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>>If you will permit me to share what I have learned in 20 years, you can consider what you think and feel is best for your family


(As I continue to learn, this page will get periodic updates. I attempt to share things I believe are true but not readily addressed in mainstream news.)

Caution: Some Observations and Expert Opinions on this page are Controversial.  - - PLEASE consider the data and whole picture with an open mind, BEFORE making your own decision. (I have attempted to provide many details and references for your consideration.)

<Unfortunately, videos, on YouTube and even his own website have been Censored and taken down. Some are available elsewhere.>


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>>> TOPICS ON THIS PAGE:: Introduction, 1) The Greater Good, 2) Little Injury Recourse, 3) Benefits & Risks & Ingredients, 4) Reason or Fear, 5) Self Determination, 6) Passports Mislead 7) Hygiene & Nutrition, 8) Vaccine Alternatives, 9) Herd Immunity, 10) Infant Vaccines, 11) Childhood Disease Risks (e.g. COVID-19), 12) How Vaccines Work (mRNA), 13) Vaccine Decision Questions, 14) Professional Dishonesty, 15) Financial Incentives, 16) Long-Term Consequences, 17) Legal Help & Related Websites 18) Resources (books, videos & course), 19) What Is Science?, 20) Hard Questions, 21) Epilogue  (Please note that I am always open to learning and will consider any data you submit to me with your feedback or concerns.)

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 INTRODUCTION:  The topic of vaccination is complex, emotionally charged and personal. The pandemic of 2020 created an unprecedented opportunity for biotech and pharmaceutical companies to "save" the world. To create, test, make and distribute a vaccine in less than 12 months (even 5 years) is an amazing feat of science, engineering and logistics. Many of these vaccine candidates are themselves novel and their long-term efficacy, side-effects and safety profile are unknown and theoretical. Vaccine manufacturers were given a tax-payer funded opportunity  (over $18 billion) to do accelerated research and human trials with fewer restrictions and looser regulations. This great experiment is still ongoing.

>>Keep in mind that inoculation (vaccination) was originally investigated and developed at a time when scientific understanding was limitednutrition and hygiene were poor and medical treatments were marginally effective for transmissible diseases that have (or had) a "high" rate of disabiltiy and death (often from secondary complications). >>Reported case fatality rates for small pox (variola major) are around 30%, for Ebola median about 50%, for MERS possibly 35%, for measles historically about 15% (now 0.2%), for the 1918 Spanish flu (with an estimated one-third of world infected) possibly 2.5%, for annual seasonal influenza around 0.1% and for SARS-CoV2 less than 1% (the median about 0.27% by Stanford Ioannidis or 3x that of influenza by Lancet). See our April and other Corona update pages for links to discussions about COVID-19 estimates.

There are many web pages promoting the benefits of vaccinations. This page includes open discussion about public health and serious vaccine concerns, with emphasis on those related to events of 2020. Although I am not a virologist or immunologist, I am a holistic, primary care physician and for over 20 years, I have studied this topic from experts who are addressing concerns, even at the risk of their career and reputation. Science traditionally has been about testing to prove or disprove a theory. And then sharing and debating one's findings with others. The mantra "follow the science" is not as clear as the phrase suggests, because modern "science" and its debate is heavily funded, controlled and censored by politicians, global elite, med-pharma and the media. Regrettably, it seems to be getting worse (see discussion and resources at end of this page).


The Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination - Oct 2020 This is your Right to Know and your Freedom to Choose. Experts from around the world share their experiences. Typically a pay-per-view program, this year the conference is posted on-line for everyone to view at no charge. There are about 50 presenters from numerous medical and scientific and advocacy organizations. This is current material for those looking for the meat-and-potatoes or hot topics of modern vaccine research and debate. 

For detailed information, please consider the free, 7-part series The Truth About Vaccines by Ty Bollinger or start TAV episode One here.

See also the Children's Health Defense Vaccine Secrets videos.

We recommend this free online course Vaccines and Choice by Gaeta Institute. See also many other resources at the bottom of this page.


1) FOR THE GREATER GOOD - Consider that the role of public health officials is to maintain the health of their country (planet?), the survivability of the whole population (as they see it). Public health is NOT about protecting the individual. In fact, while we would like to think that each person is of equal value, and that we are "all in this together" that is simply not the case. Any adult or child is expendable when it comes to protecting the welfare of the masses. Why does that point matter? Because health affects each of us individually (maybe somewhat as a family unit). And NO healthcare provider or public official is going to accept responsibility for your health choices and their consequences. That includes if you (or a family member) are unvaccinated and contract a serious illness or if you suffer a serious adverse side effect after a medical procedure (like surgery or vaccination). That burden falls back on you

While many officials and medical providers have compassion, is it reasonable to expect that they will put you ahead of their family or even others? (Granted, many people do risk life and limb to help others, e.g. during an emergency or disaster - but that is their personal choice of the moment, not dictated by the system.) Consequently, individuals (and families) must ultimately look out for themselves, the establishment cannot. The system looks out for the masses - It cannot consider your specific needsgenetics or other risk factors. This is how many actions of government are justified. (Furthermore, things can be much worse, when officials are actually making public policy that personally benefits them and "their people" OR if their end goal or agenda is not actually public health but something altogether different.)  See also section #14.

What the System CANNOT ever tell you, is if a choice (getting a particular vaccine for example) is Good or Bad for YOU (or your Child). You (hopefully with some help from a medical provider personally familiar with your circumstance) must evaluate and decide that yourself...

Ways to Protect Yourself from the Third Leading Cause of Death - Medical Errors by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022 Plus a lengthy critique of vaccine risk.

COVID Shots: A New Awakening About All Vaccines by VCYAmerica with Barbara Loe-Fischer - Aug 2023

How To Save Your Life When Hospitalized by Greta Crawford & Laura Bartlett with Mercola on Bitchute - Aug 2023


America's Pediatrician Reveals Shocking Autism Discovery with the Highwire - Jan 2023 Dr. Paul Thomas, a top pediatrician who sees ALL kids, says his data (verified by a data scientist) on thousands of kids show that some are more prone to a AUTISM and that some vaccines trigger it. He uses a screening method to help parents of high risk kids and those who have vaccine reactions to reduce their autism risk. He helps ALL parents (those who want vaccines and those who do not) but explains medically, one-by-one why most vaccines are not worth the risk in our modern society.

Is the Latest Polio Outbreak Caused by the Vaccine? by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 Vaccine can cause mutation and spread of the virus.

Why Is There A Big Increase in Autism? by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 Autism was diagnosed in about 1 in 30 or 3.49% of children ages 3 to 17 in 2020. Autism seems to be triggered by some vaccines, glyphosphate, mercury, lead, aluminum, phthalates and other chemicals.


Is Unicorn Herd Immunity Real? by Barbara Loe Fisher with Dr. Mercola on Bitchute - Aug 2023 Sharing how vaccine programs have not been as safe as proposed and how more people have caution now for vaccines and how natural immunity is a real thing.

Vaccine Regrets and Post Vaccine Medical Problems by The Epoch Times - Aug 2022 While about 60 percent of vaccinated people poled say they are glad they got vaccinated, about 10% say that they regret a COVID vaccine and 15% say they have been medically diagnosed with a significant new medical problem (neuro, cardiovascular, immune, etc. - many severe) since getting the vaccine.

Transcending Fear with Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo on MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 Public thinking in hard times.

The Effects of Vaccines on the Brain with Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic by Mercola on Bitchute - Jan 2023 Interview discusses inflammation and chemical effects.


SEC Filing Where Moderna Explains mRNA is Gene Therapy - Nov 2018 Yes, Moderna explains in this filing that mRNA is gene therapy that is designed to not permanently change the patients DNA. This may turn out to be good, but see that even the manufacturers explain that mRNA drugs are gene therapy. In 2020 the definition appears to be changed so that this can be called a "vaccine". Read page 1 and Here is a quote from page 19. "Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA. Unlike certain gene therapies that irreversibly alter cell DNA and could act as a source of side effects, mRNA based medicines are designed to not irreversibly change cell DNA; however, side effects observed in gene therapy could negatively impact the perception of mRNA medicines despite the differences in mechanism. In addition, because no product in which mRNA is the primary active ingredient has been approved, the regulatory pathway for approval is uncertain. The number and design of the clinical and preclinical studies required for the approval of these types of medicines have not been established, may be different from those required for gene therapy products or may require safety testing like gene therapy products." 

Concern About Severe Adverse Reactions by Dr. Vernon Coleman - Dec 2020 Dr. Coleman urges review of the CDC medical report (link attached to his website) that discusses serious side effects from mRNA vaccines.


These People Should Not Get the COVID Vaccine by MSN - Mar 2021 If you have any allergies (not just severe), a fever, a bleeding disorder or are on blood thinners, are immunocompromised or are on a medicine that affects your immune system, are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, are breastfeeding or have had another COVID vaccine. (Dr. Rolland's comments: What about those who have had COVID? At first, this was the type of cautions you would see. Then, there was concern that people would be discouraged from geting a vaccine. It seems now that many, people are being told that it is ok to still get a shot even if they have a condition on the list. Who takes responsibility for the complicaions?)

(MARCH 15, 2021 - Dr. Rolland's comments: Many of these vaccine side-effects (even pain, paralysis, stroke, etc.) are being explained away as just normal immune response, coincidental or unrelated. While most are mild, some are very severe. The Oxford Astra-Zeneca administration has been recently halted in several European countries because of reports of blood clots (causing strokes and heart attacks?). This alarm is being brushed aside by some leading officials saying that they can't be related and that stopping vaccinations will jepordize the planet COVID recovery. More fearmongering? (The U.S.A. reportedly has 40 million A-Z doses we are sending to Mexico.) Why are officials pushing vaccines that are not fully tested for a disease that is mild for most people, that we now have medical treatments for and that seems to be in natural decline? A number of scientists and doctors are raising concern. It appears little funding has been spent on researching therapeutics for treating COVID compared to vaccines - which so far seem to only lessen but  not stop the disease.)

5 Types of People Who Should Not Get Vaccinated by Eat This/Not That - Apr 2021 Lists 5 types of people advised Not to get a COVID Vaccine. 1) Those actively sick with COVID. 2) Those who are under 16 or 18 depending on the vaccine 3) Those who are allergic to any ingredients 4) Those who had a bad reaction to a first shot 5) Those who have had a flu or shingles shot. (Dr. Rolland's comments: We used to add Pregnant women to the list. But there seems to be less concern in today's society for the unborn. We have documented that people who have allergies or had a bad reaction to a first shot are sometimes being told to go ahead "you should be fine" and they sometimes have severe reactions. Most who are recovered from COVID will have better (likely) immunity (broader against variants and longer lasting) than those vaccinated. We have listed studies showing possible increased risk of coronavirus reactions when you have had the FLU shot. They go on to say that everyone else can get it without any comments about other risks.) 

Can Emergency COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Massive Side Effects by - Dec 2020 CENSORED. Odds ratios can be misleading. Clinical trials are hard to track. Do we need a COVID-19 vaccine? Will it save lives? How will it be distributed?

Deadly Blood Clots from AZ Vaccine Explained by - Mar 2021 CENSORED. Per news reports from NPR and the Europe (and hearing from patients about people who have suffered them), these clots can be in the lungs or brain. It seems that the AZ vaccine can cause an increase in platelets (clotting cells). Several countries in Europe have suspended the AZ vaccinations while investigating. As you have likely heard, in April 2021, the U.S.A. suspended Johnson & Johnson vaccines due to 6 severe (one death) reactions from blood clots. Most countries resumed the vaccines within a few weeks saying that the risk of COVID-19 outweighs the risk of the vaccine.

Allergic Reactions and Death by Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Jan 2021


German Vaccine Commission Says People Under 60 Should Not Receive AstraZeneca Second Dose by The Hill  - Apr 2021 Concerns are being investigated. There are some recommendations to take a second shot from an mRNA vaccine instead. Isn't this inviting more trouble??

AstraZenica Vaccine: Canada Halting Shots for Under 55 by CNN - Mar 2021 Prothrombotic Immune Thrombocytopenia (PIT) or blood clots provoked by vaccines, is causing a number of countries to reconsider the AZ vaccine. (Dr. Rolland's comments: This is just one example. I have seen numerous reports of these types of issues and even heard of these problems from patients. - e.g. Just recently from a patient whose relative is in the hospital for possible toe amputation from apparent vaccine clot complications. He was supposedly told to go ahead and get the second shot even though he had reactions to the first. You must INFORM yourself and CHOOSE what you think is better.)

REMEMBER > These adverse-effects are only the SHORT term ones. Scientists below warn of MEDIUM & LONG term ones coming in 1 to 10 years.

Deaths, Anaphylaxis and other Vaccine Adverse Effects by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Mar 2021 Dr. Moybeen reviews the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS and vaccine reactions voluntarily reported by people getting COVID vaccines. There are 15,000 or more reported adverse reactions from each type of vaccine. There are over 1,000 deaths reported from vaccines during the last year with over 70% of those supposedly related to COVID vaccines. (Official investigations are yet underway.) Symptoms reviewed include pain, redness, fatigue, fever, skin irritation, facial droop, anaphylaxis, allergic reactions, eyesight effects, tremors, inability to move and death.

(Dr. Rolland's comments: It is my understanding that at one point vaccine adverse event reporting was mandatory for all vaccines, but that the CDC may have discontinued that because of the high number of events found. Supposedly, HHS had Harvard Pilgrim do a 3 year study from 12/2007 - 9/2010 that found less than 1% of actual adverse events were voluntarily reported. Although I assume most of them were mild, that still seems like a lot of adverse reactions that are never documented or reviewed. How will we know if they are never reported?)


International Vaccine Concerns by Dr. John Campbell - Mar 2021 Explains how blood coagulation develop clots a.k.a. Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT occurs and how creates an embolus (in the lungs a pulmonary embolism) PE. A number of countries have suspended the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, A-Z says the numbers are less than in natural population. Men 130 and women 110 per 100,000 in general occurence. Not concernced vaccine is causing. Vaccines being modified for variants? Vaccinations may help long-haulers with their symptoms.

Details Vaccine Safety Updates by Dr. John Campbell - Mar 2021 More on vaccine safety issues. Some countries restarting A-Z vaccine? Many adverse side-effect complaints including blood coagulation and anemia, low platelets, neurolgical complaints. Doctor says to continue with getting the vaccine because the benefits outweigh the risks - That you are 1,000 times more likely to die of COVID than a vaccine reaction. (Dr. Rolland's comments: But, are you average? Are you likely to die of COVID? Is that for each side effect or combined? How about co-morbidities? Even in my small practice, I have had patients tell me about personal deaths they feel have been driven by vaccine reactions.)

Post Vaccine Deaths by Dr. John Campbell - Feb 2021 The U.S. has reported over 1170 vaccine deaths from 41 million doses administered. The U.K. about 250 deaths. The CDC & FDA track these numbers voluntarily through VAERS the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. The deaths are 0.003% of the vaccines administered. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Dr. Campbell expresses little concern about this, saying that these people were most likely older and sick and would have died anyways and that this is similar reactions to other vaccines. Is this all coincidental? While it is true that the percentage is small, this is only the first few weeks. Other reactions are yet to come. Some of the deaths are even younger people without pre-existing conditions? I have spoken with people who know of COVID vaccine recipients that unexpectedly died. And while the percentage of vaccine related deaths is small compared to the percentage of COVID deaths, vaccines do have a history of causing harm and even death. Lastly, these reports of these deaths and other adverse reactions are voluntary and the CDC has found from previous investigation that they only represent a small percentage of the actual adverse reactions. We will discuss this further below.)


Seniors Dying After COVID Vaccines Labeled as Natural Causes by - Jan 2021 CENSORED. Several countries around the world are mentioned. I am surprised when a patient says they have not heard anything about this type of reaction. Other reactions are listed too.

Doctor Dies After Getting COVID Vaccine by Dr. Hansen - Jan 2021 Medical review of a Florida doctor reported to have died after getting a COVID vaccine. Miami Obstetrician Dies After Getting COVID Vaccine by - Reviews death of this supposedly healthy person.

New York Man Dies 25 Minutes After Getting COVID Vaccine by KVOA - Feb 2021 Here is just one example of a severe reaction that is reported as being vaccine related but not from an allergic reaction. Some severe reactions are occurring. A number of these are bound to happen with so many people (50 million by April?) getting vaccinated.

30 Pfizer Vaccine Deaths Reported from Norway - Jan 2021 THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN


Early COVID Vaccine Side-Effects by - Jan 2021 CENSORED. Some common side-effects are persistent malaise & extreme exhaustion, anaphylactic reactions, multi-system inflammatory syndrome, chronic seizures & convulsions, various paralysis, sudden death. Is the data accurate?

In Minnesota, 89 Fully Vaccinated People Test Positive for COVID-19 by H. Scriber Desert News - Mar 2021

Vaccinated People may be More Vulnerable to COVID Variants by - Apr 2021 CENSORED.

How mRNA Gene Therapy Can Risk Many Lives by - Feb 2021 CENSORED Interviewing Dr. Judy Mikovits discusses how people with any inflammatory illness or aquired immune dysfunction from a microbial pathogen, brain inflammation or environmental toxins seem to be at greatest risk. There is a chart given with a long list of conditions that seem to put patients at higher risk. TRY THIS LINK.


2) YOU HAVE LITTLE RECOURSE IF INJURED AND DO NOT HAVE TRUE INFORMED CONSENT - Unlike other medications, congress created full indemnity for vaccine manufacturers (at their bequest - when the Supreme Court ruled that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe) back in the 1980's. Providers and medical facilities also have no responsibility for any adverse reactions. Since its inception, the government vaccine injury fund has paid out over 4 billion dollars to families with vaccine injured children - even though it is very difficult to legally prove vaccine damage and receive compensation. (I personally know 4 families with severely - life altering - vaccine injured children.) The medical bias that vaccines are truly safe, necessary and effective (without debate or question) leads many providers to not consider injury or even file a Vaccine Adverse Event Report (which they are legally required to do) when a parent raises their concern. One study found that barely 1% of potential vaccine injuries are reported to the CDC VAERS. Further, some doctors say that since patients are not accurately told what adverse reactions might occur or given an true benefit vs. risk analysis, it is not possible for them to make an educated decision and give true informed consent. The pandemic of 2020 has opened the eyes of many to the pros and cons of vaccines and possible alternative treatments.

You Can't Sue Pfizer or Moderna if You Have a Severe Vaccine Reaction by CNBC - Dec 2020 American vaccine manufacturers have indemnity from recipients who develop severe adverse reactions or die. The government may but likely won't compensate you either. You can't sue the FDA. There is a 36 month statute on applying for damages from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. NVICP pays on about 70% of claims that it has accepted between 2006 ad 2018. It has paid about $4.4 billion in compensation since it was established by congress in 1988 to shield vaccine manufacturers. COVID vaccines are not covered under the NVICP program but may be covered separately through a program called CICP. Few of those claims are settled (only $6 million dollars in the last 10 years since the program started). Claims must be filed within 12 months of injury.

Pfizer and other Vaccine Manufacturers Reportedly Coercing Countries by - Mar 2021 CENSORED. If vaccines are so safe, why are Pfizer and other vaccine manufacturers requiring countries to put up assests as hard collateral or to change their laws giving them indemnity (against vaccine damage lawsuits) or saying they will not provide vaccine to countries who will not cooperate? Vaccine manufacturers are not charities and know there is a risk but won't openly talk about it. (I have seen this listed in other news sources now too.)

No Fault Vaccine Injury Compensation by NEJM - Oct 2020 Discussion in New England Journal of Medicine about how vaccine manufacturers want (need?) indemnity so they can provide vaccines for developing countries without risk. Says people who are vaccine damaged, perhaps should be compensated by those who benefited (those who are not injured) and pressured them to be vaccinated (i.e. the government?). There will be adverse reactions and deaths. Manufacturers are not asked to cover the costs of compensating the injured. In the interest of public health, the few pay a price so the many can be spared?

VAERS Patients Deserve to be Heard by The High Wire - Sep 2021 It turns out that it is difficult to submit a report to the VAERS website. One doctor said that it takes her about 1/2 hour per submission and she has to do it after hours. It is legal but not mandatory - left up to the provider.


3) DO THE VACCINE BENEFITS OUTWEIGH THEIR RISKS? - Vaccination is one of the few instances that medication is given to a healthy person. The Benefits of vaccines include the avoidance of a particular disease, its sequelae, disability and possible death. The likeliness of those outcomes depends on the disease, exposure and one's health. The Risks of vaccines (read the manufacturer's warnings) can be mild or severe, temporary or long-lasting, sudden or later onset including: pain, fever, fatigue, allergic reactions, skin irritation, tremors, malaise, extreme exhaustion, blood clots, anaphylactic reactions, multi-system inflammatory syndrome, seizures & convulsions, facial droop, vision issues, auto-immune disorders, various forms of paralysis and death. While not common, all of these do occur. Adverse reactions generally involve inflammation and affect the nervous (including brain) and immune system. Reactions are hard to predict since everyone is different. Estimates are that 1 in 40 people have some type of vaccine reaction - some of them life changing. These reactions are caused in part by vaccine ingredients like aluminum, mercury (Thimerosal), PEG, culture proteins (i.e. chicken egg), etc. or immune reactions to the inactivated micro pathogen itself.

Simplified VAERS Numbers by - updated regularly from the CDC website. As of June 18, 2021 shows reports of over 387,000 adverse COVID vaccine reactions, 21,800 COVID vaccine hospitalizations and over 6,100 COVID vaccine related deaths.

As of October 8, 2021 the CDC shows reports of 798,634 adverse vaccine reations, 79,669 hospitalizations, 16,766 deaths and 24,805 permanent disabilities. (See 

Electronic Support for Public Health - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)- 2010 Known as the Lazarus report, this Harvard Pilgrim report suggests that adverse reactions to vaccines are significantly under reported - finding that only about 1% are reported. This effects public health outcomes. See paragraph 3 of the Results page for these details.

The CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System - a searchable database of submitted vaccine adverse events that is updated regularly. This data base is very comprehensive. It is a voluntary reporting system - and while some reports may not be related to the vaccines they are reported with, according the the Harvard Pilgrim Lazarus Report, only about 1% of reactions are actually reported - meaning that the actual numbers of adverse reactions may be much higher. 

VACCINE INGREDIENTS: Traditional vaccines take part (or all) of a disease microbe and either disable (inactivate) or supress (attenuate) its actions using chemicals. Newer mRNA vaccines "program" the body to respond to a particular disease without including the microbe itself. Other chemicals are used to stablize and preserve the formula and still others to stimulate (adjuvants) our immune systems to respond to the injection. Ingredients reportedly cause allergic reactions (even anaphylaxis), short and long term neurological injuries and the potential to trigger autoimmune problems. Some of the toxic vaccine ingredients have been found in doses higher than what OSHA allows as acceptable adult exposure for the work place. Some of these ingredients accumulate in the body with multiple doses. (Dr. Rolland's comments: While Not common, I personally know 4 families with children who seem to have suffered SEVERE, life-altering injury from child vaccinations. See also the documentary Vaxed.)

Here are some vaccine ingredients of concern:

Egg protein - used for culturing some vaccines may cause allergic reactions

PEG - polyethylene glycol used as a stabilizer may cause allergic reactions

Polysorbate 80 - used as a stabilizer may create allergic problems. As a carrier, it may help move components across the blood-brain barrier.

Aluminum - used as an adjuvant is a neuro toxin that may contribute to neurologic problems (Dementia, Alzheimers, etc.?). 

Mercury/Thimerasol - used as an attenuator and preservative to weaken certain vaccine microbes and to supress bacterial growth, it is a neuro toxin that may cause neurologcial problems (Autism, etc.?).

Formaldehyde - used as a preservative (and for embalming) that may become a systemic toxin.

Peanut Oil - possibly used as a stabilizer (refutted by Snopes as not being in any U.S. vaccines) is suspected of contributing to peanut allergies.

Fetal tissues (or stem cells) - cells harvested from abortions are reportedly used (even for some COVID) to culture some vaccines.

Monkey cells? - cells used for vaccine culture.

>>STUDY OR MUDDY? It has been proposed that there are enough people deeply concerned about vaccinations (around 20 percent of the population?) that long-term research studies could be done to compare the overall health and mortality of vaccinated children and unvaccinated. It would be relatively easy to find such groups of volunteer subjects. Why have these never been done or published? (Only some observational studies have been made.) Wouldn't it be interesting and important to find out and settle some of the questions? Is it be about dogma and money (big vaccine research and administration programs)? What would happen if it was shown that vaccines are not as safe or effective as they are made out to be? Would that drastically change things? Do we need a vaccine for every common disease - even those with medical treatments? How much can our immune system safely take?


How Aluminum Damages Your Brain by MercolaPDF - Jan 2023

Effects of Vaccines on the Brain with Dr. Tomljenovic on Bitchute - Jan 2023

Pediatrician Reveals Autism Discovery by HighWire on Odessy - Jan 2023


Over time, Is it likely that for COVID-19. the absolute risk of the disease will decrease (as medical treatments improve and the more vulnerable victims succumb) whereas the absolute risk from the related vaccines will increase (since adverse reactions are from short-term effects but also long-term unknown factors as well)?

Vaccine Manufacturers Reportedly Skew Safety Results by - Apr 2021 CENSORED. Instead of testing COVID-19 vaccines against a benign saline placebo, manufacturers typically test against other ingredients (like PEG) from the vaccine which will lower the perceived side-effect differences. Worse, claiming a moral duty to use the ACTUAL vaccine as the "placebo" they can virtually eliminate any adverse reaction differences between the "control" group and the "test" group. To April 1, the VAERS has received COVID-19 vaccine reports of 56,869 adverse events including 7,971 serious injuries (usually requiring medical intervention) and 2,342 deaths (48% of which were within 48 hours of vaccination). For a disease that has a low case fatality rate and effective medical and nutritional therapies.

Can I Still Get COVID Even After I Have Been Vaccinated? by Market Watch - Feb 2021 The short answer is Yes. Although, 95% (or what ever the studies show) of patients will only have a mild illness and will not die. (Dr. Rolland's comments: How are these numbers significantly different than the numbers from the natural infection? Most COVID-19 patients recover with only mild symptoms. Officially, vaccinated patients can still get infected but they are unlikely to get very sick or die. If they are sick, they most likely would be contagious to some extent. Vaccines prime the system but do not always create true immunity. Typically, a natural infection creates longer, broader immunity than its vaccine counterpart. Further, vaccines do not create full protection in all people and they all carry some short and long term risks.)

Vaccinated Can Get COVID But Very Rare? by NY Times - Mar 2021 Reports a few short-term observational studies suggesting that only a few people out of groups of vaccinated were getting sick with COVID-19. (Dr. Rolland's comments: I include this to help put those vaccinated who fear the unvaccinated more at ease. Probably the intention of the article. However, this report seems misleading. While the numbers may be accurate, this is not enough time to allow exposure of the subjects to SARS-CoV2 and with cases natually being fewer and fewer, and with masking and social distancing still in effect, one would expect these results. A true study would expose the vaccinated to the virus and test them for COVID - of course this is an unethical exposure risk and so true protective results will not be known. Further, only subjects not previously infected should be in the group since we know the recovered have a natural immunity without vaccination. A longer observation time after masks and distancing are listed would be more informative.)

COVID Vaccines Do Not Seem to Prevent Disease or Transmission by - Jan 2021 CENSORED. While we do not know the actual benefits of the vaccines, the study at the end of this article from the Queen Mary, University of London found that naturally infected patients developed both antibodies and Tcells that provided immunity for at least four months. (likely longer, but these studies are cut short to go to print)

April 14, 2021 - Per NPR, Chinese scientists reveal that they are using 4 vaccines which range from 50-83% effective limiting COVID-19. They are concerned that this will not be effective enough. (Reports suggest that China has also exported millions of doses to other countries.)

Can Someone Who Has Had COVID-19 Still Spread It to Others? by MIT Medical - Dec 22, 2020 The short answer is No. Once someone has recovered from COVID-19 they cannot spread it to someone else unless they are reinfected - which is very rare. (Dr. Rolland's comments: While we do not know how long immunity will last, there is some thinking that it will last for a while, maybe for years if like the 2003 SARS-CoV.)

Do Recovered COVID Patients Benefit from Vaccination? by - Feb 2021 CENSORED. According to U.S. Senator Massie, the CDC apparently found No benefit from Pfizer or Moderna vaccines for patients who had recovered from COVID-19. The CDC apparently corrected their incorrect position, but who will hear now? Can those vaccines instead go to others who need them? Is vaccination an unncessary risk for those who have been already infected? (Supposedly, getting the vaccine may help some COVDI long-haulers. Will it make any worse?)

Prior Infection Reportedly Creates Same Antibody Levels as 2 Shots by SciShow News - Mar 2021 Here is an example of some data they are suggesting means a recoverd person only needs one vaccination shot. However, they report that a preprint study showed prior infected health care workers had similar levels of antibodies to those uninfected getting 2 shots. And those prior infected getting one shot created antibodies 10x those uninfected. The rest of the video talks about how strong second shot vaccine symptoms are a "normal" immune response. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Maybe this suggests that most who recovered from COVID do Not need any shots. Does that risk an over response? Do you want to use those vaccines for someone else? Remember that (creating) antibodies is only one part of a healthy immune response.)

Should Prior Infected Patients Get Vaccinated? by MSN - Mar 2021 Per this article review of a Lancet study, the overall "protection" rate was about 80% of those who had already been infected and recovered - did not catch it again. This protection was not as good for seniors over 65, suggesting that they should still get the vaccine. (Dr. Rolland's comments: This does not seem to jive with the total reinfection numbers that are being confirmed. Is this skewed by the inaccurate PCR testing? It does not say or question that. They also did not address that seniors typically do not have as good of response to natural infection OR vaccination. While Lancet is a reputable journal, who controls MSN?)

People Who Have Already Had COVID-19 Need Just One Shot by BusinessInsider- Apr 2021 This article overviews a few studies that have shown, as stated before, that most patients who have recovered from COVID-19 produce a much larger antibody  (and a stronger T cell) response to one vaccination than those who have never been infected. The results vary depending on the study. Recovered COVID patients tend to have more adverse reactions to vaccinations because their system is primed to fight.

Retired Pfizer Scientist Questions Using Experimental mRNA Vaccines by - Nov 2020 CENSORED. A very pointed discussion between a journalist and Dr. Michael Yeadon, former top respiratory disease expert at Pfizer. Discusses questions about lock-down usefulness and true excess deaths (??), how lock-downs are preventing people from getting proper routine and emergency care (and causing deaths), how media and others are not giving the facts, how recovering from the virus means medically you HAVE immunity (we have NO drugs that cure viral infection - they only help your body do it) and lastly discusses concerns over the need for a vaccine (from someone who is in FAVOR of well tested and beneficial vaccines) and how ANY vaccine at this point is only experimental and that NO ONE knows the long term safety profiles. Explains the World War II international law (Nuremberg Trials?) establishing that it is a human right to not be forced to do any medical procedure that is not to your benefit or is against your will. Many references and links to doctors and citizen action groups against mandatory lock-downs. Well worth the watching the 45 minutes and reading article.  (Here is another LINK for this if taken down.)

COVID-19 Vaccine Safety, Immunity, RNA production by MedCram - Dec 2020 Expert Shane Crotty, PhD explains 3 types of immune memory and how their research shows it lasts for some time with COVID infections.

COVID-19 Mutations and Vaccines by MedCram - Jan 2021 Expert Shane Crotty, PhD explains how vaccines mutate but within constraints that are still manageable by the immune system. 

Mutations Could Make Current Vaccines Ineffective within 12 Months by CNBC - Mar 2021 Survey of 77 epidemiologist from 28 countries responded that they feel within a year many current vaccines will be ineffective requiring booster. Only 1 in 8 responded that they feel current vaccines will never become ineffective. It reports that countries with low vaccine rates will promote this. (Dr. Rolland's comments: This appears to be a push for perpetual vaccine boosters. These projections vary widely. Some scientists say that countries with natural immunity and lower quarantine restrictions promotes weaker viral mutations, not the other way around. Still No comment about how much being healthy and taking nutritional supplements can help your body, REGARDLESS of the variant. Also no comment about how natural immunity tends to be more robust and more protective than a vaccine. Will people be sorry to have taken a vaccine in the first place?)

Spring 2021 - One promoter of the potential need for an annual booster shot is Pfizer executives. Does anyone think that appears self-serving?

Vaccine Informed Consent and COVID Vaccine Risks by - Jan 2021 CENSORED. One big risk scientists are questioning is Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE). Should patients be told about risks like ADE when they get a COVID vaccine? Do they read the consent form? Are they so scared of COVID (and offered no alternatives) that they will try just about anything to get away (Jurassic Park)? ADE is a serious condition in which a vaccine patient's immune system becomes primed to make not only neutralizing antibodies (which block a pathogen from entering our cells) but non-neutralizing which will still bind to a pathogen but Not prevent it from entering a cell. Rather, they may actually help (like a Trojan horse) the pathogen to infiltrate healthy cells (where they can replicate, etc). Some vaccines have been linked to deadly ADE reactions. Coronavirus vaccines have been linked to ADE. ADE can also be a time-delayed risk for similar future disease.

Dr. Tennpenny Explains Possible COVID Vaccine Reactions that May Come Later on BitChute - Feb 2021 Sherri Tenpenny explains 3 of 7 possible adverse reactions that can happen beyond 6 months from mRNA vaccines.  No. 1 - The trojan horse mechanism which may actually allow virus into the cells, No. 2 Spike protein antibodies may attack the lungs (via ACE2 receptors?), No. 3 Spike protein antibodies may attack your Type II macrophages which help clean up after an infection. (Type I macrophages kill off the infection, i.e. inflammatory. Some research animals who died, had only Type I macrophages left and no Type II. ) (Dr. Tenpenny says there are 36 corona viruses, seven of which infect humans.)

Scientist Explains How Mass Vaccinations May Strengthen COVID by - Mar 2021 CENSORED.

Primed mRNA Vaccine Recipients May Be Vulnerable by Prof. Dolores Cahill - Dec 2020 Professor Cahill from Ireland explains how vaccine reactions from the past (the 2003 SARS animal research?) caused fatal over reactions during later exposure to actual virus. She questions whether this is possible from COVID vaccines now. Why is there an effort to deplatform and discredit her rather than face a vigorous open debate?

(Dr. Rolland's comments: James Lyons-Weiler, PhD of Pittsburgh in the Journal of Translational Autoimmunity 3 (2020) 100051 presents an article "Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via autoimmunity." He says that certain vaccines can create "disease enhancement" vs. "immune enhancement". He also discusses the need to reduce inflammation and maintain a Th1 (innate) vs. Th2 (adaptive) balance so that one's immune system does its job but does not over react.) See  

Study Shows Significant Link Between Mercury and Autism by - Oct 2020 CENSORED. Mercury and aluminum in vaccines may contribute to autism and other health problems. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Other concerns are possible links to Alzheimer's and automimmune issues.)

Truth About Vaccines Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits - May 2020 Telling her story as a former government virus scientist and her concerns. How she discovered that some vaccines (e.g. MMR) and blood were contaminated with recombinant viruses. Side effects of these included idiopathic thrombocytopenia (ITP) which is a bleeding disorder like today with COVID-19. Her lab found that 30% had this contamination. She was arrested and pressured to retract her work in 2011. Threatened with all types of charges. She was told that higher ups would destroy her career and that of her boss unless she cooperated in the cover up. She refused. Describes how others were/are paid hush money. Her books Plague and Plague of Corruption tell how her voice is being silenced and detail the attack. Discussing the problem, corruption and healing solutions for cancer and other health problems. (Dr. Rolland's comments: This is incredible, but on par with things that I have heard, including the vendetta against Dr. Andrew Wakefield. I have seen all 7 parts of a series called The Truth About Vaccines from this group. They explain vaccine risks and are worth watching.)


4) REASON OR FEAR? - THE ONGOING DEBATE - Consider what we seem to know and this conversation with a person fully vaccinated for COVID-19. "Why did you get the vaccine? To protect myself from COVID-19 and so that I do not spread it to others. Do you believe the vaccine protects you from COVID-19? Yes. Are you aware doctors say that although these vaccines lessen the severity risk, they do not seem to altogether prevent one from catching COVID? Do you realize that if you develop COVID after your vaccine, you probably can still be contagious to others? Are you aware that once you have recovered from active COVID (7-10 days or less), that it seems almost impossible to be further contagious or again?

Do you feel safer after your vaccine? Yes, but I am still uncomfortable around unvaccinated people. Why? Do you realize that scientists say these vaccines appear to significantly reduce your chance of developing severe COVID and dying?  Are you aware that the percentage of people who will develop severe COVID even without a vaccine is below 1% for most people under 65 and that most of those people will recover? Do you know that scientists say it seems that these COVID vaccines appear effective against most variant mutations? Are you aware that natural immunity (developed from having the disease) is generally broader (against mutated variants) and longer lasting than that from a vaccine? Are you aware that scientists are saying it is extremely unlikely to contract COVID a second time?

How long do you plan to wear a mask and do social distancing?  Are you aware that there are now a number of medical treatments and natural products to help support recovery from COVID-19? What else are you doing to prepare and defend yourself against SARS-CoV2 and other infectious diseases besides vaccination? Are you aware that those with long-hauler symptoms do not seem to be contagious? Do you realize that milder forms of the disease are generally more contagious and that it might be preferred to have and recover from a milder form? Are you aware that it is highly unlikely for a vaccine process to eradicate a disease?"

A few more questions: Do you realize that all vaccines have some risks (generally unpredictable) of adverse side-effects, some of which on rare occasion, include disability and death? Are you aware that vaccines can sometimes make you more susceptible to other diseases? Do you realize that some vaccines may contribute to immune or neuro degenerative changes later in life? Should children be made responsible for their elders? Do you believe that people's personal health records should be kept private? Do you believe that people should have a right to decide what they do with their own bodies? Is this being Pro-Choice?


5) SELF DETERMINATION - Consider this question: IF the complications of a disease are severe and if there are few if any effective treatments and if a vaccine is proven safe and is truly effective for that disease, and if all of those statistics are shared openly with the people, isn't it likely that most reasonable people will choose what is "good" for them? Why would there be a need to distort the issue and push a decision on people? On the other hand, if the complications of a given disease are typically mild and there are effective medical and alternative treatments and if a vaccine has an uncertain safety record and is not proven to be effective, what will most reasonable people choose when those statistics are openly shared with them? 

There are intelligent experts who articulate this argument with evidence from both sides. It largely comes down to what you believe is right for your family. Afterall, no mater what officials or doctors tell you, you and your family are the ones who will have to live with your decision. At least you should have the right to hear both sides and decide for yourself. Leaders unwilling to have an open debate but rather resorting to tactics of bullying and bribery would appear to have a illogical, weak position or something to hide.

Will Experimental Vaccines Become Mandatory? by - Jan 2021 CENORED. Discusses a number of potential risks.

COVID Vaccine Liability with Liberty Counsel by VCY America - May 2021 Interview with attorney Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel discussing one's individual rights regarding vaccines and work and school. According to this attorney, a school or employer cannot force their student or employee to get an experimental vaccine. And if they do "require it" as condition of employment or attending, that entity can be held liable, under federal law, for negative side-effects and damages. However, Occupational Health and Safety Administration OSHA, has recently changed their position and said they will not be investigating or upholding the law in regards to this matter. Also, discusses matters regarding recent federal rulings on behalf of churches that find states like California have violated religious freedoms and rights and must cease and must pay damages.

Will You Have A Choice about Getting the COVID-19 Vaccination? by - Dec 2020 CENSORED. Will it affect employment, business, school or travel? Various approaches to getting vaccines accepted. Side-effects are being relabeled this year as "immune responses".

Who Gets to Decide What You Do With Your Body? by - Dec 2020 CENSORED. Health officials deny there is any risk. Some things are not that contagious or deleterious. Herd immunity may not be enough. Can you be forced against your will for the greater good? Think and speak up.

Can You Legally Refuse a COVID Vaccine? by - Aug 2020 CENSORED. Debate between Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Alan Dershowitz, Esq. Attorney Dershowitz argues that it is only constitutional to refuse a vaccine for a disease that only affects you personally. It is reported that 1 in 40 vaccine recipients are injured in some way and that a clinician who administers vaccines will have 1.3 events per month.

Does the State Have a Right to Force You to Vaccinate Your Kids? by Clifford Goldstein  - Mar 2021 discusses the legal conflict of state responsibility to protect the public versus individual religious and even secular personal liberty and choice. (Dr. Rolland's comments: I include this article because it illustrates the difficult balance between state responsibility and personal rights in a free-society. My concern is that from my perspective, I feel this well-respected author has overstated the risks of COVID-19, understated the risks of potential vaccines and not considered alternative treatments that might make a vaccine unnecessary. Health experts themselves cannot agree. Further, as questions arise around vaccine tracking and "passports" the growing personal and even religious liberty issues become even more concerning. From some points of view, the COVID-19 pandemic seems as much about politics, government expansion and social reconstruction as it is about public health. It begs the question about where to draw the line and whether America risks losing something much larger than health. See links and my comments elsewhere.)

Important Legal Wins by Informed Consent Action Network with Del Bigtree by Mercola on Bitchute - Feb 2024  Courts concluded that wherever there is a secular right, there must also be a religious right. If people have the right to opt out of a vaccine for religious reasons, they must also have the right to opt out for religious reasons. (At present there is no religious vaccine exemption in New York, California, Maine, West Virginia and Connecticut.) They are winning rights back with airlines and other venues.  ALSO 2023 - Robert Kennedy Jr. revealed to Howie Mandel (in interview) that the FDA gets 50% of its budget from big Pharma. And that the CDC spends nearly 5 billion of its 12 billion dollar annual budget, buying and distributing vaccines. ICAN  Vaccine mandates remove self-determination of one's medical care. CAUSATION can never be proven in vaccine studies because no placebo studies are ever done. V-Safe data is structured to conceal and omit lots of important data. Viral SHEDDING seems to be a real thing - others in contact getting those antibodies... the mechanism is unknown.

Important Legal Wins by the Informed Consent Action Network by MercolaPDF - Feb 2024

DR. BENJAMIN RUSH, George Washington’s personal doctor and a signer of the Declaration of Independence reportedly said: “Unless we put Medical Freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic...  The Constitution of the Republic should make special provisions for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom.”  (Dr. Rolland's comments: Please look up Dr. Rush and read some of his other very provocative comments about health care and your American liberties.)


6) VACCINE PASSPORTS ARE MISLEADING or MUCH WORSE - Skipping over the multiple, non-reversible risks that health passports and contact tracing present to personal liberty (travel and association - totalitarian governments are enthusiastically embracing this technology as we speak), personal health privacy (risk of being hacked or manipulated for nefarious purposes) and discrimination (against someone's health status or free choices via bullying or bribery), please consider the unfounded, disease logic behind vaccine passports (however well intentioned by a worried public):

UPDATE AUG 2021 - (Dr. Rolland's comments: It seems that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines provide narrow, non-sterilizing immunity that wanes over time. Do these vaccines build immune memory? Vaccinated people can still contract and transmit SARS-CoV2 (more so with variants?) and may require regular booster shots (every 8 months?). In contrast, post-infection immunity seems broad, robust and long-lasting. (Testing for memory T-cells could identify who has actual immunity.) Consequently, it seems that health passports ensuring "safety" based on vaccines are misleading, inaccurate and unfortunately only verification of jab compliance rather than immunity. -  Passports being envisioned may be tied into and dictating one's work opportunities, travel & lodging access, banking & loans, insurance costs, shopping access, professional and driver's licenses, medical care restrictions, government assistance and ongoing testing and quarantine costs. This type of digital wallet and access program may have few legal remedies and little privacy.)

First, vaccine passports which allow access, travel and assembly largely ASSUME and IMPLY that those individuals are "safe" (i.e. uninfected and non-contagious). But, this is both inaccurate and misleading. It is well known that vaccines are not capable of producing immunity or protection in 100 percent of injected persons. instead, COVID-19 studies, seem to reveal that they reduce the risk of severe disease and death in 65 to 95 percent of recipients. Some (just how many is unknown) vaccinated patients are being reported to not only contract, but then also spread the SARS-CoV2 virus. 

Second, COVID vaccine effectiveness is typically being measured by its ability to stimulate a certain level of antibody response. However, there seems to be little discussion about testing titers to actually verify one's supposed levels (of protection). Further, it is my understanding, that natural infection and recovery generally creates better antibody levels than vaccination. It has been known for decades, that in most cases, recovering from the natural disease creates a more durable (longer lasting) and robust (stronger and more effective even against mutated variants) immunity.  

Third, It is commonly understood, that once the short-term threat of disease is past (3-6 months or so?), antibody levels fade - historically known to occur both for vaccines and diseases. Unfortunately, there seems to be little discussion (and only limited testing for research) about how much the vaccines might stimulate memory B or T cells, as compared to the natural disease. Memory cells are those responsible for true long-lasting immune protection (in some cases over 60 years) and most likely avoid the need for any booster vaccines. (This is probably why it has been found that one is extremely unlikely to become re-infected OR spread the virus after recovery from natural COVID-19.)

Fourth, some people just will not generate antibody or memory cells in response to a vaccine exposure or natural disease. Also, some people cannot be vaccinated "safely" because they are medically unable due to allergies or other health conditions that will likely put them at risk for a severe, adverse reaction or death. Further, scientists suggest that a percentage of the population seem to just not be susceptible to a particular disease. (e.g. Is there a correlation when over 80% of patients who suffer from severe COVID-19 have low vitamin D levels? See the 25 links on our vitamin D page.)

Fifth, As with any official document, vaccine passports, will be counterfeitable and available for a price, if you know the right person. Perhaps even if the most invasive form of an implantable microchip is mandated.

In conclusion, for vaccine passports to be medically useful, for what the public thinks they mean - to provide security from a disease, it seems that the system would need the following: 1) test (periodically) all vaccinated people for antibody and memory cell titers, 2) test (periodically) all naturally infected people for antibody and memory cell titers, 3) identify why some people never get infected and test them for that characteristic, 4) determine what the minimum titer standards will be, and 5) issue an un-hackable document that is confidential and accurately reflects true immunity of ALL people who actually have it. Is this even possible?  (Yes, here I purposely left out debate about vaccine safety and focused only on effectiveness.)

Finally, to include the whole population, the system would have to: 6) ensure that everyone is offered an effective vaccine, 7) decide how people who do not develop titers or cannot "safely" be vaccinated will be accommodated and 8) decide how people who choose not to be vaccinated will be accommodated. IS it possible to create a health passport document that is private and secure, accurate, fair and unbiased - one that is compatible with the foundational American principles of Liberty and Justice for ALL? Will actual benefits ever outweigh the risks? - What are the alternatives?

Please don't be misled to think that someone's vaccine card proves that they are protected and safe to be around, while someone who has not been vaccinated is unsafe and dangerous to be around. That simply is far from the truth. Vaccines passports do NOT equate to safety and protection.

Is Benjamin Franklin's quote fitting here? "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." (It seems that Thomas Jefferson and many other prominent leaders from our early society would agree with this principle.)

Comments On Vaccine Passports by NPR - Apr 2021 Random comments about health passports. You will notice, some of the really important questions are rarely asked.

Israel's Green Passport Leaves Some Behind - Mar 2021 What about: Access to public places? Health privacy - open for all to see? Body choice and autonomy? Keep your job? Go to school? Fear still exists with people even after they have been infected. Media accentuated?

Israel's Health Pass Program Raises Big Questions - Mar 2021 What about: Receive your government payments? Assemble freely? Children, and Immune compromised? How far are you willing to go?

Dangers of Vaccine (Health) Passports by Dr. Naomi Wolf & - Apr 2021 CENSORED. PLEASE LISTEN TO SHORT VIDEO. Dr. Wolf runs a tech business from New York. Health passports seem to violate the American Disabilities Act and the privacy of your personal health information (HIPPA and everything else). Your COVID status can be manipulated by the tech authority. Dr. Wolf explains how health passport technology can easily be interlinked between platforms like social media, health records, shopping and banking. She explains how the Chinese government CCP is using this system to track social credits (what you say and how well you comply with government policies) and then to reward or penalize various aspects of your life (shopping, work, school, travel, home, etc.). De-platforming is conditioning that follows the CCP reward & penalty process. Any dissident can quickly be located and handled. Once the technology is fully implemented (e.g. CCP) it will affect privacy, health care, travel, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, etc. - it will be irreversible. The article tells how some American schools are sending students to re-education classes for not wearing masks, also how some colleges are requiring daily, health status, digital check-ins. Organizations are conditioning citizens to watch and report their friends and neighbors. (All for a disease that has under 1% CFR and has effective medical treatments & natural therapies.) 

Tech Company Partnering with Moderna for Vaccine Passports seems to have Nazi History by FoxNews & - Apr 2021 CENSORED. Implementing computerized health passports is highly dangerous to personal liberty and the American way of life. Data collection these days on all aspects of most people's lives is extensive. This article explains how tech companies (e.g. IBM) assisted (even more so now) collecting and leveraging data for government control (nefarious?) and corporate profit making. Discussion about how artificial intelligence and data gathering is endlessly pervasive and will be able to connect and affect banking & credit, work, food distribution, property ownership, insurance & healthcare, travel, school & education, religious and secular assembly, free speech, political elections, law enforcement, and most everything. Some people have been warning this is coming - is it here now?



7) HYGIENE AND NUTRITION PLAY KEY ROLES - To be clear, most pro-choice vaccine contenders are not against the intention of vaccination i.e. trying to save people (especially children) from suffering and dying from infectious diseases, but against the injurious side effects they cause. In fact, pro-choice advocates are very much in favor of providing clean water, nutritious food, vitamins, shelter and medical care for those who can't afford it. (As a primary care physician, I would like to help save every patient.) In Miller's book Vaccines: Are They Really Safe, the author documents the decline of many infectious diseases as a result of improved hygiene and nutrition - even before the introduction of a given vaccine. Technological advances and generosity can solve many problems of poverty. Unfortunately, vaccines are simply easier and cheaper to provide than nutritious food, clean water and hygiene... Do big questions arise when some top vaccination promoters are found to be leading proponents of global population control - even admitting that vaccines containing anti-fertility drugs are sometimes administered without consent to developing nations?

Can Some Vaccines Hurt Your Immune System? by - Dec 2020 CENSORED. Vaccines for coronavirus have been unsuccessful for years. Some of them have caused side-effects like antibody dependent enhancement ADE which can allow the virus to enter cells more easily and a Th2 immunopathology which can cause an allergic inflammation. (See Dr. Yeadon's comments from our November Update page questioning whether a vaccine is necessary and explaining that ALL COVID vaccines are still experimental at this point. Thus the FDA emergency use authorization. Also, a caution from the relative of a doctor I know who said that she eventually left her team leader position at a major pharmaceutical company because she kept getting pressure to sign-off on things that were not fully tested and ready to be released. She cautioned about taking any vaccine in this stage.)

COVID Vaccines May Only Reduce Severe Disease, but Not Infection or Transmission by - Jan 2021 CENSORED. It seems that the vaccines will primarily reduce severe symptoms and hospitalization and death (hopefully?) but do not really affect infection rates or transmission of the disease.

How Has COVID Changed the Future of Vaccines? by Corbett Report - Dec 2020 Are vaccines proven or still experimental? What is the end purpose of a vaccination program?

Will Vaccine Generated Spike Proteins Bind to our Cells by Dr. Been - Jan 2021

Ways COVID is Changing the Future of Vaccines by - Jan 2021 CENSORED. Stage 3 clinical trials are yet to be completed. Still considered experimental, COVID vaccines will have data collection for years to come. What are the concerning vaccine side-effects for a disease that has an overall infection fatality rate of 0.26% and for those under 40 of 0.01%? Although adverse reactions are rather rare, some scientists are very concerned about what the longer range complications will be. And questions about what is the true effectiveness of these shots authorized for emergency use? Will vaccination be consensual?


8) VACCINE ALTERNATIVES - The 2020 pandemic has really brought this to light. For example, why don't doctors inform people that scientists have known for decades that Vitamin D and A are very helpful for children suffering from measles? (See Neil Miller's book for studies.) Instead we make a news story out of the unvaccinated - supposedly about 5-10% of the population and fail to mention that often, many involved in an outbreak are found to have had the recommended vaccinations. (It turns out that many of those who question the status quo tend to be educated, upper class families - not uninformed, lower class, worriers that the media tends to portray them as.) There are numerous effective ways (see elsewhere on our website) to improve one's metabolic health, optimize one's immune system and provide support which helps resist and recover from most diseases.


9) HERD IMMUNITY: WHICH VACCINES ARE NECESSARY? - Herd immunity is the amount of a population estimated to need to have immunity (natural or via vaccine) to a given disease so that the contagious spread (from person-to-person) of the disease declines to the point that it is no longer a significant threat. Scientists estimate how many people a sick person might infect. A number (R0 value) greater than one will increase the disease spread while a number less than one will cause it to decrease. The discussion of herd immunity is admitted as being something that just is not accurately known, more of an estimation. Rather the number may continue to be inched higher, as people accept it - until the goal reaches 100 percent. Further, that target number (for 2020 at least) does not officially allow for natural immunity but that it must be from vaccine (at least that seems to be true with W.H.O.'s new, narrow definition of herd immunity or most government officials). Numerous experts disagree saying history has shown that natural (post infection) immunity generally is found to be as strong (effective), durable (long-lasting) and broad (against variants) or even better than that from vaccines. (Some vaccines do not prevent a disease but merely reduce its severity and possibly its level of spread.) Variants are mutations - sometimes they are more contagious. Usually more contagious variants are less lethal. That is what it seems with most SARS-CoV2. Some scientists (like Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM) explain how prophylactic vaccines (like most for SARS-CoV2) can theoretically make mutations worse. REGARDLESS - Improving Your Immune System Health is ALWAYS a safe, effective strategy for helping with disease.

Can Flu Vaccines Increase COVID Risk? by - Jan 12 CENSORED. This question has been raised before by other doctors and a 2018 Department of Defense study. It seems that getting the flu vaccine may raise (called pathogenic priming) the risk of severe disease from coronavirus (like COVID-19). Observation suggests that patients over 65 who have had the flu shot are more likely to die from COVID-19 as are those in countries where the rate of flu vaccination among the population is higher.

Flu Vaccination and COVID-19 Risk by Dr. John Campbell - June 2020 some data and a 2018 DOD study, showing it may raise risk of contracting a coronavirus.

Might Flu Shots Increase COVID-19 Risk? by - Sep 2020 CENSORED. The Cross-Over Effect is well known, and although unpredictable, is shows that natural immunity (or even vaccines) can sometimes make one more resistant or in some cases more vulnerable to other related diseases.

Colostrum: More Effective Than Flu Vaccine by - Oct 2020 CENSORED. Remember the shortage of Tamiflu during the last flu epidemic?

Flu Vaccination Associated with Increased Viral Shedding by - Aug 2020 CENSORED.


10) VACCINES UNDER ONE-YEARS-OLD - It is my understanding from a medical professional, that the CDC does not officially consider vaccines given under one-year of age to be effective enough to develop credible immunity. Since vaccines are not without (significant?) risk and since at this age babies are often getting immunity from mother's breast milk, why, you might ask, do we inject infants with vaccines? (How many of them are likely to contract hepatitis or certain of these other diseases?) Under two is known to be an especially critical time for the development and disruption of the nervous system. (Knowing this, some countries and some doctors routinely do NOT give vaccines to children under one or two years of age.) Anyways, the reason that was given by this trained medical professional, was that well baby check-ups are to help get parents in the habit of bringing their children to the medical office for their shots. Really? I was dumbfounded. Is it ethical to risk giving medicine to a healthy patient?

Why Are So Many Fewer Children Dying? by HealthChoice - June 2020 Lessons from the Lockdown. (Dr. Rolland's comments: NPR reported that fewer children were getting vaccinated in 2020 at regular pediatric visits, down to an estimated 70% from a typical 84%. Parents were more concerned about going out and being exposed to SARS-CoV2 than the childhood diseases the vaccines might help prevent. It seems that the reduction of vaccine doses may have had the unintended benefit of reducing the rate of SIDS this year.)

Striking of Premature Births and SIDS During COVID-19 by - Aug 2020 CENSORED. There seems to be hundreds of fewer SIDS deaths (and premature births) this year with one of the only explanations being that infants (and pregnant moms) were not given so many vaccines.

(Dr. Rolland's comments: It is my understanding that the U.S.A. has the highest percentile of SIDS and autism (1 in 54 per CDC 2016 data) now among developed nations. It also administers the greatest number of vaccines, including those to younger children. Is this coincidental? Out of millions of doses of vaccines given every year, how will we know?)

Vaccines Tested on Babies Even as Death Toll Mounts by - Mar 2021 CENSORED. As of March 5, 2021, the CDC VAERS monitoring site has received 1,551 reported cases of COVID vaccine deaths. The author calculates their lethality rate at 0.0028% for all and at 0.0024% for the mRNA which is about 100 times that of the flu vaccine at 0.0000265%. Obviously, these numbers are short-term consequences only and do not account for any mid or long-term side-effects or deaths. The author reports that the average recovery rate from COVID is 99.99 or possibly up to 99.999 if you can optimize your health.

Coronavirus Numbers by Dr. Merkle of Science Based Nutrition - Aug 2020 Reviews reports about hospitals getting paid an up-charge (maybe 20%) for a COVID patient and the incentive to bill more that way. Discussion about excess death numbers (through June) and age groups that have been most affected by COVID-19. And numbers suggesting that fewer well baby doctor visits (due to closed offices and fears about taking children out) and fewer infant vaccines maybe contributing to the approximately 30% reduced childhood mortality rates (presumably from SIDS).

(Dr. Rolland's comments - It will be interesting to see the final review of excess death numbers for 2020. Also interested to see if there is an increase in childhood vaccine "preventable" disease deaths over the next few years due to not getting typical vaccinations in 2020 or if this accidental "study" suggests that infant vaccines may lead to SIDS in some children.)

Testing COVID Vaccines on Babies and Pregnant Women by - Mar 2021 CENSORED. COVID vaccines have not been tested much on children under 16, plans are afoot to test them on infants and pregnant women. 

(Dr. Rolland's comments: Although children 12 years of age may be adult size, they still have a lot of growth and development i.e. nervous system, etc. to do. Vaccines can have a much more severe effect on children with immature nervous and immune systems. In the past, vaccines were almost never given to pregnant women - not wanting to risk any damage to the unborn. Vaccines that are used on children typically have undergone years of laboratory and animal trials and review. Why with COVID, a disease that has an extremely low complication or death rate for younger children (even under 18), are we risking their short and long term health with experimental vaccines? Since when do we ask children with their life ahead of them, to sacrifice for seniors who have lived their lives? Protecting both does not have to be exclusive. Some are also asking if Any links to eugenics?)

(Dr. Rolland's comments: In another recent MSN report of Mass. General, there is praise for antibodies generated from COVID-19 vaccines given to pregnant woman and passed to their newborn - with minimal side-effects. For decades, as-a-rule, vaccines were not given to pregnant women because the risk to the baby was just seen as too great? It is well known, that mothers normally pass other types of protective antibodies at birth and later (through breast feeding) to their infants for the first several plus months of life. Early in the pandemic, it was observed that COVID was Not being passed to newborns from infected mothers. I have not seen recent data on this. Is the benefit worth the risk to the unborn? What is their COVID risk?)



Using Artificial Herd Immunity Fear to Vaccinate Children by - Mar 2021 CENSORED. Even though COVID typically is of minor impact to children, fear and vaccine herd immunity ideas are used to push untested vaccines on children.

Pfizer Begins Testing Vaccines on Young Children by NY Times - Mar 2021 This article explains that vaccine manufacturers are beginning to test vaccines on children down to 6 months of age. (Saying they expect them to be safe since they have a known track record with adults.) Children under 18 represent 23% (about 75 million) of the U.S. population and the article says that vaccinating them is an important part of turning back the pandemic. The report says that so far 3.3 million cases of COVID-19 have been documented with 13,000 hospitalized and 260 total deaths. As of Sep 2021 the CDC estimates that 25 million children have had COVID-19 and 424 total deaths.

>>((Dr. Rolland's comments: CAUTION PLEASE...  >>FIRST, this article expresses concern for long-term effects of COVID-19 but gives no mention of the long-term effects of vaccines (see our detailed comments elsewhere) - especially experimental ones.  >>SECOND, while still deeply tragic and I want to help them all, most child fatalities tend to have comorbities. Even think of our childhood obesity rates. And as we know, most children have a robust immune system (discussed in detail elsewhere) that quickly handles COVID-19. Per these NYT numbers, the approximate COVID mortality of children is 0.008% (>i.e. 1 in 12,600 cases), and remember for all adults about 0.5% (i.e. 1 in 200) and those over 65 about 6%. And with some experts estimating actual cases are 4x official numbers (in 2021 some are saying 10x) that might be 13 million total cases so far for children. (>That might lower the total child mortality rate to 0.002% or 1 in 50,000 cases.) Per Dr. Campbell's vaccine adverse reaction calculations (in support of vaccine safety), he says that adults are "1000 times more likely to die from COVID than the vaccines" based on data so far. Yes, some people are dying from COVID vaccines (details addressed elsewhere on this page). So by dividing, we see for discussion sake that children overall are 63 times less likey to die than all average adults. Dividing that by Dr. Campbell's estimation, children are 16x more likely to die from COVID than from vaccination or if the 4x case estimate is correct, they are only 4x more likely to die from COVID than the vaccine - neither guaranteed. Of course, this assumes that a child definitely gets COVID. And these number averages are likely to decline (improve) further since we now have effective medical treatments and natural therapies (even used by hospitals now). I am having patients with older, unhealthy parents who contract and recover (with medical care) from COVID tell me their doctors say in surprise that they did not expect them to pull through. 

>>OK. IT IS UP TO YOU. But with numbers like this for average patients who do Not typically take extra measures to Optimize the health of their children, I have to say, WHY WOULD THEY TAKE THAT CHANCE WITH ON A CHILD'S LIFE (all still ahead of them) ON A VACCINE VS. COVID itself (when there are many other ways to help them)???  >>LASTLY, to the argument that children need to be Part of the pandemic solution. This is different than asking a college student to be careful and not unnecessarily expose their elders. Is it ethical/reasonable to ask a child, to risk their health and possibly life (getting a vaccine), so that an adult can have a better chance at theirs? Most adults that I know, especially grand parents, would give up their lives to save a child, if that is what the choice came down to. We can help both.  - - - My numbers may be off here, but I have yet to come across anyone putting these calculations together differently.))

Recommended Childhood Vaccine Schedule by CDC - 2021 There are an estimated 72 vaccinations (some in combination injections) that are recommended for children by age 18. Why don't we have a vaccine for every possible disease? Because experts say they are difficult to safely and effectively make and that your body would not survive that many jabs (immune assaults). Why don't we still administer the small pox vaccine? Because the vaccine risk is not worth the benefit - especially with modern healthcare and nutrition and hygiene. Those who promote vaccines (which are neither 100% safe or effective) without informing patients how to optimize their immune system seem to be ignorant or biased and without true concern for the well-being of those they advise.  CFR = case fatality rate (or the apparent risk of death once contracted).

>> This section is under development to discuss the risks of each disease compared to those of the vaccine. To read the manufacturers details about a vaccine, ask you provider for a package insert. (LOL You will need a magnifying glass and some time.) All CFR are given for U.S.A. numbers. Please see the websites listed in our resource section below to investigate the possible concerns related to the vaccine you are questioning.

CHICKEN POX - 0.001% CFR for children 14 and under.

COVID-19 - 0.008% CFR for children under 18.

INFLUENZA (the flu) - 0.1% CFR

MUMPS/ MEASLES/ RUBELLA - 0.2% CFR in 2020. It appears we have known for 50 years that vitamins A & D are very effective to help with measles. MMR maybe one of the highest risk combo vaccines.

DIPTHERIA/ PERTUSSIS/ TETANUS - Pertussis (whooping cough) seems to be one of the highest risk vaccines. (Tetanus - 50% CFR? The tetanus vaccine can be given separately.)

HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS (HPV) - Low CFR. This seems to be one of the most dangerous vaccines (neurologic side effects & death) for a disease that is largely avoidable.


POLIO - This disease is officially under control but some physicians say it is being renamed in todays health care experience.




MERS - 35% CFR


12) HOW MOST VACCINES WORK - Basically, they are an artificial way to stimulate your immune system to respond to a disease that it has not naturally been exposed to in the wild, with the intention that the immune system memory will be primed and ready to quickly defend against any similar real pathogen in the future. Their actions can't be reversed. Some may cause other short and long-term health problems. (See risks above.) Follow-up boosters may be needed. How effective are they? Are there effective, healthy alternatives now that we are in the 21st century

Traditional vaccines generally have taken part (or all) of a disease microbe and either disabled (inactivated) or suppressed (attenuated) its actions using chemicals. Other chemicals are used to stabilize and preserve the formula and still others to stimulate (adjuvants) our immune systems to respond to the injection. When recipient's immune system comes by, it identifies the foreign agent and triggers the immune system to build antibodies to attack (as if it saw the disease) and neutralize the invader. Later memory T & B cells are made (typically) so the immune system will remember.

Here are some potential problems with traditional vaccines: 1) Aside from the allergens present, artificially, stimulating the immune system over and over again without having an invader to fight, is thought lead towards autoimmune disorders in some people. 2) Some of the chemicals (mercury, aluminum, PEG) used with vaccines also are toxic in themselves and are thought to cause adverse reactions for some people.)

Newer mRNA vaccines "program" the body to respond to a particular disease without including the microbe itself. They hide a code of mRNA inside a lipid nanoparticle (tiny fat) and injected into the muscle. The mRNA then instructs your body to make a foreign protein strand - in this case the SARS-CoV2 spike. When recipient's immune system sees the spike it triggers the immune system to respond and make antibodies (as if it had seen the disease) to attack and neutralize the foreign invader. 

How mRNA Vaccines Work - 

There are 10 to 30 billion mRNA strands in each vaccine injection. Those strands are enclosed in a fatty (lipid) nano (tiny) particle so that they can enter cells and your body does not dissolve them. Those particles travel throughout (everywhere?) your body telling your cells to make protein 
copies of the spike from the virus. These proteins are created throughout your body. When your immune system sees the spike protein, it is identified as foreign and attacked by your innate immune system while cytokine signals order your body to make antibodies. Within 7-10 days the antibodies are available to attack the spike protein. These antibodies stay active for 5-8 months. If you encounter the actual virus, the antibodies attach to the spikes and disable it. Every additional shot stimulates more immune reaction (and sometimes worse adverse effects).

The problems are that it is apparent that vaccine stimulated immune function wanes and may require a booster shot (every 6 months?). While that is also normal for natural immunity, natural exposure also builds memory T-cells that quickly reactivate when one is re-exposed - that does not seem to be so effective for these vaccines. And when the virus mutates, vaccine antibodies may not attach to the spike if it has changed enough. (During natural infection, our immune system identifies many different points to attack and builds an array of antibodies against them.)

Here are some of the potential problems with the mRNA process explaining the many adverse side-effects: 1) It turns out that the spike itself is bioactive and causes toxic reactions. When our immune system locates spikes throughout our body (even places that the natural virus would not naturally go), they are attacked and contained - sometimes creating clots (big and tiny). (See videos by Dr. Hoffe explaining this clotting process and how running D-dimer tests showed elevated clotting in 62% of his patients within 4-7 days of vaccination. He discovered this while looking for treatment options for COVID vaccine complications. (This is one theory why more vulnerable (already sick) people succumb to illness and death shortly after jabs.) 2) The lipid nanoparticles do not stay in the arm but travel throughout the body, going places that the virus itself would not likely ever go, e.g. concentrating in ovaries, bone marrow, etc. 3) The lipids help hide the mRNA from the immune system and it is unknown how long they last. 4) Per the Moderna filing there is a potential they could affect the recipient's DNA. 5) The spikes show up throughout the body and the immune system attacks them causing random chaos and damage. 6) It is unknown how well this process creates memory immune cells and it appears that "boosters" will be needed. 7) The targeted spikes are only part of the virus and if mutation occurs, the recipients immune system may not recognize the variant. 8) Various chemicals (graphene, etc.) used for the gene therapy "vaccines" may themselves cause adverse reactions. 9) Finally, as with most vaccines, when actual allergens are absent - artificially, stimulating the immune system over and over again (without having an actual invader to fight), is thought to lead towards autoimmune disorders in some people (increasing 4% per year in the general U.S.A.).

Johnson & Johnson Safety & Efficacy vs. Pfizer and Moderna by Dr. Seheult - Feb 4 Technical comparisons and how J&J seems to do rather well even for variants to limit severe symptoms and death, with effectiveness getting better as a few weeks pass. J&J is a more traditional vaccine that has inactivated viral components and does not require special refrigeration and only requires one shot. A one shot vaccine may have fewer side-effects since they tend to occur from later shots after the immune system is primed. This vaccine is easier to store and administer.

COVID-19 Vaccines vs. Variants by Dr. Seheult - Feb 24 Variants may be driving increase of cases but death rates continue to fall in many places. Technical review shows that vaccines seem to maintain some neutralizing effect against the current U.K. and S.A. variants.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots are Not True Vaccines by - Feb 2021 CENSORED. Per definition of U.S. medical regulations the way mRNA shots work they are not technically considered to be vaccines. How do they work?

How are mRNA Vaccines Experimental Gene Therapy? by - Mar 2021 CENSORED. Experts explain how these emergency use, experimental "vaccines" are really gene therapy. Would we force this type of unproven therapy on cancer patients or the like?


13) VACCINE QUESTIONS TO ASK - How can I evaluate the cost benefit of a vaccine? 1) What is the chance I will contract a given disease? 2) What are the possible disease side-effects and how likely are they? 3) What are the modern medical and home treatments available for the disease? 4) What are the benefits to having natural immunity for the disease? 5) What are the side-effects of the recommended vaccine and how likely are those side-effects? 6) What modern medical and home treatment options would be available for those side effects? 7) What is the evidence for the effectiveness of the vaccine? 8) Can you quarantine while contagious to limit risk to someone else? 9) What is the risk and severity of long lasting (irresolvable) effects either from the disease or vaccine? Ask for the vaccine package insert and then read it. - - - Once you know the answers to these questions, you can see what is the better choice for your family.

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study by IPAK - Dec 2020

Are MMR Anti-Vaxxers Likelier to Get Severe COVID? by ACSH - Nov 2020 (Dr. Rolland's comments: Although I don't subscribe to their point, I felt it is worth having the discussion and considering why that might be questioned.)

Why Is Anti-Vax Information Considered a Terroristic Threat and Not Scientific Debate? by - Dec 2020 CENSORED.


14) PROFESSIONAL DISHONESTY - Plato helped create the concept of the "Noble Lie", i.e. a lie to someone that is "for their own good".  Of course who is it that gets to make that decision about whether it is ok or not? Some officials view patients or students or citizens from a paternal perspective. In other words, "we know better than you do what is good for you" and it is okay for us to lie to you to achieve those ends. (See also topic 1 For the Greater Good.) Per Dr. Malone, the three great lies of the pandemic are: 1) the only way to end the pandemic is through herd immunity 2) the only way to herd immunity is for everyone to be vaccinated 3) C*VID vaccines are proven safe and effective. Each of those false assumptions are scientifically addressed extensively elsewhere on this website. 

Another example, is that of required "mandatory vaccines" for admission to school. While powerful entities are working diligently to make endless vaccinations mandatory for every child at every school, in many states they are not. Various exemptions exist. It seems that most school officials (typically nurses) know this. Yet, they continue to send out letters to parents saying that your child will not be allowed to play sports or will not be allowed to enter school if they do not have said vaccine? They do not provide any semblance of informed consent including discussing possible accommodations or available treatments. This has become accepted behavior. - I know this first hand. On the flip side of my state's vaccine tracking card is the vaccine waiver form (for medical, religious and philosophical reasons).  >See section 17 below for legal resources if you need an exemption.<

Are vaccines so problematic that we need to bribe and then coerce patients to get them? In 2021, there are proposals allowing for 12 year-olds to consent themselves to vaccines (and other medical procedures) and to even then to prohibit medical providers, schools and insurance companies from being allowed to disclose this choice to their parents or guardians. Along this line, some parents report discovering their child had been vaccinated against their will by a medical provider while they were out of the room - no consequences. (Beyond these examples, whistle blowers and concerned politicians, scientists and doctors have spoken out for years about various aspects our growing, for-profit vaccine program. Reportedly pediatric and even some other medical office get bonuses from the vaccine industry for having the compliant percentage of their patients above a certain number. How does this benefit the patient?)

The Truth About Vaccines by Ty Bollinger - An excellent eye opening 7 part (10 hour) documentary series examining many concerning aspects of the U.S. vaccination program. Highly recommended for anyone interested in possible vaccine concerns. This series interviews a number of scientists, doctors and other program experts. It has been censored off Youtube and Facebook.

How Vaccine Manufacturers Seem to Skew Their Safety Results by - Mar 2021 CENSORED. Most vaccines are tested for "comparable" safety against other components or even other vaccines and not against a purer placebo like a sterile saline.

Are Vaccines Really 90% Effective? by - Nov 2020 CENSORED. Do manufacturers design trials to prove that their vaccines work? Has the data been released for other scientists to review? Does that apply to all age groups? Do short trials verify safety and effectiveness?

Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC by - Aug 2020 CENSORED. Interview with National Vaccine Information Center founder.

Exploring the Astra-Zeneca Vaccine Link to Eugenics? by - Mar 2021 CENSORED. Detailed discussion and a link to the Fifth International Vaccine Conference. Is there a risk for developing countries?


15) FINANCIAL INCENTIVES FOR PROVIDERS AND PATIENTS - Vaccines are a profitable business for many pharmaceutical companies (and the CDC) and those who distribute them. While they are very expensive to develop, once they are approved (generally after many years of failures) they provide a protected income stream for over 20 years. (There are reportedly over 200 vaccines in the development pipeline. Can vaccine companies get the CDC to continue to expand the schedule of "required" vaccines, e.g. varicella - chicken pox? Granted some, like a malaria vaccine, would be an international life saver of over 1 million (mostly African children under age 5) annually. Unfortunately, the priorities of poor nations, do not set typically set the agenda for profit dependent companies.) Medical offices (pediatricians mainly) not only get paid to provide vaccination services but it is my understanding that many are monetarily incentivised to maintain a high level of vaccine compliance and some receive additional bonuses. (Most pediatric offices that I am aware of, will not even accept children who are not on the recommended vaccine schedule.) Ironically, most physicians and scientists who speak out in favor of vaccine choice are villianized and risk their careers, reputations and livliehoods to do so but have no financial incentive (yes, a few have written books on the subject) but rather do it out of concern for children and public health. This again supports the argument that vaccines are for public health and Not about what is best for the individual child. (Otherwise we would do genetic safety testing, better monitor adverse reactions, check blood titers and allow personalized choices.)

NPR On Point in mid February 2021 discussed paying patients to get the COVID-19 vaccination. They addressed concerns that paying someone to get a medical procedure suggests that it is not intrinsically safe. And that bigger incentives further bring into question the benefit and even morality of getting the questioned procedure (in this case a vaccine). This is the only medical procedure that I am aware of for which patients are pressured, even coerced and now paid (bribed?) to receive. Yes, companies are reimbursing employees to get vaccinated. (Hasn't it been illegal (and unethical?) since World War II, according to international law to force people to undergo medical tests or procedures against their will?)

Companies Handing Out Freebies to Reward Vaccines by MoneyWise - Mar 2021 Free donuts (Krispy Kreme), beer or marijuana - all incentives so far to reward people for getting their vaccines. Some well known companies are paying their employees from $25 to $500 each to get the shot.

$$Keep in mind that one of (possibly the top) MAJOR media (radio, magazines, television, internet, etc.) sponsor/advertiser/contributor is from pharmaceutical companies promoting the use of medications. This can't help but have the potential to create conflict of interest (even unconscious) on a very large scale.

Are There Billions to Make From Vaccines? by - July 2020 CENSORED. How many international billionares are in the business of vaccines? Did Bill Gates predict that COVID vaccines will harm millions?

Can You Trust These Vaccine Manufacturers? by - Mar 2021 CENSORED. The author reports on a number of apparently ethical and legal issues that have affected the current major vaccine players.

Testing the Most Effective Ways to Market Vaccines by - Aug 2020 CENSORED. Countries and WHO have hired PR firms to evaluate the most effective ways to promote vaccines to the public.

W.H.O. Hires PR Firm to Reach Influencers by - Aug 2020 CENSOREDD. Finding ways to encourage the public to take vaccines.


16) ARE THERE LONG-TERM RISKS TO VACCINES? - While it is true, that we are having a lower incident of infectious diseases and deaths. (Nutrition and hygiene?) Some scientists argue that so many vaccines are contributing to overloading our immune systems and worsening our ever increasing number (AARP reports 4% per year) of neuro-degenerative autoimmune diseases e.g. parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, autism, alzheimers, etc. Vaccine test results may be cherry picked to show results that are acceptable. Reviewers usually look at data but do not do independent testing. (See our many comments about the C*VID vaccine effects on our June, July and August corona update pages.)

Rebuttal to Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM - Mar 2021 Dr. Bossche has a lot of experience and is provaccine but is saying that there is a possibility that blocking a virus of this type from developing natural immunity (using these prophylactic vaccines which prevent disease but do not erradicate the disease) and preventing it from burning itself out, creates a potential for "immune escape" - pushing the virus to mutate to a more virulent pathogen. Dr. Bossche discusses that the virus mutates within hours and that it is important to have your immune system ready for it. For those interested in this topic, go to Del Bigtree's Highwire review of this scientist and his concerns that the virus needs to be stopped not suppressed. Dr. Bossche explains that these vaccines boosting antibodies are not better than natural immunity with natural killer cells.

Are We Engineering New Coronaviruses? by - Sep 2020 CENSORED. Discussion of plans for coronavirus research and pandemic management. Watch the PLANDEMIC2 video here with Dr. Judy Mikovits (CDC whistleblower), virus research and 2003 SARS outbreak. Very concerning hour long video. Discusses U.S. patents on coronavirus putting CDC and Dr. Fauci's group in charge of all related research and treatment possibilities. Origin of COVID-19? Is it natural or manufactured? Watch concerning hour interview with virology/microbiology researcher Dr. Jonathan Latham as they discuss gain of function research and theories about where SARS-CoV2 is likely to have come from. Describes several known safety issues, prior lab disease leaks and vaccine links. Says it's hard to be a scientist these days. Charities profiting from investing in tech solutions they promote as global health solutions? Relative of SARS-CoV2 has been in Wuhan lab freezer for seven years. Anthrax and other gain of function research. Third video of Bill Gates' predicting this type of pandemic in 2015. Helpful to understand what goes on behind the scenes in high-level virology research and how in trying to help humanity it also risks human health and creates potential for great calamity.

How the Powerful, Wealthy Elite Control Medical Information Citizens Get by - Mar 2021 CENSORED. A description about steps that limit, influence or distort the scientific and medical information that individuals can access and review for themselves. (Here discussing aspects of Dr. Mercola's health information website. Discussing concerns of the mRNA vaccine.) Many ethical scientists and doctors who struggled through 2020 and 2021 now realize that this is not merely a conspiracy but action that occurs on a regular basis. Estimates are that drug companies spend about $30 billion dollars annually on advertising and about $300 million on lobbyists to congress.


17) WEBSITES WITH HELPFUL VACCINE CHOICE INFORMATION - Although I appreciate these websites, I cannot verify all their content.

Vaccines and Choice by Gaeta Institute We highly recommend this free online course by Dr. Michael Gaeta. website of National Vaccine Information Center by Barbara Loe Fisher a long time advocate of medical choice & freedom. website of Vaccine Information Coalition by April Renee "Educate before you vaccinate"  Attorney Alan Phillips who helps with vaccine Choice issues at email [email protected]  Attorney Alan Philips works to help maintain vaccine Freedom of Choice for concerned citizens from all 50 states.  Robert Kennedy, Jr. vaccine education site for health choices and children

Liberty Counsel Vaccine Research Page - June 2021 Regularly updated, this page by includes many LEGAL topics like Vaccine Passports & Contact Tracing, Adverse Reactions and Deaths, Blood clots, Breakthroughs, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, EUA law, EEOC, OSHA, mRNA, Five Stages of Vaccine Development, Masks, Pregnant Women Risks, Personal Stories, Spike Protein, Vaccine Self-Replication & Transmission of Adverse Reactions, Wuhan. - Richard Fleming, M.D., J.D., has free vaccine exemption documents on his website for medical, legal, religious and Constitutional exemptions and forms that lay out your Constitutional and statutory rights as an American citizen. 

-  - Excellent videos. Peggy Hall runs an organization to help maintain health choices and freedom including vaccine choice. She says that religious exemptions are based on a Federal Religious Exemption per the civil rights act of 1964 title 7 and is based on one's personal sincerely held religious beliefs not dependent on any facts or dogma from any organization.

The Healthy American with Peggy Hall Explains Religious Rights from Title VII and Civil Rights Act of 1964 - Aug 2022 Exemption Request

Pitfalls to Avoid with Your Religious Liberty Request by The Healthy American - Aug 2022


Citizen's Council for Health Freedom on VCY America - Aug 2021 Interview with Twila Brase, R.N., director of CCHF about concerns regarding mandates, masks and vaccines and what legal options and resources might be available.

CCHF Legal Support Site at - Aug 2021 Legal support site by Citizen's Council for Health Freedom   A website by CCHF discussing the various risks of vaccines, including for C*VID.

Vaccine Exemptions by State - Regularly updated? an interesting format summarizing state vaccine exemptions.

Constitutional Lawyer - KrisAnne Hall, J.D. constitutional attorney


How to Fight College Mandates with Science by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022

Vaccine Fatality Rates and College Mandates on Rumble with Lena Tessa - Aug 2022 Interview with Spiro Pantazatos, PhD.


Vaccine Choice - Know Your Rights for Informed Consent with Ted Kuntz - Oct 2021 Excellent website resources. Counselor Ted Kuntz of Vaccine Choice Canada is working to ensure informed consent and vaccine choice for all people. He has a vaccine injured son (now deceased). Ted describes his 20 year investigation of the risks of vaccines and the bias of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. He sees the pandemic not as the Great Reset but as the Great Reveal - showing the true colors of people, industry and government. He feels that most officials are ignoring the law,  constitutional rights, science and even fundamental human rights of self-determination and religious freedoms. People are seeing the incurable corruption and moving away from it to make a new society. Ted says that we have lost the freedoms even of skepticism, dialogue and debate. He sees his role to lift people up, encourage and nourish them, helping them to see they are powerful and not alone. He has written a book: How Can I Wake Up When I Don't Know That I Am Asleep?. Ted has also published his 20 years of vaccine investigations in a free ebook at www.DareToQuestionVaccination..... He invites anyone to join their weekly calls. He appreciates the efforts of Make Americans Free Again, the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) and the Constitutional Rights Centre of Canada.

Health Freedom Advocacy Center - Oct 2021 on Very useful information about vaccines, regulations, and injury history. Look at the RESOURCES page for printable educational PDFs. Guidance for working with legislators on vaccine policies. Explains that the U.S. has paid out over $4.3 million in damages and that there are over 240 vaccines in the development pipeline.

Constitutional Rights Centre with Rocco Galati, J.D- Oct 2021 Canadian attorney Rocco Galati with his colleagues has fought many legal battles defending the constitutional rights of Canadian citizens. Listed on his website is all of their case evidence including a 180 page document that was recently filed against Canadian officials for crimes against humanity and legal violations with actions taken during the pandemic of 2020.

Legal Criteria for Emergency Authorization for COVID-19 Does Not Seem to be Met on - This document shows the legal requirements for medication given emergency authorization under section (c) Criteria for Issuance of Authorization. It states that the known benefits of the drug must out weigh the risks; that there is no adequate, approved and available alternative; etc.

U.S. Code Which Specifies What Constitutes Emergency Authorization on - current and updated


Children's Health Defense - Health Freedom Advocacy Hub

Children's Health Defense - Take Action Vaccine Campaigns

Children's Health Defense - Sticker Gallery - Vaccine injury reporting, COVID treatment protocols, legal information, other resources


Awake Resource List by Dr. Michael Gaeta - A large list of links that explain and help with COVID related problems naturally.

Natural Immune Support for Today's World   A weekly webinar with Dr. Michael Gaeta sharing many resources about nutrition, vaccine risks, COVID-19 and personal-medical freedom.  A large, multi-topic website with many voices sharing their perspective and expertise - An overview of diseases and inoculation through recorded history   Many experts share their vaccine concerns including here Dr. Stephanie Seneff - an  M.I.T. scientist on C*VID  A large, searchable, natural health website


Vaccine Choice Video - Ongoing. A wide variety of useful videos and resources on vaccine choice.

Vaccine Choice Rumble page - Ongoing. A wide variety of useful videos and resources on vaccine choice research.

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler Research on Substack - Ongoing. Dr. Lyons-Weiler investigates the vaccine toxicity and viral mutations.

Dr. Jessica Rose Research on Substack - Updated regularly. Researcher Dr. Rose wrote a paper with cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough on the incidences of myocarditis and other COVID vaccine injuries.


(See also the Gaeta Institute's Ending the MASKERADE online education course.)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Masks - Sep 2021 by Everything you wanted to know about masks and the deadly falsehoods surrounding them.  A website that is a collection of freedom oriented websites, for jobs, social connection, Airbnb, uber, etc.  A website (redirects to New Zealand Air) for air travel, rentals and accommodations that has fewer restrictions.

Put Aside Your Concerns for Personal Liberty by Dr. Faucci by The Hill on MSN - Aug 2021 "...We've got to due mitigation. Put aside all these concerns about liberties and personal liberties and realize that we have a common enemy and that enemy is the virus." (Dr. Rolland's comments: I would like to think that we can work together to have both liberties and good health, ethics and medical practice.)

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Health Misinformation on YouTube - Jul 2021 Dr. Murthy says that health misinformation is poison and causes deaths. We need to to more education. The government expects tech companies to take action and shut them down. Says that most deaths can now be prevented by vaccination. (Does not seem to mention support from effective treatments or healthy behaviors.)



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     America's Frontline Doctors for C*VID Medication - at  

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    OR  #2. American Academy of Physicians & Surgeons  AAPS COVID Home Guide or Protocol Chart 

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    (Insulin Hub has a link at the bottom of the page for those without a doctor to get a consult and prescription. Try them.)



Control of Communicable Diseases Manual by APHA - Medical book updated annually with information about infectious disease management.

Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies by Neil Miller - 2016 book is an amazing summary of 400 peer reviewed studies about vaccine topics and alternatives that are rarely discussed. Did you know that Vitamins A & D are helpful against measles - and that this has been known for decades? >>This is the first book to read. 

Vaccines: Are They Really Safe & Effective? by Neil Miller - 2006 updated book shows how historical trends of hygiene and nutrition seemed to lower diseases before those vaccines were introduced.

The Truth About Vaccines by Ty Bollinger - This revised 7 part dvd series explores in depth the many concerns of traditional vaccines and alternatives. A Trailer. Their website is  I have watched this entire 7 hour documentary series and recommend its consideration.  Please consider the free, 7-part series - start the original first episode here TAV Episode One.

Documentary VAXXED - From Cover-Up to Catastrophe - dvd several topics. One story of an approved vaccine released in Canada which caused meningitis. It took one year to get it off the market. The same vaccine was then released in the U.K. under a different name and this time it took four years to get it stopped. Covers CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson who admitted to fraud on a pivotal vaccine safety study. Very concerning why and how the review process was manipulated.

Documentary THE PEOPLE'S TRUTH - dvd Follow up to Vaxxed with many stories from doctors, nurses and parents exposing the lies and misconceptions of the vaccine industry. Are vaccines really as safe and effective as we've been told? Interviews dozens of parents, physicians and vaccine damaged children who represent thousands of families (the film documents over 6000) affected by severe vaccine adverse reactions.

Plague of Corruption - Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science by Dr. Judy Mikovits & Kent Heckenlively - 2020 book (not about COVID) Written prior to COVID-19, this scientist details concerns over vaccine experiments at the CDC and how they might risk the health of the planet.

Dissolving Illusions - Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries, M.D. - 2015 book Discusses the 

Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines - The Truth Behind a Tragedy by Andrew Wakefield, M.D. - 2017 book The real story behind the media and medical attack against experienced and credentialed medical researcher from the U.K. Dr. Wakefield refused to be quiet and cover up what he found. Officials said they would ruin his career (and everyone on his clinical team) if he persisted down this path - and they did. (Dr. Rolland's comments: I know a doctor who personally knows Wakefield and shared his actual story with us in person. Wikipedia still has it wrong.)

Vaccines - A Reappraisal by Richard Moskowitz, M.D. - 2017 A though provoking vaccine discussion by an experienced family doctor.

The HPV Vaccine on Trial by Mary Holland, J.D. & Kim Mack Rosenberg, J.D. - 2018 Seeking justice for a generation betrayed.

Vaccine Epidemic by Louise Kuo Habakus, M.A. & Mary Holland, J.D. - 2012 How corporate greed, biased science and coercive government threaten our human rights, our health and our children.

The Truth About The Drug Companies by Marcia Angell, M.D. - 2004 book How they deceive us and what to do about it. The author spent several years (2 decades?) editing the New England Journal of Medicine.

Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices by Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. - 2006 dvd

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave, M.D., FAAFP - 2001 book

Childhood Vaccination: Questions All Parents Should Ask by Tedd Koren, D.C. - 2000 book

The Vaccine Guide: Making an Informed Choice by Randall Neustaedter, OMD - 1996 book

A Shot In The Dark by Harris Coulter & Barbara Loe Fisher - 1991 book on DPT


19) WHAT IS SCIENCE? - Science is a PROCESS of discovery and learning. A process in which a question (hypothesis) is first asked. Then an experiment is designed to help answer the question, either proving or disproving (possibly being inconclusive). After repeating the process (testing, observing and analyzing results), a theory can then be developed. Remember that the purpose of science is to test and expand knowledge - so that one does not have to use faith to believe something. What do people really mean when they say they trust or believe science? True science is not a religion. Science is NOT about believing a person or institution. The scientific method was developed to test things that are not yet known against things that are. 

Again, it is about measuring and evaluating a control group (known?) against a test group (unknown). Results (and the methodology) are then openly reported for evaluation and testing by others - to either confirm or refute. Data is shared for examination and attempted replication. If multiple experiments can replicate the results (data) under the same circumstances, then a theory is developed and validated. This does Not create facts. It is not "settled" or indisputable but rather, is that information which is most knowable at the time. (A fact would be something like the speed of light in a vacuum or the chemical composition of water.)

Science requires that theories must be open at any time to a challenge via vigorous, open, public debate. The person sighting science must be able to explain the data supporting their current theory and how it was tested. Merely saying that one believes in science is paramount to saying that one believes in the authority speaking and is declaring that they have trust (faith) in them. The purpose of science is to allow the methodical and logical explanation of something. It seems that science is never fully settled. Complex data is often open to interpretation. New data can be discovered.

Public policy is NOT science. Rather, public officials must take data and theories (as they are known at the time) and make difficult public health and policy decisions - considering the trade-offs (the pros & cons of all sides) of a decision and the potential short and long term impacts on their constituents. That is one difference between science and politics. When people resort to cancelling, censoring, shouting down, degrading, mocking, name calling, bullying and bribery, science is left behind. It likely indicates that emotions are ruling and that there is not sufficient evidence to logically "scientifically" support the position being held. To declare that it must be believed without debate is elevating science to a religion. Officials who push this are not generally ignorant but malicious and controlling. Professionals (rather everyone) should support, even encourage, open and vigorous debate with an open and critical mind to test and examine data and theories (conclusions) drawn from it. That is the scientific process.

Science is About Debate Not One Person's Opinion - Dec 2020 U.S. Senator Rand Paul, M.D., asserts that science is about open debate. THIS VIDEO APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN REMOVED.

You Must NOT Do Your Own Research When It Comes to Science by Forbes - Jul 2020 Dr. Rolland's comments: You may find this article mentally challenging or even condescending. This author (an astrophysicist and science writer) seems to think rather highly of his opinion that one must dutifully follow the dictates of science experts and not critically evaluate the evidence. Establishing authority is a well known tactic of public debate. If science is a testable, demonstratable and debatable process then isn't declaring that one must Not question or try to think through a topic (because they don't know enough), but rather to simply follow the "experts", paramount to declaring it to be a religion that one should follow with something like faith? Is science about who is in the majority, popular, in charge or the most credentialed? Wasn't the earth Known to be flat or the center of the universe once upon a time? What does one do, when credentialed experts disagree with one another?  Is it reasonable to demand proof? Should a true scientist declare a verdict without proof? Should they admit when they are uncertain? Theoretical models are just that, ways to predict what is likely happen. They are not proof. The "irrefutable" examples selected by the author - water fluoridation, climate change and vaccines have been tainted on both sides by special interests, political agendas and profit driven entities for decades. They continue to be hotly debated topics. Declaring that they are "settled science" (another method of silencing debate) is disingenuous and even hurtful to the scientific process itself. It seems that when one wants people to follow their declarations without question or open debate, they should not call it science.


20) HARD QUESTIONS - The topic of vaccination raises a number of fundamental questions like: How does a vaccine work? What is the Benefit vs. Risk of taking a given vaccine compared to the disease itself? What other treatments are available for a given disease? What are the short-term side-effects and long-term risks? Are vaccines are a public health program that is focused on caring for the masses and rather than the individual? Is it possible that there is not a one size fits all vaccine option? Why is it that it seems impossible to have an open discussion about this topic? Isn't real science about open debate and consideration of data regardless of where it leads? Why do officials use techniques and tactics to push this issue forward in spite of some strongly varying evidence? Why are fear and cherry picking data needed to support either side? If something is truly good and can be shown to be so, won't that be appealing to the average thinking person? What about the whole principle of medical choice? Are ethics being set aside for the greater good? For the record: I am not against the concept of vaccination but feel that vaccine benefits and risks should be thoroughly considered so that patients can make a truly informed decision for themselves and their families - especially since there is no one else who will take responsibility for them if they have a poor outcome. Why did vaccine manufacturers need congress to protect them from lawsuits? Is this the only medication that manufacturers are not responsible for? Why did the Russian research scientist say that people would not survive if they got a vaccine for every disease? How often can we expose our body to toxins and meddle with our immune system before creating problems? How much were diseases already in decline due to hygiene and nutrition before vaccines were introduced? The concept of vaccines is amazing - and how the body responds to disease. How shelf stable are these new vaccines and then what happens? Is it likely that after spending over $15 billion dollars developing a vaccine that it won't be used? Is this the research and test opportunity that biotech firms have been dreaming about? Isn't it amazing to be able to develop and deliver a vaccine in less than 12 months? What is the purpose of gain of function research (now mostly illegal in the U.S. and we pay China to do) - officially to see how bad it might get and what we need to defend against / unofficially for bio-warfare? Why does the manufacturer get to do their research and pick the data they will submit to authorities at FDA for approval? Is it a good idea for industry scientists and regulatory scientists in government to be offered interchangeable employment? How does stimulating the immune system over and over affect it? Should it be a choice?

21) EPILOGUE - Looking at a picture of politicians lining up for a photo op and listening to media headlines, someone posed this question: "When times are good and everything is running smoothly, do you believe everything that your doctor tells you let alone all that the media or politicians are saying?" If you are hesitant to answer "Yes", what makes you think that in difficult times, when the political climate is heated and billions of dollars are at stake that things will be better? Everyone has a bias that influences how they view the world. Even doctors and other people you typically trust can sometimes be influenced. Can we have open debate and be allowed to consider multiple information sources and attempt to think for ourselves?

There is no final answer to this debate. It comes down to what you see and believe is right for your family. Afterall, life is full of risks and you are the one who will have to live with your decision.

We will continue to add resources to this page for all those interested in this topic. Please contact me with any questions.- CR


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