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Workplace Health Seminars

Multi-media Workplace Health Seminar Options

In today's competitive marketplace, reducing health care costs, absenteeism and lost productivity is essential. Keeping your employees on the job, healthy and injury free, is a major key to being profitable.

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Dr. Chadd Rolland works with businesses and organizations, helping them to save costs by keeping their workforce on the job, healthy and injury-free. He donates time to develop team wellness programs and present on-site, multi-media seminars that address workplace health and safety. The following seminars are available for your workplace:

1)  "How to Reduce Back, Shoulder and Wrist Problems in the Workplace"

     Winning techniques that save your company money from worker compensation claims, insurance premiums, absenteeism and lost productivity. Based on OSHA ergonomic guidelines to reduce job related problems. Covers lifting and repetitive activities.

2)  "Health and Stress"

     Cost saving solutions to reduce workplace losses from absenteeism, fatigue, irritability and interpersonal issues.

3)  "Peak Performance"

     Easy methods to boost company performance by increasing workplace productivity, employee safety and product quality.

Each seminar includes tips to reduce workplace injuries, mini-health screening for each participant, hands-on exercises and work habit suggestions to improve workplace health, safety and performance.

Please contact our office for more details or to schedule one of these seminars.


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  • "I was constatnly getting bad kinks in my back that lasted all day. Headaches came on when the weather changed. After my roomate insisted I go to Dr. Rolland, I no longer get headaches or kinks in my back. I sleep better and am more flexible! I did not realize how much your back links to other health problems until visiting Rolland Chiropractic."
    Amy M. - Beaver, PA