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Doctor's Story: Why I'm a Chiropractor {video}


Years ago something happened to me that changed my life forever...


Let me tell you my story.

I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was over 15 years ago. I began to have increasingly frequent back and neck pain. I was young, ate healthy and exercised regularly. But my pain got worse and worse. I saw my medical doctor and he told me he saw nothing wrong. Offered me muscle relaxers and suggested I was suffering from 'stress'. I didn't really want to take drugs. Sure I was under stress, but I wanted to know what was going on with my back. Could it be from an old fender-bender or sports injury? Something worse?

What was causing all of the pain in my neck?

Another trip back to my medical doctor. This time his partner, an osteopath took a look. Nothing to see. Tests came back 'normal'. They said it must be 'stress'. Don't we all have 'stress'? Sure it contributes to health problems, but it seemed like there was something more going on.

And that's not all.

Despite several visits to the doctor's office and multiple test, my problem persisted. I had numbness and tingling in my hand and it became increasingly difficult to focus on my work. There were still no answers. It was frustrating! I began to have periodic chest pain. No! I thought that it couldn't be my heart. I was off to my medical doctor's again. Better to be safe... Another exam and EKG this time. My heart was good. I was glad for their help, but still no answers... it might be gastric reflux or allergies. More medication to try. I didn't know what to do. We were all at a loss as to what to try next.

But listen to this...

That's when I learned about this other specialist. I was ready to try anything. I called and made an appointment. He goes through an exam and takes some x-rays. And then he says that he thinks he knows what my problem is. Wow! He explains that my back is out of alignment and shows me how even my legs and feet affect my neck. As for the chest pain, my ribs go from my back to my front. Imagine that! He 'adjusts' my spine. I beging to get relief, and soon my pain is less and less. I feel so much better and am finally able to get back to enjoying my life. I wish I had known about this sooner.

Oh, did I mention that this doctor is a chiropractic doctor?

It works so well for me, and I am so impressed with the other 'miracles' I hear about from his office, that I eventually leave my engineering career and go to chiropractic school myself. (Don't get me wrong, I have several friends who are medical doctors. And medical doctors and chiropractors often work together. But they are different. Medical doctors know more about medications and surgeries, whereas chiropractic doctors are trained to detect and correct certain types of nerve and spine problems. They also use vitamins and herbs to assist healing.) So, now I just have to help others like I was helped and spread the great news about what I discovered.

And that is how it happened. That's my story.

What about you? How will your story read?

yours truly,

Dr. Chadd Rolland


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  • "I was constatnly getting bad kinks in my back that lasted all day. Headaches came on when the weather changed. After my roomate insisted I go to Dr. Rolland, I no longer get headaches or kinks in my back. I sleep better and am more flexible! I did not realize how much your back links to other health problems until visiting Rolland Chiropractic."
    Amy M. - Beaver, PA