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In today's uncertain world, it seems prudent to prepare for possibilities so that you have resources to help your family and others in need. But more than that, planning ahead (starting with the basics) makes every day problems less distressing and disasters more survivable. 

Here are some of the better preparedness resources that I have found for physical skills and supplies. While these are on YouTube, they will be migrating to other platforms - better yet is to go to their original websites. Being old school, I really like to have a few books for each of these topics on hand besides digital resources. (Yes, they are bulky, but are useful even if the power or web goes out or perhaps to prop a door open.)

Gathering Information - In order to ensure that you have continued access to uncensored internet information and open communication (social media, etc.), it seems prudent to become familiar with secure and uncensored search engines, messaging, video sharing and email. Consider Brave, Telegram, Bitchute or Rumble and Proton mail. (Note that due to censorship, most links from or MercolaPDF have now been moved to his substack website which is now available by paid subscription.)

Is It Too Late to Prepare? by City Prepping - Oct 2022 One of the best introductions to the why and a strategy behind planning and preparing. This author also has a thorough online, step-by-step get prepared course called the RoadMap that is available on his website.

This page outlines the 7 Essential needs for survival. 1) Hope 2) Shelter 3) Water 4) Food 5) Health & Sanitation 6) Energy 7) Security.


HOPE, MENTAL & SPIRITUAL HEALTH ----------- Fear, Anxiety & Depression

Critical for a solid foundation and keeping your wits when the world is falling apart and those around you are losing theirs.. 

What does your future ultimately hold??  Do you have a faith to that will see you through?? 

HOPE FOR YOU - See many encouraging faith based video links on our page

"You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you."  Isaiah 26:3 & 4


GENERAL PREPAREDNESS ---------- A family friendly emphasis.

City Prepping YouTube Channel - There are a number of channels out there to choose from. I find this one focuses on the basics, using carefully thought out discussions for all types of challenges and how to prepare for them at

Sensible Prepper YouTube Channel - There are a number of channels out there to choose from. I find this one focuses on the basics, using carefully thought out discussions for all types of scenarios without hype or gimmicks. Tips from old and new, rural and urban. Good practical guidance at

Provident Prepper YouTube Channel - A user friendly channel that demonstrates many practical simple ways to care for important aspects of emergency problems. Lots of useful tips and techniques.

Southern Prepper 1 YouTube Channel - A simple channel that discusses numerous practical ways to care for your family and others in time of shortage.

The Urban Prepper YouTube Channel - The 10C's of urban survival is a National Preparedness Month video focusing on emergency preparedness in an urban setting. I find this channel to be a thoughtful addition with some good suggestions.

Finding a Good Remote Homestead Property 1 of 14 by Curtis Stone Off-Grid - Apr 2023 This 14 part video series and online course is about freedom: getting out of the cities and becoming self-sufficient. Getting ready for the future and helping others in need (Ark building). The time is now. Negotiables. Threats. Climate. Topography. Water. ...



Survival Lessons From the Great Depression by Sensible Prepper - Apr 2019 Life lessons to help with difficult times.

10 Survival Lessons from the Great Depression by Small Farm Nation - This podcast reviews 10 strategies to help with difficult times.

Self-Reliance Tips from the Amish by Sensible Prepper - Dec 2019

Coping Lessons from the Homeless by Sensible Prepper - May 2019


Top Things to Prepare for This Year by MercolaPDF - Jan 2023 Build resiliency against fear. Prepare for Food insecurities, Water shortages, Energy supplies, Health crisis, Currency control.

How to Survive 2023 - Key Things to Do with Dr. Mercola & Children's Health Defense on Rumble - Jan 2023


FIRST AID & HEALTH ---------- Injuries, Sickness

>>First, maintain good PHYSICAL and MENTAL HEALTH; it allows you to best cope with situations and be able to help others.

SURVIVAL MEDICINE: Emergency First Aid by Joe Alton M.D. - videos, blogs, podcasts and supply store. A great website of education and supplies for all types of emergencies. See also books When There Is No Doctor or When Help is Not on the Way.

Acute Care - Prepping The Sick Room by Dr. Rolland - You never know when a pandemic like illness might require special measures.

Special Home Remedies by Dr. Rolland - See also the whole section of pages under our Natural Self-Care Remedies page.

Survival Nutrition by Mike Adams - May 2021 A free audio book and pdf files summarizing foods, vitamins and herbs to help if medical care is unavailable. Should this type of material be downloaded in hard copy in advance?


WATER ----------- Procurement, Purification & Storage (need to AVOID dysentery/diarrhea dehydration - it can KILL)

Comparing Water Filters - Alexapure vs. Berkey vs. ProPur by Arkansas Jake - Oct 2017 Look for up-to-date information. But these seem to be some equivalent gravity fed SS water purifiers to consider. 

Low Cost Rapid Rain Collection When You Need Water by SouthernPrepper1 - Sep 2022 Need a clean tarp, tote, cordage, stakes. Plan to get water you need in an emergency.

3 Simple Ways to Purify Water by Corporals Corner - 2017 Use a good source, strain particulates then boil then bleach or iodine or purifier filter... (remove parasites, bacteria, petroleum run off, pharmaceuticals, etc.)  The CDC water treatment link is HERE.

How to Secure Your Water Supply for Emergencies by MercolaPDF - Jul 2022 Plan ahead so that you will have water. Securing a water source besides municipal water is essential for emergencies and shortages not only for gardens but also for personal hygiene and drinking/cooking. Rain water can be a good source if it is filtered from debris and purified. Surface water too can be filtered and purified. Mercola reports that purification occurs after 60 seconds of boiling (3 minutes above 6000 feet altitude), bleach (less than 12 months old) of 6% can be added 8 drops to the gallon and let stand for 30 minutes, ultraviolet light can help purify water, iodine of 2% can be added 20 drops per gallon (double dose if cloudy water) and let stand for 30 minutes. A Berkey or equivalent water purifying filter can be used daily and in emergencies for removing most contaminants and microbes. Spring water is an alternative and some can be located via (0.6 inches of rain = 1 gallon of water per square foot of roof).


FOOD ----------- Procurement, Storage, Growing, Cooking (also see others below)

Growing Food in Limited Space by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 How to grow sprouts. Sprouting video Link.

Wheat Replacement in 1750 by Townsends YouTube - Oct 2022 An 18th century demo how people lived, preserved food and made bread.

How to Prepare for the Coming World Food Shortages by MercolaPDF - Jul 2022 Some tips for food and water supplies during shortages.  See also his interview with Children's Health Defense on Rumble.

How Bad Will Food Shortages Get? by Mercola PDF - Jul 2022

Special Food Items to Help Keep You Alive by CityPrepping - Oct 2022 Beans, dry peas, lentils, mushroom powder, nuts, chia seeds, chick pea powder, Ghee, coconut oil, pasta, rice, amaranth/alfalfa seeds, popcorn, dry corn, sugar/hard candy, honey, salt, salt blocks, bullion, sprout seeds, teas, add dried fruit & vitamins - high calories, store well, yet light weight for the pack or pantry. 


FOOD STORAGE -----------

Easy Root Cellars by - Root cellars offer low tech ways to prolong food storage. There are many easy and low cost ways to build a simple root cellar.

Storing Root Vegetables by GrowVeg on YouTube - Sep 2021



Small Space Simple Low-Cost Food Production by CityPrepping - Oct 2022 Shows how to build a simple DIY wicking container garden to grow fresh food at home.

Grow Salad Greens for Low Cost by Roots and Refuge - Oct 2018 A quick, small space, low-cost way to grow greens.

12 Survival Garden Crops to Grow (in an uncertain world) by Gardener Scott on YouTube - an excellent practical gardening channel with lots of tips from zone 5 in Colorado. Beets, Spinach, Kale, Chard, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Beans, Squash, Corn, Peas, Lentils, Turnips, Potatoes, Carrots, Garlic, Leeks, Herbs.

Building a Hinged Hoop House by James Prigioni on YouTube - Dec 2019 The Gardening Channel - a good practical backyard garden channel from New Jersey.

6 Clever Ways to Reduce Garden Water Usage by Epic Gardening - Jun 2022 an informative gardening channel.

17 Brilliant Garden Hacks by Huw Richards on YouTube - Jun 2022 a good useful gardening channel from the U.K. (Underrated food crops Bok choi, broccoli & other greens (spinach, kale, etc.), Jerusalem artichokes, snap peas, beets & other root veggies, mint, pumpkins/squash, foraging...

Victory Gardens Return by Off Grid with Doug & Stacy - Jun 2022 includes off-grid living; water, laundry, lights...

Keep Plants Alive In Cold Weather by Gardener Scott - Sep 2019 Several methods.

Sustainable Forest Gardening by MercolaPDF - May 2022   National Geographic video. Collecting rain water can be very important. Per Mercola, rain water is lower in calcium, magnesium and sodium and higher in nitrogen, and carbon dioxide (which can help release zinc, copper, manganese and iron from the soil). Rainwater is distilled water and has lower contaminants of fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals and industrial or farm chemicals. Use gravity systems (not dependent on electric supply) to water your home and garden.



Making a Simple Rocket Stove for Cooking by Finding Self Reliance on YouTube - Dec 2013 uses 3 cinder blocks, a brick and 2 pavers


SANITATION ISSUES ---------- Toileting & Disposal, Feminine Hygiene, Bathing & Cleaning, Garbage

Disaster Sanitation Preps - 30 Days by Provident Prepper - 2020 A good overview of the dangers and methods for human sanitation

Hidden Deadly Disaster Dangers with Jim Phillips Part 1 by Provident Prepper - Nov 2022 Sanitation issues - clean water, washing dishes, bathing, garbage disposal, toileting & waste disposal.

Hidden Deadly Disaster Dangers with Jim Phillips Part 2 by Provident Prepper - Nov 2022 Sanitation issues - clean water, washing dishes, bathing, garbage disposal, toileting & waste disposal.


SHELTER, BUSHCRAFT & OUTDOORS --------------- Cover from heat, cold & weather. (also Energy below)

A topic including clothing and materials for doing repairs and insulation, etc. There are 5 types of shelter 1) Clothing 2) Your Home 3) Your Vehicle 4) Bug Out location (friends, hotel, etc. within 100-200 miles) 5) Specials (tornado shelter, nuclear shelter, tent or RV). Security, perimeter alarms. Fire extinguishers, CO & smoke detectors. 

Corporals Corner YouTube Channel - Retired military veteran who demonstrates many ways to provide for basic needs when camping and living out in the woods. Very good practical information.    One Example of Stealth Camping by Corporals Corner

The 10 C's of Survivability by Dave Canterbury of Wilderness Outfitters - This series of videos is one of the best authentic bushcraft series that I have found on the web. Very good practical information. 1) Cutting tool 2) Container metal 3) Combustion 4) Cordage 5) Covering 6) Candle device 7) Cargo tape 8) Cotton cloth 9) Compass 10) Cloth sail needle 11) Communication device 12) Multitool

Radiation Exposure Myths videos by CDC - ongoing

What to Do If You Are Caught Outside in Radioactive Dust Fallout by SouthernPrepper1 YouTube - Feb 2022 A former military radiation fallout specialist, he shares a video series about limiting radioactive fallout hazards and decontamination. Shelter, Strip, Safety, Stay Until.


ENERGY ----------- Transportation, Heat, Cooking, Light & Electricity, Morale

Big topic: See safety precautions, flashlights, candles, fire starting, rocket stoves & mass heaters, outdoor cooking, generators, fuel types & storage, solar panels & battery banks, bicycles, electric bikes & trailers.

Staying Warm - Affordable Hacks by CityPrepping YouTube - Sep 2022 Includes safety considerations and several simple ways to improve warmth in your home or if power is out... CO monitor, fire extinguisher, plastic sheeting, duct tape, water bottles, blankets, insulation, small heaters, tents, hats/gloves layers, cooking to stay warm, water back up, communications FM radio, solar generators, also solar heaters to warm a room...

Several Ways to Stay Warm During a Power Outage by Practical Preparedness - Oct 2022 a quick helpful overview

Making BIOCHAR - Wood Gas for Heat, Barrel Biochar Method, Several Biochar Methods - Don't dump your brush, make biochar to sequester carbon and energize your soil and plants. Good for soil and garden to hold and exchange nutrients.



While cell phones will be reliable for most situations, consider walkie-talkie and CB radios, ham radios, and Zello push-to-talk app. Learn Morse Code? Gather information from AM/FM/Wx radios and TV with local digital antennas. Have chargers, cables, battery back-up and ear pieces.

5 Key Groups of Tools Useful in an Emergency by CityPrepping - Jul 2022

Cyber Security (phones, email, etc.) with Rob Braxman on Odessy - ongoing Giving you ideas to consider. I have not worked with this person.

Per CNBC, the development team for Zoom video conferencing is largely China based - is this a security/ human rights issue? They were reportedly offering world governments their pandemic phone tracking software system.


SECURITY ----------- Awareness, Defense

Beyond one's faith, Situational Awareness and Personal Preparation are the immediate keys to security for yourself and family. Plan ahead, take a buddy and remember the adage "Do not go to dumb places with dumb people and do dumb things." 

Location - One other big key to improve daily safety is to carefully choose where you live. (Granted not everyone can - but many more can than do.) Ask yourself where more natural disasters, health emergencies, civil unrest, and crimes happen? Yes, there will be trade-offs, but choosing a state and locale that is low risk, health promoting, affordable, supportive of law enforcement and enabling of citizens to defend themselves and help others, and has generally friendly communities will go a long ways towards improving your family security. Conversely, are there areas with higher risks, more disasters, more restrictions, fewer police, more people and more crime? Does it matter? What are the trends? Things are changing and you may want to also

Have means to defend your self and practice it. Here is one basic method of hand defense Self Defense with AikidoFlow , 3 More Defenses

Self-Defense Tactics That Could Save Your Life by Jason Hanson on YouTube - Aug 2023 Former CIA agent shares tips.

>>If you are caught up in a violent situations (riot, gang attack, active shooter, etc.) remember that the goal for most people is to get off the X (move away as quickly as possible). Also see firearm safety video series by Paul Harrell e.g. (Taking Cover In a Grocery Store -YouTube) or Run, Hide, Fight video

A few body armor links to In-Vest USA and SafeLife Defense backpack armor. This is just one example.


LOGISTICS & DOCUMENTATION ----------- Maps, Travel

See guides for having a documentation collection to keep, organize and secure all of your important documents - in advance of a problem.  Have lists of phone numbers & addresses. Have encrypted lists of accounts and passwords, etc. Anything you need to access & run your life.

Also have an evacuation, communication and regrouping plan for all members of your family. Have 3 places to go and 3 ways to get there. This type of redundancy can be applied to all of the six essential needs. (see suggestions - Where will you go? How get there? How will you live?)


CRYPTOCURRENCY & FINANCIAL MATTERS ------------- Provisions & Trade

It is suggested to hold some cash and small junk silver to help pay bills if banks are inaccessible.

Crash Course by Chris Martenson, PhD of Peak Prosperity - An excellent short video course on how fiat money is made by the government, what controls it,  how the mainstream system is fraught with many problems, and what you can do to reduce your risk. Also see his PODCAST.

Crown - ongoing faith based financial and budgeting assistance & calculators (see also information by Dave Ramsey)

Wealthsteading Podcast by John Pugliano - ongoing faith based investing ideas  

(See also the podcast Peak Prosperity which looks at the interaction of the economy, environment and energy.)

The Basics of Buying, Holding, Sending and Spending Bitcoin by TSP3108 - Jun 2022 (Listener caution: Please note that speaker occasionally uses four-letter expletives. I hope to make a family friendly summary.) Links for CoinBase, Strike, CoinEx, SwanBitcoin and Exodus wallet. Ways to make steel recovery seed backup.

A Collection of Bitcoin Resources by TSP - A list of crypto exchanges (Coinbase, Swan, Strike, Coinex), software wallets (Zeus, Exodus, Wallet of Satoshi, Breez), hardware wallets (Tezor, Ledger, Bitbox), services (Lightning, Start9, Voltage Cloud), rewards credit card (The Fold Card).   The Fold Debit Card.

The Basics of Bitcoin Self-Custody by TSP - Nov 2022 Get all crypto off the exchange. 

Where to Store Assets by Catherine Austin Fitts on MercolaPDF - Aug 2022

Solutions for Troubled Times with Catherin Austin Fitts by Mercola on Bitchute - Nov 2023


STORES AND RESOURCES ------------- hardware store website - Resources for a simpler life that help living with less. Many resources for emergency living.

Survival website - Resource for emergency supplies & education.

- - - - - -


Getting Prepared Fast, Cheap & Easy by The Survival Podcast #2835 - Mar 2021 a step-by-step overview of basic preparing for common challenges that will come your way. Builds on the 6 essential needs of food, water, energy, shelter, health & sanitation and security. Also adds some comfort items. (Listener caution: Please note that speaker occasionally uses four-letter expletives. I want to make a family friendly summary.)

The Basics of Being Prepared for Most Things part 1 by TSP #2299 - Sep 2018 (Listener caution: Please note that speaker occasionally uses four-letter expletives. I want to make a family friendly summary.)

The Basics of Being Prepared for Most Things part 2 by TSP #2303 - Oct 2018 (Listener caution: Please note that speaker occasionally uses four-letter expletives. I want to make a family friendly summary.)

- - - - - -

THOUGHTS TO CONSIDER ---------------

Rudyard Kipling "If you can keep your head..." poem by David Brown - history

- - - -

Country Living and the New French Revolution by Chad Kreuzer - Sep 2020 Discusses benefits of country living. Compares events and conflicts from the French 1700's to the city exodus and conflicts of today. See also pastor Conrad Vine who ministered in the former Soviet Union and tells about struggles with authoritarian governments. (see for online messages from these pastors.) Christians should consider making provision so they can help others when the time of need comes. (See also others in his series). Listener caution: This presentation discusses Bible prophecy and how it applies today.

Canadian Pastor Arrested for Holding Church by VCYAmercia -  Jun 2021 What is our duty to God, our fellow man and government? Polish pastor Artur Pawlowski is interviewed by VCY America regarding his experiences being harassed, detained and arrested (and repeatedly jailed). He has been cited (fined) multiple times for holding church and running his mission outreach and feeding the homeless - against government (Alberta, Canada) orders during the COVID pandemic. He says other groups (protests, etc.) in his city have been allowed to assemble en masse without any interference. Actions are being taken (against him and his church) that seem to outright ignore laws and the Canadian constitution as charges are brought against him and his church. Official actions are said to be for the “benefit and protection of the community” and "for your own good.” One judge authorized using whatever means necessary to stop this pastor. He compares the tactics of Canadian police and government officials aganst him and his family and church members with what he experienced from the Soviet government (KGB) in Poland (and similarities with methods used by the Nazi Germans). He explains why he feels people must resist this oppression and how those like him are being singled out and attacked. Only a few of the nearly 500 churches in Alberta are taking a stand like this. Pawlowski discusses the power (and duty) one has to peacefully speak up against officials (police, judges, politicians - and opposing citizens) when they appear to be violating human rights and personal freedoms. That is why he immigrated to Canada in the first place. Officials told him that those things will never happen in Canada, "the freest nation in the world". Pawlowski says that this cannot go unchallenged or your freedoms will be gone - even in Poland we had to stand up against the corrupt oppression. An eye-opening interview about what can go wrong, even in a modern society, when officials turn away from democratic, foundational principles (religious freedom, liberty and justice, etc.) and suspend rule-of-law (during an “emergency”).

Is It Even Possible to "Wake People Up" at this Point? by TSP - Apr 2021 Think. The Survival Podcast author makes a case that there are three groups of people: those who want to be in control, those who want to be taken care of and those who want to be left alone. He suggests that most people are not open to new information or even to considering an alternative point of view - unless they themselves are questioning the status quo and "waking up". Most people will not be informed or persuaded (even from a logical or statistical fashion) , alternatively they get angry and make emotional arguments in rebuttal.. So, focus effort on working with those who are open. This applies to finances, healthcare, religion, education, politics, life-goals, preparing, etc. Be kind. Keep your head. Challenge narratives. Allow others their choices. Live and share truth. Ask questions. (See also topics on confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance and mass formation.)


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