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>>Corona Update Oct 2020

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This page includes: More Good News on zinc and D, Reinfections still rare, Sugar weakens the immune system, Natural Immunity seems to last, High School sport COVID risk seems very low, Lock-down Risks, COVID-19 Long-Term Complications, and more about taking care of yourself. 

MORE GOOD NEWS: New zinc study shows COVID-19 patients with good levels are 2.3 times less likely to die. (See our zinc page for study details.) Zinc is very inexpensive. Use zinc with quercetin. More regions seem to be approaching herd immunity. More reports suggest that reinfection is very rare. Yes, nutritionals are known helpful for acute patients and those with long term complications.

We are giving a FREE bottle Vitamin D - which seems to be a critically essential nutritional supplement for SARS-CoV2 - to help every senior over 60 (while supplies last) who has an appointment in October and November. Ask us for your complimentary bottle.

LIFESTYLE CHANGES HELP SO MANY. Limit all sugary foods/drinks and refined foods. Eat vegetables. Exercise. Reduce stress. Sleep well. Use intermittent fasting to control blood sugar and reduce obesity. Supplement vitamin DCNACzinc, probiotics, quercetin and several others on list.

**AVOID Halloween candy a.k.a. SUGAR which DIRECTLY weakens your immune system, feeds cancer and is a leading cause of diabetes and obesity (see my vitamin C page for other details). Do I really need a whole second aisle of candy at my local "grocery" store? (LOL especially during a health crisis). Ugh more holiday candy is coming!

REINFECTIONS STILL VERY RARE - October 18, 2020 Sirius Doctor Radio #110 reported there are only 28 total known COVID-19 reinfections worldwide so far. It is very rare. John Hopkins is reporting 40 million cases worldwide. Some estimate that actual numbers may be 2 -3 times that or more. Multiplying both numbers by 3, can we estimate there are 100 reinfections out of 140 million cases worldwide or that about every 1.4 million cases there is one reinfection? VERY RARE. Still wondering how durable natural or vaccine immunity will be. Will it last one year or ten or longer?

   >>UW Study Finds High School Sports Only Very Rarely Spread Coronavirus by AP - Oct 2020 University of Wisconsin studied over 30,000 student athletes and found that they did not have a higher incident of COVID-19 than non-athletes. Of the 207 cases only one was traced to a teammate. A doubling of depression and a halving of physical activity was reported by students. (It seems that in a separate report, student athletes were found to have a lower incident of COVID-19 than students attempting to stay isolated who were doing all online classes. Are they healthier?)

    >>COVID Immunity Probably Long Lasting by Dr. John Campbell - Oct 2020



    >>Water Helps Manage Respiratory Infections by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - Oct 2020 Biochemistry explanation of a few ways that water for hydration and humidity is an essential factor to help empower your system to manage respiratory infections.

    >>COVID19 Death Rates Drop & NAC Therapy by Dr. Roger Seheult of MedCram - Oct 2020 Dropping death rates and possible causes. Reduction of inflammatory markers from therapeutic NAC.

    >>B Vitamins Might Help Prevent Worst COVID-19 Outcomes by - Oct 2020

>>Here is an immune optimizing plan that I use for my 3 year old; supplements I give and a smoothie recipe when she is sick.

>> Vitamin D3 spray, Zinc chewable, Omega-3 liquid, Probiotic chewable, quality Multivitamin chewable, Calcium/Magnesium                                     >> When sick, I add Elderberry liquid, Vitamin C chewable, Echinacea tea, raw honey, Ambrotose (glyconutrients) and                                                       a great chewable called ImmunoDMG (with Elderberry, Arabinogalactan, Astragalus, Maitake, Beta 1,3 Glucan & DMG)

    For the smoothie (if my 3 year-old is fighting something) I use the following:
    3/4 cup almond or goats milk     1/4 cup frozen blueberries/strawberries
    1/2 banana                                 1-2 T protein powder (veggie) or nut butter
    Liposomal Vitamin C                  Calcium powder   (maybe an NAC capsule)
    Cinnamon                                   Ultra Fighter (Hope for Health) - empty 2 caps
    Chlorella/Spirulina                      Mushroom powder (Sacred 7 by Naturealm)

    >>Metabolic Inflexibility is Key Risk for COVID-19 by - Oct 2020 You can get healthier and reduce your risk of disease



    >>Coronavirus Numbers by Dr. Merkle of Science Based Nutrition - Aug 2020 Reviews reports about hospitals getting paid an up-charge (maybe 20%) for a COVID patient and the incentive to bill more that way. Discussion about excess death numbers (through June) and age groups that have been most affected by COVID-19. And numbers suggesting that fewer well baby doctor visits (due to closed offices and fears about taking children out) and fewer infant vaccines maybe contributing to the approximately 30% reduced childhood mortality rates (presumably from SIDS). 

Dr. Rolland's comments - It will be interesting to see the final review of excess death numbers for 2020. Also interested to see if there is an increase in childhood vaccine "preventable" disease deaths over the next few years due to not getting vaccinated in 2020 or if this accidental "study" suggests that infant vaccines may be a factor leading to SIDS in some children. Saving babies the silver lining in 2020.

    >>Greener Play Areas (Outdoors) Boost Children's Immune Systems by The Guardian - Oct 2020

    >>On The Proposal NOT To Vaccinate The Aged by ACSH - Sep 2020 Vaccination Priorities. Also will the FDA lower its standards? 

    >>Long Term COVID Symptoms and Risk Factors by Dr. John Campbell - Oct 2020



    >>Lockdown, Social Distancing and Closing Efficacy and Damage by Dr. Scott Atlas - Sep 2020 A lengthy, thought provoking interview with statistical references by the Hoover Institute and Scott Atlas, M.D. (advisor to the White House). Discussing cost-benefit analysis and how public policy should be informed by science not dictated by it. Must consider the whole impact of your policies. Economists estimate that there are 700,000 lost years of life for every month of lock-down. Estimates that 40% of stroke and 40-50% of heart attack patients are not calling the ambulance for help because of COVID fears. Urges to protect nursing homes and open schools (sheltering high risk teachers). Discusses the harms of remote learning from poverty and abuse, etc.. Discusses discriminating between restaurants, small businesses, religious gatherings, protests, etc. and discusses having shutdown mandates vs. guidelines.

    >>Why Are Officials Not Reporting Good News? by Randy Hillier - Oct 2020 An opinion about how good news rarely makes the headlines.

    >>What Will It Take For Masks and Face Shields to End? by - Oct 2020

    >>Concerns Over the Benefits of Masks by - Nov 2020 an on going debate

    >>Sweden Spared Surge as SARS-CoV2 Infections Stay Low by - Oct 2020 What will the final numbers show??


COMING IN NOVEMBER - UpdatesHealth Choices, Good News

COMING IN DECEMBER - Vaccine Issues to consider - difficulty making, effectiveness, side-effects, flu vaccine cross reaction risks, etc. Per National Public Radio somewhere around 50% of people including many doctors question whether they would be open to a SARS-CoV2 vaccine due to significant safety and efficacy concerns. Can we show people the data and let them decide if it is right for themselves and their family?


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