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>>Corona Update Sep 2020 {video}

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This page includes: More Good News, Challenges about Urging Americans to Get Healthy, Better Test Options, COVID-19 Long-Term Complications and some thoughts about How Big Corporations and Big Government want to Manipulate Your Destiny.  - This page is still in progress.

MORE GOOD NEWS: New vitamin D study shows it cuts COVID-19 infection rates by 50%. A D3 level above 40ng/ml is essential. COVID-19 death rates seem to be in major decline even though case infection numbers are up. Doctors continue to find effective treatments including HCQ. Some regions appear to be approaching herd immunity and at numbers lower than originally thought necessary. Reports suggest that reinfection is very rare and that natural immunity will last for some time. A number of nutritionals are known helpful for acute patients and those with long term complications. Most children are only mildly affected. Severe symptoms are not nearly as common as originally feared. Case Fatality Rates are much lower than projected.

LIFESTYLE CHANGES HELP SO MANY. Limit all sugary foods/drinks and refined foods. Eat vegetables. Exercise. Reduce stress. Sleep well. Use intermittent fasting to control blood sugar and reduce obesity. Supplement vitamin DCNACzinc, probiotics, quercetin and several others on list.

We are giving a FREE bottle Vitamin D which seems to be a critically essential nutritional supplement for SARS-CoV2 - to help every student, teacher and staff (while supplies last) who has an appointment in August and September. Ask us for your complimentary bottle.

Using the latest nutrition research, we created a back-to-school immune support plan that will help with cold & flu season and also with COVID-19.


>>See our Key Supplement pages for links to vitamin D & Kvitamin Czinc & calciumNAC & quercetin for 2020 essential full details.


** WHY ARE MOST OFFICIALS STILL NOT TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT GETTING HEALTHY??? What about serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes and obesity? These cause over 600,000 deaths per year - every year! Devoting time and effort to those patients appears to reduce their COVID-19 risk. Dr. John Campbell has a video asking why is Africa seeming to have a low COVID-19 rate? Do Africans have better vitamin D levels, already routinely use HCQ for malaria or are they more metabolically healthy? On a side note, did you know that 69 million (nearly 1% of the world population) people eat at McDonald's every day? Can we really expect robust health and the ability to resist disease?

It is well known that losing weight and controlling blood sugar naturally by limiting processed carbs, avoiding alcohol & sugary drinks, practicing intermittent fasting (or time restricted eating - except for young children), eating a plant-based high fiber diet, exercising regularly, reducing stress and getting good regular sleep will DRASTICALLY improve one's mental and physical health and make one more resistant to just about every type of disease including future SARS.

   >>The Role of Better Metabolic Health In COVID-19 Outcomes by - Sep 2020     Diabetes & insulin resistance is a severe risk. While I disagree with this author and strongly believe that a well rounded plant based diet is healthy, the overall content of this article and its details about the poor health of many Americans and how that makes us severely vulnerable to COVID-19 and other diseases is worth reading. 

   >>Why Aren't We Promoting Health to Combat COVID-19 by -Aug 2020 Obesity is severe risk. Bill Maher language caution. A good overview about encouraging people to get healthy. 

**AVOID Halloween candy a.k.a. SUGAR which DIRECTLY weakens your immune system (see my vitamin C page for details). Do I really need a whole second aisle of candy at my local "grocery" store? (LOL especially during a health crisis). Ugh more holiday candy is coming!

**Remember that from a holistic health point of view, our goal is to have an optimized immune system that readily fights off any and every potential infection, allowing only mild symptoms and avoiding severe or lasting symptoms and death.



   >>Reinfection, What Reinfection? by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - Aug 2020 Study of few people worldwide who are documented to have a possible reinfection (not unexpected) but the studies suggest that like other viral infections it is extremely rare and seems to not be a concern now.

   >>First Reported COVID-19 Reinfection by Dr. John Campbell - Aug 2020 Study of few people worldwide who are documented to have a possible reinfection (not unexpected) but the studies suggest that like other viral infections it is extremely rare and seems to not be a concern now.



   >>Coronavirus, Good News by Dr. John Campbell - Aug 18, 2020 Where did New Zealand infection come from after 102 free days? Antibodies from 2003 SARS seem reactive to CoV2. Long-term immunity seems likely. Both B cells (antibodies producers) and T cells (cytotoxic producers) seem to develop a memory even with mild or asymptomatic COVID-19. Some antibody rates now Mumbai 24%, New Dehli 24%, Moscow 21%, NYC 6%, London 17%. Studies show that antibodies seem to prevent re-infection. Fishing boat study had 3 people with antibodies who did not get sick again when there was a 104 person COVID-19 outbreak on their ship (heavy exposure). Antibodies developed in 101 of crew were neutralizing . Even people with natural mild or asymptomatic disease still produce antibodies, getting immunity and helping herd immunity. Even those with no antibodies seem to be producing a T cell response that is rapid, specific and immunoprotective. (3 studies)

   >>A Flurry of Intriguing News by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - Aug 2020 Hydroxychloroquine reduces COVID-19 death rates by 30%. (was 8.9 with HCQ and 15.7 without) HCQ inhibits autophagy (autophagy releases cytokines) and zinc inhibits kallikrinins - both of these help calm cytokine and bradykinin storms. HCQ reduces viral fusion and replication. Vitamin D helps suppress renin enzyme production. Discussion about possible reinfection and that reinfection does not mean you are symptomatic or contagious. The news is scaring people by presenting misleading numbers. Everyone is more contagious the first few days in viral phase. Immune dysregulation is the problem. Even with children a CFR of 0.2% (of those infected), he is opposed to schools opening. Repeats safety guidelines.

   >>Coronavirus, Death Rates Plummet by Dr. John Campbell - Aug 2020 While case rates climb, death rates are significantly lower.

   >>Immunity and Vaccine Optimism by Dr. John Campbell- Sep 2020 COVID-19 immunity growing, 99% of SARS-CoV2 cleared by immune system, majority NOT infectious after 10 days, vaccines coming ( because a slow mutator, many places antibodies can bind) possibly monoclonal antibodies will work, vaccine comments about measles & etc. passive immunity - antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (neutralizing vs. binding antibodies explained), vaccines may stimulate more antibodies than natural infection but will they last? Fatality Rate way lower than thought.

(Dr. Rolland comments - my pro/con comments including discussion about living conditions, hygiene, medical care & nutrition coming in October. Do vaccines stimulate memory cells? Safety?)

  >>Herd Immunity Ahead of Schedule by - Sep 2020 Given cross immunity from other viruses, the COVID-19 herd immunity threshold may be much lower than thought. Some areas may be approaching it now - offering more protection to those vulnerable in society.

   >>Herd Immunity, Antibodies, Remdesivir by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - July 2020 Explains how herd immunity is calculated/estimated. How it is affected by natural or vaccine immunity and how illness multiples. Technical review how immune system naturally creates antibodies and how cytokines differentiate the many different types of antibodies (IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM, etc.) IgA helps mucus membranes. IgG comes initially 1-3 weeks from spleen and can quickly clean up invaders. IgM come later and last longer. Antibodies tend to last only 4-6 weeks and it is the memory B cells that keep making antibodies against the current infection for awhile. The SARS-CoV antibodies from before persisted for about 2-3 years. Experimental decoy cells being made to attract SARS-CoV2. What are their benefits and harms? Remdesivir known to cause liver damage? (Dr. Rolland comments - I wonder if the Standard Process PMG supplements provide any decoy protection.) 

   >>CDC Statistics Show Only 6% of COVID-19 Related Deaths Are Due to the Disease Alone - Sep 2020 The CDC reports that 94% of patients who died with COVID-19 had other health problems. Of course, some of them are very serious and others not so much. Scroll down to  Table 3 COMORBIDITIES to see the full list of types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. (Calculating 6% of 190,000 deaths is about 11,400 people.) For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. While every person who dies is an irreplaceable loss to their family, this data shows that very few totally "healthy" people, succumb to COVID-19. 

(Dr. Rolland comments - Diabetes and obesity are two of the major risk factors. Sadly, only about 10% of Americans are considered totally healthy.)

   >>Pandemic Science, Reducing Death Rates by Dr. John Campbell - Aug 2020 Death rates in decline now about 0.5% or less with majority being older and with comorbidities. Discusses the 6% CDC rate without comorbidites, 

   >>Coronavirus, Well People Spreading Infection by Dr. John Campbell - Aug 2020 Meta review now suggests asymptomatic rates are 16% for adults and 28% for children. (That is 84% and 72% eventually develop symptoms.) About half are "pre" symptomatic and later develop it. Most likely to be contagious early on when they don't "feel" sick. Some asymptomatic still show symptoms in x-rays of lungs or blood (dec. WBC 27%, inc. LDH 42% or inc. CRP 11%). This suggests need to more rapid testing so that exposed people can be isolated?

   >>Icelandic Study: Antibody Immunity Lasts Longer by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - Sep 2020

   >>Children Have Better Innate Immune Systems by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - Sep 2020 Study shows that children have a more active innate immune response (NK, epithelial cells, memory cells producing INFg & IL-12) that neutralizes SARS-Cov2. Common adult response is from the adaptive arm (abs, phag, Tcells) specifically T helper 2 cells (not so much Th1 cytotoxic arm) that stimulate B cells to produce antibodies which neutralize the virus then call macrophages for phagocytosis but in turn they produce many cytokines. Children shown to have less active adaptive arm, that is less IL-6, TNF and phagocytosis. (Also discussion of AZ and two bad vaccine events.)


BETTER TESTING OPTIONS - my son was required to do a home SALIVA test for look for antigens (active SARS-CoV2) before returning to college this fall. It is designed by Yale University and is supposedly as accurate as the nasal swab, a lot cheaper and without damage to your sinus cavity. You can order this and do it from your own home. Can we start offering saliva testing to everyone now? Antibody testing (to see if you have had COVID-19) is also improving and is available now through many places. Contact us if you need an antibody test. It is being theorized that natural antibodies will provide some immunity, perhaps longer than was originally estimated. Please go back and see our links on May, June, July and August Corona Update pages. These rapid saliva tests (supposedly there is now one that takes minutes and is a strip like a pregnancy test) seem promising.

   >>Link to the Yale COVID-19 Rapid Saliva Test page - August 2020 - Contact us if you want to use this test and can't do it yourself.

  >>Vault Health COVID-19 Saliva Test Kits - August 2020 these are the rapid FDA approved antigen kits being used by Penn State


COVID LONG-TERM COMPLICATIONS & LONG-HAULERS - What can be done for an emerging group of about 10% who continue with various chronic symptoms for many weeks? Likely, a lot. This is another area that natural health care really shines - helping to strengthen the body so it can heal and get rid of chronic infections. See the nutritional posts for chronic symptoms (NAC, Turmeric, Chlorella, Garlic, etc.) and call our office for assistance.     <<We are still working on this section for long-term complications. >>

   >>Bradykinin Storm Hypothesis Better Explains COVID-19 Complexities by Dr.Been Medical Lectures and - Sep 2020   A supercomputer analysis suggests a Bradykinin storm better explains all of the COVID-19 complications. Bradykinin is an inflammatory protein from immune responses and tissue damage. It dilates arterioles and produces nitrous oxide, prostaglandins, lung HLA gel, swelling and allodynia (pain). SARS-CoV2 causes septic shock, heart issues, ARDS, etc., and mimics ACE inhibiting drugs. Bradykinins can be dampened by some medications, zinc and vitamin D (and maybe NAC or bromelain??). (Dr. Rolland comments - See our Vitamin D and zinc pages.)

   >>Increased Blood Clotting by Dr. John Campbell - July 2020 an early perspective

   >>Why Are So Many COVID Patients Dying of Sepsis? by - July 2020 Cytokine Ideas

   >>Coronavirus Pandemic Update 99: Long-Haulers - Lingering and Long-Term Symptoms after COVID-19 by MedCram - July 2020

   >>Consider these Nutraceuticals to Reduce Clots with COVID-19 by - July 2020

   >>COVID-19 and Post Viral Fatigue by RUN-DMC - May 2020 A journalist's personal slow recovery experience and review of ME & fatigue. 

   >>How Do You Recover from Long COVID? How Long Will It Take by RUN-DMC? - Aug 2020 A journalist's recovery and review of symptoms and treatments. Are steroids or other drugs helpful? What are their negative side effects? Rest, light exercise, sleep and healthy living recommendations - Pace yourself and limit your mental and physical energy expenditures to allow your body to heal. 

(Dr. Rolland's comments - Can I suggest finding a holistic practitioner to help. Several nutritionals are anti-viral and help maintain healthy blood, reduce clot risk, lessen lung fibrosis, support oxygen levels, etc. Natural remedies are good anytime, have multi-factorial health benefits, few if any side-effects and help many problems. If you are having challenges with COVID-19 symptoms beyond your 3 week recovery, contact us if you want further assistance and investigate using these powerful herbs: Astragalus, Licorice Root, Spirulina, St. John's Wort, Echinacea, Turmeric, Ubiquinol and Melatonin)

   >>A Guide to Omega-3 Fatty Acids by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - Sep 2020 A review of how these help your cells, reduce inflammation, help the heart and other functions (even for COVID-19). Most Americans eat excessive omega-6 fats from grains and do not get a balance of omega-3. Some plant and animal sources of omega-3 are listed.

   >>COVID-19 Comorbities Do Not All Have the Same Impact by American Council on Science and Health ACSH - Sep 2020 


OTHER ISSUES THAT MIGHT INTEREST YOU: Limits on personal liberties & healthcare decisions (See also our August Discussion page):

   >>In the U.S. 40% of COVID-19 Deaths Occurred in 1% of the Counties and 18% of Population by Heritage Foundation - Sep 2020

   >>Judge Questions Constitutionality of Pennsylvania Lock-down by Heritage Foundation - Sep 2020 A summary of the 66 page ruling. 

   >>The Pressing Dangers of Technocracy by - Aug 2020 Tech companies and the science establishment are positioning themselves to influence every decision that you make. The biggest obstacle to global control is the American constitution and personal freedoms.

   >>Researching the Most Effective Methods to Get Your Compliance by - Aug 2020 Can people in democratic countries be influenced to make certain decisions without military force? Does fear, guilt, finances, trust, family, patriotism, personal freedom work best?

   >>Frontline Nurse Speaks Out On Medical Mismanagement by - Sep 2020 Serious concerns about how patients are treated in some facilities when fear takes over and there is no one to advocate for them. At least some staff will stand up but it may not make a difference.

   >>What Might Happen When Euthanasia is Part of the Culture by TheWallStreetJournal - June 2020 What happened to some (many?) Swedish care home residents who got sick with COVID-19 - were they written off and just "made comfortable"?


COMING IN OCTOBER - Updates, Back to school immune nutrition support. 

COMING IN NOVEMBER - Updates, Health Choices, Good News

COMING IN DECEMBER - Vaccine Issues to consider - difficulty making, effectiveness, side-effects, flu vaccine cross reaction risks, etc. Per National Public Radio somewhere around 50% of people including many doctors question whether they would be open to a SARS-CoV2 vaccine due to significant safety and efficacy concerns. Can we show people the data and let them decide for themselves if it is right for themselves and their family? What about the silver lining to the COVID lock down and the 200 lives per week that were saved?


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