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>>Corona Update Nov 2020

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This page includes: More Good News on Vitamin D and B vitamins. Benefits of Curcumin, Melatonin and Black Cumin Seed. Building Your Innate Immune Functions, Durable Natural Immunity, COVID-19 Risk Factors, Long-Haulers, a thought provoking study finding masks may not be so protective, experts explain how PCR testing is misleading and why we should carefully consider the excess death numbers. UPMC develops potential COVID drug. Questions and concerns about vaccines here and in December. Gain of Function research. HCQ, obesity & tobacco issues.


    >>Another Vitamin D Clinical Trial Positive Results by Dr. John Campbell - Nov 2020 It helps so many aspects.

    >>More than 80% of COVID Patients are Vitamin D Deficient by - Nov 2020 This problem especiallyg affects older people and those with darker skin. Vitamin D helps reduce the survival and replication of viruses, reduce inflammatory cytokine production, maintain endothelial integrity (blood clotting and vascular inflammation), increases angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 and boosts/modulates your overall immune system. Vitamin D helps diabetes II, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. Vitamin D lowers infection rates, lowers hospitalization rates, lowers intensive care rates, and lessens the severity of COVID-19 and lessens mortality. DO YOU WANT TO GET TESTED AND TAKE VITAMIN D3?

    >>Benefits of B Vitamins (primarily Niacin) for COVID-19 by - Oct 2020 Niacin (Vitamin B3) may benefit COVID recovery. (See Long-hauler recovery elsewhere.) Niacin and nicainamide is a building block for NAD and NADP which reducesinflammation and helps reduce the risk of COVID-19 cytokine storms. Niacin helps protect skin from UV light damage. Niacin helps to balance cholesterol numbers and seems to reduce all cause mortality. higer doses of niacin can create a flush (warm feeling which is unpleasant) but considered harmless. Niacin is found in nuts, brown rice, grains, beef, poultry, fish, and fortified foods.

    >>Benefits of Turmeric/Curcumin by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Oct 2020 Explains three ways (immunity and inflammation) that curcumin helps the body with effects from COVID-19. Turmeric has been used for centuries for pain, inflammation, liver problems and tumors (even cancer). It up-regulates innate immune cells, speeds healing fibroblasts and is liver protective (and reduces IL-1, 2, 6 and 10). It reduces inflammation 2-3x helping sepsis, shock and cytokine dysregulation. Specifically, curcumin helps 1) bind ACE2 enzymes and spike proteins, 2) is an immune modulator and 3) down regulates ACE enzyme AT1 receptor reducing Angiotensin II formation and action.

    >>Benefits of Melatonin as a Treatment for COVID-19 by - Oct 2020 Explains how melatonin is being used to help calm cytokine over reaction, protect mitochondria and reduce risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms. 

    >>Cleveland Clinic Identifies Melatonin as a COVID-19 Treatment by - Nov 2020 Melatonin helps with many immune aspects of COVID-19 by working synergistically with vitamin D to help calm inflammation and balance other immune reactions. Supplemental melatonin seemed to reduce overall risk of tesing positive for COVID-19 by 28% (and for blacks by 52%). Melatonin helps recharge glutathione and prevent cancer. It helps with brain, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health. It may help bacterial treatments (i.e. TB) and may help with autoimmune issues like type 1 diabetes.  

    >>Study Shows Honey and Nigella Sativa Effective Against COVID-19 by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Nov 2020 a small Pakistan hospital study (double blind, random, placebo controlled) showed that black cumin seeds (Nigella Sativa powder) 80mg/kg/day and raw honey 1gm/kg/day significantly helped COVID-19 patients when compared to drugs (ritonavir, remdesivir, etc.) or convalescent plasma with just slightly worse results to HCQ. NS helps pulmonary function tests and respiratory symptoms. NS contains thymoquinone, zinc, quercetin, and vitamin C. It is antiviral (with strong affinity for SARS-CoV2 enzymes), antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune modulatory (helps interferons, IL6, IL10, TNF), helps T-cells and increases natural killer cell activity. The 30 day mortality rate for the NS/honey group was 4% vs. 18% for the placebo group! The NS group showed symptom reduction in 6 days vs. 13, viral clearing in 9 days vs. 12, return to daily activities 64% vs. 11%, hospital discharge of 50% vs. 3%. No adverse reactions were reported. NS is also anti-bacterial against (drug resistant) S. aureus, H. pylori and E. coli. NS also reduces lung cancer cell viability and increases apoptosis.

    >>Colostrum: More Effective Than Flu Vaccine by - Oct 2020 Colostrum helps boost your natural killer cells. According to the CDC in 2019, the influenza vaccine had an adjusted effectiveness rate of 29% for all ages and only 12-14% for those over age 50. Counter the age-related decline of your immune system (immuno senescence) by regular exercise, quitting smoking, EMRB, cardamom and black pepper, colostrum, beta-glucans (from mushrooms like shiitake, maitake and oyster), probiotics, ginseng and melatonin. In one study, researchers found that probiotics and colostrum seemed more effective in preventing the flu than the influenza vaccine. Interestingly, those who contracted influenza after being vaccinated, had twice as many flu sickness days as those not vaccinated. 

    >>Boosting the Innate Arm of Your Immune System by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Sep 2020 Your innate system is the first line of defense and one reason why children seem to be better able to handle SARS-CoV2. Explains how to strengthen the epithelial barrier, increase antioxidant capability, strengthen cell membranes, increase and activate natural killer cells, increase gamma delta T cell function, modulate autophagy and increase phagocytosis. Gives tips and cautions (for autoimmune MS, RA, IBS, psoriasis, diabetes and cancer).

    >>Immune System Overview and Nutrients that Help It by Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University - Good info

    >>Nutrition and Your Immune System by Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University - Good intro to immune system nutrition



    >>Long Term Immunity, Looking Good by Dr. John Campbell - Nov 2020 Patients responding so far to COVID-19 with durable antibodies and T-cells at least for the several months of COVID-19 and also discussion about other coronavirus immunity (some that seems to last many years).

    >>Declining Positivity of Antibodies to SARS-CoV2 by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Oct 2020 Why decline of antibody numbers is expected and how your body has three ways to fight COVID-19 with antibodies just being one of them (innate immunity & T cells being others). Antibody prevalence is dependent on exposure and immune response. Younger (18-34yo) have more antibodies that may decline while healthcare workers who are regularly being exposed will maintain a higher antibody level that is prolonged. (Their bodies keep making them.) Older patients have lower levels that decline. Asymptomatic seem to have a larger decline. Children have lower levels which is expected since they fight more with innate immunity. Plasma cells will create new antibodies from memory when re-exposed. Explains affinity maturation of follicular dendritic cells and why future antibodies are more effective if re-exposed to a virus again. Explains that antibodies are not needed for immune defense (or to detect) because it is known that innate immunity and cytotoxic T-cells are more effective than antibodies. Some immune compromised patients may need convalescent antibodies if they do not make their own.

    >>MMR Vaccine and COVID Immunity by Dr. Campbell - Nov 2020 It appears that immunity from mumps may give some benefit against SARS-CoV2. That can come from the MMR vaccine which is common or presumably from natural exposure.


LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS (nutrition before and after seems to help) AND RISK FACTORS

    >>COVID-19 Risk Factor Calculator Explained by Dr. Campbell - Oct 2020 Estimate your risk for COVID-19 and severe symptoms. Calculator includes: Age, Gender, Skin Color, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Asthma, Cancer (active and in remission), Autoimmune Issues and Immunosuppressant Therapies.

    >>More on Who Gets Long COVID and Why by RUN-DMC - Nov 2020 Especially the younger and more fit? It is unclear that blood type makes a difference. Is it 1) viral persistence? 2) inactive virus? 3) hyperactive immune system? 4) hypothalamus dysfunction? Is it Atopy (asthma, eczema or allergic rhinitis)? Type I Diabetes? RA? Long COVID is 2-5 times more prevalent in women than men. It does not seem to be influenced by diabetes but is by RA and history of post-viral fatigue. Many experience a worsening of those symptoms. Suggestion influenced by inflammatory autoimmune problems (serotonin and histamine, etc.).

    >>Here's How To Treat Long COVID by RUN-DMC - Nov 2020 An interview with Dr. Tina Peers MCAS. Similarities between Long COVID and MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome)/ autoimmune issues. Advises to avoid histamine foods like bananas, avocado, tomato, spinach and processed and reheated foods, also tea and coffee. Supplement selenium, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, quercetin and niacin. Take OTC anti-histamines three times daily and get H2 antagonists and MAST stabilizer meds from your PCP. Dr. Rolland's comments - Hopefully, this is helpful to patients. There are several other helpful recovery supplements recommended elsewhere on our website. On a side note, it is interesting that some experts caution about the inflammatory and autoimmune stimulating nature of vaccines. Will vaccines make the long-hauler risks worse? (See Dec Update page for video on the First Effective Treatment for Long COVID.)

    >>The Truth About Long-Hauler Symptoms by - Nov 2020 Primary symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, dementia, fatigue, breathlessness, brain-fog, and chronic pain.



    >>Retired Pfizer Officer Questions Using PCR Test for COVID by - Nov 2020 A very pointed discussion between a journalist and Dr. Michael Yeadon, former top respiratory disease expert at Pfizer. Discusses questions about lock-down usefulness and true excess deaths (??), how lock-downs are preventing people from getting proper routine and emergency care (and causing deaths), how media and others are not giving the facts, how recovering from the virus means medically you HAVE immunity (we have NO drugs that cure viral infection - they only help your body do it) and lastly discusses concerns over the need for a vaccine (from someone who is in FAVOR of well tested and beneficial vaccines) and how ANY vaccine at this point is only experimental and that NO ONE knows the long term safety profiles. Explains the World War II international law establishing that it is a human right to not be forced to do any medical procedure that is not to your benefit or is against your will. Many references and links to doctors and citizen action groups against mandatory lock-downs. Well worth the watching the 45 minutes and reading article.

    >>Asymptomatic 'Casedemic' Is a Perpetuation of Needless Fear by - Nov 2020 Shows statistically how the PCR test is much less accurate if it is used over 17 to 25 cycles and also if the patient is tested on most days other than days 3 or 4 of being symptomatic. Dr. Fauci clip confirming that PCR testing with high cycles gives false positive and is virtually useless. Shows how death rates remain lower while case "numbers" surge. Worth 20 minutes to watch. Second video explains that PCR test actually does NOT tell you if you have infectious virus (verses lab cultured) in your body but only that you have a trace amount of viral fragments in your body. You may have viral fragments post-recovery or simply have picked them up from air you were exposed to. It also explains why positive results over time do NOT prove reinfection (that is VERY RARE as shown elsewhere) but merely exposure to fragments - before your body has replaced the old damaged cells. Advises need to use QUICK results testing for more accurate and more timely results. Lab cultures? Also the need for PCR tests to report the CT (cut-off threshold) value with each result. And that we should set a standard CT value nationwide. Is this fraud on the grandest scale, gaming with unsuspecting people's health? Well worth 10 minutes to watch and read the article.

    >>Is COVID-19 Testing a Tragic Waste of Resources? by - Nov 2020 Discusses PCR tests and how they detect viral fragments but NOT active infection. How running PCR test for 35 cycles vs. 40 eliminates 43% of positives and for 30 cycles eliminates 63% of (false?) positives. Cycle Threshold should be reported because it significantly influences the results. Lack of discussion about lock-down costs like: increased chronic disease from unemployment, poverty and neglect of non-COVID medical care, increased mental health problems from unemployment and isolation (and fear & despair), increased mortality from suicide (and damage from drug and alcohol over use), reduced collective lifespan, and educational disruption. Who SUFFERS MOST from lock-downs? - the poor, "non-essential" workers, elderly, mentally ill, chronically ill, children and minorities in general. Who does NOT SUFFER MUCH? - Those age 25-65, who are healthy, have savings or Wall Street investments and jobs that can easily transition to home. All this damage for a disease the CDC says affects mostly those over 70 and that 99% will recover from. Positive PCR tests are NOT a true case of infection. Many (85%) COVID patients report wearing a mask. Many thousands of doctors and scientists are speaking up on these concerns world-wide. FINALLY, THERE ARE INEXPENSIVE & PROVEN THERAPIES FOR COVID-19. (We have reported on them extensively elsewhere.) 

    >>Do Masks Really Protect Us From COVID-19? by - Nov 2020 This debate continues. Journalist discusses public policy and lack of mask evidence. Most who are testing positive ARE wearing masks (85% wear it often or always) - because SARS-CoV2 is an airborne virus which is very small? N95 masks would help but are not being recommended to public (because not available?) unless over age 60. Why won't journals publish negative mask studies? Why Masks Don't Help? - watch this 6 minute video first to see how vape particles (much larger than SARS) go easily through and around any standard mask. Still going to have to face the realities of this viral air-borne disease. Discusses undisclosed (unacknowledged health risks) mask hazards (see our July and Nov Update pages too). (Social distance? Symptomatic people should stay home as they should with flu.) WHAT ELSE CAN HELP?

    >>UPMC develops potential anti-COVID-19 drug. Oct 2020 UPMC and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine report isolating a tiny antibody component that completely neutralizes the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They are using it to create a drug Ab8 that is small and can allow it to penetrate into areas that larger antibodies can't reach (a hiding virus?). It is extremely potent and comes from human antibodies, which makes it less likely to be rejected. It does not bind to human cells which indicates it shouldn't cause negative side effects in people? It may be a therapy and for prevention. (This was from a bulletin circulated to us, network doctors, back in October.)

<<Dr. Rolland's comments: Why didn't we hear more on this? According to an article by : Operation Warp Speed, the UPMC Center for Biosecurity was on well on their way to developing a conventional vaccine. But after a large donation from CEPI, a Gates related organization, that research quietly changed. Was this the group that was hoping to continue doing gain of function research with anthrax, measles and coronavirus? Many experts purport that is where SARS-CoV2 came from - Gain Of Function research that has been illegal in the U.S., so we pay other labs overseas to do it for us. (GOF research experiments to find how bad a disease can get, how it can be stopped and presumably how to use it in bio-warfare.) What did officials mean about a "dark winter" coming - is this code for a biological attack? (Drills for pandemics and bioterror attacks are part of routine training and were done not long ago.) Why is it primarily the military and intelligence organizations that are working on Operation Warp Speed and with such secrecy? >>

    >>Privacy Concerns from Operation Warp Speed by - Nov 2020 This is the same article just mentioned.

    >>Mobility Network Models of COVID-19 Explain Inequities & Inform Reopening - Nature Nov 2020 Analysis tracks cases to restaurants? Or is this a matter of tracking so many people that go to restaurants for take out? This is one of the studies being used to force eating establishments to close (and go out of business).

    >>Why COVID-19 is Not the Third Leading Cause of Death this Year by - Oct 2020 Every year more than 250,000 people die from preventable medical errors, the third leading cause of death in the United States. The Annals of Internal Medicine Sep 2020 reported that "the overall non-institutionalized infection fatality ratio [for COVID-19] was 0.26%... Persons younger than 40 years had an infection ratio of 0.01%; those aged 60 or older had an infection fatality ratio of 1.71%."



    >>Hydroxychloroquine as a Therapeutic by Dr. John Campbell - Nov 2020 Reviews an American double-blind, randomized, placebo study of therapeutic HCQ for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. (Discusses reasons why early W.H.O. HCQ studies were flawed.) Results show minimal (statistically insignificant) benefit for recovery and mortality from HCQ. The study was stopped (not for risk) but because there was no measured benefit. This study does not address whether using HCQ with Zinc, (in fact No comment about its use as an ionophore) or for mild symptoms or prophylactically would be beneficial. - Yes, there are a number of medical doctors who swear by HCQ (most with zinc) and say that it was an important part of their COVID-19 treatment regiment.

    >>More on HCQ and other Research by Dr. John Campbell - Nov 2020 Reviews observational British Health Services data showing that people were all ready taking HCQ for non-COVID-19 reasons (namely SLE) did not show any benefit "prophylactically" in regards to COVID-19 mortality. There is no mention about the use of Zinc for these patients with HCQ.



    >>Tobacco Causes 480,000 Death Per Year by CDC - Explains many of the ways that tobacco is harmful to health and causes death.

    >>Obesity Contributes to Over 300,000 Deaths Per Year - See NIH reference on cost of obesity (from W.V. health department).

    >>CDC Weekly Reports on COVID-19 and Overall Death - Dec 2020

    >>West Virginia COVID-19 Resources - updated, see bottom of page for a helpful state format

    >>West Virginia COVID-19 Daily County Numbers - updated, W.V. has a transparent format for sharing data

    >>West Virginia COVID-19 Pandemic Statistics - updated, W.V. has a transparent format for sharing data


COMING IN DECEMBER - Vaccine Issues to consider - difficulty making, effectiveness, side-effects, flu vaccine cross reaction risks, etc. Per National Public Radio somewhere around 50% of people including many doctors question whether they would be open to a SARS-CoV2 vaccine due to significant safety and efficacy concerns. Can we show people the data and let them decide if it is right for themselves and their family?


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