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>>Corona Update Aug 2020 {video}


This page includes: Doctors successfully treating COVID-19, Good News about Hydroxychloroquine & other treatments, Mask Benefits and Hazards link, Back to School encouragement and the apparent Lower Overall Risk to Children, Teacher/Staff Support, Frontline doctors with knowledge and protocols for treating severe symptoms, and discussion on Cancel Culture, Censorship and Doctors doing Politics while Politicians practice Medicine.

As you know, I prefer natural remedies and attempt to minimize my use of pharmaceutical medications. However, if I have an at risk family member with worsening symptoms of COVID-19, it seems prudent to seek treatment from a medical doctor who understands and is willing to use a protocol like MATH+ that  includes hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin (antibiotics), steroids and several nutritionals given early including (zinc, vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin C, NAC and quercetin, etc.) and someone who will work to keep them off a ventilator (see the vent survival stats). (For the full MATH+ hospital protocol see my June Update page.)

LIFESTYLE CHANGES HELP SO MANY. Limit all sugary foods/drinks and refined foods. Eat vegetables. Exercise. Reduce stress. Sleep well. Use intermittent fasting to control blood sugar and reduce obesity. Supplement vitamin D, C, NAC, zinc, probiotics, quercetin and several others on list.

We are giving a FREE bottle Vitamin D - which seems to be a critically essential nutritional supplement for SARS-CoV2 - to help every student, teacher and staff (while supplies last) who has an appointment in August and September. Ask us for your complimentary bottle.

Using the latest nutrition research, we created a back-to-school immune support plan that will help with cold & flu season and also with COVID-19.


>>See our Key Supplement pages for links to vitamin D & Kvitamin Czinc & calciumNAC & quercetin for 2020 essential full details.


CANCEL  CULTURE. How is it possible that even now in August, medical doctors who are successfully treating severe COVID-19 patients as they gasp for breath (using a mixture of medications and nutritionals) are being threatened and having their pages blocked and posts taken down as fake news. Some states are even blocking doctors from using certain medications. This issue is much bigger than COVID-19. It is about doctors and scientists being allowed, even encouraged to share their opinions and experience so that everyone can consider them - whether popular or not.  Why are we not able to have an open and free discourse, to hear opinions and see where the evidence stands? This is about respect, the freedom of thought, belief & speech and about choices - this goes far beyond your medical care but how you choose to live your life.


HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE APPEARS SAFE & EFFECTIVE. Please listen to these doctors and this podcast of the FRONTLINE doctors (at a press conference in Washington, D.C.) about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine and how it is being used to save patient's lives in spite of strong criticism and political interference. I try to give you links that most likely can't be taken down. Please note that HCQ is a drug used daily around the world by tens of thousands of people. It has been around for decades. It is low cost, officially considered "safe" and seems to provide good results. With HCQ, other treatments and natural herd immunity will vaccines even be needed? I recently heard from a scientist that there are over 56 HCQ studies. It seems that some local nursing homes have all of their elders on HCQ and yet we have some places where it is NOT available even by request.

   >>Hydroxychloroquine - Evidence of Efficacy by Dr. Campbell - August 2020 Belgium study suggests that HCG lowers COVID deaths by 30%, WHO and Oxford studies gave too much (toxic dose for no understandable reason?). Some results are mixed. KEEP Watching below.

   >>Politics and HCQ Safety by Senator Scott Jensen, M.D. - August 2020 listen to full 8 minutes to see benefits beyond the politics of doctors being forced how to practice! He says HCQ is safer than Tylenol and costs $20-30 for a COVID treatment. while Remdesivir costs $3000.

   >>Science, Reinfections & HCQ by Dr. John Campbell - Aug 2020 Reinfections rare. Proper HCQ dose seems to lower COVID-19 mortality by 30% even if started later on (but better results if given early with zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D). HCQ known to be immune modulatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic and viral inhibitor. Long term use may increase cardio mortality. Negative studies gave unusually high doses of HCQ - Oxford (retracted in Lancet) and WHO (now taken down). Only 3 reinfections reported so far. Majority seem likely to get long term immunity. 

   >>The Danger of Censoring Doctors by TSP Episode 2699 - July 2020 full HCQ podcast of Frontline Docs (possible profanity?) explaining their clinical experiences using HCQ to help patients and how they are being censored and even threatened for trying to share tell others.

   >>Chloroquine is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread by NIH - August 2005 a research report for CoV1


MASK BENEFITS & HAZARDS. After all these months of people waiting for a vaccine - after the affects on so many businesses and personal lives - now some officials say a vaccine may only be 50% effective and with flu season coming, people will likely have to continue wearing masks indefinitely! Can we consider data suggesting some areas are progressing towards herd immunity levels and acknowledge that those people may no longer need masks or a vaccine? I have too much mask information to include on this page so I moved all of it back to our Corona Update July 2020 page. Please go back there to read studies and discussion about mask pros and cons benefits and hazards.


BACK to SCHOOL. By now, most of you will be back in some kind of school routine. Some children are homeschooling and others doing a hybrid. Few are back to school full time. Parents are scrambling to accommodate new schedules. Dedicated people from school districts all over America have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to get kids back to school (following CDC, state health, state education and local board requirements). I appreciate all of their efforts. In many cases, buildings have been updated and new air handling systems (needed for years) have been installed. Spaces have been thoroughly cleaned. The school day now is social distancing, partitions, masks, staggered classes, no lunch or recess, and limitation of sports and special (aka "fun" classes). BUT SHOULD WE BE DOING THIS??? Please weigh the information below.

How is the education going to suffer for children without resources? How will student mental health suffer? How do school unions with political demands like closing charter schools or defunding the police have anything to do with COVID-19 or helping the children? What is the trade-off between attempting to control the virus and exposing our children and school staff to so many chemicals (contact and breathing) on the bus and in the classroom every day? How are children and staff being affected by these cleaning chemicals? We won't see many of those harmful effects for some time since it can take years to develop autoimmune or other exposure diseases. For one example, here is one article about cleaning chemicals suspected in sickening Vermont hospital staff Disinfectant Overuse in Vermont Hospital May Have Sickened Staff. How common is this?

Here are some other concerns. According to our state's (PA) recent "when to stay home" flow chart - most kids are nearly guaranteed to be out several times this year for weeks at a time with symptoms like a runny nose, headache or fatigue; symptoms most children have during every school year. Middle-schoolers frequently have these symptoms. Given the COVID-19 statistics, how are these mandates being determined? Do the harms out weigh the benefits? If this for the kids' benefit, please show the data that supports these directives. Can we identify and shelter the few high-risk teachers & staff (and vulnerable relatives at home) instead? Can we optimize immune systems for children and adults and fully open school?


OFFICIAL CHILD NUMBERS. 13 August 2020, so far the American Academy of Pediatrics data shows that accumulated (45 states reporting) child (typical ages 0-17) COVID-19 deaths are 0.06% of all deaths or 6 in 10,000 and childhood deaths are 0.02% or 2 in 10,000 of all childhood cases, with children being 9.1% of all cases and a total child death count of 90. Some states are not reporting any childhood COVID-19 deaths. Sadly, many of the young COVID-19 victims are reported as having, additional health problems that make them extra vulnerable. 

  >>AAP COVID-19 State Childhood Cases and Deaths by Week in 2020 - August 2020 scroll down to blue download full report button

  >>AAP State COVID-19 Childhood Statistics scroll to page 12 - Appendix Table 2C Summary of Child Mortality - August 2020

In late August there is a concern about the surge in COVID-19 "cases" (e.g. CNN headline stating "There has been a 90% increase in COVID-19 cases in U.S. children in the last four weeks"), but with an increase in testing should we also look at the "death rates" and who they are affecting

On 16 Sep 2020 NPR reported that of 390,000 U.S. cases there is a total of 121 child deaths, mostly between 10 - 20 years of age. Of those, 78% were of Hispanic, black or Indian heritage. One proposed rational was poverty and poor access to health care. Most, children who succumb have other health problems too. Unfortunately, the report gave NO mention about nutrition or the low vitamin D link to darker skin.

As a doctor and parent of four school age children, I feel that a death at any age and for any reason is tragic - especially that of children. Tragically, accidental deaths are a leading cause of mortality for children in developed countries. I am ever concerned that over 12,000 children die every year in the United States from unintentional injuries. When you see mortality numbers of various preventable childhood causes, please consider what you can do about them. Reports also show that COVID-19 lock down procedures are increasing drug abuse and suicide. How can we help these children too?


OTHER PREVENTABLE CHILDHOOD DEATHS?  Per the CDC, about 350 children (under 14) die annually from drowning (the 5th leading cause of unintentional injury in the U.S. - largely PREVENTABLE). About 1750 additional childhood water injuries go on to need advanced medical care with 50% of those (850 or so) having long-term complications i.e. brain injuries with functional disability, memory & learning problems. Per CDC data, over 400 childhood (under 14) and 5500 youth (ages 15-24) suicides occur annually in the United States. And per HHS there are over 4200 (ages 15-24) drug overdose deaths annually in the U.S.



   >>CDC Guidelines for Going Back to School by - July 2020 thought provoking mother's perspective video, discussion about masking kids, high expense and staffing for schools to follow all guidelines and it seems children don't spread COVID-19 as much or get is as badly.

(>Dr. Rolland's comments - Remember that from a holistic health point of view, our goal is to have an optimized immune system that readily fights off any and every potential infection, allowing only mild symptoms and avoiding severe or lasting symptoms and death.)

  >>Should Children Go Back to School by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - August 4, 2020 Pediatrics article "The Child is Not to Blame" low child transmission? KFF a balanced review? Our World In Data case fatality chart (at 2 min) shows some countries are at zero child deaths. Theories why (at 12 min) immune mechanisms that make children (under 10) more resilient to severe COVID-19. Infants under 1 year, children 1 to 10 and children 11 to 16? all seem to have less severe symptoms and may be less contagious even if have a similar viral load. Studies since 2008 show that even dendritic and other cells in the innate immune arm have a trained memory (e.g. respiratory) verses simple memory of the adaptive arm. Shares the personal impact of a 21 year-old who died of COVID-19 and the family value of every child. Gives his cautions and uncertainty about opening school.

  >>COVID-19 Infection in Children by Dr. John Campbell- August 11, 2020 Children mostly asymptomatic or mild. Those with comorbidities suffer more? A 90% increase in recent cases but maybe due to testing and exposure. AAP children are 0.5-5.3% of all hospitalizations and 0.3-8.9% of all children to hospital (but they are more likely to go to ICU). Child mortality 0-0.4% of all deaths with 19 states reporting zero deaths. JAMA risk of school age children over age 5 spreading COVID-19 same as adults. Children under 5 seem to have 10-100x the viral load of others. Dr. O'Leary says roughly 100 child influenza deaths per year. He feels like influenza children are highly contagious. 

(>Dr. Rolland's comments - Remember that other doctors have suggested that a more contagious form may be milder form and that more cases will lead to quicker herd immunity likely with milder symptoms overall. How can we identify and shelter the vulnerable from young children?)

   >>Children as Coronavirus Infection Drivers by Dr. John Campbell - August 21, 2020 Children can carry high viral loads and are most contagious the first 2 days. Mass General study revealed 82% of children infected had a COVID-19 household member (about 53% were attending school). Common symptoms are fever 51%, cough 47%, congestion 35%, headache 27%, anosmia 20% and sore throat 35%. Children likely to be spreaders as with other viruses. Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), although very rare, is more likely to develop when having COVID-19 and another coronavirus simultaneously. MIS-C can be severe with persistent symptoms   like high fever and heart problems.

   >>Coronavirus: COVID Deaths Among Children and Reopening Schools by American Council on Science and Health ACSH - July 2020 Collection of CDC statistics comparing common causes of death for all age groups including COVID and a discussion suggesting that the risks to children are low but that the bigger challenge to opening schools is helping to protect any vulnerable teachers, staff and students' families.

   >>The Uncomfortable Truth About Reopening Schools by Doctor Mike - July 2020 Medical interview with pediatric ICU expert Dr. David Epstein who feels schools should reopen because children are at low risk and not being in school causes other serious problems. Staff and teachers are at higher risk. 

(>Dr. Rolland's comments: But, can we provide all vulnerable teachers, staff and children, perhaps everyone, lifestyle and nutritional support to optimize their health so are more resilient to this and other diseases? Most every news headline is still COVID-19 what of all other health issues?)

   >> 1 in 3 Young Adults May Develop Severe COVID-19 by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - Aug 22, 2020 Shares UCSF study showing infection rates have increased between February and July for ages 0-4 from 0.3 to 2.2%, ages 5-14 from 0.8 to 4.6% and ages 15-24 from 4.5 to 15%. Shows young adults have a 1 in 3 chance of developing severe symptoms (due to being unhealthy?). With smokers and those with asthma and immune disorders being higher. Finds that number of long-haulers (having symptoms over 2 weeks - typically 90% of influenza is recovered by then) is 1 in 4 ages 18-34, 1 in 3 ages 35-49 and 1 in 2 if over 50 years old. Dr. Mobeen is not in favor of returning to schools and mentions several with outbreaks. 

(>Dr. Rolland's comments: It is hard to align these numbers with other studies finding that children and young people typically have mild symptoms and few deaths. This definition of long-haulers also increases their number from about 10% given by some other researchers. Yes, unlocking the schools and testing more will show increased case numbers and some deaths even among young people. Can we stop smoking and and identify and shelter the vulnerable and help them get nutrition and medicine that we KNOW are very effective right NOW?)

  >>Children's Mortality from COVID-19 by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - August 27, 2020 Review of study of similar countries Finland vs. Sweden showing similar childhood infection and death rates whether locked down and at home or kept open and in school. As of June, both showed a 0.5% infection rate with 0 deaths. Uses Statistia. Worldometer shows data for all cases ages 0-9 no fatalities and ages 10-19 at 0.2% case fatality rate. Uses Italy CFR to August 11, showing ages 0-9 at 0.1%, ages 10-19 at 0.0%, ages 20-29 at 0.1% and ages 30-39 at 0.1%. 

(>Dr. Rolland's comments: As you can see, the childhood infection and case fatality rates are very low but vary depending who you look at.  It seems that Dr. Mobeen has a friend with 21 year-old son who died from COVID-19 and he is against going back to school even if the statistical numbers are low. He says that the world now knows what works but is not universally using them. As compassionate doctors we want to save every patient. Yes, EVERY child that is lost to COVID-19 (or for any other reason) is tragic and arguably more so than a person in their 80's. However, this is not a simple all or none issue. Each health care choice that is being made locally and around the world, to lock down and have no school, etc. has OTHER consequences that include the unintended death of some people and children. These public health consequences and their far reaches are only beginning to be seen. How will they affect children worldwide for the next decade? I have 4 school children. Should parents be given options and allowed to decide for their own family? Should we (from a public health stance) shelter the vulnerable and give all children what works TODAY?)

  >>What Is the Possible Risk to Children Returning to School? by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Sep 2020 Any loss of a child is tragic. The death rate is very low. Comparison of child death rates in Sweden where they did not have a lock-down and may be near natural herd immunity of 0.0001% (1/million) of whole population and 0.0003% (3/million) of children. Sweden has about 3 million children (1/3 of population) while U.S.A. has about 74 million children (1/5 of population). Children have several factors making them more resilient to infections like SARS-Cov2. Still is concerned.

  >>Preparing K-12 School for A Safe Return by CDC - Aug 2020 Importance of students returning to school, cautions and strategies.  

  >>School Reopening Indicators for Dynamic Decision Making by CDC - Sep 2020 


NEWS HEADLINES CAN BE SO MISLEADING.  Is it surprising to learn that 70% of people are willing to forward a social media link based on the headline alone without reading the full article? And the psychology data that suggests people are 10x more likely to read and share negative news over good? Why are so many people following and vehemently defending headlines as if there is proof for what all of the daily news is saying? We are more connected and more flooded with data than ever but more confused and fractured. Remember that media outlets are in business and they want/need you to "like, subscribe and forward". Am I critically thinking for myself? 

There are numerous first hand accounts of pressure on medical providers to modify death statistics regarding COVID-19, including from Minnesota Senator Scott Jensen M.D., who is under attack for speaking out. I am hearing from patients and watching on-line that this pressure and censorship is occurring across our country. 

>>Please watch Dr. Jensen's short video before it is taken down,  Could It Happen to You? - July 2020 when politics and medical practice intermingle and how things can be distorted confusing the public and put patients in jeopardy. Doctors and scientists are standing up.

>>Dr. Jensen's video about back to school and C.S.Lewis on "Living in a COVID Age" = Schools, Sustainable Decisions and the Future

Dr. Jensen's original interview with Tony Robbins  = How CDC's Guidelines for Certifying Coronavirus Deaths May Be Mislead the Public 

This is much bigger than COVID-19. It is about doctors and scientists being allowed to share their opinions and their point-of-view whether it is popular or not. If they have their Facebook or Twitter or Youtube taken down, if they can't get reviewed and published, if they get fired from their position because of having an unpopular point of view and the new cancel culture has shouted  them down (not debated) - whether I agree or not, whether I like it or not, does that not signal great danger for our public discourse and freedom of not only free speech but free thought and belief? Yes, we need a collective society, but who makes the rules and decides what that means in the marketplace of ideas? Not moral issues but medical or scientific.

   >>Consistent Inaccuracies in COVID-19 Testing and Reporting by - July 2020 A 60 Minutes news cip, Accurate testing is difficult, Some states only reporting positive results, a lengthy article about this issue

    >>Coronavirus Test Kits May Be Significantly Inaccurate by BusinessWire - July 2020 These CDC antigen tests gave 30% false Positive and 20% false Negative results. 


OTHER THOUGHTS AND LINKS THAT MIGHT INTEREST YOU:  affecting your personal medical choices and living in the 21st century

  >>What It's Like to be Censored on Youtube by AwakenWithJP - A family friendly satirical look at problems with censorship in America

   >> - website of Frontline Doctor, James Todaro, M.D. his hydroxychloroquine info & other censored videos

   >>Frontline Doctors Discuss Lockdown Consequences, Hydroxychloroquine, and “Following the Money”- censored by YouTube

  >>Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel ‘Massive’ COVID-19 ‘Disinformation Campaign’ on Capitol Hill - censored by YouTube

  >>Silenced Frontline Doctors Hold Capitol Hill Press Conference to Challenge Big Tech - censored by YouTube


As the summer continues, patients that I personally know with COVID-19 have been mild enough to stay at home with nutritional support. Of course some hardly have any symptoms and many suspect (as do their PCPs) that they may have already had the coronavirus earlier in the year. 

COMING IN SEPTEMBER - More Good News, COVID-19 Complications/ Long-Haulers and What To Do To Help With Recovery.


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