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>>What To Eat? What To Avoid? {video}

Link to Dr. Rolland's Healthy Eating Guidelines - a printable PDF

Dr. Rolland shares the many benefits of good food and the hazards of unhealthy eating.


Dr. Rolland shares the many benefits of intermittent fasting and his tips for healthy eating.

Dr. Jason Fung explains benefits of Intermittent Fasting (Time Restricted Eating) and Practical Ways to Use It

Follow this link to Dr. Fung's website and his Free intermittent Fasting video course.

Why Food Order Matters by Dr. Fung on YouTube - Jun 2022 Jason Fung, M.D., explains that one can have a 40% less insulin spike by eating the same food but fats and proteins first followed by the carbs 10 minutes later.

Food Order Can Lower Your Glucose by 40% by MercolaPDF - Jun 2022 Food order, intermittent fasting, time of day and quality of food.

Autophagy Is Your Body Regenerating by Rajsree Nambudripad, M.D. - June 2021 Dr. Nambudripad uses many graphics to explain the benefits of autophagy that comes from intermittent fasting. (We don't necessarily recommend all content philosophy on her website.)

Help Managing the Toxins Released During Fasting by MercolaPDF - May 2022

Dr. Satchin Panda on When to Eat, Sleep and Exercise by Rhonda Patrick - 2021 Excellent interview with many useful health pointers.

Link to 10 Reasons to Quit Your Coffee & Tips by Dr. Mark Hyman of Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine

Problems with Lectins (from grains and legumes) with Steven Gundry by Dr. Mercola - May 2022

>>A Guide to Omega-3 Fatty Acids by Dr.Been Medical Lectures - Sep 2020 A review of how these help your cells, reduce inflammation, help the heart and other functions (even for COVID-19). Most Americans eat excessive omega-6 fats from grains and do not get a balance of omega-3. Some plant and animal sources of omega-3 are listed.

Dr. Neal Barnard of Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine Shares Eating Tips

Sialic Acids Contribute to Inflammation and Disease by Roger Seheult, M.D. - May 2021 Sialic acids primarily come from red meat.


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  • "I was constatnly getting bad kinks in my back that lasted all day. Headaches came on when the weather changed. After my roomate insisted I go to Dr. Rolland, I no longer get headaches or kinks in my back. I sleep better and am more flexible! I did not realize how much your back links to other health problems until visiting Rolland Chiropractic."
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