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  "I'd rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned." - Richard Feynman, Nobel laureate physics

   "He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself." - Thomas Paine

   "That your faith should stand not in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." - 1 Corinthians 2:5 Apostle Paul

    "I cannot make my days longer so I strive to make them better." - Henry David Thoreau

    "100% of doctors agree - when you censor the those who don't." - Dr. Ryan Cole, medical pathologist  "Let the dead speak." - RC


    >>OPENVAERS Red Box Summary for Kids (ages 6mo - 17yrs)  Reported from COVID vaccine reactions: As of December 30, 2022 = 177 deaths, 562 permanently disabled, 1435 myocarditis, 696 life threatening, 4,633 hospitalized, 234 Bell's palsy, 46 aneurysm/ cerebral hemorrhage, 107 Guillain Barre/ paralysis, 249 encephalitis, 262 thrombocytopenia, diabetes 140, and migraine/headache 4430. As of September 16, 2022 = 151 deaths, 522 permanently disabled, 1928 myocarditis, 666 life threatening, 4,366 hospitalized, 228 Bell's palsy, 43 aneurysm/ cerebral hemorrhage, 102 Guillain Barre/ paralysis, 263 encephalitis and 248 thrombocytopenia. As of June 24, 2022 = 112 deaths, 462 permanently disabled, 1355 myocarditis, 623 life threatening, 862 hospitalized, 209 Bell's palsy, 25 aneurysm/ cerebral hemorrhage, 75 Guillain Barre/ paralysis, 87 encephalitis and 186 thrombocytopenia.  As of September 16, 2022 = 151 deaths, 522 permanently disabled, 1928 myocarditis, 666 life threatening, 4,366 hospitalized, 228 Bell's palsy, 43 aneurysm/ cerebral hemorrhage, 102 Guillain Barre/ paralysis, 263 encephalitis and 248 thrombocytopenia

(As of January 11, 2023 the CDC reports the total children deaths from COVID-19 = 634 for ages 0-4 and 986 for ages 5-18.  As of September 21, 2022 the CDC reports the total children deaths from COVID-19 = 543 for ages 0-4 and 919 for ages 5-18. Reportedly died from COVID-19 generally had significant comorbidities including obesity. See the data links on our Immune Support homepage.)

    >>Here is a CHILD focused Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting (VAERS) data link that includes some injury/death descriptions.


   >>See the COVID Vaccine, Adverse Event Reaction numbers from the latest CDC reports on / COVID (for years now, OpenVAERS has extracted data from the CDC system to report it in a simple format without editing or manipulating).  These are estimated to be only a fraction (less than 10%?) of the actual total per the Harvard Pilgrim Lazarus report on VAERS reporting participation - see 

   As of December 30, 2022, related to COVID vaccines there are reports of 1,494,382 reactions188,270 hospitalizations33,469 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far reactions include: 4,643 miscarriages, 18,115 heart attacks, 26,069 myocarditis, 8,386 thrombocytopenia, 16,572 Bell's palsy, 10,315 anaphylaxis, 41,955 severe allergic reactions,15,277 shingles and 61,764 permanent disabilities. (Statistically, a majority of reported vaccine related deaths occur within 3 days of vaccination.)

   As of September 16, 2022, related to COVID vaccines there are reports of 1,3417,671 reactions177,973 hospitalizations31,071 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far reactions include: 5,040 miscarriages, 16,650 heart attacks, 52,347 myocarditis, 9,040 thrombocytopenia, 16,035 Bell's palsy, 10,018 anaphylaxis, 44,736 severe allergic reactions,14,698 shingles and 58,024 permanent disabilities. (Statistically, a majority of reported vaccine related deaths occur within 3 days of vaccination.)

   As of November 5, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there are reports of 875,651 reactions91,982 hospitalizations18,461 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far reactions include: 2,887 miscarriages, 9,094 heart attacks, 12,131 myocarditis, 4,368 thrombocytopenia, 10,981 Bell's palsy, 7,984 anaphylaxis, 33,259 severe allergic reactions, 10,289 shingles and 29,104 permanent disabilities. (Statistically, a majority of reported vaccine related deaths occur within 3 days of vaccination.)

    As of July 23, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there were reports of 518,769 adverse reactions40,991 hospitalizations, 12,808 permanent disabilities and 11,940 deaths - these are estimated only a fraction of the actual total according to the Harvard Pilgrim Lazarus report.


    >>Now More Vaccinated Deaths Than Unvaccinated Deaths from COVID by Dr. Campbell - Nov 2022  While the CDC estimates that 80% of the U.S. population has had a least one COVID vaccine, 58% of COVID deaths are now (August) made up of the vaccinated (while they were only 21% a year ago). Also, reported (in V-SAFE database) that in fall of 2022, 54% of vaccine recipients reported systemic side-effects. (From CDC MMWR of those not able to do their daily activities, nearly 20% were 18-49yo while about 10% were over 65yo?)

    >>Review of Many Unusual Signs by Dr. Cole with Dr. Drew YouTube - Dec 2022 A video with many insights and expert observations. He gave 2 tips: OTC nannokinase helps dissolve these bad clots and the other medicine (Ivermectin) seems to detach the spike proteins. Lipid nannoparticles are designed to go everywhere. Since synthetic amino acids were used in the mRNA, there is no idea when it will be inactivated by the body. Worth watching. Read the comments for many more personal experiences.

    >>Review of Many Unusual Signs Pt 2 by Dr. Cole with Dr. Drew YouTube - Feb 2023 More video insights and expert observations.


    >>CDC Aware of Hundreds of Safety Signals for COVID Jab by MercolaPDF - Jan 2023

    >>CDC Forced to Release Data on COVID Vaccine Adverse Effects on Rumble - Jan 2023


    >>Epidemic of Cause Unknown inteview with Edward Doud by Bitchute - Dec 2022 The epidemic of unknown deaths.

    >>Epidemic of Cause Unknown overview by - Dec 2022 The epidemic of unknown deaths summarized. Group life insurance holders of Fortune 500 companies have 1/3 the death rate of general population per 2016 statistics (they are younger and healthier). But in 2020-2021 that has flipped and they are dying at 40% vs. 32% of the general population. Supposedly there is an increase of disabled in the last 2 years by 3 - 4 million with there being an 11% increase in the general population and 26% in the working population.

    >>Plandemic movies with Judy Mitkovits on Bitchute - Dec 2022 How vaccine strains may create disease. A video banned from the internet. Bitchute is now being frozen out with their accounts seized by the big banks with no arbitration happening.

    >>Plandemic Documentary overview by - Dec 2022 A censored video explaining problems with most all vaccines because how made.


   >>"I'm Ready to Forgive If You Are Ready to Repent" by Del Roundtree Highwire Rumble - Nov 2022 The reality is many leaders knew...Review on what went wrong?

    >>100% of Jab Patients Showed Some Heart Injury? by MercolaPDF - Nov 2022  A Swiss study showed that vaccine recipients had subclinical myocarditis hundreds of times more often than those reporting felt myocarditis signs. And all study participants who had been vaccinated showed elevated troponin (heart muscle injury marker) even if they were asymptomatic.

    >>Subclinical Myocarditis by Vinay Prasad, M.D. on YouTube - Nov 2022 

    >>Will You Survive the Upcoming Tripledemic? by - Nov 2022 RSV, Flu, Covid??

    >>Estimates Are 50% of Americans Now Question Vaccines by MercolaPDF - Nov 2022

    >>Estimates Are 50% of Americans Now Question Vaccines by Barbara Loe-Fisher with Dr. Mercola Bitchute - Nov 2022


    >>POTUS says Pandemic Over & Booster Evidence Weakness by Dr. Campbell - Sep 2022 Shows paper reviews of booster research limitations and emergency authorizations and asks what are we still doing???

    >>Fifth COVID Shot Recommended without Safety or Efficacy Data by Mercola substack - Oct 2022    Booster recommendations are based on emergency authorization and immune response data from a few lab mice (Moderna & Pfizer)? Government has ordered 170 million doses. Analysis suggests that adverse reaction from these 2 boosters causes adverse reactions at a rate of 12.5 per 10,000 whereas the Pfizer shot appears to reduce the risk of COVID hospitalization by 2.3 per 10,000 and the Moderna 6.4 per 10,000 shots. For ages 19-29, these vaccines will cause 18-98 serious adverse reactions for each hospitalization prevented. Says that 22,000 to 30,000 of ages 19-29 previously unaffected must be boosted to prevent one hospitalization. There are reports of a number of CDC and FDA scientists saying off the record that they have serious concerns about these vaccines and how they are being tested and pushed but they fear for their careers and other fallout.

    >>Doctor Turns Against mRNA Shots by EpochTimes - Oct 2022 After investigating the heart attack death of his father (6 months following vaccination) the medical doctor has a change of mind.

    >>Did the Vaccinated Fare Better than the Unvaccinated? by EpochTimes - Oct 2022 A large summary comparing vaccinated to none.

    >>Eagle's ICAN V-Safe Review on Rumble - Oct 2022 A review of the adverse effects reported on COVID vaccines to the CDC database that show that of the 10 million people registered, 7.7% needed medical care, 25% missed school or work or had adverse reactions that affected their daily activities. 40% reported joint pain, 20% reported moderate pain and 4% reported severe joint pain.


    >>Dr. Aseem Malhotra Who Promoted Vaccines Now Calls for Immediate Suspension YouTube - Sep 2022 Well known European Dr. Malhotra who first promoted the vaccines now says that the data does not support continuing with vaccination and is urging the immediate suspension of all boosters. He says the numbers do not add up. He has 2 articles published in the journal Insulin Resistance.

    >>Viral Transmission Was NOT Tested by Pfizer Before Releasing Jab to the Public by John Campbell - Oct 2022 Dr. Campbell reports on Pfizer's admission that Pfizer had not tested and did not know if the vaccines would prevent transmission of the SARS-CoV2 virus. It seems now known the vaccine does not prevent transmission. So the extreme pressure to get vaccinated to protect others - or loose your job, can't go to school or travel or to save your grandmother - getting a passport was based on falsehood. No evidence. Yet publicly enforced. Scandalous?

    >>Who Fact Checks the Fact Checkers? by John Campbell - Oct 2022 Dr. Campbell reviews the fact checking that a non-medical fact checker from Facebook did on a BMJ article - all without submitting and proof. He says that medical care is: 1) Assess the patient's need, 2) Develop a plan of care, 3) Carry out the intervention, 4) Evaluate the effectiveness of the care and repeat. Preferable based on some evidence based criteria. David Sackett (father of evidence based medicine) said you need: 1) Empirical evidence that it works or consensus based Expert Opinion and 2) all that is consistent with the patient's preferences. Scientific Freedom organization outlines it as: 1) All science should be free from financial conflicts of interest, 2) All science should be published as soon as possible and made freely accessible, 3) All scientific data, including protocols, should be freely accessible allowing others to do their own analysis, and open to international peer review.  BMJ says that it is inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible... and fails to provide any specific assertions of what is wrong...


    >>Breast Milk Showing Vaccine mRNA by Dr. Been - Sep 2022

    >>Myocarditis After Vaccines, 54% Youngsters Had Cardiac MRI Abnormalities After 90 Days by Dr. Been - Sep 2022 Dr. Moybeen reviews several studies that show many younger patients (worse male and Caucasian) showed heart abnormalities and were still on medications for them even though in many cases their medical doctors said they were recovered.

    >>Post COVID Brain Disorders by Dr. Campbell - Sep 2022 Discusses brain complications from COVID but also hints that he cannot discuss (due to social media censorship) any of this as possible vaccine adverse reactions but leaves that up to the listeners because he is closely following YouTube rules - that keep changing.

    >>Several Examples of State Health Officials Continuing with Vaccine Benefit Misinformation by EpochTimes - Oct 2022

    >>Long Haul COVID-19 & Vaccine Adverse Effects with Dr. Vliet on VCYAmerica - Sep 2022 Elizabeth Vliet, M.D., shares her perspective from her practice and treating patients who are having many complications. She says that the virus was engineered to have increased 1 inflammation, 2 increased micro-clotting and 3 increased immune supression problems (including autoimmune, cancer, etc.).


    >>Dr. Paul Marik Speaks Out About Silencing Doctors Who Want to Speak Out About COVID with Steve Kirsch on Rumble - Sep 2022 Paul Marik, M.D. is a highly prestigious critical care doctors, the second most published in the world. He began in 2020 getting the COVID vaccine - then later realized its dangers. When he did not want to go along with treating COVID patients with Remdesivir and other procedures that resulted in harming patients but rather wanted to treat them (as his decades of experience recommended) with vitamin C and other methods, his hospital had him removed and essential ruined his career with a fabricated sham peer review. He had NEVER had a patient complaint. Hospitals seem to get paid a 20% bonus on Medicare patients (on a $400,000+ bill) if they use remdesivir. They also reportedly get bonuses for using ventilators and if a patient dies from COVID. After investigating the vaccines he says that he would not recommend them to anyone on the planet. Hospitals became like prisons to COVID patients. Marik says the pharmaceutical companies control so much including the journal committees and they lie. He discusses that even though 20-30% of doctors may have serious concerns, the system is working together with boards and hospitals and there are no states that doctors can speak out without serious threat (sometimes even physical death threats to their families). They are out to make examples of them... this world has gone made and it will hurt our children...

    >>Why Doctors Are Lying to You by Mercola substack - Oct 2022 Doctors are afraid to speak out against the mainstream narrative because doing so can cost them their ability to practice medicine. Remdesivir is now the only "standard of care" medicine even though it does not seem to be effective against COVID and it can cause kidney and liver damage. Hospitals are getting bonuses for Medicare patients on Remdesivir, ventilators or who die. Starting with California legislation October 1, doctors (in CA, etc.) can now be penalized for saying anything to patients that goes against official guidelines. Second opinions, informed consent and development of medicine will all suffer by censoring medical discourse. Dr. Marik says that he realizes he was brainwashed by big pharma in medical school and that medical journals can't be trusted either. High profile doctors affected by disciplinary and smear tactics are Meryl Nass, Paul Marik, Martin Kulldorff, Sunetra Gupta, Jay Bhattacharya, Peter McCullough and Ryan Cole, etc. See books by Pierre Kory, M.D., "War on Ivermectin: The Medicine that Save Millions and Could Have Ended the COVID Pandemic." and Peter McCullough, M.D., " The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex."

    >>10 Things They Said About COVID-19 That Were Not True? by The Daily Signal - Oct 2022 YouTube video clips.

    >>Unholy Alliances - Faith Leaders Pushing Pharma Fraud by MercolaPDF - Oct 2022 How religious leaders are pushing the agenda.


    >>CDC Backtracks on COVID Recommendations As Research Evidence Mounts by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 Changes in guidance for masks, testing, quarantine, etc.

    >>Over 1000 Adverse Reactions in Children and Toddlers After COVID-19 Vaccines by Epoch Times - Sep 2022

    >>Appears Pfizer Trials Hid Injuries by The High Wire on Bitchute - Aug 2022 Maddie's story is an early teen girl who volunteered for the Pfizer trial and was severely injured - now disabled, she is written off and denied by most medical providers.

    >>Maddie's Vax Injury Story by MercolaPDF. - Aug 2022 Severely injured by the vaccine as a teenage trial participant.

    >>Woman Escapes COVID19 Hospital Treatments After Being Told She Will Die by Epoch Times - Sep 2022 A Texas woman escapes her hospital COVID ward after her doctor declared that she would die (not being vaccinated). She was denied the treatment protocol she was asking for, pressured to take Remdesivir, pressured to accept other treatments and denied seeing her priest and family. She tells of her near death experience and how her husband took her out of the hospital against orders - to save her life.


    >>First NIH Study of Neurological Vaccine Injury review by Dr. Been with Brie (vaccine injured) on YouTube - Sep 2022 She was a teacher who had major reactions and needs ongoing advanced care IV-IG and steroids just to function and still has not returned to work. The study claims that all 3 have recovered. Reviewing the study and what the patients experienced versus what what was reported!!!

    >>Adverse Vaccine Events in German Study by Dr. Campbell on YouTube - Aug 2022 Dr. Campbell says officials are not doing any Risk Benefit Analysis. From German vaccine safety data from Dec 2020 to Mar 2022 there were 172 million injections with 296,233 adverse reactions that is 1.7 per 1000 or 0.17% for all events.Serious events are 0.2 per 1000 or 0.02% (1 in every 5000). Serious events include headache, severe malaise, pulmonary embolism, papitations, myocarditis, rash, shortness of breath... Critics caution these are temporal (in other words associated) but not proven to be caused by. Therefore, the real numbers could be lower. But he is quick to point out the actual numbers could be higher - in fact that might be more likely because of the delay from injection to problem. The German data is more transparent, available and easier to read than the American...but he says he might not be able to understand the "American" way of doing health reporting things....

    >>Some Permanent Long Covid by Dr. Campbell on YouTube - Aug 2022  Dr. Campbell says data shows long COVID in 1 of 205 or so infected. Symptoms = neurological, cardiovascular and multi-organ inflammation. Which variant or which vaccine did not really make any difference in outcomes. Dr. Campbell says there are somethings that he cannot discuss (because of censors?).

    >>Thai Vaccine Heart Complications by Dr. Campbell on YouTube - Aug 2022 Dr. Campbell reports that doctors are finding more complications (especially among the young and males) than being commonly reported and he questions why these studies are not being done in the United States or the U.K.


    >>95% of Parents Refuse COVID Shots for those Under 5 by The Hill Rising - Aug 2022 In spite of public health, pharma and media rhetoric, less then 5% of parents have elected to get their children under 5 vaccinated. Children 5-11 years old are vaccinated at about 37%. We know that not only have a big majority of children had COVID, but they are very unlikely to have severe symptoms or hospitalization, yet they have vaccine risks - even if also statistically small.

    >>CDC Recommending Vaccines from 6 Months by Dr. Campbell YouTube - Jun 2022 Reviews the data that vaccines are being incorrectly administered (not aspirated), it shows low efficacy, a poor risk analysis with out-of-date data, and 75% already have natural immunity. How does this make the risk benefit worth it for children???

    >>Majority of Americans Do Not Want Booster Jabs by MercolaPDF - May 2022 About 257 million Americans got the first vaccine (of 324 million less the children under 5 that is 82% of eligible citizens). Then 15% of those chose not to go back for a second shot. And as more is learned about the vaccines, only about 100 million or 30% of the population went back for boosters. That would suggest that 70% are not fully boosted and "protected".

    >>The War on Ivermectin with Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Mercola - Oct 2022 Reports that hidden in data from Pfizer trials of 32 pregnancies, 28 of the babies died, 87.5%. NEJM reported a rate of trial miscarriages at about 13% "normal", but in first trimester data the failure number was 72% !! Reports that the CDC unanimously vote on toddler vaccines has no grounding in data. The U.S. government has preordered these vaccines 100 million? They discuss the deep level of corruption and how it hurts patients.

    >>The Truth About Ivermectin by EpochTimes - Nov 2022 A investigative news review.


    >>Healthcare Workers Win Over Vaccine Mandates in Illinois by TrialSiteNews - Aug 2022 Illinois healthcare workers win lawsuit over health system when religious exemptions were denied and they were fired (269) or resigned paid $25,000 or continued to work (206) paid $3,000.  Employees were reinstated with seniority and back pay.

    >>Houston United Methodist Hospital Not Requiring Latest Booster by Epoch Times - Sep 2022 Report about number of staff who have quit or been fired over the vaccine mandates causing shortages and now recent changes in policy. Except new hires being required to get vaccine and being paid up to $15,000 bonus. Some are reporting vaccine injuries and question benefits of shots.

    >>The Healthy American with Peggy Hall Explains Religious Rights from Title VII and Civil Rights Act of 1964 - Aug 2022 Exemption Request

    >>Pitfalls to Avoid with Your Religious Liberty Request by The Healthy American - Aug 2022

    >>What is Happening to Informed Consent? - May 2022 This is an old article from 2008. But the Supreme Court of India just recently ordered that informed consent must apply even for COVID vaccines and that the information must be released to the public.


    >>Testimonies From COVID Jab Injured by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022

    >>Italian Study Shows 94% of Vaccinated With Subsequent Health Issues Have Abnormal Blood by Epoch Times - Sep 2022

    >>Vaccinated Appear to Be At Higher Risk of Serious COVID by Epoch Times - Sep 2022 Discussed data on COVID adverse reactions.

    >>Montage of Vaccine Injury Reactions - WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT - Aug 2022 Are these all related to the vaccines? They are very tragic and disturbing.


    >>Antibodies in 99.3% of Youth by Dr. Campbell YouTube - June 2022 Over 99% of secondary students in the British survey had antibodies by March 2022 with only 64% of those vaccinated. And 82% of primary school students had antibodies but only 0.4% were vaccinated. (WHY GIVE CHILDREN A VACCINE IF THEY ALREADY HAVE IMMUNITY???)

    >>Vaccination or Natural Immunity by Dr. Campbell YouTube - Jun 2022 Explains that natural immunity is T&B cells not just antibodies. 87% are still protected from new variants. Papers (BMJ) show that 218 to 767 of naturally immune people need to be vaccinated to prevent ONE additional infection (not death). Big Pharma sponsors 75% of FDA review budget. Says vaccines have overall reduced COVID disease but have caused some to suffer severe side-effects.

    >>Natural Immunity Protects You More Than 3 mRNA Jabs by MercolaPDF - Sep 2022  See discussion finally being admitted by CDC and others.

    >>Vaccine Regrets and Post Vaccine Medical Problems by The Epoch Times - Aug 2022 While about 60 percent of vaccinated people poled say they are glad they got vaccinated, about 10% say that they regret a COVID vaccine and 15% say they have been medically diagnosed with a significant new medical problem (neuro, cardiovascular, immune, etc. - many severe) since getting the vaccine.


    >>FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Causes Immunosuppression by Epoch Times - Apr 2022 Trial data recently released reveals that the FDA and Pfizer knew that their COVID shot causes immunosuppression. It seems they also know that natural immunity was just as good as the jab and that the shot side-effects were more severe in those under 55.

    >>Pfizer Hired 600 Employees to Process Vaccine Trial Side-Effect Reports by Epoch Times - Apr 2022

    >>The CDC is Sacrificing Kids for Big Pharma by MercolaPDF - Jul 2022 Covid vaccine approvals for toddlers. Do they need it? Is it safe?


    >>Unusual Toxins Found in COVID Vaccines by Epoch Times - Aug 2022 German researchers report findings. 

    >>NEJM Study Shows Vaccinated Are 5x MORE Contagious than Unvaccinated After 10 Days by TrialSite News - Sep 2022

    >>Military Health Tracker Court-martialed after Whistle Blowing on Excessive New Medical Problems by EpochTimes - Aug 2022 

    >>Neurological Symptoms Appear in 50% of Long Covid Patients by Epoch Times - Aug 2022


    >>Pathologist Reviews Twisted Pfizer Infant Trial Data on Rumble - Jun 2022 (short) HART pathologist Dr. Claire Craig reviews problems with the recent FDA data approval. Of the total 4526 children, ages 6mo to 4 yrs, 3000 did not finish the trial. It is not revealed why. The trial defined severe COVID = raised heart rate or respiration. In TOTAL age 2-4 only 6 children in the shot group and 1 in the placebo group got severe COVID. This looks like one is More likely to get severe COVID by being vaccinated. Only one child was hospitalized and they were in the vaccinated group. During the waiting period of 3 weeks between doses), 34 vaccinated got COVID and only 13 in placebo group. In another 8 week gap (before third dose), a number of vaccinated got COVID but were not counted. In the end, they seemed to ignore 98% of COVID illness and based their recommendation on a tiny subset of children who got COVID i.e. 3 who were vaccinated and 7 in the placebo arm. During the follow-up period, 12 children had COVID twice but only 1 of them was unvaccinated! No long term safety was included. COVID-19 still does not hardly affect children. How can this get EUA approval - with no emergency (serious injury or death with no existing effective treatment) or effectiveness or safety proof? Any claims that vaccines reduce transmission has been abandoned by most. Finally, after a 6 week safety follow up, the placebos were vaccinated - being able to track them as a safety control group was gone forever.

    >>CRITIQUE of Dr. Walensky of CDC Child Vaccine Rollout Promo by Dr. Kory on Rumble - Jun 2022 HART pathologist Dr. Claire Crag shows the data that does not support that the Pfizer vaccine helps children but rather appears to CAUSE MORE COVID-19. (Dr. Rolland's comments: This apparent hubris and greed with disregard for children is appalling. What is Dr. Mom trying to sell here?)

    >>Global COVID Summit Declaration IV on VCY America - Jun 2022 EYE OPENING 60 minute Uncensored summary - worth your time. This is audio excerpts from over 17,000 international scientists and doctors who recently convened to share and state their opposition to the way COVID-19 was managed and the way doctors were forced to not early treat patients (of those who did so anyways - treating thousands, reported success rates of over 99.96 percent - saving most lives). Top name doctors and scientists address 10 principles of ethical medicine and how the system is broken and corrupted by money and politics costing many COVID-19 patients their lives. Sadly some children and others are being denied needed medical care because they refuse these jabs.



    >>Vaccine Safety Research Council Review of Child Safety Data on Rumble - Jun 2022 a brief explanation of concerns slide show

    >>Adult Death Surges and Baby Shots by Dr. Lee Vliet on VCY America - Jun 2022 Adults dying unexpectedly at at higher rate. How children are at risk of the injections much more than the disease and how many already have natural immunity. Says 2022 has 8-10 percent live birth drop in western nations from vaccinations? In young ages 18-44, deaths more 61,000 in 9 months of 2021 after shots vs. 58.000 in the 10 years of the Vietnam war era. Average annual athlete deaths under age 35 from Olympic committee is 1101 from 1966-2004 average = 29/year but in the last year alone = 769 athletes have died from heart or other reasons on the field (from March to March after vaccines rolled out).


    >>Surge of Adult Death Syndrome by Epoch Times - LINK MOVED Jul 2022 Dr. Campbell reports that excess deaths of adults especially young "healthy" people will outstrip the deaths of COVID-19 if they continue at this rate. other Young Adults Are Dying at Record Levels Link

    >>Over 700 Athletes Collapsed LAST (2021) Year On the Field by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022 Good Sciencing reports 890 cardiac arrests with 579 deaths...many seem to be following the COVID-19 vaccines.

    >>Record Athletic Collapses by Matt Le Tissier with Dr. Mercola on Rumble - Apr 2022 A video discussing why so many athletes have been collapsing and dying - and yet not being investigated.

    >>Are Excess Deaths of Athletes and Many Others Unexplained? by Dr. Campbell YouTube - Sep 2022

    >>U.S. Life Expectancy Declines by MercolaPDF - Sep 2022 See more details and discussion.


    >>9 year-old girl dies days after Pfizer COVID vaccine by Epoch Times - Jul 2022

    >>Risk of Children Getting Booster Shots by The Hill on Rumble - Mar 2022 Vaccine risk for most children outweighs the benefits. The CDC is recommending boosters to merely prevent "mild symptomatic illness" for about 2 months - until it wanes. Reports that young males are more likely to get myocarditis from the vaccine than be hospitalized by COVID-19. Was is America handling vaccines for children this way???

    >>FDA Recommending COVID Vaccines for Children Based on only 10 cases by MercolaPDF - Jun 2022

    >>FDA Authorizes Pfizer Booster for Kids 5-11 by MercolaPDF - May 2022 Fewer than 1/3 of U.S. children (29%) have had even one dose of the mRNA vaccine. A CDC study shows that effectiveness drops to 60% after one month and below 30% after two months. Artificially inflated antibodies trick your body to act like you are constantly infected. It seems that child liver damage is occurring from the COVID vaccines. COVID-19 still poses very little risk to children. After 2 jabs, children now have a higher risk of COVID-19 than those unvaccinated.


     >>The Vaccine Rollout is Directly Linked to DISABILITY by MercolaPDF- Jun 2022

    >>COVID-19 Vaccines Seem to Cause Menstrual Irregularities by Dr. Malone with Epoch Times - Jul 2022

    >>Neuropathic Symptoms with SARS-CoV2 Vaccination with BMJ, Yale on MedRxiv - May 2022

    >>Mental Illness Seems to be a Side Effect of mRNA Vaccines by EpochTimes - Jul 2022



    >>Zinc Cuts COVID Death Rate by 40% by MercolaPDF - Nov 2022 New study shows zinc twice daily resulted in 40% lower deaths and ICU admissions and shorter hospital and symptom duration.

    >>COVID Vaccine and Blood Clots by Mercola substack - Oct 2022 How the blood clot damage occurs and how to treat vaccine damage. See, and for protocols. Among others they use HCQ and Ivermectin to bind the spike protein. Also infrared light, intermittent fasting, etc. Here is a scientific review video discussing the injury problems.

    >>How to Prevent & Treat COVID Jab Injuries by MercolaPDF - May 2022 Michelle Perro, M.D., things that seem to help include Ivermectin, HCQ, pine needle tea, NAC, curcumin, zeolite and many homeopathic remedies. These are used to treat the 5 vaccine toxins - spike protein toxicity, PEG, nano lipid inflammation, graphene oxide and the nano lipid toxicity. The spikes cross the blood brain barrier and into vulnerable tissues. DISCUSSES HOW DAMAGING THE GMO AND GLYPHOSPHATE (in many foods) ARE TO THE BODY AND ITS TOXIC LOAD AND MENTAL INJURY. 

Since SARS-CoV2 can cross the blood brain barrier, it can interfere with autophagy and cause brain aging. It can be countered by activating autophagy with intermittent fasting, using terpine nutrients (can use essential oils) and meditation (reduces brain fog and increases concentration).

    >>Preventing & Treating COVID Jab Injuries by Dr. Michelle Perro with Dr. Mercola on Rumble - May 2022 A pediatric emergency room doctor also working as a naturopath, uses the following to help her jab injured pediatric patients: teens ivermectin at 12-18mg bid, HCQ 200mg bid, quercetin at 500mg bid with zinc 25-50mg bid (for 3 days, less for girls and watch not to interfere with copper), curcumin, NAC, and nebulized hydrogen peroxide - see the solution recipe. She also uses homeopathic for lymph/ liver detox. Discusses weaponized ticks and organism hard to treat like Lyme disease (immuno compromised - treat the organism and heal the terrain). Mosquitos too? Take care of YOUR OWN Health - homeopathy, healthy food, sunshine, exercise, and other natural remedies.

    >>Long COVID Neuropsychiatric Injury Can Last for Over 2 Years & Treatment by Epoch Times - Sep 2022 SARS Co-V2 (even mild infection) can damage nerve cells by affecting the neuro progenitor cells & neuronal stem cells, increasing blood vessel fragility, damaging mitochondrial function, affecting nerve cell lipids and myelin, triggering autoimmunity and inhibiting autophagy. Symptoms can be long lasting (over 2 years) and hard to treat. Even a mild infection can cause structural and functional injury resulting in brain atrophy and effects to the orbital frontal & parahippocampus and olfactory cortex. Neuron regeneration can be promoted by regular aerobic exercise - benefits to lab animals were noted after 21 days of exercise.

    >>Time Restricted Eating Seems to Help Lessen COVID-19 by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 (See Dr. Rolland for details.)

    >>More Evidence Vitamin D Helps Prevent Severe COVID-19 by Ivor Cummings on Mercola PDF- Jul 2022 Vitamin D & C are important against the spike protein.

    >>Meta Analysis Confirms Vitamin D Defends Against COVID by Mercola PDF - Sep 2022

    >>Sunlight and Light Therapy Optimizes Health by Dr. Seheult - Jan 2022 Discusses important benefits of near infrared NIR light therapy to lessen symptoms and help heal the body. Seems to help lower inflammation and produce melatonin.

    >>Infrared Light Therapy Relieves Spike Protein Inflammation in TLR4 by Dr. Sehuelt - Sep 2022 Animal studies with SARS-CoV2 explained by Dr. Sehualt show Infrared light therapy seems to help neutralize Covid-19 spike proteins.            

    >>Ivermectin Prophylatic Study Shows 92% Reduction in COVID Deaths with Pierre Kory by Epoch Times - Aug 2022 Ivermectin seems to bind to the spike protein (and 3 other mechanisms). Some use 0.2mg/kg/week?     

    >>Hydroxychloroquine Blocks SARS-CoV2 Entry (in vitro study) by Dr. Been - Sep 2022 Explains mechanism and how it might help in vivo (life).

    Melatonin is appears to help reduce risk of COVID-19 infection and death from it. (Children have high melatonin levels.) 

    Nigella sativa may help. Also zincmagnesium and calcium.

    COVID & the vaccines change gut flora (blocking bifobacterium?). Work to restore them (keifer can help).

    Some medical doctors are also using low dose statins and low dose meltrexin for a few weeks

    >>Scientists Find One Antibody That Disables All SARS-CoV2 Variants by Dr. Been YouTube - Sep 2022 Human mouse studies.


    >>The Great Vaccine Scare Reaches Fever Pitch by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022

    >>Rheumatologist Robert Jackson Reports 40% of COVID Vax Patients Get Reactions & 5% are Long Lasting with Steve Kirsch on Rumble - May 2022  Of his 5000 patients about 60% or 3000 were vaccinated with 40% or 1200 of those getting severe reactions and many of them lasting a long time and making their lives miserable. While in a typical year only 5% or 150 would have had a bad reaction from other pre-COVID vaccines and that with mostly minor reactions. Reports also show some of his patients died from vaccine complications? Rheumatologists work with autoimmune and immune compromised patients. He and other doctors in his group are recommending that patients wait for more information before getting any more COVID shots.

    >>COVID-19 Vaccines Impair the Immune System with Dr. Malone by Epoch Times - Jul 2022

    >>Vaccine Injury Study Participant Interview by Dr. Been - Jun 2022

    >>Endocrinologist Says Worst Is Yet to Come for Jab Injured by EpochTimes - Nov 2022 Evidence of hormone damage may be delayed because they have deeper reserves.


    >>Pathologist Ryan Cole Shares Findings of Concern with Brian Hooker on Rumble - May 2022 Dr. Cole has many credentials and decades of experience and shares his concerns regarding cancers and other health problems that appear to be increasing with COVID-19 vaccination.

    >>These Are NOT Normal Cancers - Doctors All Over the World Are Noticing Something is Wrong with Dr. Cole on CHDTV - Jun 2022 Pathologist Ryan Cole reports on a surge of many abnormal cancers.

    >>Experienced Pathologist Speaks Out About Severe COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects by MercolaPDF - Jul 2022 Pathologist Ryan Cole shares many findings about emerging cancers, neurological diseases and blood disorders, etc.

    >>Video of Severe COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects by Dr. Cole on Bitchute - Jul 2022 Interview by Dr. Mercola


    >>New Citizen's Vaccine Injury Reporting System by Truth For Health Foundation on VCYAmerica - Apr 2022 Interview with Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. explains a new vaccine injury reporting system that is transparent and user friendly. It seems that the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) may be intentionally arduous to use. Dr. Vliet discusses how the mRNA shots suppress part of our cancer surveillance system and that many new and remission cancers are occurring. Discusses Dr. Faucci previously saying that anyone who has had the flu has better immunity and does not need a flu vaccine. Instead of about 1 hour per case to file on VAERS, this new system allows a vaccine injury case to be entered on their cell phone in about 20 minutes. Dr. Vliet discusses the many vaccine injuries from the COVID-19 shots. This new non-profit citizens database is run by volunteer doctors and will bring this information clearly to the public. TFH is all run by donations and does not get any government or business funding. Go to to file a vaccine injury report, see treatment guides or legal help.

    >>Stripping Doctor's Who Advocate for Patients and Promote COVID "Misinformation" by Russell Brand on YouTube - Apr 2022 A California proposal to take the medical license from any doctor who does not clearly promote the state pandemic narrative and care policies.


    >>FDA & Pfizer Knew COVID Shots Causing Immune Suppression by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022

    >>Pfizer Dump: Seems Knew Natural Immunity is Better, Fertility Questions, ADE & Immune Damage by HillRising YouTube - Apr 2022

    >>Thousands of VAERS Database Cases Seem to Have Been Deleted by MercolaPDF - May 2022 There are likely many more deaths (over 500 deleted of the 10,000 total deleted claims). Also 4,000 non-COVID vaccine VAERS records have been deleted.

    >>VAERS Database Data Compromised Adverse Events Deleted by Albert Benavides on Stew Peters Rumble - May 2022 This database does not update on adverse reaction outcomes and deaths but only the initial reports.


    >>Is the Latest Polio Outbreak Caused by the Vaccine? by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 Vaccine can cause mutation and spread of the virus.

    >>Why Is There A Big Increase in Autism? by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 Autism was diagnosed in about 1 in 30 or 3.49% of children ages 3 to 17 in 2020. Autism seems to be triggered by some vaccines, glyphosphate, mercury, lead, aluminum, phthalates and other chemicals.

    >>Does the Jab Kill More than it Saves? by MercolaPDF - May 2022 See Walgreens release of all cause mortality risk from those who have been vaccinated and boosted compared to others.

    >>New Data Shows Troubling Trend for Vaccinated by TheHighWire on Rumble - May 2022


    >>Pfizer to Make $54 Billion Off Treating COVID Over And Over by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022

    >>Will Pfizer Ever Be Charged for Mislabeling Vaccine Side Effects? by MercolaPDF - Jul 2022

    >>Dr. Judy Mikovits Suggests Retroviruses Are Part of COVID-19 Hazards by MercolaPDF - Sep 2022 Dr. Mikovits is a scientist who for decades has warned that the contamination of vaccine substrate from animal retroviruses causes many problems (neuro-immune) in humans.


    >>The 10 Year Pandemic Plan - What Else Doctors and Scientists See on the Way by MercolaPDF - May 2022 COVID-19 is only the beginning of what some see as a decade 2020-2030 of pandemics.

    >>The 10 Year Plan - video montage of real events leading up to COVID-19 on Rumble - May 2022 Watch this. Shocking but not surprising. For years, world powers were planning towards the COVID-19 pandemic. They say there are more to come. They say they are necessary to cause changes that are needed. MANY ATTORNEYS, DOCTORS AND SCIENTISTS ARE FORMING WORLDWIDE FREEDOM ALLIANCES TO STAND UP TO THE RICH ELITE MANUEVERING TO CONTROL THE WORLD.

    >>Turns Out that W.H.O. , Gates and Others Simulated Monkey Pox Pandemics by CHD - May 2022 Reports that NIH has worked with Wuhan lab of virology on Monkey Pox.


    >>Shocking Truth About the Global Depopulation Agenda by Mercola PDF - Jul 2022  Unbelievable plan that has been going on for years.

    >>Truth About Global Depopulation Agenda with Dr. Andrew Wakefield & Mary Holland, Esq. by Dr. Mercola on Bitchute - Jul 2022  KEY MATERIAL TO BE AWARE OF - COVID turns the whole vaccine argument on its head. People are waking up for living. See their new movie documentary "Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda".


    >>COVID UPDATE: What Is Truth? by Russell Blaylock, M.D. on Surgical Neurology International on PubMedCentral - May 2022 A neuro surgeon discusses many concerns from the pandemic - longer article but many references on each point made.

    >>Microplastics Found in Lungs and Other Organs Pose Huge Health Risks by MercolaPDF - May 2022 Microplastics come from the breakdown of plastic in the environment - including masks. They enter the body and blood stream and create numerous health hazards.

    >>Financial Collapse and COVID-19 Jab Data with Edward Doud by MercolaPDF - Sep 2022 Edward Doud is a former financial portfolio manager with Black Rock. He discusses the fraud he sees evidence for from the vaccine industry manifest in the life insurance and financial sectors. He predicts a major economic collapse in the next 6-18 months and recommends having cash to buy distressed investments. He discusses the approximate 10% increase in self-reported disabled people from 2021 per the Bureau of Statistics.He discusses the the big increase of premature deaths (especially the millennials) reported by the insurance companies. He explains what he sees as fraud and says that his eyes are opened and he will never take another COVID or flu vaccine.

    >>Financial Collapse and COVID-19 Jab Data interview with Edward Doud on Bitchute  - Sep 2022 interview of above summary.

    >>How to Maintain Good Health and Break Free by MercolaPDF - Jul 2022 Rockefeller's plan to control medicine, banking and food. Get healthy by sun exposure, time restricted eating, reducing seed oil consumption and optimization of your circadian rhythm.


    >>Impossible to Ignore: How Big Pharma Controls American Medicine by BMJ on Russel Brand - Apr 2022 The British Medical Journal discusses how big pharma money controls medical research, data, regulators, providers and even the peer review journals.

    >>Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine BMJ by Dr. Campbell - Mar 2022 Hard-hitting critical 30 minute summary by the esteemed British Medical Journal of the problems with money corrupted medical research funding (mostly controlled by big pharma now) and with industry capture (lobbyists and revolving doors) of regulators who are supposed to be ensuring public safety and help.

    >>Boosting Immunity or Boosting Profits? by Russell Brand on YouTube - Apr 2022 Is the FDA ignoring their own experts and approving a 4th COVID-19 shot even when effectiveness and safety are uncertain? It seems that 45% of the FDA budget comes from the industry they are supposed to be regulating. Have they recently denied emergency use application for 2 companies (Novavax & Covaxin) manufacturing traditional type (non mRNA) vaccines? Is there a reason that the FDA is not publicly evaluating and discussing the possible side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccines?


    >>NYC & Washington DC Schools are Mandating COVID Vaccines for School Children by The Hill Rising - Aug 2022 Will this hurt kids that can not go to school? It primarily hurts poor, minority children. These vaccines don't stop disease contraction or spread. Saying that kids can't play sports or band or other clubs in NYC and kicked out in Washington DC???

    >>Large Hospitals Face Staff Shortages Infected with COVID-19 Even Though Vaccinated by EpochTimes - Jul 2022

    >>Court Finds NY Quarantine Rule Unconstitutional by EpochTimes - Jul 2022


    >>How the FDA and CDC Abandon Science to Get Drugs Approved by CHD on Rumble - Jul 2022 

    >>Mask Mandates Increase COVID-19 Deaths by MercolaPDF - Jun 2022 Masks can carry other germs (i.e. bacteria) and contribute microplastics to the lungs.


    >>Vaccination Increases Risk of COVID-19 by Epoch Times - Jun 2022

    >>Three Vaccines Seem Worse than Two? by MercolaPDF - Jun 2022 It seems that those with one or two boosters are twice as likely to get COVID-19 as those with only two shots. It suggests that unvaccinated are still more likely to contract it than those who are vaccinated. (No discussion of the risk of the vaccines and the waning protection.) Shows in U.S.A. 221M vaccinated (fully?), 103M with one booster dose and 14M with two boosters. Says it still protects against severe illness.

    >>Why Are COVID Patients Being Treated with HIV Drugs? by MercolaPDF - Jul 2022 SARS CoV2 seems to have HIV like segments.


    >>Did Pfizer Commit Fraud During Its COVID Vaccine Research? by MercolaPDF - May 2022

    >>Pfizer Fraud Concerns by Steve Kirsch on Rumble with Dr. Mercola - May 2022

    >>COVID Persists but Are Vaccines Helping? by MercolaPDF - May 2022 New information releases seem to show that the vaccines are helping less and less.


    >>Transcending Fear with Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo on MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 Public thinking in hard times. Video Link.

    >>The Courage to Face C*VID-19 by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 Interview with Peter McCullough, M.D., about so many things that have been controlled and misdirected. Collected stories in a new book with John Leake. What happened & What is likely Coming.

    >>The Courage to Face C*VID-19 on Bitchute - Aug 2022 A video interview with Peter McCullough, M.D. What happened & What is likely Coming. Why do they want a shot in every arm, every 6 months regardless of age or contraindications or choice - all without any liability?


    >>Many COVID Infections among Vaccinated CDC Employees by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022 Is it that 7 of 10 CDC employees contracted COVID after being vaccinated?

    >>Digital Passports Continue to Quietly Roll Out by MercolaPDF - Mar 2022 A system to not only track your health care but also your finances and other activities - starting with over 200 million Americans who got vaccinated. (Apparently heavily promoted by the World Economic Forum, international banks, big tech and big pharma & insurance.)

    >>Top Officials Working to Shutdown Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Even in 2021 by HillRising - Apr 2022 Evidence they knew continues to be uncovered.


    >>Biologist Bret Weinstein says he will be vindicated over his pandemic criticism by UnHerd on YouTube - Jun 2022 Dr. Weinstein questions the aggressive attacks against concerned pandemic scientists and doctors.

    >>James Corbett's review of Bill Gate's book "How to Prevent the Next Pandemic" on CHDF - May 2022 A chapter by chapter review explaining Gate's intent to have an international surveillance team, quicker pandemic responses and more vaccines because more pandemics are coming...

    >>Bill Gates Baby Formula Investment BIOMILQ by New School News on Rumble - May 2022 Are we finding that breastfeeding is actual harmful for babies and these new manufactured formulas are the answer???


    >>G20 and The Next Pandemic by Dr. Campbell - Nov 2022 Discusses that WHO is looking to set up a global surveillance team that will have jurisdiction over all county health departments to test and order lockdowns and vaccines and other treatments... to control future pandemics.

    >>Retired Generals Say Next Pandemic is Right on Schedule by Epoch Times - Jul 2022

    >>Human Microchips to Monitor and Control by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022

    >>How Do Vanguard and Black Rock Own So Much of the World? by MercolaPDF - May 2022 They own much of large corporations and real-estate. Soon they may own you too.


    >>Water Wars by The Corbett Report - Aug 2022 Discusses global shortages of water and how governments seem to be seeding clouds to influence the weather. Also how they appear to be manipulating ground water sources to create water shortages...and help the environment.

    >>Are Energy Systems Crashing and Destroying? by MercolaPDF - May 2022

    >>Economy, Energy and Environment Failing? by PeakProperity on YouTube - May 2022 Explains the limits of resources and control by the top and where we will be...  Energy and food will be critical for you to develop for yourself. And can I say health...

    >>Morgan Stanley Warms of Something Worse than Recession? by EpochTimes - Sep 2022


    >>Rudyard Kipling "If you can keep your head..." poem by David Brown - history

   "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of those who by their wickedness suppress truth." - Romans 1:18 Apostle Paul

   "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." - Galatians 6:7 Apostle Paul

   "O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." - Walter Scott

    "The man who will not read is no better off than the man who cannot read." - Mark Twain


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