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>>Corona Update Aug 2021

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This page includes: Child Risks - Stop Now, FDA Approval Concerns, Natural Immunity, T-cell Testing, Passports, Unvaccinated Statistics, Mandate Protests, Early Treatments, Comorbidities, Odds of Dying, Vaccine Injuries, Freedom to Choose, Legal Help, Mask Issues, BioEthics & Noble Lies, RSV, Farr Predictions, Lockdown Costs, More (Also see our Immune Support page inclusive summary & more help.)

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  "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln


    >>See a summary of the latest CDC reported COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction numbers on / COVID   (for several years now, openvaers has extracted data from the CDC system to report it in a simple format without editing or manipulation)

    (As of July 23, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there were 518,769 adverse reactions, 40,991 hospitalizations and 11,940 deaths - these are estimated only a fraction of the actual total according to the Harvard Pilgrim Lazarus report on VAERS reporting participation on )

   (As of August 6, 2021 there were 571,830 reactions51,242 hospitalizations12,791 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far these include: 1505 miscarriages, 5590 heart attacks, 4371 myocarditis, 2554 thrombocytopenia, 4461 Bell's palsy, 5282 anaphylaxis and 16,044 permanent disabilities.)


    >>Children Better Off Catching COVID Naturally than Getting the Jab by Dr. Dhand - Aug 2021 Suneel Dhand, M.D., points out that the United Kingdom is debating and leaning towards not vaccinating children. Says Germany is only vaccinating children with pre-existing conditions. Says the U.S. is one of the only countries in the world vaccinating children. This is both a medical and ethical decision. (Dr. Rolland's comments: The European's have long been ahead of America in healthy choices, i.e. addressing harms of GMO foods, additives, and EMF effects. Further, with socialized healthcare, they are also concerned about he cost of health care - not the business model as in America. This also suggests that they find the cost benefit ratio not worthwhile.)

    >>Top Doctors Say Stop the Jab for All Children & Young Adults by Awareness Foundation - Aug 2021 PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS. (FYI this video is rather long, technical and meandering.) Awareness Foundation C*VID-19 Roundtable - Warns more young people (and military) and children (in any school) will die from vaccines than from the SARS-CoV2 or C*VID-19. Urges all governments to Allow doctors to treat patients with the therapeutics that are available. Warns of possible tsunami of fertility and life-long injuries and cancer increase. Says that Natural immunity is effective (see Cleveland Clinic study) and that vaccinating recovered patients gives little further benefits but significantly increases adverse effects. Says the FDA and CDC are not following their own safety or ethics rules! Calls for Emergency Use to Stop for most patients under age 35 (including children, pregnant, child bearing age, military, etc.). Most medical doctors appear afraid to speak out or are blinded by the narrative in spite of their sworn oaths to do no harm - are we liable for negligence for harming patients in this worldwide "clinical trial" without giving proper informed consent and alternatives? Mandates may create a catastrophe for all (military, children...)

    >>Dr. Dan Stock tells Mt. Vernon School Board Reasons COVID Rules Are Wrong on NowCast Bitchute - Aug 2021 This short video is a well spoken overview from a doctor who seems to know what he is talking about as he address the main issues of mask failures, why viruses can't be eliminated, vaccine risks and COVID-19 illness for school age children. It has been censored from YouTube.

    >>CCHF Real Risks Vaccine Statistics Site at - Aug 2021 Explains CDC VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) and OpenVAERS methods. Explains rights to refuse vaccines for students military, etc. Explains importance of early treatments (see below) if one contracts COVID. Shows Imperial College London transmissibility study that found that one in close contract has a 3.5% chance of catching early SARS-CoV2 if around an asymptomatic person, 12.8% if around someone symptomatic and 21.1% if living in the same household. Explains that Delta variant is more contagious but that lethality is still undetermined. Explains NYT case and death tracking charts.

    >>Ohio Governor Dewine Signs Order Banning Schools from Mandating Vaccines by WLWT5 - Aug 2021 Schools and universities cannot require vaccines that are emergency use only fully approved ones. (Unfortunately, the FDA is on fast track for a full vaccine approval regardless of the signs that the vaccines are not safe for many. This will likely put many more people and children at risk.)

    >>No Science Behind Children Wearing Masks by Dr. Paul with FoxNews on Rumble - Aug 2021  (See mask reviews below too.)

    >>Illustrated Overview of Vaccine Issues on Videopress - July 2021 Short, informative animation of main concerns around COVID vaccines.

    >>Some Doctors Now Refusing to See Unvaccinated by Dr. Dhand - Aug 2021 Suneel Dhand, M.D. asks why doctors would refuse to see unvaccinated patients - let alone when they know that mRNA vaccines do not provide sterilizing immunity. He reviews that doctors even have to treat criminals sometimes - all patients regardless of who they are and what they need. He reviews a medical oath and asks why we think it ok to violate it.


    >>FDA Approves the Pfizer mRNA renamed as Comrinaty by Dr. Campbell - Aug 2021 John Campbell reviews the FDA press releases on the "benefits" and "safety" from the vaccine fully approved for 16 year-old and up. There are some questions and concerns such as complications, efficacy numbers, etc. Reviews the myocarditis complication - the only risk reported for mRNA vaccine? (especially after the second dose).

    >>Questions for the FDA Pfizer Approval by Dr. Campbell - Aug 2021 John Campbell asks why the FDA uses original data from March and does not use updated numbers. Why they use info from the original EUA and not a new review. He mentions that the BMJ had an opinion critique but that all major American authorities seem silent.

    >>Major Medical Journal Criticizes Rushed FDA Vaccine Approval by Dr. Dhand - Aug 2021 Suneel Dhand, M.D. reviews the BMJ opinion critique of the FDA's rushed approval of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine Comrinaty. They include the absence of current data, comments about waning efficacy, discussion of safety data, and effectiveness with variants. This should be part of the benefit - safety calculation that may not even meet the FDA's own criteria.

    >>Does the FDA Think these Data Justify the First Full Approval of a COVID-19 Vaccine? by BMJ - Aug 2021 The say "Slow down and get the science right. There is no legitimate reason to hurry to grant a license to a coronavirus vaccine." 

    >>Law Firm Confirms FDA Deceived America with Its "Confusing" Approval of Pfizer Vaccine by LeoHohmann - Aug 2021 Law firm explains that the approval is not for the current batch of vaccine, but for a coming Comrinaty version. Supposes that will have liability protection like other drugs (not sure about that). See the video of Dr. Malone explaining this. FDA did not do a committee review or open comment period. The safety and efficacy data may be suspect and outdated. Check for yourself. (This is the law firm representing the COVID death whistleblower.)

    >>Medicine Regulators Need to Explain How Vaccine Benefits Outweigh Risks for Children by Daily Expose - Aug 2021 

    >>A New Low For the FDA by TrialSiteNews - Aug 2021 This opinion piece raises a number of concerns about the rapid FDA approval of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine now called Comrinaty. (Dr. Rolland's comments: All of these points can't be vetted here, but they do give a lot to think about and several jive with what other doctors have been saying. For example, Why do they use old data? Why was there no committee review or public comment time (as with every other vaccine)? Why is there  no comments about waning efficacy and variants? What about regulatory capture?)

   >>Link to FDA Pfizer-BioNTech EUA Letter - Aug 23, 2021 


    >>Natural Immunity vs. Vaccinated by Dr. Dhand - Aug 2021 Sunheel Dhand, M.D. shares a study from Israel that showed naturally immune people have similar protection against severe disease and hospitalization. And a large study from the Cleveland Clinic which concluded that individuals who have had SARS-CoV2 infection are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination and vaccines can be safely prioritized to those who have not been infected before. Reinfection did not occur during the 5 month study in 1329 people previously infected who did not take the vaccine. He discusses a Kentucky study that shows that recovered patients may further benefit from taking the vaccine. Cleveland Clinic Study

    >>Natural Immunity Update - No Vaccine Yet by Dr. Marcum - Aug 2021 Cardiologist James Marcum, M.D., explains his recent results and that since December he has been testing his immunity (antibodies and long-term) from natural exposure. He wants to share a balanced pandemic picture and point towards the Christian big picture and encourage people to freely think for themselves and not be told what to do. He says that there are many voices on both sides to listen. He shares that it is important to treat early (readily seeking medical care) and that natural immunity appears lasting. He shares a July CDC study from 863 American hospitals (about 4.9 million patients from March 2020 to March 2021 identifying 540,000 with C*VID-19) that found 11% of patients met the criteria of COVID-19. Further, 94.5% had at least one other documented condition. With a mean age of 66, the leading conditions included cardiovascular (high blood pressure, lipid metabolism, atherosclerosis), obesitycomplicated diabetes, chronic kidney disease and mental disorders including anxiety & fear. As a physician he stresses these are those who need the most protecting and self-care.

    >>Infected COVD-19 Patients Have Effective and Possibly Long-Term Immunity by TrialSiteNews - Aug 2021 

    >>Adaptive Immunity to SARS-CoV2 and COVID-19 by Crotty and Settie in NIH - Jan 2021 This peer reviewed paper shows that Tcell, Bcell and antibodies will persitst for years in most individuals infected from SARS-CoV2 infection.

    >>Previous Infection vs. Delta Variant by Roger Seheult, M.D. - July 2021 

    >>PASSPORT UPDATE AUG 2021 - (Dr. Rolland's comments: It seems that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines provide narrow, non-sterilizing immunity that wanes over time. Do these vaccines build immune memory? Vaccinated people can still contract and transmit SARS-CoV2 (more so with variants?) and may require regular booster shots (every 8 months?). In contrast, post-infection immunity seems broad, robust and long-lasting. (Testing for memory T-cells could identify who has actual immunity.) Consequently, it seems that health passports ensuring "safety" based on vaccines are misleading, inaccurate and unfortunately only verification of jab compliance rather than immunity. -  Passports being envisioned may be tied into and dictating one's work opportunities, travel & lodging access, banking & loans, insurance costs, shopping access, professional and driver's licenses, medical care restrictions, government assistance and ongoing testing and quarantine costs. This type of digital wallet and access program may have few legal remedies and little privacy.)

- - - -

    >>Get COVID care medical protocols from FLCCC at or from 

    >>Get MEDS online via  or text (850) 750-1322.  Buy meds through your local pharmacy or an online source.

    >>How and Why to Test Your T-cell Immunity by Dr. Marcum - May 2021 Cardiologist James Marcum, M.D., explains why to get your T-cell immunity tested (to know if you have long lasting SARS-CoV2 immunity) - remembering that some say up to 40% of COVID-19 may be asymptomatic (and that people can be sick but not necessarily with COVID). He explains the testing process using T-Detect from Adaptive Biotechnologies. It is a non-fasting laboratory blood test that costs about $200. Some studies suggest natural immunity can last for 11 years or more.

    >>Adaptive Biotechnologies T-Detect COVID Immunity Test - Aug 2021 This test is 90% sensitve and 99% specific at detecting SARS-CoV2 antibodies up to 10 months (longer?) after infection. The test is a non-fasting blood test that costs about $200. CALL US IF YOU WANT US TO ORDER FOR YOU.


    >>This is Not a Pandemic of Unvaccinated with Byram Bridle, PhD on Fox News - Aug 2021 Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, shares what he is discovering about the risks of the mRNA vaccines.

    >>Ireland, Israel Report 50% Hospitalized with COVID are Vaccinated by Dr. Dhand - Aug 2021 Suneel Dhand, M.D., shares reports from Ireland that reveal almost half those hospitalized have been vaccinated, while 58% of those in ICU have had no vaccinations. As more people are vaccinated, the hospital percentage will likely increase. Vaccination protection wanes over time. More infection likely coming in winter months. Watch vulnerable groups.

    >>We Made A Big Mistake on COVID Vaccine by Byram Bridle, PhD - June 2021 This article outlines what Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher is discovering about mRNA vaccines.

    >>Over 15,000 Daily Infections in Vaccinated U.K. by John Campbell - Jul 2021 Dr. Campbell The number of vaccinated breakthrough cases will possibly over take those who are unvaccinated. Is that because running out of unvaccinated who are susceptible? And maybe because so many older people have been vaccinated now. More young people affected by Delta? Some young people being hospitalized. Vaccines seem to be reducing severe illness. Concerns about long-COVID.

    >>Vaccinated Israeli's Contracting COVID by The Jerusalem Post - July 2021 Covers that while many in Israel are vaccinated, about 60% of those contracting SARS-CoV2 and being in serioius condition are fully vaccinated. Hebrew University researchers find that over 90% of those newly infected over 50 years of age are fully vaccinated. See also discussion of waning protection of vaccines according to the study below.

    >>Israeli Pfizer Protection Numbers by John Campbell - Jul 2021 After 2 doses of Pfizer, protection against infection now = 38% (down from original 95%), against symptomatic infection 41%, against severe illness 88% and against hospitalization 95.4%. Death protection is not stated. Protection against getting infected appears to wane to 75% after 3 months, 67% after 4 months, 44% after 5 months and 16% after 6 months. Protection against symptomatic disease similarly wanes while protection of severe disease and hospitalization stays around 80 to 90% all along.

    >>Vaccines and Israel by Dr. Been - Aug 2021 Israel has a high percentage of the population vaccinated. It seems that more unvaccinated are developing severe illness. Some still saying that half of those in hospital for COVID-19 are vaccinated? What factors drive the difference - age, morbidities, etc.? Compares adverse reactions from COVID-19 to those of the vaccine.

    >>The Lies Behind The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated by Mercola - Aug 2021  CENSORED

    >>Fully Vaccinated Southwest Fight Attendant Dies of COVID-19 by Daily Mail - Aug 2021


    >>COVID Truths From ICU Travel Nurse by srmgin - Aug 2021 *Eye Opener. There are COVID treatments that work, numbers are inflated, vaccinated are having breakthrough in young people and many are in hospital. She ends by reading the nurse's code of ethics - violated so badly 2021. The hospital bed census she refers to showing capacity of ICU wards is below.

    >>Hospital Bed Weekly Census by John Hopkins - 2021 updated weekly shows hospital bed occupancy and availability

    >>How CDC is Now Counting Breakthrough Cases by the CDC - 2021 The CDC explains that some breakthrough cases are to be expected but that they will only be counting those that result in hospitalization or death since that will help maximize the quality of data collected and focus on cases that are of greatest clinical and public health importance.

    >>Why Are So Many Americans Refusing Vaccination? by TrialSiteNews - Aug 2021 This is an opinion piece with a very long comment section that has many relavant points and graphs and links. It is worth the time for those concerned to review this article and the comments to see what concerns might be support by data and investigations. (Of course you will find some trolls, ridiculous comments and conspiracies, too.) Be sure to think carefully and double check with other reliable sources.

    >>Nurses Protest Mandatory COVID Vaccines for Health Care Workers by PBS - Aug 2021 Many groups, including health care workers, are protesting mandatory vaccines for COVID.

    >>Nurses Willing to Lose Their Job Over Vaccine Mandate by CNN - June 2021 Interviews with people who do not want the vaccine.


    >>Delta Variant & Early Treatment Importance by Dr. Marcum - Aug 2021 Christian cardiologist James Marcum, M.D., shares the importance of early treatment at home and in the hospital to promote good outcomes from COVID-19.

    >>Early Treatment Benefits & Vaccine Concerns with Peter McCullough, Ivory Hecker - Aug 2021

    >>Exercise Drops Odds of Being Infected and Dying by High Intensity Health - Aug 2021 Reviews S. Korean study that shows exercise (especially caridio and weight lifting) helps reduce the risk of SARS-CoV2 infection.

    >>Health Conditions that Are High Risk for COVID-19 by High Intensity Health - Jul 2021 Reviews a study of 4.8 million hospital visits from March 2020 to March 2021 showing that of 540,667 COVID-19 patients, 94.5% have comorbidities that can be largely controlled through lifestyle and diet choices. These conditions include: cardiovascular, lipid metabolism, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, kidney disease and anxiety & fear disorders, etc. The strongest risk factors for death were obesity, anxiety & fear disorders and diabetes with complications.

    >>Odds of Dying from COVID-19 Once Hospitalized by Dr. Moran on Youtube - Aug 2021 Keith Moran, M.D., reviews the Preventing Chronic Disease journal vol.18 E66 July 2021 report of 540,667 COVID-19 patients to determine the odds of dying once being hospitalized. Death of hospitalized patients was increased from 9 comorbities: e.g. by 30% from obesity, 28% anxiety & fear disorders, 26% complicated diabetes, 21% chronic kidney disorders, 18% neurocoginitive and 18% COPD. By age group (all conditions), once admitted death rates were about 2% for 18-34yo, 5% for 40-49yo, 10% for 50-64yo, 18% for 65-74yo, 22% for 75-84yo and 28% over 85yo. About 1/3 of 18-34yo went to the ICU while about 50% of other age groups did (except those over 65yo in that some have Advanced Directives requesting to not recieve advanced care such as ventilation). Next, deaths per comorbidity. About 5% of the admissions (and less than 1% of deaths) had no known comorbidities. The death rate (regardless of age) of those admitted with COVID-19 was 2.7% for 0 comorbities, 15% with one or more comorbidity, 5% with only 1, and 14% with 2-5 comorbidities, etc. Please note that nearly ALL of these comorbidities can be improved with medical care and lifestyle modification - including mental health.

    >>COVID Vaccine: Pfizer Safe or Unsafe by Dr. Moran on YouTube - Sep 2021 Keith Moran, M.D., reviews a NEJM study that concludes that the vaccines are safe with minimal side effects. (Dr. Rolland's comments: I am not sure why he seems not to consider the VAERS data.)

    >>Safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in a Nationwide Setting by NEJM - Aug 2021 This paper reviews some of the common adverse effects of the Pfizer vaccine and seems to conclude that the risks of the disease out-weight the risk of the vaccine.

    >>Innate Immunity Among Children for COVID-19 by Dr. Seheult with MedCram - Aug 2021 Says that children's innate immune system provides a stronger response of upper airway epithelial, macrophages and dendritic immunce cells. SARS-CoV2 suppresses our body's production of interferon of which the virus is very sensitive. Interferon production can be increased with increasing body temperature (fever). Mentions a sanitarium study from 1918 flu that showed using hydrothermal treatments and sun exposure helped to lower the CFR (fatalities) to about 1.1% from 6.4% with standard treatment (army hospital) that suppressed fever and sun exposure. Shares the medical swiss cheese treatment layers.

     >>What You Need to Know About Early Treatment with Peter McCullough, M.D. by - July 2021 CENSORED

    >>Latest Trends in Treatment by Paul Marik on Dr. Been - June 2021 Frontline doctors share how to end the pandemic. These doctors discuss how they have read thousands of papers and how COVID-19 is a complicated disease and that we are learning new things every day. No one has all of the answers. They emphasize the importance of early treatment for good outcomes.


    >>C*VID Vaccine Injured Banned Video in Australia by GGT on BrandNewTube - Aug 2021

    >>Autopsy of COVID Vaccine Patients Reviewed by Ryan Cole, M.D. on Rumble - Aug 2021 High-spirited pathologist Ryan Cole, M.D., share his concerns over findings from autopsies of mRNA vaccine patients. He shares what he is finding the jabs do to the brain and other organs. He questions why autopsies are not being done for every death. 

    >>Autopsy of COVID Vaccine Patients by Ryan Cole, M.D. on FactCheckVaccine  - Aug 2021 Here is a high-spirited pathologist who shows that the vaccines are rittling the organs in autopsies he is doing. He asks why we are not doing autopsies on all supposed vaccine patients.

    >>Was COVID Vaccine the Cause of Doctor's Death? by Mike Hansen, M.D. - Aug 2021 Dr. Hansen reviews autopsy of doctor who suddenly died.

    >>In COVID ICUs, Doctors See A Surge of Critically Ill Pregnant Women? by NBCnews - Aug 2021 (Dr. Rolland's comments: How many? Where is the vaccine data? What else can be done to help them? Do they really need a vaccine? Will it really help?)

    >>COVID Vaccine Appears Safe for Pregnant Women Per Large CDC Study by NBCnews - Aug 2021 Pregnant women traditionally have been told to avoid all unncessary or questionalble medications for fear of affecting the baby. Now they are recommending to get a jab anyways. (Dr. Rolland's comments: What about the reported vaccine related miscarriages? There seem to be no solid reports yet. Some young women are now reportedly in the hospital with COVID. What else can be offered to them?)


    >>Are Doctors Afraid to Speak Out on mRNA Risks? with Dr. Bhakdi by Mercola on Bitchute - Aug 2021 Retired, German microbiologist & immune researcher Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D., explains mechanisms that put people at risk from mRNA vaccines both short and long term. He shares that many of his colleagues are afraid to speak out for fear of their jobs. Dr. Bhakdi says that these vaccines go to and make changes in areas of the body that the virus would never go - areas that man was not supposed to go. We are throwing the body out of tune. He says that these risks are severe and that this seems to have been planned. Discusses how mRNA causes damage and seems to be causing ADE and increasing risk of infection. Can use D-dimer tests to identify clotting problems. In the Lancet Microbe July 1, there was calculation of relative vs. absolute risk reduction. e.g. Pfizer rel 95% vs. abs 0.84%, Moderna rel 94% vs. abs 1.2%, J&J rel 67% vs. abs 1.2%.  Vaccines can also release latent viruses and cancer.  Dr. Bhakdi is deeply concerned about this corruption of science. Here is a link to a chapter of his book Corona Unmasked about the risks. 

    >>How Corruption Is Killing Mankind by Judy Mikovits on Bitchute - Jul 2021 Judy Mikovits, PhD. (former government scientist and whistleblower) and Frank Ruscetti, PhD., interview with Joseph Mercola explaining their findings about the damaging risks of some mRNA research and why they wrote the book, "Ending Plague: A Scholar's Obligation in an Age of Corruption." Government has created science czars that control the public health narrative with few who have a say in what goes on. Discusses how the use of animal cells to culture vaccines is dangerous. Discusses that all public health orders actually worked to dampen people's immune systems not help with a virus. They discuss how many of our vaccines and biologicals are contaminated with animal viruses and that when you are exposed to something like SARS-CoV2, those latent viruses can be awakened and make people sick or die.

    >>mRNA Vaccine Reactions Long Term with Dr. Stephanie Seneff on FactCheckVaccine - Aug 2021 Stephanie Seneff, PhD of M.I.T. explains her concerns for long term COVID vaccine symptoms. (At M.I.T. for several decades she has a number of advanced degrees from there.)

    >>Narratives of the Pandemic Dr. Mercola Interviews Ivor Cummins on Bitchute - Aug 2021 This interview with engineer Ivor Cummins reviews many of the concerning and confusing aspects of the pandemic. While Ivor is not a medical professional, he has a strong technical background and has used that to analyze and summarize a wide variety of pandemic data. He discusses significantly under reporting adverse side-effects and overstating the death rates. They discuss how drug companies reportedly improve their results by excluding subjects from the study who have bad reactions and then had to drop out. He reviews how some placebo subjects were given the vaccine itself (on "ethical" grounds) essentially erasing the control group and their adverse reaction reports. They discuss how safety trials have been cut to a few months down from 2 years. They also discuss how absolute benefits are much less than the relative ones in media highlights. Says many pharmacists do not even know the actual risks of the COVID-19 or the vaccine. Deaths and side-effects are vastly under reported. Also discusses limits to lockdowns & masks. 

   >>COVID-1984 Plandemic, Scientists & Doctor Speak Out - Aug 2021 It's all part of the plan - 8 minute montage of doctors and scientists.


    >>Vaccines and Choice by Gaeta Institute We highly recommend this free online course by Dr. Michael Gaeta. And he has a free Monday zoom call from 1-2pm that you might like talking about the latest in COVID issues and freedom. 

    >> website of National Vaccine Information Center by Barbara Loe Fisher a long time advocate of medical choice & freedom.

    >> website of Vaccine Information Coalition by April Renee "Educate before you vaccinate" &

    >>  Attorney Alan Phillips who helps with vaccine Choice issues at email [email protected] 

    >>  Attorney Alan Philips works to help maintain vaccine Freedom of Choice for concerned citizens from all 50 states.

    >>  Robert Kennedy, Jr. vaccine education site for health choices and children

    >>Liberty Counsel Vaccine Research Page - June 2021 Regularly updated, this page by includes many LEGAL topics like Vaccine Passports & Contact Tracing, Adverse Reactions and Deaths, Bloodclots, Breakthroughs, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, EUA law, EEOC, OSHA, mRNA, Five Stages of Vaccine Development, Masks, Pregnant Women Risks, Personal Stories, Spike Protein, Vaccine Self-Replication & Transmission of Adverse Reactions, Wuhan. (This group has been collecting names of college students for defense.)

    >>Vaccine Exemptions by State - Regularly updated? an interesting format summarizing state vaccine exemptions.


    >>  Peggy Hall runs an organization to help maintain health choices and freedom including vaccine choice.

    >>Citizen's Council for Health Freedom on VCY America - Aug 2021 Interview with Twila Brase, R.N., director of CCHF about concerns regarding mandates, masks and vaccines and what legal options and resources might be available.

    >>CCHF Legal Support Site at - Aug 2021 Legal support site by Citizens's Councel for Health Freedom

    >>  - A website by CCHF dicussing the various risks of vaccines, including for C*VID.

    >>Put Aside Your Concerns for Personal Liberty by Dr. Faucci by The Hill on MSN - Aug 2021 "...We've got to due mitigation. Put aside all these concerns about liberties and personal liberties and realize that we have a common enemy and that enemy is the virus." (Dr. Rolland's comments: I would like to think that we can work together to have both liberties and good health, ethics and medical practice.)

    >>Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Health Misinformation on YouTube - Jul 2021 Dr. Murthy says that health misinformation is poison and causes deaths. We need to to more education. The government expects tech companies to take action and shut them down. Says that most deaths can now be prevented by vaccination. (Does not seem to mention support from effective treatments or healthy behaviors.)


    >>Dr. Paul Comments on Masks on Rumble - Aug 2021 Cloth masks do not provide much protection and mentions these two reports. Mentions Danish study found wearing a surgical mask did not provide much protection. Vietnamese study found that 97% of SARS size particles penetrated cloth masks and that those mask wearers had more viral exposure than non wearers. N-95 masks do work rather effectively (if used properly).

    >>Dr. Paul on Mask Mandates FoxNews on Rumble - Aug 2021 Estimates are over 100 million Americans have had COVID-19 & have immunity.

    >>Mandatory Mask Rights Flyer for People & Businesses by KrisAnne Hall, J.D. - June 2021 Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall, your mask rights and the American Disabilites Act (ADA).

    >>Former Biden COVID Adviser Says Cloth Masks Offer Little Protection on CNN by FoxNews - Aug 2021 Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, former COVID adviser to President Biden, shared that cloth masks and regular paper masks do little to protect from viral particles like SARS. He shared that people need to wear N-95 masks to have better protection.

    >>Ending the MASKERADE course by from the Gaeta Institute - June 2021 An online course by Dr. Michael Gaeta that challenges the notion that cloth or surgical masks help significantly help against viral particles like SARS or even that they do no harm.


    >>Senator Rand Paul, M.D., Booted from YouTube because of Questioning Pandemic Actions  by Spectrum News - Aug 2021

    >>Dr. Rand Paul on Masks, Variants, Lethality, Gain of Function on YouTube - July 2021 CENSORED - Go to his Rumble channel to hear the studies that he references on these topics and his comments.

    >>Dr. Paul on Delta Hysteria with FoxNews on Rumble - July 2021

    >>Dr. Paul that U.K. Shows Delta More Contagious but Less Deadly FoxNews on Rumble - Aug 2021

    >>Politics Driving COVID Mandates by Dr. Paul with FoxNews on Rumble - Aug 2021


    >>How C*VID Vaccine Campagins Violate Bioethics Laws with Dr. Malone on Bitchute - Jul 2021 Robert Malone, M.D. discusses with Joseph Mercola unethical ways that the data and people are being manipulated. He shares that he is a voice for government insiders who cannot speak up without losing their jobs - he has had an signficant research career (e.g. helping to invent the mRNA vaccine technology) but has now been black listed and can't get research grants. He explains that it is unethical to BRIBE people to participate in an experimental trial and that people are NOT being given true informed consent to the jab. He also explains how the efficacy data was manipulated and improved when the pharma companies dropped people from the study groups if they had adverse reactions and did not complete the study. (Pittsburgh researcher, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler has also made these observations.) He says that the data does NOT seem to show that people under 30 years-old will have benefits from the mRNA vaccines but that they may have a bigger risk of of dying or having a permanent side effect from the vaccine than C*VID-19. He explains that the government takes the postion (from a 1984 policy) that says any new vaccine research findings should not be updated but rather is to be suppressed. Dr. Malone discusses the Noble Lie (from Plato) that is, leaders believe they can lie to the populous when it is for the "greater good". For the pandemic this includes: 1) society can only get back to normal when we reach herd immunity, 2) the only way to reach herd immunity is with vaccines, 3) the vaccines are perfectly safe. Leaders take a paternal view of these vaccines and say they do not have to disclose risks, offer alternatives, give true informed consent or allow freedom to choose. True vaccine risks are now coming out. Efficacy is measured in a clinical trial (and is skewed based on criteria) while effectiveness is in the general population. Discusses the trick of using absolute vs. relative risk reductions and says he has never seen some of these things "allowed" before by the FDA - this is "regulatory capture" by big pharma. Many Europeans (40% of Americans) are upset over this massive authoritarian media and government control. He says that Pfizer is buying all Israeli data.


    >>Coronavirus Vaccines May Raise Risk of Dangerous Variants by Business Insider on MSN - July 2021

    >>Delta Variant and Vaccines by Roger Seheult, M.D. - July 2021

    >>Are COVID Vaccines Fueling More Dangerous Variants? by - Aug 2021 CENSORED 

    >>Rise of the Variants by WhatsHerFace - Aug 2021

    >>Delta and Vaccinated: Info for Parents of Children Under 12 by NBCNews - Aug 2021

    >>Flying Blind with our Biggest COVID-19 Challenge by Eric Topol, M.D. - Aug 2021


    >>Mississippi 8th Grader Dies Hours After COVID Diagnosis by Business Insider on MSN - Aug 2021

    >>RSV Infection in Children by Pediatrics - Jan 2015

    >>CDC Surveillance of RSV in Children and Seniors - 2017 

    >>William Farr's Way Out of the Pandemic by CEBM - April 2021 Center for Evidence Based Medicine

    >>Farr's Epidemiology Principles by Wikipedia - Aug 2021 Ongoing

    >>Can A Virus Like SARS-CoV2 be Stopped with Lockdowns? by Dr. Dhand - Aug 2021 Suneel Dhand, M.D., questions if zero transmission policies like lockdowns (in Australia, etc.) are sustainable. It seems with this type of virus that will continue in the natural background, that it is not possible to eliminate it. Rather, that as soon as the lockdown is lifted the virus will reemerge. (Do severe lockdowns cause more damage than benefit?)


    >>Florida Governor Comments on Children's Risk of COVID on Forbes - Aug 2021 Says that hospitalized numbers for children range 1.3 to 1.4% and that RSV is occuring now and is more serious for children than COVID-19.  And that 25-40% of pediatric patients are in for another reason and test positive coincidentally. Says that children are not as likely to infect adults as adults are to infect the children. School choices up to parents.

    >>Protest Coverage of Lockdowns and Mandates in Europe by CRUX - Aug 2021 Protests around the world are occuring but not being covered by most media outlets. Thousands are protesting vaccine mandates, passports and lockdowns.

    >>Whistleblower Law Suit Alleges Records Show 45,000 Vaccine Deaths on - Supported by FLCC doctors attorney Thomas Renz is pursuing a whistleblower lawsuit alleging that the government computer records show many more vaccination deaths than are being reported.

    >>Potential Long Term Effects on Human DNA with Stephanie Seneff, PhD on MixCloud - Feb 2021

    >>Toxic Legacy with Stephanie Seneff on Glyphosphate on Rumble - July 2021

    >> Melatonin Interferes with COVID-19 at Several Distinct ROS-related Steps by J. of Inorganic Biochemistry - 2021


    >>  Dr. Michael Gaeta has a very informative 6 hour course on vaccines and their link to auto-immnune disorders. He also has free, weekly Monday zoom calls on natural functional health and choices - Register for free Monday zoom here.

    >>  A large, multi-topic website with many voices sharing their perspective and expertise

    >>Does Getting a COVID Vaccine Affect Your Life Insurance by Fox Business - July 2021 Basically no, it does not.

    >>Does Getting COVID or a Vaccine Affect My Life Insurance? by NY DFS - Aug 2021 New York State says basically no, it does not.


    >>Facebook Admits CCDH Misinformation Narrative is False by Sayer Ji - Aug 2021 Facebook acknowledges that the Center for Countering Digital Hate's (a foreign dark money group) narrative that the disinformation dozen spread a majority of pandemic misinformation is False.

    >>Vaccine Passports by Tucker Carlson FoxNews on Rumble - Aug 2021 POLITICAL WARNING Although from a political news commentator, this 15 minute clip shares serveral interesting things - Those pushing passports are not addressing privacy concerns. People who are vaccinated continue to be more afraid to go out into society. Senator Ron Johnson bashed for deciding with his doctor to not get a vaccine since he has natural immunity. Discusses driving with fear. The NYT acknowledging that it is uncommon (less than 10% per CDC?) to get C*VID outside.

    >>Trusted News Initiative to Combat Vaccine Misinformation by BBC - Dec 2020 

    >>White House Press Briefing Explains Cooperating with Big Tech to Stop Misinformation on YouTube - Jul 2021 White House explains that they are making lists of offenders that Facebook and others should be stopping because of their health misinformation content.

    >>Tennessee Governor Gives National Guard Unlimited Power to Quarantine Citizens by KrisAnne Hall, J.D. - Jun 2021 Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall writes a letter to the Tennessee governor about her concerns of mutlitple constitutional violations like unlawful search & seizure, unlawful detainment and imprisionment and right to a jury trial.


Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness. - Mahatma Ghandi

These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to tax) but “to bind us in all cases whatsoever,” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God. - Thomas Paine


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