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The Importance of Minerals for Optimal Health by Morley Robbins with Dr. Mercola on Bitchute - Mar 2022 Too much iron (try giving blood) and too little copper are among the top essentials to activate the enzyme pathways.

The Importance of Minerals for Optimal Health by Morley Robbins with MercolaPDF - Mar 2022 A summary...

Why Managing Your Iron Levels is Crucial for Health by MercolaPDF - Jun 2022 Too much or too little creates problems. Help by donating blood and avoiding supplements that have much iron unless a cycling female.


 Mushroom Compound Is a Longevity Powerhouse by MercolaPDF - Oct 2023 Ergothioneine from maitake, oyster, lion's mane and even white button mushrooms can be a new vitamin that helps reduce cell problems and promote longevity - even crossing the blood brain barrier and seeming to help with cognitive impairment.

Dietary Sources of the Longevity Vitamin "Ergothioneine" by YouTube - Oct 2023 Mushroom studies.


Optimize Your Eye Health with Holistic Strategies with Mercola on Bitchute - Aug 2023 Eyes are helped by vitamin C, avoid polyunsaturated fats, 

Omega 3 - A Simple Way to Lower Your Risk of Disease by William Harris with Mercola on Bitchute - Nov 2023


Muscle Mass - Key to Longevity by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022 Muscle mass helps people endure illnesses and aging.

Muscle Mass - Key to Longevity with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon & Mercola on Bitchute - Apr 2022 How much exercise and what type do you need? Protein uses?

The Importance of Optimizing Your Circadian Rhythm by Dr. S. Panda & Dr. Mercola on Bitchute - Apr 2022 Sleep, eating and other cycle timing. Less than 10% of people have an eating window of 12 hours or less - which is the minimum recommended (8-10 is preferred). Be in bed for 8-9 hours (especially between 10:00pm and 5:00am) and no eating 2 hours before bed. Minimum daily 30 minutes of daylight exposure and dark at night, avoid blue light 2 hours before bed. A cloudy day is 10,000 lux and a sunny day is over 100,000 lux, a full moon is only 1 lux. Use his app MyCircadianClock.

The Importance of Optimizing Your Circadian Rhythm by Dr. S. Panda with MercolaPDF - Apr 2022 A summary...


Top 5 Things for a Healthier Life with MercolaPDF - Oct 2022 Avoid seed oils, Exercise frequently, Get regular sunshine, Embrace time restricted eating, Limit EMF exposure.  See the interview on Bitchute Vitamin D, Linolenic Acid, Hacking your Diet by Joe Cohen.

Top 3 Things That Harm Health with MercolaPDF - Aug 2022  High iron levels (accumulated about 1mg per day) cause problems especially for men; help lower them by giving blood regularly. Low mitochondrial melatonin levels (and vitamin D3 levels) affect a host of health issues and are worsened by not getting enough sun exposure per day. Consuming seed oils and the accompanying omega 6 oil (LA linolenic acid) creates a number of inflammatory health problems. Reduce consumption and choose alternatives.

How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Live Longer & Healthier by MercolaPDF - Jun 2022

Profound Relationship Between Wheat, Carbs and Health with Dr. Perlmutter & Mercola on Bitchute - Mar 2022 Risk for Alzheimer's is drastically connected to insulin and diabetes discussed by neurologist David Perlmutter, M.D., author of Grain Brain. Discusses limiting dementia (which medication still fails at) with diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes.


Go Outside And Play With Your Friends by Dr. James O'Keefe on TedX YouTube - June 2018


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