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>>Corona Update May 2020 {video}

>>A Korean study reviewed in the following video explains why reinfection test results have been confusing and how it seems that it is unlikely to get reinfected or be contagious after a few of weeks, even though some people are still testing positive for antigens (PCR test) during that time period. It was concluded that their respiratory epithelial lining was not regenerated yet and that the virus being detected was inactive fragments. Most antigen testing looks for specific fragments of a virus. 

Good News - Reinfection Unlikely - Dr. Campbell reviews Korean study  - May 2020 (See also Dr. Patrick comments in June Update)

>>Interesting that in May 2020, MSN reported a list of states and their antibody test results. It showed that while some states were still low around 5% of people tested, other states were reporting above 30%. Does this suggest that some states are on their way to a desired herd immunity of 70-80%? There is debate about the usefulness of antibody tests. The quality of antibody test results is based on sensitivity (picking up low levels) and specificity (being selective for a particular virus). No test is 100% of either. Measuring titer levels is the counting of antibodies to see how many are present. These factors are also relevant in measuring the effectiveness of a vaccine. Generally, natural immunity (from being exposed to a disease) is thought to convey better and longer lasting immunity. (Not everyone will create antibodies. How much antibodies protect and how long they will last depends on several factors.) Accurate antibody test reporting helps indicate the stability a population to a particular disease - more is better. Some states create problems by intermixing active tests (PCR antigen) with already had it (antibody) tests. The numbers should be reported separately because they have different meanings.

>>What Antibody Tests Can and Can't Do from The Atlantic - this OPINION piece gives a quick overview of some antibody testing questions

>>Does cross reactivity (having had other prior infections) help some people not get COVID-19? An interesting article in May 14, 2020 Science talking about vaccine developments, found that blood they tested (stored from 2015-2018) from people (in La Jolla, CA) who had NOT been infected with SARS-COV2 had antibodies (about 50%) and helper T cells that recognized the new coronavirus. This suggests that previous coronavirus exposure to the common cold may provide some small residual immunity. The studies did not establish if those people were immune to COVID-19. (Yes, It seems good idea to study those who are not getting sick.) This is part of the theory about the infection distribution of the 1918 pandemic.

>>What is interesting, is that number (about 50%) jives with data scientist Karl Friston's computer model based on reported infection rates and behaviors that suggests perhaps more than half of the population is not susceptible to SARS-COV2 - they are looking for reasons to explain why. He also theorizes why government interventions may not have as much influence over infection rates and outcomes as they hope. See in the link below.

>>Karl Friston - "not everyone is susceptible" - June 2020.   

>>Are Many People Already Resistant to SARS-COV2? by - June 2020

***Please review the expert interviews that Tony Robbins has collected in his series. These statistics show fatalities are older and fewer.

Unmasking The Science You Aren't Hearing on TV | COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline - Tony Robbins interviews experts May 2020

>>Lack of ability to smell (and taste) is an interesting sign to note, especially for young people who may not exhibit many symptoms,. It seems that COVID-19 temporarily affects the nerves in the nose and creates this unusual effect for some patients.

>>Surprise!  Diabetes (hyperglycemia), high blood pressure and obesity (and even aging) are the top three COVID-19 risk factors - and each have a relationship to immune system dysfunctionRegular intermittent fasting has been shown to help reduce inflammation, restore healthy body weight, control blood sugar and activate regenerative healing and anti-aging pathways. (See Dr. Jason Fung - The Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting.) Get more information on any of these comorbidities by searching for "the immune system and ______ ".

Hyperglycemia inhibits neutrophil migration, phagocytosis, superoxide production and microbial killing. It can inhibit neutrophil function and apoptosis and increases inflammatory responses and production and release of cytokines. Better glycemic control helps reduce nosocomial infections in critically ill patients.

Hypertension causes excess sympathetic nerve activation which can lead to pro-inflammatory immune stimulation. Studies show association between hypertension, pro-inflammatory cytokines and the cells of the innate and adaptive immune systems. Since the neuro-immune connection is bidirectional, immune cytokines may also enhance sympathetic nerve activity, which further increases mobilization, migration and infiltration of immune cells (inflammation). The immune system plays a significant role in inducing inflammatory processes (and damage) in the central nervous, cardiovascular and renal systems.

Obesity is associated with altered cytokine synthesis, reduced antigen response and diminished function of innate immune system (natural killer cells, macrophages and dendritic cells). 

>>Smokers are twice as likely to have severe COVID-19 symptoms according to reports. (If you want help quitting, please contact our office.)

>>Here is a series of blog posts by Diamond Physicians giving their approach to patient support for COVID-19.

>>1 A Naturopathic Approach to Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 by Diamond Physicians - May 2020

>>2 A Naturopathic Approach to Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Antioxidant Support by Diamond Physicians - May 2020

>>3 A Naturopathic Approach to Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Immune Support by Diamond Physicians - June 2020

>>4 A Naturopathic Approach to Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Anti-Inflammatory Support by Diamond Phsycians - June 2020


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