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>>Corona Update July 2021

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This page includes: Risks to Children & Babies, Adverse Reaction Stories, Vaccine Miscarriages, Breakthrough COVID - Vaccinated Do Contract & Spread, Delta Variant Less Lethal?, Vaccine Protection Wanes?, 5 Unique mRNA Risks, True Informed Consent, 0.15% IFR, More on Ivermectin & Vitamin D,  Counting Differently Now, Long-term Risks, Money?  Censorship, Telemed and Online COVID Meds, Reporting Bias, Absolute vs Relative Risks, Headlines that Don't Make the News (Also see our Immune Support page for an inclusive summary & more help.)

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  "I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it would oblige them to admit to the falsity of conclusions they have delighted in explaining to their colleagues." - Leo Tolstoy


    >>See a summary of the latest CDC reported COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction numbers on / COVID

    (As of June 25, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there were 411,931 adverse reactions, 23,257 hospitalizations and 6,985 deaths - these are estimated only a fraction of the actual total according to the Harvard Pilgrim Lazarus report on VAERS reporting participation on )

   (As of July 23, 2021 there were 518,769 reactions40,991 hospitalizations11,940 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far these include: 1272 miscarriages, 4799 heart attacks, 3201 myocarditis, 1932 thrombocytopenia, 3714 Bell's palsy, 4110 anaphylaxis and 12,808 permanent disabilities.)

    >>Get COVID care medical protocols from FLCCC at or from 

    >>Get meds online thru  or text (850) 750-1322.  Buy meds through your local pharmacy or an online source.


    >>Vaccines Are Failing Says Dr. McCullough by Ivory Hecker - July 2021 Current Concerns! World renown cardiologist from Texas A&M and Baylor University, Dr. Peter McCullough is interviewed by former Fox reporter about the emerging short-comings of the mRNA vaccines. He says that he is being censored, removed from his professorship and dismissed from Baylor because he will not go along with the vaccine narrative. Stating that he is not against vaccinations, he explains studies that are showing how mRNA COVID vaccine protection is waning, how they allow break through infections, how about half of the hospital patients are actually vaccinated, how children do not seem to be at disease risk, how many and how severe the short-term vaccine side-effects are, how officials know this but most are unwilling to talk about, how we do not know the long-term risks, how many have been confirmed to have died from the mRNA vaccines and how the biggest help for COVID patients is aggressive early protocol treatment.

      >>British Health Data Scientist Gives 5 Reasons Children Should Not Get the Jab by TalkRadioTV - July 2021 U.K. Professor Anthony Brookes says there are 5 reasons children should not get the COVID-19 jab - although the vaccines seem very effective they are more hurtful than traditional childhood vaccines.  1) Kids generally have mild symptoms and are not strong spreaders of COVID-19.  2) Most children do not seem to have significant short or long-term harm from the disease.  3) It is estimated that many kids already have immunity from natural exposure. (U.K. government data shows that 60% of 16 to 24 year olds have antibodies.)  4) Short-term risk is high in that 1 in 50,000 die from a COVID-19 vaccine according to the U.K. Yellow Card report. 5) Long-term risk is completely unknown.  (It seems that 80% of parents still want their kids to get the vaccine.) They discuss that current infections fatality rates have fallen below that of flu. They question why we are asking children to take a health risk for a benefit to seniors. 

    >>Dr. McCullough Says COVID Vaccines Are Killing Babies In First Trimester by A Final - July 2021 Hear this interview with Peter McCullough, M.D. of Texas A&M University about how COVID vaccinated pregnant women are having miscarriages at a high rate. This world renown expert opines that drug companies are holding back on drugs that can treat COVID. Government treatment plans are using media panic and fear to push vaccines for everyone without considering risk or other effective treatments. In December, all major medica signed on to the "Trusted News Initiative" and agreed to only push vaccines and quash everything else. (90% of of American media is controlled by only 6 organizations. In 1983 there were 50 organizations.) Dr. McCullough explains how these vaccines are hurting women and killing babies. He says that any parent, grandparent, doctor or school that insists that their children get vaccinated are critically injuring them.

    >>Beware That It Seems Vaccine Spike Proteins Can Travel To Organs by Children's Health Defense Fund - June 2021 It seems that it may travel from the injection site and accumulate in organs such as the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands and quite notably in ovaries.


    >>College Vaccine Mandates Get Pushback - I Shouldn't Be Forced by NBC/MSN - July 2021

    >>Bad Vaccine Reaction Puts Teen Girl in Wheelchair by Fox News/MSN - July 2021 Mother explains her daughters serve reactions to the COVID vaccine in an early trial and how she is getting no acknowledgement or help from the medical researchers or doctors. The are diagnosing her daughter with  an "unrelated" anxiety (hysteria) conditions - that causes inability to eat and walk?? 

    >>Why Is CDC Suggesting Children With Heart Reactions Still Get 2nd Shot? by Dr. Suneel Dhand - June 2021 Dr. Dhand explains his cases and concerns that doctors would never think about exposing patients to a second dose that harmed a patient like this the first time.

    >>Families Describe Adverse Vaccine Reactions by Senator Ron Johnson - June 2021 Press conference offers families chance to tell their stories.

    >>Woman Paralyzed After 2nd COVID Shot by News2ABC - July 2021 Paralyzed from the waist down after her second COVID shot.

    >>What If My Employer Requires a COVID Vaccine? by Dr. Markum - July 2021


    >>Vaccines For Children Do Not Seem Worth the Risk by - June 2021 CENSORED During an FDA briefing, Peter Doshi, PhD, researcher and BMJ senior editor shares findings from the vaccine trials - while the media headlines declare 100% effectiveness for 12 to 15 year olds, what occured was that out of 1000 children in the study there were 16 (2%) unvaccinated that contracted COVID and none of the vaccinated. So while the Absolute benefit is 100% the Relative benefit is only 2%. But he says that 98% of children typically won't get infected. Doing a risk-benefit analysis - so few contract COVID-19 (especially severely) that he says the side-effects short-term (gives a list including 2.4% who had serious symtematic symptoms) and long-term (unknown) do not seem worth the risk of vaccination for children. Further, he says that is seems that many children have already had COVID - per the CDC about 42% of 5-17 year olds (or about 21 million). Adverse risks include: clotting problems, vasculitis, heart problems, abnormal bleeding and neurological problems. Dr. Doshi states that FDA emergency criteria are not met for children and that it seems unethical to put children at risk in order to help protect adults.

    >>Surgeon Warns of Possible "Long Term Harms" for Vaccinating Children by TalkRadioTV - July 2021 Dr. James Royle asks if it is the duty of children to risk their health to protect their grandparents. Remember the vaccine reduces symptoms and the risk of death from COVID but does not guarantee protection and has associated risks. Children's natural immunity helps them to be largely unaffected by COVID-19. Young people are at risk, for example of myocarditis at 200x the typical rate. Are children needed for herd immunity? Why are we labeling children as "granny killers"? Are we giving people data and time for informed consent?

    >>Should I Allow My Child to Get Vaccinated? by James Marcum, M.D. - June 2021 Dr. Marcum is a Christian cardiologist who discusses his perspective for a balance of benefits and risks. He says that there are not any peer reviewed comparison studies yet - no studies that show clear benefit to children. The benefits are that it might help reduce the risk of severe disease (already quite low in children - 99.99% survival) and their risk of passing it to older people (not guaranteed). The risks are that children are not small adults, their system is growing and developing (immune and nervous systems). And according to the VAERS side-effect reports, the mRNA is showing heart problems for some young people. Further, we don't know how the vaccine will affect fertility. Also, we now know how to boost a child's immune system and how to treat them if sick with COVID at home and at the hospital. And since many have already had the virus (without even knowing) a vaccination can possibly hyper activate the immune response and cause problems. Dr. Marcum questions whether the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks for children. Make the best decision you can


    >>Vaccinated Texas Man in ICU with Delta Variant by Newsweek - July 2021 Breakthrough disease may emerge in vaccinated people. Dr. Rolland's comments: But doctors say this is rare in vaccinated (is it?) and naturally recovered COVID patients. Media continues to promote alarm about variants apparently to urge/pressure more people to get vaccinated. Practicing clinicians say that most COVID-19 patients do not need to die if they use the effective protocols from FLCCC or AAPS. 

    >>Most Fully Vaccinated with Delta Variant are Asymptomatic by WHO on CNBC/MSN - July 2021 Vaccine may reduce symptoms.

    >>Delta Variant is Moving Fast by Newsweek/MSN - July 2021 This article states that the delta COVID-19 variant is now 36% of some California cases. It is being stated that it is twice as contagious as the original virus. And that people need to get vaccinated. Dr. Rolland's comments: What is not being stated, is how similar the delta variant is to the original and that people who have had natural COVID also seem to have good protection against variants. Virologists also explained months ago (see other posts on our website) that viral mutations tend to become more contagious but less lethal over time. Next, although there is so much talk about the variants, there is little actual data about their lethality. Notice how most articles avoid that topic completely. Further, those areas emerging from tightest lockdown, now have to face variants without much natural immunity, whether vaccinated or not. Tragically, there is still little discussion about how to prepare and then take care of one's self if we become sick with a variant - even though more than one medical group has published protocols they say are highly effective and spare 85% of COVID fatalities. There also is no acknowledgement that darker skinned minority groups that have lower vaccination rates, likely have lower vitamin D levels - a substantially important part of a healthy viral immune response. Lastly, how exactly do they know that the vaccines ARE protecting against the variants? These studies take months to years (just like the original vaccine studies) and these declarations likely are estimations based on preliminary data from studies that are just under way (to urge more vaccinations?).

    >>Cape Cod COVID Outbreak Shows 74% Are Vaccinated by MarketWatch - July 2021 In an outbreak of over 350 people in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, over 74% of them were fully vaccinated with a combination of the three EUA vaccines. Most did not have severe symptoms or get admitted to the hospital. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Haven't they said all along that the vaccines do not prevent contraction or spreading of COVID? That is best done by having had and recovered from COVID-19 as best we can tell. It seems that it is still very important to optimize one's immune system to help with illness or recovery or vaccine effects.)

    >>Vaccine Effectiveness Falls to 80% by Times of Israel - July 2021 Reporting that even though many Israelis are vaccinated the effectiveness of preventing severe disease is dropping. And suggesting that those vaccinated back in January 2021 may have only a 16% effectiveness now. (Those vaccinated in July seem to have a level of about 75%.) They are using this to recommend regular booster shots. What about the likely life-long immunity for most who have natural COVID? 

    >>More Than 1000 Israelis Test Positive for COVID by Jerusalem Post- July 2021

    >>CDC "Leaked Report" Summarized by Dr. Campbell - July 2021 CDC report suggests: Vaccines may prevent serious disease. Vaccine break through cases likely but should be "rare". Vaccinated should have less fever, less hospitalization and shorter symptom duration. After 2 doses 59-80% effective. Delta is more contagious - less or more lethal? Delta is of longer duration and may be as contagious in vaccinated as unvaccinated.


    >>Graphic Video of Key COVID Vaccine Concerns by ? - June 2021 Wow. This 16 minute presentation describes many vaccine concerns.

    >>COVID-19 Global Spread and 0.15% Infection Fatality Rate by John Ioannidis in ECI - March 2021 Published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation, Stanford data scientist Dr. Ioannidis, reviewed numerous studies from Europe and North America and estimates that as of February,   COVID-19 is present globally and has infected about 1.5 to 2.0 billion people. He finds that the estimated infection fatality rate (IFR) is 0.15%. - this is measured by blood antibodies at death Not the less accurate PCR test numbers.  Dr. Rolland's comments: This rate is even lower than previously calculated. Critics opine what has happened to this esteemed scientist who has been respected for years - can his data be trutsted? Is that because he is now publishing something that they strongly disagree with? Why would he risk his reputation and career to publish fake data? He must feel strongly about it. This paper is not retracted and if it was that would not prove that his numbers were wrong. They ask why he is the sole author. Given the climate, is it possible that he either could not find collaborators or they did not want to be named? They ask why published in a journal that he used to edit, but maybe that is one of the few who would step out to publish the controversial data. Is this just another example of the cancel culture going after good people doing their job when they go against the mainstream agenda? What is happening to the global academic/ scientific/ medical community, those who thought they were mostly above politics?

    >>Vaccine Spike Protein Is a Toxin That Spreads Through the Body with Byram Bridle, PhD by - June 2021 CENSORED Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, shares (what we have heard elsewhere) what he found after reviewing data from the Pfizer biodistribution study from Japanese regulators, that the vaccine spike protein does not stay in the arm (as other vaccines supposedly do) but that is travels and collects in other parts and organs of the body, especially in the bone marrow (leukemia & immune issues?) and ovaries (fertility issues?). (See interview with the Inventor of mRNA above.) It may especially cause neurological, immune, cardiovascular and reproductive issues.


    >>Vaccine Adverse Events in the United States on VAERS by Dr. Been - July 2021

    >>Potential Long-Term Risks of mRNA Vaccines with Stephanie Seneff, PhD by - June 2021 CENSORED M.I.T research scientist Stephanie Seneff (B.S. biology & PhD computer science) explains her concerning findings about potential things the mRNA vaccines may lead to. Beyond the short-term side-effects and deaths, Dr. Seneff feels that it is likely there will be development of prion diseases, neurodegnerative (e.g. Alzheimers, Parkinsons, ALS) and autoimmune diseases. It seems that (in spite of what is being reported) injection effects might last for a lifetime. Discusses how the vaccines circumvent the immune system, how effects on sperm may be encoded in babies (and later spread) and how the spike proteins might be shed from a vaccinated persons lungs to affect others. Still questioning if the vaccines will change DNA. Also discusses the risks of glyphosphate (Roundup) and how it affects the immune system, is in much of our food now and plays a role with the vaccine. Best protection against vaccines (which may be worse than the disease) is to have a healthy immune system.

    >>Interview with Stephanie Seneff, PhD. by Sound Health Options - 2021 While this is not my favorite interview, because Mercola is severely censored, at least here you can hear some of her concerns about possible mRNA vaccine risks.

    >>Worse than the Disease? Possible mRNA Vaccine Consequences by Stephanie Seneff, PhD. - May 2021 A peer reviewed article published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research.


    >>Inventor of mRNA Vaccines Discusses Serious Injection Risks by DarkHorse - June 2021 Here is the video that was censored below. Watch it while you can.

    >>Inventor of mRNA Vaccines Discusses Serious Injection Risks on The Defender - June 2021 Here are notes and another link to the interview that is described below.

    >>Inventor of mRNA Discusses Serious Injection Risks by - June 2021 CENSORED This critical, eye-opening 3 hour conversation between Robert Malone, M.D., lead inventor of mRNA vaccine technology (from the 1990s), Bret Weinstein, Phd, biologist, and Steve Kirsch, a research investor investigating repurposed drugs to find and promote an effective and economical end to the pandemic. They give details of the dangers of the mRNA vaccines saying: 1) the FDA knows the spike protein breaks off and is biologically active (it is not supposed to be) going throughout the body and causing adverse effects 2) per Japanese regulator's data, the lipid nano particles travel from the injection site throughout the body collecting especially in the bone marrow (possibly leading to leukemia and immune issues) and the ovaries (possibly leading to reproductive problems much later on) 3) causes thrombocytopenia (which allows bleeding, limiting normal clotting) 4) they can reactivate latent viruses in the host 5) all previous mRNA vaccines caused antibody dependent (disease) enhancement ADE (priming one's body for severe future reactions). Dr.Malone says all of these are real not theoretical things, except there is no evidence of ADE so far. 

They say that females of pre or child bearing age or pregnant should not get these vaccines. The risk - benefit for different age groups and different attack rates considering brackets for quality adjusted life years has not been calculated. They say this is a dangerous, weird and strong virus that needs rapid, multi-drug treatment. They say we have effective treatments and show benefits of Ivermectin (preventive & treatment), hydroxychloroquine and fluvoxamine (an SSRI) along with other medications. (Ivermecitin is being attack by Merck who invented it.) Long haulers and Bruce Patterson's 4 drug protocol are discussed. 1:55 They discuss the VAERS adverse reaction data and say it is only the tip of the iceberg - Tragically there are more adverse reaction to these vaccines than all vaccines reported in the last 30 years! They opine that it is so hard to get repurposed drug studies peer reviewed and publshed now. Steve has offered a $1,000,000 grant to anyone that can show data disproving his findings that these drugs are effective treatments. No good reason for children to get shot. (Young women having bleeding problems and young men myocarditis.) 2:25 They discuss how campaigns to vaccinate during a pandemic can make mutations worse.

Dr. Malone says that he is alarmed that most people are not alarmed by the censorship (blocking and bullying) and lack of transparency that is preventing free discussion and open debate so that doctors and scientists can't share their successes preventing and curing COVID-19 with medications currently available. Facebook has been deleting large groups about COVID symptoms (120,000) and vaccine reactions (70,000)?. Medical doctors and pharmacists are conditioned to think that adverse vaccine reacitons cannot happen. Not only is there a stigma around discussing effective treatments and adverse reactions but organizations are penalizing or firing doctors who do. Hospitals won't go against NIH or WHO because of legal and financial risks - most not willing to step out and help chance helping patients. They discuss the ad hominen attacks since the data is hard to dispute. They discuss runaway extended regulatory capture that makes the only solution to the pandemic vaccines and only vaccines for everyone. Regulators are also not disclosing conflicts of interest. It seems that peoples' lives are being risked and economies worth trillions of dollars being trashed so that some drug companies can experiment, make a few billions and make people dependent on gene therapy vaccines. 

Dr. Malone feels that SARS-CoV2 will never go away. He feels that it is the duty of governments to be open and transparent to enable patients to have informed consent and decide. He says that enticement (monetary or gifts) or coercion (to work or get "back to normal") to get someone to get a vaccine is unethical (against IRB rules) and will come back to hurt us - we will be sorry - what will future generations think? See the Belmont report for ethics guidelines. Dr. Malone had COVID and got the vaccine because he had long COVID and "has to travel". Weinstein is using Ivermectin to prevent. Steve got the vaccine - but would not now knowing all of the risks - and he would advise his kids not too either. (Steve says one's absolute risk reduction is only about 0.3%? He also says that he has confirmed 3 ways that about 25,000 have died from the vaccines while many have been disabled - maybe 3% permanently.) See the story of Canadian doctor Charles Hoffe who wrote to his provincial health director (Bonnie Henry) about his concern that of the 900 patients he has vaccinated, one died and three have permanent disabilities. As a result, his hospital privileges were pulled. Doctors are being silenced.

    >>Inventor of mRNA Dr. Robert Malone, Is Scrubbed from History on Wikipedia by - July 2021 CENSORED This brief overview of Robert Malone, M.D., one of the leadmRNA vaccine inventors (in the early 1990s), uses the internet Wayback machine to show that within a few days of his speaking on the DarkHorse podcast (see above 3 hour interview) about his grave concerns with the mRNA vaccine and how media censorship is suppressing all meaningful debate (medical and scientific) regarding the risks of mRNA vaccines - his accounts were censored and most of his accomplishments were removed or reworded on his and the mRNA vaccine Wikipedia pages. Instead they have added that he is a spreader of vaccine misinformation. No judge or jury of his peers. Simply this is a rewriting of history by those who can.  Here is another short video link showing The Scrubbing of Dr. Malone.

    >>Spike Protein Concerns with Inventor of mRNA, Dr. Robert Malone by - July 2021 Spike proteins are cytotoxic.

    >>Which Repurposed Medications Might Help COVID? by Steve Kirsch - May 2021 On his home page. He discusses, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and fluvoxamine among others with vitamin D3 and NAC. His investigations show that treating early with several medications is key since COVID-19 is a serious and unpredictable disease.


    >>Are Canadian Physicians Ordered Not to Advise Patients Against Government Mandates? by - July 2021 CENSORED Physicians in Ontario now seem to be prohibited from making comments or giving patients advice about COVID care and vaccinations that goes against the official government orders. What about the oath to do no harm and looking out for the interest of the patient in spite of threats?

    >>Informed Consent and Vaccine Adverse Event Reports by James Marcum, M.D. - July 2021 Christian cardiologist Dr. Marcum discusses how he discusses the risks and benefits of medical procedures with his patients and what informed consent is. He discusses that it is your body and your right to know and have a say over what is being done to it. He discusses some of the serious (even if rather rare) side-effects that the COVID vaccines are having and directs people to the website for a summary of the adverse reactions.

    >>Ivermectin Evidence with Tess Lawrie, M.D. by Dr. Campbell - April 2021 Here is a discussion of the censored links below.

    >>Ivermectin Evidence with Tess Lawrie, M.D. by Dr. Been - April 2021 Here is another discussion with researcher, Dr. Lawrie.

    >>Why Deny People a Safe, Effective Treatment Like Ivermectin? by - June 2021 CENSORED Wow. What an key interview with Dr. Tess Lawrie science researcher who explains the treatment and preventative benefits of Ivermectin. She explains how Merck was not making money with this drug years ago and gave it up as a generic to help the world. Many countries make it now. She explains benefits of many countries who are using it. She also discusses the politics and censorship deeply hurting people who can benefit from this medicine for COVID-19. Also a video interview with FLCCC about long-haul COVID and benefits of Ivermectin and what can be done to help people who are suffering.

    >>Remdesivir Does Not Seem Very Effective by - July 2021 CENSORED Remdesivir is an antiviral drug that costs between $2,000 and 3,000 per dose, seems to cause a number of side-effects and does not seem to be very effective against COVID-19.

    >>More On How Ivermectin Helps with Pierre Kory, M.D. by - June 2021 CENSORED  This drug seems to be very safe, available and highly effective for most COVID. Reportedly, Mexico tried a policy of giving 4 low dose Ivermectin to every patient who tests positive (before they go to the hospital) and saw its hospitalization numbers drastically drop. Ivermectin seems to help with early and late stage COVID-19.

   >>Effects of Vitamin D and COVID Related Outcomes by - July 2021 CENSORED Many big benefits from vitamin D. See also our Vitamin D page. Pulsed therapy of 60,000iu for 8 to 10 days helped reduce inflammation (including the Th1 response triggered by COVID-19) without side-effects. It helped antimicrobial peptides and reduced inflammatory cytokines. It seems to reduce ICU admission and death from COVID-19. Researchers from Spain found that with vitamin D3 only 4.5% vs. 21% of patients were admitted to the ICU. Another studied showed the only 4.7% of vitamin D recipients died verses 15.9% of the others. British MP David Davis reported an 80% reduction in ICU and 60% reduction in death. Ask for vitamin D if you go to the hospital. Another Cordoba Spain study showed that of 50 patients given vitmain D all were discharged while of the other 26, 13 went to the ICU and 2 died. At least 5000iu is recommended. The French National Academy of Medicine recommends a 50,000 to 100,000 bolus for anyone over 60 with COVID-19 and 1000iu/day for others. Nutrients April 2020 recommends 10,000iu/day to raise up to 40-60ng/mL then 5000iu/day. GrassrootsHealth has a vitamin D calculator. Also take it with vitamin K2 and magnesium which can help (even double) the effectiveness.


    >>Early At-Home COVID Treatment with Peter McCullough, M.D. by - July 2021 CENSORED  What you need to know.

    >>Revised MATH+ Protocol with Dr. Marik of EVMS by - July 2021 CENSORED Here is the updated protocol that seems to be helping many doctors have excellent recovery with COVID-19 patients.

    >>Outstanding COVID Success that Media is Ignoring with Dr. Varon by Ivory Hecker - June 2021 This reporter left her job at Fox when she was banned from reporting on the tremendous success that some doctors were having with treating COVID-19 and how they are doing it, using the Math+ and I-Mask protocols.

    >>Early COVID Treatment and Censorship with Steven Kirsch by Dr. Been - June 2021

    >>Latest Trends in COVID Treatment with Dr. Paul Marik by Dr. Been - July 2021

    >>COVID Management with Dr. Pierre Kory by Dr. Been - July 2021

    >>COVID Management with Dr. Syed Haider by Dr. Been - July 2021

   >>Long COVID Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery by Dr. Seheult - June 2021 MedCram's Roger Seheult, M.D. technically discusses long COVID (symprotoms lasting over 12 weeks) and tests that doctors can use to evaluate patients. Common symptoms were fatigue, cough, dyspnea, chest pain, PTSD, anxiety/depression, impaired memory and poor concentration with about half saying it reduces their quality of life. He discusses using essential oils rose, eucalyptus, clove and lemon to help restore loss of smell/ taste.

    >>Epstein Barr Reactivated by Long COVID? by Dr. Been - July 2021

    >>COVID Death 4 Days After Vaccine Maybe From Too Much Tylenol by Dr. Mike Hansen - April 2021 Taking too much Tylenol for her symptoms after a COVID vaccine may have caused liver failure.

    >>How Many Have Really Died From COVID Vaccines? by - May 2021 CENSORED 


    >>Absolute vs. Relative Risk Reduction by Dr. Been - June 2021 Technical discussion about what it really means when the vaccine is said to be 70% effective or just how many have to get vaccinated to save one life? For example: If typically 2 out of 100 would become severely ill with a disease and a treatment (vaccine) makes it so that only 1 out of 100 do, that is a 50% Relative benefit. But it is only a 1% Absolute risk reduction - since 98 would not have it anyways. I have to treat (with potential risks) 100 people to help that 1. Vaccine headlines mostly report relative not absolute benefits because they sound better. However, individuals get the absolute benefit. 

    >>Outcome Reporting Bias of mRNA Vaccine Trials with Dr. Ron Brown by TrialSiteNews - Aprill 2021 This video reviews how numbers the media reports are misleading. It shows how calculations are done and what numbers mean in absolute terms and how many are actually helped. (This video is censored on YouTube.)

    >>To Prevent 3 Deaths COVID Jab Kills 2 by - July 2021 CENSORED This article is based on a paper in the journal Vaccines below that shows a calculation of NNTV number needed to vaccinate to save one person based on the relative benefit calculations.The report estimates that 9,000 to 50,000 people need the Pfizer vaccine to prevent one death and that for every 3 COVID deaths prevented, 2 people may be killed from injection adverse reactions. It appears that the the COVID vaccines during the las 12 months are more dangerous than all other approved vaccines combined over the last 30 years.

    >>The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations - We Should Rethink the Policy in Vaccines Vol.7 Issue 9 - June 2021 This paper by Geman, Dutch and Polish Medical Researches found that in order to save a life by vaccination, there had to be many given (putting others at risk from the vaccine). It was then retracted (why?) and that link is here: Retracted The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations

    >>Is CDC Undercounting COVID Breakthrough Infections? with Dr. Ron Brown TrialSiteNews - July 2021 Opinion review.

    >>Are Health Agencies Changing the Way COVID Is Counted? by - June 2021 CENSORED Yes, Health agencies are saying that they are now changing the way they are calculating COVID cases - which will show far fewer vaccine breakthrough cases than we were having when the pandemic was in full swing. Will this more "accurate" counting make it appear that the vaccines are working more effectively than they are? (Dr. Rolland's comments: Yes, by simply changing the PCR cycle threshold down from 40 or 35 to 25 or 27 there will be many fewer positive cases (and fewer false positives). Also, by not counting breakthrough cases unless the person is hospitalized or dies, it will appear that vaccines are working even better.)


    >>Dr. Fauci Says "Get Over It and Get Your Vaccine" by Fox News - July 2021

    >>Vaccines Can Be Given To Children Age 11 in Washington, D.C. Without Parental Consent by - July 2021 CENSORED And all agencies like schools and insurance are required to hide the information from the parents.

    >>Should My Kids Wear a Mask? by James Marcum, M.D. - June 2021 Christian cardiologist Dr. Marcum discusses the benefits and risks of face masks. James 1:5 says to ask God for wisdom. CDC says for children over 2 to wear one. WHO says for children over 5 to wear one. Pros - masks fight the spread of SARS-CoV2 (no solid evidence or studies). Cons - social interactions, loss of facial expressions/cues, decreased learning ability, increased respiratory and skin problems, dehydration and tooth decay, headaches, increased stress (from the American Institute of Economic Research). A 2017 study showed that hand hygeine gave more benefit than face masks (which did little). A 2017 study showed that masks can be contaminated. A 2015 study showed that cloth face masks allowed penetration of 97% of particles (there was little benefit for particles smaller than 2.5microns - SARS is much smaller). COVID infections in children tend to be mild anyways. He says that he can't justify having a child wear a mask outdoors or in school (unless the child is possibly contagious and is in contact with unprotected people who are high risk and it is a better mask). Don't shame people. Each of us needs to make our own decision based on information available.        

    >>Academic Censorship - Mark Crispin Miller by - June 2021 CENSORED What are they doing? Why? Mercola is being forced to take down his links, here is the video link again = Academic Censorship.


    >>Mask Facts and Usefulness by AAPS - Sep 2020 Association of American Physicians & Surgeons overviews facts about mask benefits. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Just the week of August 2, 2021, President Biden's COVID advisor came out with a statement posted on Facebook saying that cloth masks and similar surgical masks are essential useless to limit aerosol viral spread. To be effective, one needs to use an N-95 respirator style mask and use it properly - new?, clean, dry, fitted, stored securely, etc.)

    >>Sialic Acids May Contribute to Inflammation and Disease by Roger Seheult, M.D. - May 2021 Do they come from meat? dairy?

    >>COVID Delta Variant Reignites Fears by The Burning - June 2021 Detla statistic review by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

    >>Manifestation of Multiple Sclerosis Following Vaccination in Journal of Neurology - June 2021 


    >>Machine Learning Algorithm Estimates Actual COVID Cases 3 Times Those Confirmed by - Feb 2021 At the time of this article there were about 26.7 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and the algorithm estimated there to be actually aout 71 million. (Dr. Rolland's comments: As of July 2021, there are about 35 million confirmed cases, with various estimates of over 100 million actual Americans having had COVID-19. These seem to be the only ones truly immune to carrying and spreading this virus - many of them are likely children. These are significantly assisting with herd immunity and helping to reduce the spread. Dr. Robert Malone feels that there will always be SARS-CoV2 in the natural environment.)

    >>How Many Americans/ World Have Had COVID by Google - Aug 2021 This page is regularly updated with data from New York Times, Wikipedia and John Hopkins. (Is there an official number from the CDC?) As of today, it reports that about 35.3 million Americans have officially had COVID (positive test?) and that 614 million had died. Worldwide those numbers are 199 million have had COVID and 4.25 million have died. (Dr. Rolland's comments: American estimates are that over 100 million have had COVID. John Ioannidis has estimated that 1.5 to 2 billion have had COVID worldwide - see his report above. And to my understanding the death count is not official but an estimate. I have seen an article suggesting that the CDC was asking states to recount their fatality numbers, thinking they might be actually 20% lower, because of 1) those presumed COVID without testing, 2) those included because of financial incentives and 3) those declared with a false positive test. If true, that would reduce the COVID infected deaths by about 120,000.)

    >>How Many Americans Have Been Vaccinated Against COVID-19 by Google - Aug 2021 This page is regularly updated from Our Wold In Data. As of today's date, there are reportedly 165 million (50.3% of the official population) fully vaccinated Americans. Worldwide there are reportedly 1.16 billion (14.8%) people fully vaccinated.

    >>How Many People Have Been Vaccinated by - Aug 2021 This page is regularly updated.

    >>COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker by USAToday - Aug 2021 Here is another perspective with a number of graphics on the American vaccinations.

    >>Discussion with Geert Vanden Bossche and Peter McCullough about Mutations on - Mar 2021 Discussion between these doctors about how pressure on the virus can make a mutation much worse.


    >> With July being the month of Independence and FREEDOM and LIBERTY, please review The United States Constitution Bill of Rights, first amendment which states:

 "Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of SPEECH, or of the PRESS; or the right of the people PEACABLY to ASSEMBLE and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

  "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire


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