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In today's uncertain world, it seems prudent to prepare for possibilities so that you have resources to help your family and others in need. But more than that, planning ahead (starting with the basics) makes every day problems less distressing and disasters more survivable. 

Here are some of the better preparedness resources that I have found for physical skills and supplies. While these are on YouTube, they will be migrating to other platforms - better yet is to go to their original websites. Being old school, I really like to have a few books for each of these topics on hand besides digital resources. (Yes, they are bulky, but are useful even if the power or web goes out or perhaps to prop a door open.)

Gathering Information - In order to ensure that you have continued access to uncensored internet information and open communication (social media, etc.), it seems prudent to become familiar with secure and uncensored search engines, messaging, video sharing and email. (e.g. Per CNBC, the development team for Zoom video conferencing is largely based in China, a country which does not have a good human rights reputation.)

GENERAL PREPAREDNESS - Most are family friendly.

    >>Sensible Prepper YouTube Channel - There are a number of channels out there to choose from. I find this one focuses on the basics, using carefully thought out discussions for all types of scenarios without hype or gimmicks. Tips from old and new, rural and urban. Good practical guidance.

    >>City Prepping YouTube Channel - There are a number of channels out there to choose from. I find this one focuses on the basics, using carefully thought out discussions for all types of challenges and how to prepare for them.

    >>The Urban Prepper YouTube Channel - The 10C's of urban survival is a National Preparedness Month video focusing on emergency preparedness in an urban setting. I find this channel to be a thoughtful addition with some good suggestions.


    >>Getting Prepared Fast, Cheap & Easy by The Survival Podcast #2835 - Mar 2021 a step-by-step overview of basic preparing for common challenges that will come your way. Builds on the 6 essential needs of food, water, energy, shelter, health & sanitation and security. Also adds some comfort items. (Listener caution: Please note that speaker occasionally uses four-letter expletives. I plan to make a family friendly summary.)

    >>The Basics of Being Prepared for Most Things part 1 by TSP #2299 - Sep 2018 (Listener caution: Please note that speaker occasionally uses four-letter expletives. I plan to make a family friendly summary.)

    >>The Basics of Being Prepared for Most Things part 2 by TSP #2303 - Oct 2018 (Listener caution: Please note that speaker occasionally uses four-letter expletives. I plan to make a family friendly summary.)

    >>Canadian Preparedness Store - Seems to be a good collection of resources although I have NOT bought from them yet.


FIRST AID, SANITATION & HEALTH - First, maintain good physical health; it allows you to best cope with situations and be able to help others.

    >>SURVIVAL MEDICINE: Emergency First Aid by Joe Alton M.D. - videos, blogs, podcasts and supply store. A great website of education and supplies for all types of emergencies. See also books When There Is No Doctor or When Help is Not on the Way.

    >>Acute Care - Prepping The Sick Room - You never know when a pandemic like illness might require special measures.

    >>Special Home Remedies - See also the whole section of pages under our Natural Self-Care Remedies page.


    >>Easy Root Cellars by - Root cellars offer low tech ways to prolong food storage. There are many easy and low cost ways to build a simple root cellar.



    >>Corporals Corner YouTube Channel - Retired military veteran who demonstrates many ways to provide for basic needs when camping and living out in the woods. Very good practical information.    One Example of Stealth Camping by Corporals Corner

    >>The 10 C's of Survivability by Dave Canterbury of Wilderness Outfitters - This series of videos is one of the best authentic bushcraft series that I have found on the web. Very good practical information.


SECURITY & AWARENESS - Beyond one's faith, Situational Awareness and Personal Preparation are the immediate keys to security for yourself and family. Remember the adage "Do not go to dumb places with dumb people and do dumb things." One other big key to improve daily safety is to carefully choose where you live. (Granted not everyone can - but many more can than do.) Ask yourself where more natural disasters, health emergencies, civil unrest, and crimes happen? Yes, there will be trade-offs, but choosing a state and locale that is low risk, health promoting, affordable, supportive of law enforcement and enabling of citizens to defend themselves and help others, and has generally friendly communities will go a long ways towards improving your family security. Conversely, are there areas with higher risks, more disasters, more restrictions, fewer police, more people and more crime? Does it matter? What are the trends? Things are changing and you may want to also.


MENTAL & SPIRITUAL HEALTH - Critical for a solid foundation. See many video links on our page entitled HOPE FOR YOU

Country Living and the New French Revolution by Chad Kreuzer - Sep 2020 Discusses benefits of country living. Compares events and conflicts from the French 1700's to the city exodus and conflicts of today. Christians should consider making provision so they can help others when the time of need comes. (See also others in his series). Listener caution: This presentation discusses Bible prophecy and how it applies today.

Is It Even Possible to "Wake People Up" at this Point? by TSP #2860 - Apr 2021 Think. The Survival Podcast author makes a case that there are three groups of people: those who want to be in control, those who want to be taken care of and those who want to be left alone. He suggests that most people are not open to new information or even to considering an alternative point of view - unless they themselves are questioning the status quo and "waking up". Most people will not be informed or persuaded - or they only get angry. Instead, focus effort on working with those who are open. This applies to finances, healthcare, religion, education, politics, life-goals, preparing, etc. 

What Are the Last Steps When a Society Moves into Tyranny? by - Apr 2021 CENSORED An eye-opening interview that every liberty loving American may have interest in. (Friends of mine, formerly from the Soviet Union and World War II Germany, have shared their grave concerns.)

Canadian Pastor Arrested for Holding Church by VCYAmercia -  Jun 2021 Polish pastor Artur Pawlowski is interviewed by VCY America regarding his experiences being harassed, detained and arrested (and repeatedly jailed). He has been cited (fined) multiple times for holding church and running his mission outreach and feeding the homeless - against government (Alberta, Canada) orders during the COVID pandemic. He says other groups (protests, etc.) in his city have been allowed to assemble en masse without any interference. Actions are being taken (against him and his church) that seem to outright ignore laws and the Canadian constitution as charges are brought against him and his church. Official actions are said to be for the “benefit and protection of the community” and "for your own good.” One judge authorized using whatever means necessary to stop this pastor. He compares the tactics of Canadian police and government officials aganst him and his family and church members with what he experienced from the Soviet government (KGB) in Poland (and similarities with methods used by the Nazi Germans). He explains why he feels people must resist this oppression and how those like him are being singled out and attacked. Only a few of the nearly 500 churches in Alberta are taking a stand like this. Pawlowski discusses the power (and duty) one has to peacefully speak up against officials (police, judges, politicians - and opposing citizens) when they appear to be violating human rights and personal freedoms. That is why he immigrated to Canada in the first place. Officials to him that those things will never happen in Canada, "the freest nation in the world". Pawlowski says that this cannot go unchallenged or your freedoms will be gone - even in Poland we had to stand up against the corrupt oppression. An eye-opening interview about what can go wrong, even in a modern society, when officials turn away from democratic, foundational principles (religious freedom, liberty and justice, etc.) and suspend rule-of-law (during an “emergency”). Is this type of thing happening in America?

Survival Nutrition by Mike Adams - May 2021 A free audio book and pdf files summarizing foods, vitamins and herbs to help if medical care is unavailable. Should this type of material be downloaded in hard copy in advance?


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