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>>Corona Update June 2020 {video}

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THE MATH MEDICAL PROTOCOL - Here is a Eastern Virginia Medical School EVMS MATH+ protocol being suggested and used by hospitals to address three of the big life-threatening problems created by SARS-COV2. That is the 1) immune dysregulation and 2) hyper-inflammation (cytokine storm), the 3) hyper-coagulability (increased clotting) and the severe hypoxemia (low oxygen levels). Reports show that patients can benefit by being prone with oxygen but avoiding a ventilator. Several video links are listed below to help explain this protocol and ventilator complications. 

Medications (HCG, remdesivir, many more) and nutritionals (including vitamin C & D, zinc, quercetin, melatonin, thiamine B1 and magnesium) are detailed. NAC Glutathione,vitamin K, calcium and CoQ10 or Ubiquinol are added for additional discussed benefits. See more explanations for each of these supplements and how they work under our Key Supplement Reviews tab: Essential Minerals (Ca Mg, Zn), Essential Vitamins (B, C), Essential Vitamins (A, D, E, K), Super Cell Protectors (NAC, quercetin, CoQ10), and Unique Immune Support (melatonin) .


    >>At Home Patient Management MATH+ Protocol Part 1 by DrBeen Medical Lectures - June 4, 2020 for COVID-19

This first lecture reviews what you can do for yourself at home  and it is good for you to know in case anyone goes into the hospital or ICU with COVID-19. You can also READ the article link below about the section on what to do at home for yourself. Dr. Been has said he will post videos on his personal website (made because of YouTube blocking) at Choose the free trial. He also said all COVID-19 videos will stay for free

    >>Basic Hospital Care MATH+ Protocol Part 2 by DrBeen Medical Lectures - June 5, 2020 for COVID-19

    >>Advanced Hospital ICU MATH+ Protocol Part 3 by DrBeen Medical Lectures - June 6, 2020 for COVID-19

    >>Small Update for MATH+ Protocol by DrBeen Medical Lectures - June 18, 2020 hydroxychloroquine discussion

    >>MATH+ Early Intervention Protocol discussed by  - June 2020

    >>Link to the actual MATH protocol from Eastern Virginia Medical School - Medical success with COVID-19 treatment & home care

    >>Do Ventilators Put COVID-19 Patients at Risk by - July 2020

See also our pages on Inflammation and Cytokine Storms. If you watch our other videos, you will see find information regarding the use of various herbs and nutrition therapy and how they can support the body during problems like these and help reduce long term complications


COVID-19 SPREAD AND LONG-TERM IMMUNITY How are COVID-19 patients adding up? As commented on our May Update page, there is definitely information suggesting that some people (maybe 50 percent or more) may be unaffected by the SARS-COV2 virus. Whether they are simply asymptomatic or actually immune for other reasons, that is still up for debate. Next, it seems true (and known with other viruses) that some people can be infected but be truly asymptomatic (UCSF suggest about 15%). There is debate about if they have is a milder strain and also about whether they are contagious or not. (If contagious, it is likely during their initial days of infection as is found with symptomatic patients. Perhaps asymptomatic patients are less contagious (about 50%) as those with symptoms.) A sub-set of people are now being described as "pre-symptomatic". In other words, they are infected but have not yet developed COVID-19 symptoms. These patients are most likely contagious during their pre-symptomatic phase and will soon develop symptoms. They are not truly asymptomatic. Finally, are the groups of mild-moderate symptomatic (most) and severely symptomatic (a few) patients. Those stats vary. The average window for being contagious appears to be 2 to 10 days with more expression earlier on. The average window for recovering is 2 weeks with some taking 8 weeks or longer. (See our July/August post for tips recovering from chronic illness and reducing long-term complications.)

   >>How Long Am I Contagious? by Northwestern Medicine - NON-corona virus comparisons for your consideration

   >>Why COVID-19 disproportionately Affects the Elderly by - June 2020

   >>COVID-19 Update 101: T Cell Immunity vs. Antibodies & Prior Exposure to Other Coronaviruses by MedCram - Aug 2020 CDC estimates 40% asymptomatic (maybe viral genetics or viral load vs. host genetics, age or health/immune status). Studies show pre COVID-19 blood with T-cells that recognize and react against SARS-CoV2. B-cell generated antibodies don't last as long as T-cell memory cells. What can we naturally do to support our T-cells? Also, mask wearing may reduce viral load in newly infected people giving their body time to respond without over reacting.

June 6, 2020, An interesting  report from The Canadian Press: "The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has calculated the percentage of COVID-19 deaths in long-term care facilities for several countries and U.S. states. The numbers run from 63 percent in Massachusetts to 71 per cent in Connecticut — although the journal warns 11 states don't report COVID-19 deaths in such facilities. In Canada, the figure for early May was 82 per cent. About half of European COVID-19 deaths were in long-term care. Hong Kong reported no such deaths. South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand each had fewer than 20."

    >>UK News Interview: Why We Might Not Need a Vaccine for COVID-19 - June 2020 opinion (see also May 2020 update page.)

    >>Discussion about SARS-COV2 Antibodies and long-term Immunity by Dr. Rhonda Patrick - June 2020 technical research reviews: How long does CoV2 stay in your body? How long do antibodies last? CoV2 has no reverse transcriptase and can't insert in DNA and shouldn't cause flare-ups. Reinfection is uncertain. Do genetics matter? What about cross reactivity and previous viral exposure? Antibody enhancement. Sleep & microbiome effects on immunity. Exercise and nutrition micronutrient effects on the immune system. Complex symptoms of COVID-19. Comments on Age, ACE2 meds and ARDS long-term lung disease.


IS SARS-CoV2 GETTING WEAKER? Here is an interesting review of viral replication and mutation. When a virus hijacks a cell and uses it to reproduce, it can mutate (genetically change) from environmental or chemical (medications) pressure. If the pathogen is very strong (virile) it will create rapid, severe symptoms in the patient (likely causing them to stay in bed) and limiting exposure to those who come to the patient. If the patient dies, the pathogen will die and terminate, provided that the host is buried in a sanitary manor. The more severe and rapid the symptoms, the less the virus is able to freely spread without warning. This mutation path is somewhat self-limiting as described and not favorable to spread of this severe strain. (Of course depending on the method of transmission, incubation and infectious periods, local hygiene and immune response.) On the other hand, if the viral modification is mild and generally creates minimal symptoms, the patient will likely remain mobile and come into contact with and possibly infect many more people during the infectious period. This path favors the spread of the more mild strain. Further, if the mild version of the virus allows protective antibodies to be created against the more virile strain, then the mild mutation is likely to be the dominant strain. Most viruses do not fully go away, rather they "burn" out once the population infection rate approaches herd immunity e.g. 70-80% and there are fewer new hosts. The various strains may continue to circulate through the population from time to time. There is a similar story with bacteria- and sometimes the virulent drug resistant strains do develop. (See "Is SARS-CoV2 getting weaker?" by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - June 2020 if you want the 45 minute explanation about how viruses tend to weaken naturally as they circulate. Also the early contention over hydroxychloroquine use.)




COVID-19 global response is causing numerous significant affects on people's lives. Patients are sharing with me about things the Bible says regarding pestilences & plagues, health problems, food shortages, economic collapse, increased family & community strife, isolation & fear & depression, loss of human compassion, difficulty buying & selling & working, loss of personal freedoms & practice of religion, consolidation of government & corporate power, natural disasters - and you can add to the list. 

>>Is this a wake up call to humanity? (See our Hope For You page for some pastors' responses.)


BALANCING ONE'S RESPONSIBILITY WITH ONE'S LIBERTY. For various reasons, reputable experts just cannot agree on the life cycle of the "novel" SARS-CoV2 and its infectiousness and our immune response to it. Although, if they all said exactly the same thing, that would be suspicious, too. Science is about asking questions and looking for answers. Sometimes there is no answer and sometimes there are competing educated projections. It is well established that fake news exists not only in social media and in regular media but also even among reputable science institutions - even organizations who are held up as being objective and neutral, fair and unbiased. 

In a free society, people largely have a right to choose their own destiny and that includes taking and even making risks. While it has been said that one is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. That is sometimes just not the case. Have you ever been in court? Many times, facts are selected (or hidden) with the intention of supporting one's position or opinion. Sometimes one "finds" just what they went looking for - confirmation bias. If people (including doctors and scientists) are not allowed to ask questions and debate answers, and have different opinions, for whatever reason (bias, profit, politics, pc-shame, censorship, fear, etc.), that hampers science, limits freedom and hurts people. Yes, perhaps someone does ultimately have to call the shots, but shouldn't it be our goal to be honest, clearly present all of the data, allow free discourse and support one another as we each exercise our freedom to think and choose?


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