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>>Fever - What To Do With It? {video}

Fever is a natural response of the body as it defends against an invader. Fever makes the body environment less hospitable and speeds up the immune system making it significantly more effective. Fever reducing medication can not only mask subtle illness but also hamper the body's ability to fight off a microbial intruder. Fever needs to be monitored but it is a tool that your body uses for healing. 

Patients with a fever can be supported with rest, proper hydration, hydrotherapy treatments and the following special nutrition: calcium, vitamin C, and tea from diaphoretic herbs such as peppermint, yarrow, chamomile, elder flower and pleurisy root.

Please consult with your medical provider for questions regarding any fever you may have.

Patients with worsening fever concerns should promptly seek medical care.

Dr. Rolland discusses fever from a natural health point of view and share some self-care ideas.

Here is one of a number of good videos by Dr. John Campbell on benefits of and therapeutic guidelines for fever.


Do Sick People have a Fever? What is Normal? by - Feb 2021 Numbers can vary greatly. Roughly 40% of COVID patients have a fever (40% a cough and 40% loss of taste/smell) among the 98 other reported symptoms. Taking one's temperature can be difficult to do accurately depending on physical activity, ambient air, measuring device, etc. Average body temperature has been dropping slightly over the last 200 years.

Fever Myths vs. Facts by Seattle Chirldren's Hospital - May 2021 This website says that fevers are helpful for eliminating pathogens from your body, high fevers only cause 4% of children to have seizures and they generally resolve in 5 minutes. Also that fevers do not cause brain damage until over 108 degrees Farenheit and that they do not generally need treatment unless causing discomfort.

According to BA Cuhan writing "Should Fever Be Treated in Sepsis" in The Sepsis Text 2002:708 - Fever helps enhance chemotaxis, phagocytocis, T-cell proliferation and neutrophil migration, promotes heat shock proteins and antibody activity. Fever helps reduce bacterial replication, decrease microbial virulence, increase bacterial lysis and increases pathogenic susceptibility to antibiotics.


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