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>>Corona Update Mar 2021

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This page includes: Passport Dangers, mRNA Software, Vaccine Cautions, Who Should Avoid It?, Adverse Reactions, Forcing the Kids, Optimal Vitamin D3 & Protection, Mutations, No Flu?, Who Can You Trust?,  etc.  (Also see our Immune Support page for an inclusive summary & more help.)




"There are three classes of people: Those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who do not see." - Leonardo da Vinci

    >>Dangers of Vaccine (Health) Passports by Dr. Naomi Wolf & - Apr 16 PLEASE LISTEN TO SHORT VIDEO. Dr. Wolf runs a tech business from New York. Health passports seem to violate the American Disabilities Act and the privacy of your personal health information (and everything else). Your COVID status can be manipulated by the tech authority. Dr. Wolf explains how health passport technology can easily be interlinked between platforms like social media, health records, shopping and banking. She explains how the Chinese government is using this system to track social credits (what you say and how well you comply with government policies) and then to reward or penalize various aspects of your life (shopping, work, school, travel, home, etc.). De-platforming conditioning follows the CCP reward & penalty process. Any dissident can quickly be located and handled. Once the technology is implemented (e.g. CCP) it will affect privacy, health, assembly, freedom of speech, etc. and it will be irreversible. The article shares how some American schools are sending students to re-education classes for not wearing masks and how some colleges are requiring daily health status digital check-ins. Organizations are conditioning citizens to watch and report their friends and neighbors. (All for a disease that is less then 1% CFR and has medical and natural therapies to help.) 

    >>Tech Company Partnering with Moderna for Vaccine Passports seems to have Nazi History by FoxNews & - Apr 8 Implementing computerized health passports is highly dangerous to personal liberty and the American way of life. Data collection these days on all aspects of most people's lives is extensive. This article explains how tech companies (e.g. IBM) assisted (even more so now) collecting and leveraging data for government control (nefarious?) and corporate profit making. Discussion about how artificial intelligence and data gathering is endlessly pervasive and will be able to connect and affect banking & credit, work, food distribution, property ownership, insurance & healthcare, travel, school & education, religious and secular assembly, free speech, political elections, law enforcement, and most everything. Some people have been warning this is coming - is it here now?


    >>Are mRNA Vaccines "Software Updates" for Your Body? by - Mar 31 In the Moderna SEC filing they state that this type of gene therapy (now reclassified as vaccines so that they can be used under emergency use authoriztion, get protection, not have to be fully tested and not have to be fully disclosed) is not supposed to permanently change your DNA. (Didn't they say is would not - now it comes out they hope it is not permanent?) This type of gene therapy is supposed to help usher in Transhumanism - a way to fix all health problems and become immortal? If you had a bad reaction and want to report it, you can go to the, or, or CDC VAERS page.

    >>Dr. Tennpenny Explains Possible COVID Vaccine Reactions that May Come Later  on BitChute - Feb 2021 Sherri Tenpenny explains 3 of 7 possible adverse reactions that can happen beyond 6 months from mRNA vaccines.  No. 1 - The trojan horse mechanism which may actually allow virus into the cells, No. 2 Spike protein antibodies may attack the lungs (via ACE2 receptors?), No. 3 Spike protein antibodies may attack your Type II macrophages which help clean up after an infection. (Type I macrophages kill off the infection, i.e. inflammatory. Some research animals who died, had only Type I macrophages left and no Type II. ) (Dr. Tenpenny says there are 36 corona viruses, seven of which infect humans.)


     >>5 Types of People Who Should Not Get Vaccinated by Eat This/Not That - Apr 2 Lists 5 types of people advised Not to get a COVID Vaccine. 1) Those actively sick with COVID. 2) Those who are under 16 or 18 depending on the vaccine 3) Those who are allergic to any ingredients 4) Those who had a bad reaction to a first shot 5) Those who have had a flu or shingles shot.  (Dr. Rolland's comments: We used to add Pregnant women to the list. But there seems to be less concern in today's society for the unborn. We have documented that people who have allergies or had a bad reaction to a first shot are sometimes being told to go ahead "you should be fine" and they sometimes have severe reactions. Most who are recoved from COVID will have better (likely) immunity (broader against variants and longer lasting) than those vaccinated. We have listed studies showing possible increased risk of coronavirus reactions when you have had the FLU shot. They go on to say that everyone else can get it without any comments about other risks.) 

    >>German Vaccine Commission Says People Under 60 Should Not Receive AstraZeneca Second Dose by The Hill  - Apr2 Concerns are being investigated. There are some recommendations to take a second shot from an mRNA vaccine instead. Isn't this inviting trouble??


    >>Does the State Have a Right to Force You to Vaccinate Your Kids? by Clifford Goldstein  - Mar 2021 discusses the legal conflict of state responsibility to protect the public versus individual religious and even secular personal liberty and choice. (Dr. Rolland's comments: I include this article because it illustrates the difficult balance between state responsibility and personal rights in a free-society. My concern is that from my perspective, I feel this well-respected author has overstated the risks of COVID-19, understated the risks of potential vaccines and not considered alternative treatments that might make a vaccine unnecessary. Health experts do themselve cannot agree. Further, as questions arise around vaccine tracking and "passports" the growing personal and even religious liberty issues become even more concerning. From some points of view, the COVID-19 pandemic seems as much about politics, government expansion and social reconstruction as it is about public health. It begs the question about where to draw the line and whether America risks losing something much larger than health. See links and my comments elsewhere.)

    >>Vaccines Tested on Babies Even as Death Toll Mounts by - Mar 23 As of March 5, 2021, the CDC VAERS monitoring site has received 1,551 reported cases of COVID vaccine deaths. The author calculates their lethality rate at 0.0028% for all and at 0.0024% for the mRNA which is about 100 times that of the flu vaccine at 0.0000265%. Obviously, these numbers are short-term consequences only and do not account for any mid or long-term side-effects or deaths. The author reports that the average recovery rate from COVID is 99.99 or possibly up to 99.999 if you can optimize your health.


    >>This Popular Diet May Protect Against COVID-19 by EatThis/Not That - Mar 17 See the benefits of a plant based diet.

    >>NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine by - Mar 14 How it really works and seems to save many lives.

    >>Judson Somerville, M.D. on Vitamin D3 by TSP2847 - Mar 31 Discussion with doctor who has been using what he calls optimal doses of Vitamin D3 (30,000 daily units) to help his patients with immune, heart, hormone and many other problems for over 12 years. Dr. Sommerville reports that the real level of toxicity is over 300ng/ml. He recommends that his patients maintain a value of 100-140ng/ml. This therapy may have ended COVID within a few months. He has written a book The Optimal Dose. They also discuss the poor chronic health of many Western people and their lack of good nutrition. Other books are mentioned: The Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of the Sunshine Hormone D3 by Jeff T. Bowles and How Not to Die with True High-Dose Vitamin D Therapy by Tiago Henriques. (Listener Caution: The host sometimes uses language that is not family friendly.)

    >>How Selenium May Reduce COVID-19 by - Apr 15 Selenium helps with many health issues including supporting the reduction of severe viral symptoms from SARS, coxsackievirus, EBOLA and HIV-1. It may also help support during infertility, cancer and osteoporosis. It is found in Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds (and pumpkin seed?), mushrooms, eggs, turkey and pasture-raised chicken.

    >>Why Most People Are Mineral Deficient by - Apr 2021 Review by James DiNicolantonio, Pharm.D. - A good overview of top 10.


    >>In Minnesota, 89 Fully Vaccinated People Test Positive for COVID-19 by Desert News - Mar  Do vaccine breakthroughs happen regularly?

    >>Mutations Could Make Current Vaccines Ineffective within 12 Months by CNBC - Mar 30 Survey of 77 epidemiologist from 28 countries responded that they feel within a year many current vaccines will be ineffective requiring booster. Only 1 in 8 responded that they feel current vaccines will never become ineffective. It reports that countries with low vaccine rates will promote this. (Dr. Rolland's comments: This appears to be a push for perpetual vaccine boosters. These projections vary widely. Some scientists say that countries with natural immunity and lower quarantine restrictions promotes weaker viral mutations, not the other way around. Still No comment about how much being healthy and taking nutritional supplements can help your body, REGARDLESS of the variant. Also no comment about how natural immunity tends to be more robust and more protective than a vaccine. Will people be sorry to have taken a vaccine in the first place?)

    >>People Who Have Already Had COVID-19 Need Just One Shot by BusinessInsider- Apr 2 This article overviews a few studies that have shown, as stated before, that most patients who have recovered from COVID-19 produce a much larger antibody  (and a stronger T cell) response to one vaccination than those who have never been infected. The results vary depending on the study. Recovered COVID patients tend to have more adverse reactions to these vaccinations.

    >>Scientist Explains How Mass Vaccinations May Strengthen COVID by - Mar 27 Mass vaccination can theoretically pressure the virus towards stronger mutations. Some say vaccinations should wait until AFTER a pandemic is settled.

    >>Deadly Blood Clots from AZ Vaccine Explained by - Mar 30


    >>CDC Graphic Reveals Almost No Flu This Season - 2020-21 with weekly updates The CDC reports that there were about 38 million cases of influenza in the 2019 season and only about 1500 in the 2020 season. Not a typo. Where did it all go? (Dr. Rolland's comments: I have had people tell me that they have been told (by medical offices) that their sickness is probably COVID-19 even without being seen or tested.) 

    >>CDC Flu Surveillance Page - 2020-2021 with weekly updates and comparisons to other years


    >>Can You Trust These Vaccine Manufacturers? by - Mar 24 The author reports on a number of apparently ethical and legal issues that have affected the current major vaccine players.

    >>Top 8 COVID Lies by - Mar 20 Dr. Malcolm Kendrick of Cheshire, England makes a case for why 8 headlines for COVID-19 are false. 1) There is no such thing as herd immunity - except from vaccines, 2) Vaccines induce stronger and longer-lasting immunity, 3) Universal mask use is essential to stop COVID-19, 4) COVID-19 death statistics are accurate, 5) The Swedish COVID response was a disaster, 6) Lockdowns have worked, 7) Asymptomatic spreaders are driving the pandemic, 8) The virus did not come from a lab accident.



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