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    >>Study Shows Honey and Nigella Sativa Effective Against COVID-19 by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Nov 2020 a small Pakistan hospital study (double blind, random, placebo controlled) showed that black seeds (Nigella Sativa powder) 80mg/kg/day and raw honey 1gm/kg/day significantly helped COVID-19 patients when compared to drugs (ritonavir, remdesivir, etc.) or convalescent plasma with just slightly worse results to HCQ. NS helps pulmonary function tests and respiratory symptoms. NS contains thymoquinone, zinc, quercetin, and vitamin C. It is antiviral (with strong affinity for SARS-CoV2 enzymes), antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune modulatory (helps interferons, IL6, IL10, TNF), helps T-cells and increases natural killer cell activity. The 30 day mortality rate for the NS/honey group was 4% vs. 18% for the placebo group! The NS group showed symptom reduction in 6 days vs. 13, viral clearing in 9 days vs. 12, return to daily activities 64% vs. 11%, hospital discharge of 50% vs. 3%. No adverse reactions were reported. NS is also anti-bacterial against (drug resistant) S. aureus, H. pylori and E. coli. NS also reduces lung cancer cell viability and increases apoptosis.

    >>Thyme Extract Helps Treat COVID-19 by Dr. Mercola - Historically, thyme has been used to treat coughs, respiratory infections and other viruses. Venezuela has reported success treating COVID-19 with an oral dose of oregano and thyme extracts.  


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