also see our Immune Support page for an inclusive summary & more help.)


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"Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one's thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist" - Frederick Douglas

"The government cannot accomplish through threats of adverse government action what the Constitution prohibits it from doing directly." - Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Can truth stand on its own? What type of ideas need to be pushed and paid? Pastor Conrad Vine explains how people in the U.S.S.R. (where he lived) where assigned good paying jobs in exchange for their willingness to cooperate and not complain or cause "trouble", even though they KNEW BETTER. They knew what was happening to their friends and neighbors. He asks each to consider what they are willing to do or overlook for the promise of a paycheck and comfortable life for their family. (Vera Sharav shares below that these same things occurred in Hitler's Germany.)

While chiropractors have been traditionally marginalized and even maligned by the establishment, this is a new phenonena for most medical doctors and scientists. This experience of censorship and loss of position, reputation or license, seems to also be evolving into potential legal consequences (fines, prison?) and even physical threats. Most of these medical professionals sincerely want to help people. But the establishment is well-funded, very powerful and self-serving - it seems incorrigible and unstoppable, allowing no one to stand in its way. Educate yourself while you are able.

    >>Is Dr. Mercola being Personally Threatened to Remove his COVID website content? - Apr 2021  #1 Watch Now. #2 If you see something that interests you - print or download now it for your use later. These outspoken doctors and scientists are being eliminated. Their teaching will be gone. Any promotion of an effective treatment is attacked. No mention of immunity from natural recovery is accepted. Mention is made of Peter McCullough, M.D. of Texas A&M who testified that effective early treatments exist that could have saved 85% of people. According to billionaires and powerful hit groups, Mercola is among 12 of the most dangerous people/websites for questioning "modern science" and vaccines.


    >>Ivermectin Benefits - The OAN Video on Rumble - Feb 2021 This 3 minute video shows what has been explained for months - that Ivermectin seems to be highly effective for resolving COVID-19. It is on the W.H.O. list of essential medicines - i.e. cheap, effective and very safe - that should be available to all people worldwide. This video has been censored on most common media platforms.

    >>Prophylactic Study of Ivermectin by Dr. Been - Nov 2021 Dr. Moybeen says that he uses Rx 150mcg/kg body weight divided into 2 daily doses for 6 days for his active COVID patients. He reviews a study of hospital workers (self-reported) that took 300mcg/kg on day 1 or day 1 & 4 or day 1-4 and compared those against matched controls. Observing the two dose subjects for 1 month, it appears that prophylactic Ivermectin reduced the odds of developing COVID-19 by 73%. Dr. Been discusses a number of possible things that might blunt this result, but that Ivermectin seems much more beneficial than dexamethasone or remdesivir or HCQ. He says that some who should NOT use Ivermectin include: pregnant, lactating, under 2 years old, breast feeding or if have meningitis because Ivermectin can cross the blood brain barrier and cause brain injury. 

    >>Ivermectin with Pierre Korry, M.D. by Dr. Campbell - Apr 2021 Very informative. Why are some PCPs saying they have still not heard this?


    >>India COVID Rages and Most are Vitamin D Deficient by Dr. Campbell - Apr 2021  John Campbell explains that most people from India are vitamin D deficient - findings range from 80 to 99 percent. Dark skin, working indoors and wearing sunscreen and clothing prevent vitamin D from being converted. While not a cure, we have seen that over 80% of severe COVID patients have low vitamin D. Cheap and safe. What else is cheap and apparently very safe and seems effective and is available in India? Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, turmeric, black cumin seeds and homeopathic remedies. Asks how many thousands of people could have been spared if this information was shared last year?? India NIH vitamin D link here.

    >>COVID-19 Out of Control in India by PBS News - Apr 2021


    >>The COVID Illusion and mRNA Dangers with Dr. Yeadon by Cosmic Event - Apr 2021 WOW. Please listen to this 50 minute video. This interview is with British Dr. Michael Yeadon, with 40 years of experience as a respiratory & pharmacology & toxocology scientist, including years as Pfizer V.P. of Allergy and Respiratory Research.  He states that SARS-CoV2 is more deadly (than influenza) for people over 70 years older or for those who are sick, but less lethal for those under 70. His opinion that the world response is not reasonable. Dr. Yeadon explains the 4 common human coronaviruses (colds) but says that after 16 months there has been only a small amount (0.3% different : 99.7% the same) of mutation from the original SARS-CoV2 to the most changed variant. He says that your immune system should easily identify this being related to the original form. (Whereas the SARS-Cov1 from 2003 the variant was 20% different. And when scientists tested their blood against the SARS-CoV2 they found the immune cells were still active and recognized the "new" virus and reacted against it. The variants should pose no problem. HE SAYS THEY ARE LYING - but why is the questions.) He questions that this is all about getting the world's population onto a health passport that will track your vaccine status via a giant database. THIS WILL BE THE END OF LIBERTY. Annual vaccines will become the gate keeper of every aspect of life. He observes that this type of crisis has been practiced run for years. His opinion is that people without symptoms are NOT a strong infectious risk - contagious people are SICKLY. No wonder lockdowns did not much slow the disease. About mRNA - when he left Pfizer 10 years ago, it was only for severe disease and experimental, because the mRNA format is unstable and our bodies have a defense system that keeps foreign mRNA from getting into our cells (we do NOT want foreign take over of our cell programming!!) - there was no good way to administer mRNA. Because this gene therapy is now classified as a vaccine, the manufacturer does not have to identify where the mRNA goes in the body or how long it will last. This mRNA is not passive like a traditional vaccine but biologically active (fusogenic) and its reaction will vary widely depending on the recipient. That is - where the mRNA goes in the body, how quickly it is degraded, genetic and health risk vary with each person, etc. This is likely why it causes blood clotting (thrombolytic) and other complications in some people - even young people (women especially). Investigators may be able to "look the other way" when it comes to clot reactions in older or sickly population because it will better blend into the statistics. Given the decrease of COVID-19, he asks why are still in emergency use for vaccines? Dr. Yeadon says we are still not looking at hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin or corticosteroids as effective treatments - because drug manufacturers do not want this to derail vaccines. The risks of these experimental vaccines for children, pregnant and those under 60 are NOT worth the clinical risk of the disesae. He is for safe and high-tech medicine and vaccines but very against any of these drugs for himself (60yo) and his family - says it should not be forced on people the way it is. He discusses the risk of ADE and how it may cause later lethality. Dr. Yeadon also discusses booster vaccines and how concerning it is that politicians and pharma are already making "top-up" vaccines for variants (that he says are almost the same). HE IS VERY CONCERNED that under emergency usage there is NO REQUIREMENT TO TEST these new variant vaccines (boosters) or disclose what is in them.  He is begging people to NOT get the vaccine unless they are at risk (over 60 or seriously sick) for COVID-19. Further, PLEASE campaign against vaccine passports. He says that if you have been vaccinated, YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW the IMMUNE STATUS of ANYONE near you. ONLY the government and the people wanting to control you and track you want to know. Yeadon shares that he is not getting the vaccine and says he will move to avoid being forced to get it.

    >>Blood Clots & Beyond with Sukharit Bhakdi, M.D. by Perspectives on the Pandemic - Apr 2021 Pro-vaccine, medical professor, Dr. Bhakdi explains how the COVID vaccines create a double risk for blood clots. He says that it seems the risk of dying from a clot is similar to dying from COVID-19 for those healthy under 60. Dr. Bhakdi explains that mRNA seems to go anywhere in the body (even places that the virus would not typically go) and affect edothelial cells (blood vessel linings) causing them to react (to protein spikes and waste products). Theoretically, (because no full animal studies have been done) these cells then trigger platelets passing by to clot. He says there is no way the vaccine can be said to be 95% effective given the time and data so far - that is about sickness perhaps (PCR tests which are known to be largely inaccurate), not deaths from SARS-CoV2. He and colleagues have written a letter to have the vaccines stopped. He lexplains how this "rare " clotting affecting 1 in 1 million would kill 60 "healthy" people in Germany (60 million) and that the number of those under 60, who died during his comparison time frame was only 52. Keep in mind that these are only the short-term adverse reactions. Dr. Bhakdi explains how normal viral exposure to the nose and throat is training for the immune system - those cells are replaced regularly. And if it naturally gets to the lungs, the body knows how to respond. Explains how this is different than injecting a vaccine directly into the blood - with concerns that vaccine "training" of the immune cells can cause ADE during a future exposure (at anytime). Too much of a good job becomes bad. Severe immune over-reactions can potentially occur when vaccinated people are exposed to future corona virus. Every re-vaccination increases the risk. All common COVID vaccines are gene based. Are post vaccine headaches or neuro symptoms suggestive of brain vessel inflammation and injury like what has been happening in the? Why are we endangering the children? We will get what we ask for. Hear for yourself. Well worth watching (40 min.) - and others in this Perspective on the Pandemic series.

    >>Vaccine Induced Clotting & Medical Management by Dr. Been - Apr 2021 


    >>Why I Have Not Taken a Vaccine Yet by James Marcum, M.D.- Apr 2021 Christian medical doctor and practicing cardiologist (who is pro-vaccine), James Marcum, explains 4 reasons why he has not yet taken a COVID-19 vaccine. 

    >>Holocaust Survivor Compares Current Tactics on - Apr 2021 Vera Sharav discusses Nazi tactics to separate and turn the populous against the Jews and other undesirables so that they would not speak up or even miss them (even thinking they have done society a favor). But in 2021 there will be no U.S.A. or England coming to liberate the masses from imposed tyranny. This time they seem to be part of the oligarchy. Ms. Sharav says that in Nazi German societal normals were changed. Jews were required to wear a yellow star. They were barred from attending normal family & social activities. Their property was impoundedTravel was forbidden (those who got out early fared better). And Jews were segregated, forbidden to participate in all ordinary, educational, religious and cultural gatherings. There was No Escape. The social conscience was destroyed in the name of public health. The Jews were feared as spreaders of disease (fear of infectious epidemics and propaganda) and the medical (aiding legitimacy) and governmental agencies worked closely together. First they took out the sick children, then mentally ill, then elderly. People who say they would have spoken up in Nazi Germany, now are complicint with medical mandates. The entire medical profession become a lethal tool of the government - making it different than any other genocide. So many large corporations PROFITED (sales, slave labor and experiments) from the Nazi war machine including: Standard Oil, Chase Manhattan, IBM, Kodak, Ford, Coca Cola, Nestle, BMW and Bayer. The Jews were identified, isolated, rounded-up, tatooed and eventually eliminated. They also discuss lack of transparency and secret agreements with third party military contractors established so that documents cannot be requested through the Freedom of Information Act. Discussion about how the vaccine companies are insisting (before sending any vaccines) that other countries deed them large amounts of property or change their laws so that they will be shielded if the vaccines hurt people. Mention of the Great Reset of 2030 and of transhumanism - the fusion of our physical, biological and digital identities. They discuss that this pandemic appears to have been planned for a long time and ilikely ncludes pressure and payments to powerful people, news agencies, even church leaders, etc. The accompanying article shares comments from people who explain that scenerios very similar to COVID-19 were role-played by American health officials in 2017 and 2019. Is this is an elaborate, nefarious set-up? (Dr. Rolland's comments: I also personally know a woman who lived through WW II in Germany and she has told me about many similarities - and says that many Americans just refuse to see the dangers this poses to our liberty and democracy.)

    >>18 Reasons Why I Won't Be Getting a Vaccine by Christian Elliot - Apr 2021 This health blog has gone viral and is being posted and contested by people on both sides of the debate. It outlines a number of reasons why he is choosing not to get a COVID-19 vaccine. They mostly boil down to risk assessment (need, safety, effectiveness & trust). While every point may not be 100% referenced, (most seem true per my investigation during the last 12 months and before) they do provide a lot of food for thought and raise many questions that have generally gone unanswered except by propaganda, bullying and alluring incentives. What drives these tactics? Even comments on his original blog post here, 18 Reasons Why, tend to show apparent lack of understanding or compliance without question. As Senator Paul has pointed out - There are a number of serious questions which still deserve an answer. 


    >>Pregnant Women Should Not Get the Vaccine by - Apr 2021 With women of pregnancy age having a 0.01% risk of dying from COVID-19 many doctors question giving a vaccine to a pregnant woman (something that just started in recent years and now with COVID-19). So far over 110 miscarriages have been reported related to the COVID-19 vaccines. Further, Cleveland University Hospital has found (and I heard suspended regular mammograms) that post-vaccine women are being flagged for cancer review because vaccines trigger enlarged lymph nodes. 

    >>Grave Concerns from Dr. Michael Yeadon by - Apr 2021  Dr. Yeadon is a pro-vaccination microbiologiist and retired Pfizer vice-president of allergy and respiratory research. I have shared his huge concerns about the pandemic management and experimental vaccines before. He raises concerns that the media is fueling mass panic with every new twist - conditioning people to act from fear. He sees this pandemic as possible method of targeted depopulation (look at those who are the most vulnerable) and explains possible eugenic connections. He is sharing what he says are lies of the media: that variants are more lethal, that they reinfect COVID survivors and that the original vaccines are not protective against them. (This last point is up for debate since phase 3 trials were not completed.)

    >>Vaccine Manufacturers Reportedly Skew Safety Results by - Apri 2021 Instead of testing COVID-19 vaccines against a benign saline placebo, manufacturers typically test against other ingredients (like PEG) from the vaccine which will lower the percieved side-effect differences. Worse, claiming a moral duty to use the ACTUAL vaccine as the "placebo" they can virtually eliminate any adverse reaction safety differences between the "control" group and the "test" group. To April 1, the VAERS has recieved COVID-19 vaccine reports of 56,869 adverse events including 7,971 serious injuries (usually requring medical intervention) and 2,342 deaths (48% of which were withing 48 hours of vaccination). For a disease that has a low case fatality rate and effective medical and nutritional therapies. People who DIE as part of the control groiup (getting the actual vaccine) are not reported as a victim because they are in the "control" group and in fact, they will offset the "test" group numbers and make the adverse effect numbers less noticeable.

    >>Explanation of COVID and Big Concerns from Dr. Michael Yeadon - Oct 2020 Dr. Yeadon explains how coronavirus has been around for a long time and some (30%?) of the population seem to resist SARS-CoV2 because of this cross-immunization. That is likely why nursing home outbreaks do not affect all residents. (I have had nursing home staff confirm this.)  Antibody study showed that 65% of nursing home residents had antibodies without Ever being infected or sick. Explains how antibodies are formed and measured in those most ill and that they normally fade after a few months. Explains why less then 40% of the population is susceptible because 60% (via 7% antibodies and 50% Tcells) are now immune. The pandemic is down by 90% or so? He says it won't return. (Except for those countries that had severe lock-downs and are now getting their first big wave??) SAGE - ? When they swab your sinus/throat you may still have broken bits of dead virus for months after you have recoverd. But when PCR test measures this, it cannot distinguish between active and dead virus. This PCR test is completely inappropriate for community viral detection as it is. Actual positive was 1 in 1,000 while the false positives was 1 in 10 - much more from the error than the actual virus! Business and government using this incorrectly to restrict activity. Immunity after COVID-19 should last for years (maybe lifelong) like the SARS-CoV1 from 2003 still protective after 17 years. A very few people have been reinfected worldwide even though over 750million have had COVID-19. Dr. Yeadon says that true COVID-19 death rate seems to be like flu about 0.1%. Eliminating it fully will destroy society and is not medically realistic. Lockdowns are hurting people and not effective to stop the virus - he gives reasons that may explain why some countries have higher death rates (dry tinder theory).


    >>Sources that Seem to Refute Every Key Issue of the Pandemic by PANDA - Mar 2021 This 27 minute TED style talk by Nick Hudson co-founder of PANDA (Pandemics - Data & Analytics) uses sources to argue that EVERY point fo the Pandemic situation is untrue. He begins by saying that ALL elements of the pandemic narrative are false and used to drive the population with fear: "A deadly vovel virus is sweeping the planet. Nobody is immune and there is No cureAsymptomatic people are major drivers of disease. So we have to lock down and wear masks until everyone is vaccinated. Anyone who challenges this narrative is a (menace) and danger to society." This virus is similar to SARS-CoV1 and some people are resistant to it. There are several medical (even nutritional?) treatments. It is symptomatic people who are dominant (exclusive?) carriers. Great harm (economic, emotional, physical, health, freedoms... has come from lockdowns which along with masks seem to do little to curb the virus. Are vaccines needed or even effective or safe - and why are naturally recovered patients being ignored? Who is enabling totalitarian style control by demonizing anyone (regardless of their credentials) who dares to question or even present data that contradicts the mainstream narrative?  Nick shows that in many cases, world leaders themselves, said these points were untrue but were then "pressured" (by who?) to take back their statement. Can this all be traced back to power and money?

    >>What Is The Ugly Truth About COVID-19? by - Apr 17 Continues documenting sources that debate the pandemic narrative as outlined by PANDA above. 

    >>Are Vaccinated People More at Risk for Variants? by - Apr 19 Interview with James Lyons-Weiler, PhD (IPAK researcher from Pittsburgh) and James Odell, OMD (of BRMI). As discussed elsewhere, ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) is a phenomena that explains how people can be set-up by vaccines to be more susceptible - setting them up for non-lung related autoimmune diseases. Documents a number of worldwide cases suggesting that vaccines may worsen risks of recipients. Pathogenic priming is a risk for disease enhancement that explains once someone has been exposed to a protein (via vaccine) they can be susceptible to a more severe disease conditions (even other organs and possibly fatal) when they are naturally exposed to the disease (in vaccine or naturally) at some time in the future. PEG (polyethylene glycol is in food substances and can cause anaphylactic reactions in some people (since it appears that many people have pre-existing antibodies and sensitivity to PEG - possibly over 70%?). Another vaccine risk discussed is the possible effect on T-helper 2 cells.


    >>Dr. Brownstein on Treating Long-COVID by AHN - Apr 2021 Eat healthy, no sugar. Hydration witn salt and sleep. Improve immune function. Supplements. Correct hormone balance. More importantly, here is his video on H2O2 - at least for awhile. I strongly recommend that you consider whether you this is good for you to know about. See Dr. Brownstein, M.D. and Natural Remedies for Respiratory Illness. 

    >>Does Hydrogen Peroxide Stop Most Respiratory Viruses? by - Apr 18 Discsussions by Cardiologist Thomas Levy, M.D. and Dr. David Brownstein explain benefits of nebulized hydrogen peroxide. (See also our Special Home Remedies section.) Learn about this while you have a chance - in case you need something like this for yourself. Perhaps a very useful respiratory therapy is being forced off the internet. Yes, hydrogen peroxide. Here is where you may find it for now Dr. Levy, M.D. and Natural Remedies. Watch this incredible natural health interview.


    >>CDC Relaxes Face Mask Restrictions by Reuters - Apr 2021 Uggh. How is it that over a year into the pandemic we still have to explain when to wear a mask? Why are we telling people that "If you have been fully vaccinated, it is ok to take your mask off outside by yourself or with your immediate family?". We have seen that being outside, especially in the sunshine or with any breeze is very, very low risk. (Even Dr. Faucci admitted that last week.) Also No mention about those who have natural immunity after COVID and better protection than vaccinated. And more evidence that vaccines do NOT provide reliable protection - "vaccinated are to wear it even outdoors (reportedly low risk) when in a crowd." Is this more populous pressure and conditioning? LISTEN TO THE WORDS BEING SPOKEN AND COMPARE THEM TO WHAT YOU KNOW.

    >>Are There Long Term Mask Risks? by - Apr 2021

    >>Comparison of Influenza and COVID19 Data in Lancet - Dec 2020 The data seem similar.

    >>Comparing Influenza and COVID19 Data in BMJ - Nov 2020 A review of data from Spain. Overall case fatality rate for COVID19 seems to be 0.83 to 1.07% - significantly higher for those older (over 50, 60 or 70) and much lower for those who are younger.

    >>The Flu Vaccine Seems to Make People More Susceptible to COVID by - Apr 2021 Reviews studies and perspectives explaining how the influenza vaccine appears to worsen risk of COVID-19 and how a positive association of more COVID has been found in groups of people who have had more flu vaccine.


    >>Are Vaccines the New 'Purity Test' ? by - Apr 2021 Several video clips: The largest medical experiment ever. Israel's passport system and discrimination. 93 year-old holocaust survivor says that this is like having the yellow star on your arm. Will you obey even though you know you are hurting someone else? - The Milgram Experiment of 1962. 

    >>Should Unvaccinated and Obese People be Penalized by the Government? by - Apr 2021  Penalizing people who cost more because of their choices may appear to be fair way to encourage them to make better choices. Some smokers pay more for life and health insurance and texters should pay more for auto insurance? It is well known that obesity increases one's medical risks and associated expenses. And now vitamin D deficiency seems to as well. What is NOT known is whether the overall healthcare costs for vaccinated or unvaccinated people will be higher. As of this article, there were over 7,900 severe reactions (needing medical care) and 3,000 deaths reported to VAERS tracking site from COVID-19 vaccinations. This is only the beginning. What happens if vaccinated people are more costly and even "dangerous"? Will they be banned from flights, fined and be penalized for menacing society? Should you have a health report card that gives you social and economic rewards?

    >>Why Do Officials Keep Moving the Goal Posts? by - Apr 2021


    >>Has Alcoholic Liver Disease Increased 30% This Year? by - Apri 2021

    >>Over 100 Corona Research Papers linked by GreenMedInfo - Apri 2021 Extensive database of health related research links.

    >>Charts They Forgot by Tom Woods - Apr 2021 An email link to libertarian, NY Times bestselling author challenging some COVID issues.

    >>Lockdown Citations by Tom Woods - Apr 2021 An overview of what happened.

    >>State Attorneys General Threaten - Apr2021 Why does the "free" press push for censorship? What happened to the competition of ideas? Mercola states that opinions are protected as Free Speech under the First amendment as is the reporting of published science, even if that science is later found out to be flawed, incomplete or in worst case outright fraudulent


    >>How People Are Treating Free Speech These Days by AwakenWithJP - Jan 2021An eye-opening satire.


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