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>>Corona Update Feb 2021

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This page includes:  Obesity Pandemic, Post Vaccine Deaths, Vaccines Limitations, COVID Treatments (Thyme, H202, Zinc, HCQ, Hydrotherapy), Long-Hauler Problems & MCAS, Ivermectin, Variants & Statistics, Masks, Disappearing Farmland (Also see our Immune Support page for an inclusive summary & more help.)





Who said, "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still"?

    >>Obesity Pandemic Seriously Threatens America by - Feb 3 The American Obesity Association predicts that 50% of Americans will be obese by 2025 and 60% by 2030. This problem is a top risk factor for COVID and many other deadly diseases. Yet, treatment is straightforward.


    >>Post Vaccine Deaths by Dr. John Campbell - Feb 16 The U.S. has reported over 1170 vaccine deaths from 41 million doses administered. The U.K. about 250 deaths. The CDC & FDA track these numbers voluntarily through VAERS the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. The deaths are 0.003% of the vaccines administered. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Dr. Campbell expresses no concern about this, saying that these people were most likely older and sick and would have died anyways and that this is similar reactions to other vaccines. Is this all coincidental? While it is true that the percentage is small, this is only the first few weeks. Other reactions are yet to come. Some of the deaths are even younger people without preexisting conditions. I have spoken with people who know of COVID vaccine recipients that unexpectedly died. And while the percentage of vaccine related deaths is small compared to the percentage of COVID deaths, vaccines do have a history of causing harm and even death. Lastly, these reports of these deaths and other adverse reactions are voluntary and the CDC has found from previous investigation that they only represent a small percent of the actual numbers. We will discuss this further elsewhere.)


    >>Can Someone Who Has Had COVID-19 Still Spread It to Others? by MIT Medical - Dec 22, 2020 The short answer is No. Once someone has recovered from COVID-19 they cannot spread it to someone else unless they are reinfected - which is very rare. (Dr. Rolland's comments: While we do not know how long immunity will last, there is some thinking that it will last for a while, maybe for years if like the 2003 SARS-CoV.)

    >>Can I Still Get COVID Even After I Have Been Vaccinated? by Market Watch - Feb 2021 The short answer is Yes. Although, 95% (or what ever the studies show) of patients will only have a mild illness and will not die. (Dr. Rolland's comments: How are these numbers significantly different than the numbers from the natural infection? Most COVID-19 patients recover with only mild symptoms. Officially, vaccinated patients can still get infected but they are unlikely to get very sick or die. If they are sick, they most likely would be contagious to some extent. Vaccines prime the system but do not always create true immunity. Typically, a natural infection creates better immunity than its vaccine counterpart. Vaccines do not create full protection in all people and they all carry some short and long term risks.)

    >>Do Recovered COVID Patients Benefit from Vaccination? by - Feb 16 According to U.S. Senator Massie, the CDC apparently found No statistical benefit from Pfizer or Moderna vaccines for patients (most?) who had recovered from COVID-19. Can those vaccines instead go to others who need them? Is vaccination an unncessary risk for those who have been already infected?

    >>Only 60 People Known to Have Contracted COVID-19 Twice by Market Watch - Feb 25 Worldwide only about 60 patients have been documented to have contracted COVID-19 twice. That is far less than the 1% of the 112 million documented cases worldwide. There are 11,700 suspected cases of reinfection, but they are not verified. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Reinfection is still very rare, even with possible variants.)


    >>Thyme Extract Helps Treat COVID-19 by Dr. Mercola - Feb 15 Historically, thyme has been used to treat coughs, respiratory infections and other viruses. Venezuela has reported success treating COVID-19 with an oral dose of oregano and thyme extracts.  

   >>COVID Medical and Home Treatments with Dr. Seheult by Dr. Patrick - Feb 2 A great 2 hour interview with Roger Seheult, M.D. and Rhonda Patrick, PhD (of - a great health website) about COVID-19 medical and traditional treatments. Dr. Seheult is a quadruple board certified physician who is keen on vaccines and medical intervention, however he is very proactive on research and using low-risk, tested traditional remedies that are readily available (especially when medical care, meds or time for research is not) - here discussed to treat COVID-19. The discussion includes benefits of masks & ventilation, sunlight, vitamin D, breathing exercises, sleep (for balancing the immune system and helping respiratory conditions and also before getting a vaccine), fever & hot hydrotherapy (for boosting heat shock proteins and interferons), etc. He explains working with Weimar Institute on hot-hydro trials using very hot wet towels (front and back of chest) for 20 minutes with cold towels (on head and neck) then to end with using a cold friction rub on chest and back (to lock in the heat) after which the patient is sent to lie down in bed for 2 hours. It is an informative link to a discussion by two very knowledgable people. The link has interview notes and shortcuts to help you hone in on topics of interest.

    >> Journal of Medicine Reports that HCQ & Zinc Reduce COVD Deaths by - Feb 1 Regardless of what the media headlines say, it seems that hydroxychloroquine AND zinc given EARLY are helpful and safe for COVID-19 patients.

    >>Nebulized Peroxide - A Simple Treatment for COVID-19 with Dr. Brownstein by - Mar 4 Excellent to know about.

    >>Healthy Gut Helps Combat COVID by Dr. Mercola - Mar 6 Studies showing that patients with more severe COVID symptom are more likely to have gut dysbiosis. A healthy gut flora from probiotics and healthy vegetable fiber helps reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, promote better mood balance and helps with brain function. Discusses fermenting vegetables.

   >>How Your Microbiome Influences Your Immune System by Dr. Mercola - Feb 2021 with Rodney Deitert, PhD. explains how your gut and microbiome health may be the number 1 predictor of your overall health.


    >>COVID Long-Hauler Symptoms and Management by Dr. Been - Feb 22 Helpful technical information for care for long-haulers.

    >>COVID Deaths - Are MAST Cells Responsible? Part 1 by Dr. Been - Feb 23 There possibly are patients with preexisting MCAS who are more vulnerable to severe COVID-19. Patients can benefit from Mast cell stabilizers to limit degranulation.

    >>COVID Long-Hauler Mast Cells (MCAS) Part 2 by Dr. Been - Feb 24 Explaining MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), 

    >>Dismay Over Deaths of Disabled by Dr. Campbell - Feb 17 Begins by saying how it is hard to explain the drop in U.S. cases 23%, hospitalizations 18% and deaths by 7% over the last 7 days - maybe combination of behaviors, herd immunity from natural exposure and vaccinations (?seasonality or vaccine burn out?). About 1/3 of the U.K. population have had COVID-19 so far. Chinese bringing vaccines to Africa first.

    >>Do Sick People have a Fever? What is Normal? by - Feb 2 Numbers can vary greatly. Roughly 40% of COVID patients have a fever (40% a cough and 40% loss of taste/smell) among the 98 other reported symptoms. Taking one's temperature can be difficult to do accurately depending on physical activity, ambient air, measuring device, etc. Average body temperature has dropped slightly over the last 200 years.


    >>Egypt Ivermectin Study Results by TrialSite News - Feb 22 An overview of an Egyptian study that supposedly showed increased SARS-CoV2 clearance. (Trial Site also reports that a NY judge has ordered a hospital to use Ivermectin for a COVID patient.) They also report on a Belgian virologist using Ivermectin to overcome COVID-19.

    >>Doctors Prescribing Ivermentin by Dr. Been - Feb 25

    >>Getting Ivermectin for Less by Dr. Been - Feb 26 From $220 for 48 tablets or $5 per 3mg but GoodRx reduces price by about 90% to $26.

    >>Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Review by Dr. Been - Feb 2 Good expectations.

    >>Johnson & Johnson Safety & Efficacy vs. Pfizer and Moderna by Dr. Seheult - Feb 4 Technical comparisons and how J&J seems to do rather well even for variants to limit severe symptoms and death, with effectiveness getting better as a few weeks pass. J&J is a more traditional vaccine (but still using new tech) that has inactivated viral components? and does not require special refrigeration and only requires one shot.

    >>COVID-19 Vaccines vs. Variants by Dr. Seheult - Feb 24 Variants may be driving increase of cases but death rates continue to fall in many places. Technical review shows that vaccines seem to maintain some neutralizing effect against the current U.K. and S.A. variants.

    >>Why Case Numbers Will Drastically Drop by - Feb 2 Comments on the politics that shape the pandemic narrative.

    >>Was Sweden's Just Enough Method Superior to Drastic Lockdowns? by Feb 11 Did they save lives and not destroy people's liveliehoods? 


    >>Mask Mandates Do They Harm More than Help by - Feb 17 More on the research of both sides of masking.

    >>Moist Masks Claimed to be Good for You by - Mar 1 Yes, humidity helps with respiratory prolems but wet masks create many more.


    >>Are (How) the Elite Trying to Take Over Your Farmland by Yanasa TV - Feb 2021 What is affecting the price of land, (increasing taxes?),  farming, feed and who is buying the grain (China?) and pushing up prices?? Bill Gates is now one of the biggest landowners (via companies) in America. New tax policies seem to be driving small farmers out of business and transition that land back into conservation (30% goal) to save the planet. Consequently, how does this force small farmers out of business, affect the food supply and pricing, increase the cost of private property, drive people out of the country into the cities (Directive 21?), shift the carbon taxes from large corporations to people, eliminate local control of food and set up government and large corporations (biotech, GMO, investors) as owners and controllers and profiters of world food (and water) production. Can we see how COVID has helped push this Great Reset 2030 agenda (through financial and food supply disruption) forward? 

    >>Who is Buying Land While Small Farmers are Forced Out? by - Jan 2021 It turns out a lot is being bought by Bill Gates.


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