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>>Corona Update May 2021

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This page includes: Civil Liberties, Children's Vaccine Risks, Big Science Disinformation, Adverse Reactions, Vaccines vs. Natural Immunity, Pregnant Women, Ivermectin Proof, Changing the Rules, Maskerade, Physician's Oath, T-cell Testing, Free Viral Home Care ebook  (Also see our Immune Support page for an inclusive summary & more help.)


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"There are plagues, and there are victims, and it is the duty of good men not to join forces with the plagues." - Albert Camus

"There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see." - Leonardo Da Vinci

    >>Canadian Pastor Jailed for Opening his Church to Protest - May 2021 Former Iron Curtain Pastor Artur Pawlowski is jailed for days after he reopens his Canadian church for services while protesting against the lockdowns. A video of him sending police back for a warrant was previously circulated. The local authorities were so angered that some reports (Janet Parshall, In The Market Place) say a judge gave police clearance to use whatever means necessary to arrest this pastor and anyone else who got in their way. This pastor, formerly from Poland, warns of things coming from our "democratic" governments. If you don't speak up about things that are wrong when they happen to others, who will be left to speak up for you?

    >>Biden Threatens Unvaccinated 'will pay the price' by Fox News - May 2021 President Biden is fully vaccinated and still wearing a mask in many settings, even outdoors - out of alignment with CDC guidance. Saying that careless people risk new outbreaks. Texas (over 30 milllion people - second largest state in America) which lifted mask mandates on March 10, now has days with 0 COVID deaths and with markedly dropped hospitalizations. 

    >>How And Why To Get Your T-cell Immunity Tested for COVID by James Marcum, M.D. - May 2021 His story and how you can get tested to know if you have natural immunity beyond initial antibodies.


    >>Big Science Disinformation & Human Rights with Pierre Kory, M.D. by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - May 2021 WATCH THIS PLEASE! (at 7:30min). What is worse than misinformation (erroneous information)? That would be disinformation (fake news) or misleading stories intentionally crafted and promoted to advance or protect a financial or political position distorting and even burying the actual truth. Dr. Kory says that IVERMECTIN is thoroughly proven and that there are effective, well established medical combination treatments for COVID-19. (He explains treatment for the disease including corticosteroids (it is an organizing pneumonia), 

(At the beginning Dr. Been shows how mRNA vaccines create spike proteins in the cell and how they can leak into the blood if that cell is damaged (by a cytotoxic T-cell, etc. lysis) and that those spike proteins then can go on to cause inflammation in the lining of the blood vessel walls. i.e. SARS-CoV2 is a vascular disease not so much a respiratory disease.) 

    >>How the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act Limits Alternative Points of View by - May 2021 In January, United States politicians passed a piece of legislation (hidden in a 2100 page appropriations bill) that gives the government legal authority to prosecute anyone interferring with the narrative that the vaccine is the only way to treat COVID-19. The verbage reportedly includes "This Act makes it unlawful under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act for any person, partnership or corporation to engage in a deceptive act or practice in or affecting commerce associated with the treatment, cure, prevention, mitigation or diagnosis of COVID-19 or a government benefit assocated with COVID-19."

    >>What to Know about Kids and COVID Vaccines by NPR On-Point - May 2021 This program opened by saying that of the several million children under 18 who hae had COVID-19, about 300 total have died = 0.0005 percent. One main guest, H. Cody Meissner, M.D., chief of Pediatric Infectious Disease and professor at Tufts University School of Medicine expressed strong concerns that the FDA had emergency approved this for younger children. (It is the same drug and dose given to adults.) He stated that he is pro-vaccine (and is a consultant on vaccines) but said that an emergency use drug (vaccine) must address: 1) a serious and life-threatening illness, 2) it must have known potential benefits that are  balanced with any known harms and ( he did not get to say the third point but 3) might be that no other effective treatments exist). Dr. Meissner said that COVID is NOT a serious disease for younger children and the vaccine benefits and risks are NOT fully known. He went on to say that closing schools has greatly hurt children (even for years to come) and was all for the benefit of teachers - and that he fears these vaccines being pushed can harm children for a benefit that is primarily for the adults. Dr. Meissner stated that kids don't (typically) get sick or spread COVID-19. This show discusses other COVID vaccine risks for children. It focuses on a recent press release by Pfizer that their vaccine is 100% effective in children ages 12-15. Suprisingly, when the Kaiser medical coordinator was asked about some specifics, she said that she did not know because that data had been turned over to Pfizer the study sponsor. (This is a known problem with many studies now- that sponsor companies even government agencies choose and release only portions of the data they want to go public.) Rather she mostly shared what was in the press release, but commented that no vaccine is 100% effective. (It turns out that it only tested 1100 in the vaccine group and 1100 in the control group (salt water). It looked at only a few months of a two year trial, to see if they tested positive, all for an age group that has extremely low rates of disease anyways - (at a time both seasonally and with ?herd immunity that COVID is naturally declining). The test did not consider if the subjects had had COVID (known to provide protection to most). They reported that 18 of the control group tested positive (no symptoms reported?) but none of the vaccinated. Also noted 4 severe adverse reactions but said they were coincidental and not related. Two of the doctors inteviewed said they would have no hesitancy giving it to their kids. They did not mention if they have children. (That did discuss that maybe these child doses be sent to help India instead.)

    >>Pfizer Vaccine Press Release on Children's Vax Trial - Apr 2021 Here is the Pfizer vaccine press release and some fundraising material.

    >>Opioid Overdoses Hit Record High by - May 2021 During the year of September 2019 to 2020 over 87,000 people died from opioid overdoses. Legal actiion finds Purdue Pharma misled doctors about the drug in order to increase sales.


    >>Are We Being Set Up For Mass Control & Depopulation? with Dr. Michael Yeadon by - May 2021 PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS. Dr. Michael Yeadon, is a pro-vaccine 40 year biomolecular and toxicology scientist and former Pfizer vice-president of research. He lays out step-by-step concerns about how government leaders, mass media and big pharmacy are colluding to lie to the world population and set them up for mass control. He shares that many leading scientists agree with what he is describing, but they are afraid to speak out for risk of their reputation or job. He explains that if one has had natural COVID and recovered, they are immune to the disease (possibly for life). How immune T-cells are more vital than antibodies. And how the SARS-CoV2 virus is 80% similar to the SARS-CoV from 2003 and that those immune cells recognize and react to it. Consequently any variant  seems to be only a few percent different and poses no new threat to most anyone who has recovered already. He explains why the PCR test gives a high percent of false positives and why people are not likely a contagious threat unless they have symptoms and are sick. Dr. Yeadon discusses how absurd it is to count people as presumed COVID merely because they die within weeks of having a positive PCR test (or some symptoms). He reviews how this virus is only a little more dangerous than the common flu more so for those over 60, especially who have other health problems. He argues that masks do little to help and that lockdowns are a harmful form of mass control not a health strategy. He discusses the danger of mRNA vaccines (part of his expertice), their lack of necessity or benefit (for most) and the significant risk of booster vaccines (already being made) that will not have any test requirements and which will not be held responsible for health problems and deaths that occur possible months after innoculation. Dr. Yeadon explains why vaccine passports are not necessary to track COVID recipients and how they pose the very real risk of being a tyrannical social credit system used to control buying and selling, work and eduction, travel and assembly for individuals and their family members. He explains that the COVID vaccines are all experimental and that it is against the Nurembeg code to give them to patients without full consent. He urges everyone to openly discuss and challenge these issues and to find others who are concerned so as to rescue liberty and save your health - there is no going back.


    >>New Concerns About COVID Vaccine Side-Effects by WPXI-TV Pittsburgh - Apr 2021 Patient (who went to UPMC hospital) says after one shot he now has neurological symptoms and lack of feeling on one side of his body. Comments from a chiropractor who says he has had around a dozen patients (mostly older men) who are having neurological symptoms like palsy & paralysis, etc. UPMC specialist says it is hard to know if these symptoms are not coincidental. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Besides reports to me of fever, soreness, nausea, severe headaches, and missed work days, I have had patients report knowing people who had a closely related stroke, clots that led to toe amputation and heart problems, several developing Guillain Barre, and one death of her apparently healthy mother. Per the Medalerts (CDC based) adverse reaction reporting page listed below, there have been over 157,000 adverse reactions and 3,200 deaths related to the COVID vaccines in the U.S.A. This only includes the short term side-effects. In a normal year, I heard that this many reactions would have gotten the vaccine recalled. - Presumably there are over 150 million who have had only minimal side-effects.)

    >>Vaccine Adverse Reactions Database by - Updated weekly. This searchable database compiles adverse side-effects for all types of vaccines given in the U.S.A. - including the several for COVID-19. As of the end of April it reported over 3,200 deaths related to COVID vaccines and over 157,000 adverse reactions. (The CDC has previously investigated self-reported vaccine side-effects and found that they are significantly under reported. This also only reports the short-term complications.) At this time there have been over 150 million people given at least one dose and around 110 million who are reported fully vaccinated. Yes, recently in the news Johnson and Johnson was suspended because of 6 deaths (in young women?) reported from vaccine blood clots. It seems to have been resumed. (Dr. Rolland's comments: I know of someone local whose 70ish apparently healthy husband has had 4 toes amputated because of the first vaccine shot and also now supposedly has vaccine related heart problems - apparently he was not told to NOT get a second dose. I know of an apparently healthy local man in his 70s who seems to have had a stroke within a few days after the vaccine. I know of a local woman who says that her 80ish healthy mother suddenly died within two weeks of getting the vaccine. And these are only the bigger stories that people have shared with me not the many pains and headaches and gut complaints that I have heard from people. Interstingly, several people have told me they are getting a vaccine, not because they want it, but because they are afraid they will not be able to travel or work in society post COVID without it. As more time passes, the RISK of COVID will likely continue to decline (with those most vulnerable unfortunately having succumbed) while the RISK from the vaccine will increase (as the short and then LONG-term effects are felt and counted).)

    >>Two COVID Questions No One Will Answer by Tucker Carlson Fox News - Apr 2021 Is it SAFE or EFFECTIVE? Officials are commenting less and less on the safety or effectiveness while urging everyone to get it. Safety? If the birth control pill causes blood clots in about 1 in 1000 users and that is still on the market, why be concerned if the COVID vaccine does in 1 in 1 million? Is that reason to pause vaccinations? Is the actual number much higher? It may be easy for doctors to miss the connection between the vaccine and adverse reactions. (In Europe that seems to bee about 1 in 100,000.) Effectiveness? Why the criticism of states that are pulling back on public health measures if the vaccines are actually working? See how cases and deaths in Texas for example are dropping significantly. Officials saying that even after vaccination you still can't attend gatherings and need to wear a mask. But if vaccines don't work that well, then why are we all being told to all get them? Why are journalists not doing their jobs but instead reinforcing the political headlines and urging people to follow the rules. Celebrities are taking vaccine selfies - doing "their part" Is this politics or science? Are scientists doing their jobs? Criticism that 40% of Marines refused the vaccine - is it because of their political views? They can't be forced since it is still under emergency authorization. But maybe that is good - do we want 100% of our armed forces affected by an unproven shot? Is it your body and your choice?

    >>COVID Recovery verses Vaccine Immunity by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Apr 2021 Yesimmunity from having COVID is overall BETTER than vaccination! Discusses study showing pre-infected (COVID-19) may still have persistent antibodies for some time and that most pre-infected patients developed about 10x antibodies (than non-infected) after one vaccine shot. And that giving previously infected patients a second vaccine shot, did NOT increase their antibody levels any farther above the estimated protecitive titer level (and they were still higher with one shot than the uninfected who got both vaccine shots). Also discusses that the antibodies from a vaccine ARE NOT BETTER than those from the natural infection. From this discussion, based on antibodies and protective titers, it is unnecessary to get two shots if you have had COVID-19. (Dr. Rolland's comments: It seems unncessary to get any shots if you have recovered from COVID - based on antibodies created against many parts of the SARS-CoV2 virus and not only the spike protein, and also creation of the memory T and B cells which will respond with future re-exposure.)

    >>Do Vaccinated Individuals Shed Spike Proteins? by Dr. Been - May 2021 Are vaccinated people a risk to others?

    >>Can COVID-19 Integrate Into Our DNA? by - May 2021 Fragments sometimes seem to erroneously get included in chromosomes. 

    >>Black Mold (Mucormycosis) In Recovered Patients by Dr. Seheult - May 2021 Deadly mold can come from things like steroid use for diabetic patients and poor sanitation or use of medical oxygen. Medical providers are near exhaustion with variants after a year of pandemic.


    >>Vaccine Injuries Do Not add Up by - Apr 2021 Many more adverse reactions than are reported may be occurring. 

    >>Vaccine Risks for Pregnant Women by - May 2021 Toxicologist Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay explains her concerns with these vaccines and calls for a STOP of COVID vaccines to pregnant women.

    >>Countless Vaccine "Coincidences" by TTAV - May 2021 Interesting independent journalism collection. As of mid-May there are about 4,100 COVID vaccine related deaths registered with the CDC vaccine adverse event reporting system including two infants, one in the Moderna and one in the Pfizer trials. Also dying were several teenagers ages 15, 16 and 17. There have been more deaths from the COVID vaccines during the first 4 months of 2021 than deaths from All vaccines during the last 20 years! The two year Pfizer vaccine trial is only beginning - it is scheduled to run through April 6, 2023. (One commentary reported that in the past it took only a few dozen deaths for a vaccine trial to be halted for safety reasons but the COVID vaccine trials have far exceeded those numbers and are still running.)

    >>Researchers Say Pfizer Vaccine May Reprogram Innate Immune Response by ENews Trends - May 2021 Findings show this may enhance response against COVID-19 or weaken innate immunity or modify one's response to other future vaccines. This study is not yet peer reviewed.

    >>COVID Vaccine Trials Cannot Tell Us If They Will Save Lives by BMJ - Oct 2021 These trials are too small and too brief and look primarily at reducing severity of symptoms. They are not going to provide good data about whether they will save lives over the short or long term.


    >>Steroids & Anticoagulants with Pierre Kory, M.D. by Dr. John Campbell - Apr 2021 Dr. Kory of University of Wisconsin Medical School and president of (Frontline COVID Critical Care) discusses his concerns that physicians are forgetting how to "doctor" that is assess the patient and treat them based on what presents before them with whatever means available. He says that COVID is making things "crazy" but that there are treatment options that are effective. He says that patients are dying of inflammation after the virus is gone and that they need high, pulsed doses of steroids slowly tapered until full recovery. He discusses why some doctors are reluctant to use them and how a study of SARS, MERS, H1N1 showed that steroid use led to more death confuses the issue. SARS-CoV2 seems to become like organizing pneumonia after 5-7 days and then leads to ARDS. Dr. Kory explains the need for anticoagulant drugs and how a thromboelstography (TEG) test can help identify how the cascade has progressed. He says that Remdesivir is very expensive but of no help for COVID-19.

    >>Ivermectin Proof with Peirre Kory, M.D. by Dr. John Campbell - Apr 2021 Dr. Kory's U.S. Senate testimony on the tremendous benefits of Ivermectin as an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory has been censored from YouTube. (Ivermectin is on the WHO list of essential medicines and for decades has been considered safe and effective - and it is cheap.) He says that so many medical mistakes have been made. The U.S.A. has done an Ivermectin blackout while South Africa criminalized its use. Dr. Kory has been helping patients whose PCP will not. He says that a proper dose of Ivermectin will halt and reverse COVID-19 in 1-2 days. And that it helps with fever, headache and other long-hauler recovery. For example: has protocols using 0.2mg/kg every 2 weeks (prophylactic - very effective), 0.2-0.4mg/kg dosed daily (active disease) and 0.4-0.6mg/kg (in hospital). He says that Ivermectin is so effective, Zimbabwae has stopped COVID by using it. Ivermectin is extremely safe and its toxicity protocol shows adverse events as "unequivocally and exceedingly rare". (The contraindications are with warfarin, cholera or BCG vaccines or organ transplant drugs.) WHY is every American doctor NOT using it? Because if the FDA approves it as a COVID treatment, the vaccine emergency use authorization (EUA) will immediately end and vaccine companies will loose billions of dollars to a generic drug that costs pennies!

    >>Benefits of Ivermectin are Being Officially Buried and Cancelled by - May 2021 It seems the powerful and effective benefits from Ivermectin are being covered up and removed to further the COVID agenda. The W.H.O. commission reportedly found it 75% effective in treating COVID-19 patients. As reported numerous other places and times, the long-running safety profile and effectiveness of ivermectin (including for Zika, Influenza A, West Nile) is well established - UNTIL 2020. Now this low cost drug is the victim of an apparent disinformation campaign (even legal restrictions by some states and countries) along with hydroxychloroquine (with zinc). There seems to be many ways that doctors are being limited from using these drugs and fear (perpetuated by most media) is being used to keep them from the public.


    >>CDC Stops Counting Vaccine Disease Breakthough Unless Hospitalization or Death by CDC - May 2021 Will this make managing the many adverse reaction numbers easier? ARE COUNTRIES HAVING A WORSE OUT BREAK AFTER VACCINATING? WAS THIS INDIA?

    >>How the CDC Seems to Have Disregarded the Rules to Inflate COVID Numbers by - May 2021 Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Henry Ealy who reviews the regulations seemingly disregarded by the CDC in reporting the COVID statistics. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Does this contribute to the recent survey reported on NPR that found the American people's confidence in the CDC is only 52% and for the NIH and FDA about 38%?)

    >>Fighting for Free Speech - Being Censored by Spotify by - May 2021 Why are these platforms censoring free speech? Who benefits from the banning of certain people? Who is the FDA protecting? Are alternative platforms going to be protected? Will that be enough?

    >>The Rise of Utilitarian Extremism by - May 2021 Proof of vaccination will not promote safety or protection and digital passports (and in conjunction with big tech and cancel culture) can easily lead to governmental control of your travel, associations and activities.

    >>The Loss of Certain Types of Speech by - May 2021 Naomi Wolf and a review of the Daily Clout, an open, free speech platform that promotes citizen involvement in legislation. Once speech is blocked for anyone, then it is only a mater of time before it affects you. How big tech colludes with government to usher in legalized tyranny.


    >>President Biden Says Wear A Mask Until You Are Fully Vaccinated by MSNBC - May 2021 Does this direction from the CDC seem more political and less scientific every day? Supposedly about 1/3 of the country or about 44% of adults (120 million?) are now fully vaccinated. Ok to take the mask off and go places if you are vaccinated, but have to wear one indefinitely if you are not?

    >>CDC Guidance on Vaccinated People Going Without Masks and Participating in Events - May 2021 All social distancing and mask wearing is removed for those who have been vaccinated. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Hmm, Still No acknowledgment about immunity in those who have recovered from COVID-19. This seems to be very politically motivated with comments about following local regulations and not about whether you need a mask and have immunity or still can contract or spread COVID. It is almost as if they see the writing on the wall and are trying to be ahead of what people are doing rather than playing catch-up. Perhaps that is why NPR reported today that a recent poll of Americans found that after the way the pandemic has been handled, only 52% have faith in the CDC while that number is only about 38% for the FDA or NIH. There used to be a lot more trust in doctors and scientists.)

    >>Wearing Masks Outdoors Seems Meaningless by - May 2021 A review of some studies that show the minimal benefit of wearing a mask outside to prevent viral transmission. Also reviews some side effects from extended mask wearing

    >>Ending the Maskerade by Dr. Michael Gaeta - May 2021 A community action program.

    >>Study Finding that Masks Appear Ineffective and Cause Problems by - CENSORED May 2021 An Indian peer reviewed study on effectiveness and concerns with masks was censored by Twitter. WHO originally advised not using a mask unless sick with respiratory symptoms, a fever, cough, or runny nose. Questions exist about whether an N95 mask provides better protection than a medical mask for the average user. Calls now to stop requiring masks for students are being debated.

    >>Opposing COVID Views Mikhaila Peterson & Jeremy Kamil, PhD by - May 2021 Discussion of the Event 201 (pandemic trial run), Great Reset, Case Number Manipulation and Lockdown Risks. No Flu because of Masks? Should case numbers drive our public health response? Follow the money - Pfizer had $3.5 billion in revenue the first quarter of 2021. Can you die from COVID after vaccination? As of April 23, there are reportedly 9,245 COVID cases including 132 deaths in fully vaccinated people per the CDC's own data. And as of this date there have been 3,544 deaths reported to the CDC VAERS related to COVID vaccines. Fear as a motivator? How can one stay healthy?


    >>The Declaration of Geneva - The Modern Physician's Oath by World Medical Assn. - 2005 Do doctors still abide by the Hippocratic Oath to Do No Harm? Here is some of the Declaration of Geneva: "I consecrate my life to the service of humanity... The health of my patient will be my first consideration... I will not permit consideration of age, disability... to intervene between my duty and my patient...I will maintain the utmost respect for human life...I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat..."

    >>Can the W.H.O. Be Trusted? by - May 2021 Who is the World Health Organization beholding to? What about big tobacco? Nuclear disasters? Connections and influence from China and the CCP? Bias or professional? Does money talk - How much influence does the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation have? Does this affect their ability to help average people around the world?

    >>FDA  Authorizes Memory Tcell COVID Test - by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - May 2021 Using Biotechnologies T-detect test, one could look back and help confirm they had COVID-19 even after their antibodies have diminished. Some memory cells may last up to 50 years or more.

    >>The COVID Conversation with Dave Asprey by - May 2021 Discussion about the origins and handling of the pandemic. Also about censorship. How much seen on mainstream is propaganda? Where does it come from? Finding de-centralized, censorship resistant internet and social media. And what one can do to take care of themselves. Yes, you have to be careful and think for yourself more when you have more freedom. 

    >>Hidden Epidemic - Dr. Thomas Levy with Joseph Mercola - June 2021 A review of how oral health affects your whole body.

    >>Powerful Treatments for Any Virus by Thomas Levy, M.D., J.D.  - May 2021 Do NOT Fear - is Dr. Levy's message. You can HELP to ARM Yourself with readily available, low-cost, natural and safe options. Download this FREE ebook about the effective treatments (including nebulized H2O2 and many others) YOU can use for any viral infection. He shares his years of investigation and clinical practice. You may want to have this for your family before it is unavailable. Authorities have said that the next pandemic "WILL BE WORSE". How do they know that??


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