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>>Corona Update June 2021

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This page includes: Vaccine Reactions, Grave Concerns, Second Thoughts, Not Vaccinating Children, Attorneys Say Can't Require, Pastor Arrested, Losing Industry Leaders, Heart Problems


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"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves." - Abraham Lincoln

"It is easier to fool someone than convince them they have been fooled." - anonymous

    >>Senator Rand Paul, M.D. Explains Why He is Not Getting a COVID Vaccine by Fox News/MSN - May 2021 Senator Paul explains that since he has already had COVID-19, he consequently has an immunity that is more broad, robust and durable than most vaccines ever stimulate.

    >>Representative Thomas Massie Explains Why He is Not Getting a COVID Vaccine by Newsweek/MSN - June 2021 Congressman Massie explains that he has already had COVID-19 and consequently expects to have immunity. He says that he will consider more vaccine research before getting a vaccine.

    >>Israeli Ivermectin Study by Dr. Been - June 2021 Technical discussion about Dr. Schwartz's good results against COVID-19... more to come

    >>Why Ivermectin Is Being Censored by - June 2021 In spite of effectiveness to save many lives, Ivermectin is being censored and even out-lawed (in some areas for medical doctors who have used it for decades?). If Ivermectin is approved as a safe & effective treatment, then supposedly vaccination would have to stop and go through the regular 4 level safety review process. (See Dr. Kory Big Science Disinformation review on our May page. This is not a new tactic but is tragic to be so wide spread and hurting so many people.)

 >>Best Ivermectin Meta Analysis by Dr. Campbell - June 2021 Metaanalysis is an overview and summary of several research papers. It seems to shows that Ivermectin works well - the data shows that it likely reduces risk of death by 62% and infections prophylactically by 86%.


    >>Some Vaccine Experts Having Second Thoughts About Vaccinating Children by LA Times /MSN - June 2021 While some doctors and scientists say they recommend the COVID vaccines because of health risks they have seen from COVID-19, Other doctors and scientists say that the risks from mostly unproven and untestested (especially long term) vaccines do not offset the low risk that most children encounter from the disease itself. Young people seem to be at risk for heart complications from the vaccines.  Dr. Rolland's Comments: This can also be a complication of COVID-19. To date this reports about 450 deaths in American children under 18 from COVID-19 during the entire pandemic. Even a news outlet like the LA Times is asking this question now. There are about 75 million children (about 20% of the population) in the United States.

    >>CDC: 300 plus Cases of Heart Issues After COVID Vaccination Reported In Young People by NBC News/MSN - June 2021

    >>Severe Vaccine Reactions Seen in Healthy Teens by - May 2021 Numerous reactions, neurological and blood clotting and heart, seem to be occuring related to COVID vaccination, some leading to permanent life changing disabilities (and death). Patients are filing with the national vaccine injury compensation program but are unlikely to get any help with medical costs.

    >>Dr. Christiane Northrup Shares Her Understanding About Vaccine Shedding & Side-Effects for Women by Natural News - June 2021 Interesting discussion with this doctor about her perspective about how this is affecting women of all ages.Shedding of lipid particles from the lungs.

    >>Obstetrician Merritt Warns About COVID Vaccine Side Effects & Shedding by Natural News - June 2021 This interview with obstetrician, Lee Merritt, reviews her experiences with women and girls and their adverse reactions (bleeding) to the COVID vaccine.

    >>Vaccine Spike Proteins in Ovaries by Dr. Been - June 2021 

    >>Vaccine Adverse Events in the U.S. VAERS System by Dr. Been - June 2021

    >>Vaccines For Children by Dr. Campbell - June 2021 ??


    >>COVID Vaccine Liability with Liberty Counsel by VCY America - May 2021 Interview with attorney Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel discussing one's individual rights regarding vaccines and work and school. According to this attorney, a school or employer cannot force their student or employee to get an experimental vaccine. And if they do "require it" as condition of employment or attending, that entity can be held liable, under federal law, for negative side-effects and damages. However, Occupational Health and Safety Administration OSHA, has recently changed their position and said they will not be investigating or upholding the law in regards to this matter. Also, discusses matters regarding recent federal rulings on behalf of churches that find states like California have violated religious freedoms and rights and must cease and must pay damages.

    >>Liberty Counsel Vaccine Research Page - June 2021 Regularly updated, this page by includes many LEGAL topics like Vaccine Passports & Contact Tracing, Adverse Reactions and Deaths, Bloodclots, Breakthroughs, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, EUA law, EEOC, OSHA, mRNA, Five Stages of Vaccine Development, Masks, Pregnant Women Risks, Personal Stories, Spike Protein, Vaccine Self-Replication & Transmission of Adverse Reactions, Wuhan.

    >>Natural vs. Vaccine Immunity and COVID Passports by James Marcum, M.D. - June 2021 Dr. Marcum, practicing cardiologist, discusses how immunity is the issue, not how you got it. Shares a Cleveland study that concludes that those who have had COVID-19 are unlikely to benefit from having a vaccine. Shares a Lancet study that finds that natural immunity decreases that risk of reinfection by at least 84%. Shares an Israeli study that found vaccination and getting infected the first time gave similar protection to reinfected the second time. Compares risk of vaccine to COVID. Shares a Nature study that long lived bone marrow plasma cells have memory to create new antibodies when reexposed. Discusses impacts on herd immunity and immune response even with mild symptoms. If there is an immunity passport, shouldn't it be administered by a patients doctor not a government organization? Discusses risk profiles.  Dr. Rolland's comments: If you have immunity, does it matter the status of others around you? Also, what else can be done to enhance one's immunity?


    >>Grave Concerns Over COVID Vaccines with Peter McCullough by The New American - April 2021 Interview with highly published Peter McCullough, M.D., M.P.H., researcher, professor and clinician at Texas A & M University explains the effective medical treatment protocol (4-6 drugs with a nutraceutical bundle) he and colleagues have developed for COVID-19 that has been widely downloaded and reviewed. He says that the U.S. goverment and all major world health organizations seem bent on only promoting vaccines as a solution to COVID-19 but says that they have many major risks. According to calculations, 85% of COVID patients who die, COULD BE SPARED using a 4 pillar plan of contagion control, early treatment (home), sick patient care (hospital) and vaccination. He explain there is no proof of mRNA efficacy - during trials, the viral attack rate was less than 1% and it is hard to statistically show results below that number. Even in the blind trials - most patients knew based on injection site symptoms which injection they had. He says data shows actual vaccine effectiveness is about 70% - not higher like being claimed. When regular new drugs are approved by the FDA, after 5 deaths, a black box warning is applied and if 50 deaths occur, the drug is pulled from the market. This has not happened with COVID vaccines even though thousands of vaccine deaths have been reported to CDC VAERS so far. The FDA says they (unnamed doctors) have reviewed 1600 and found NONE of them related to the vaccine - Dr. McCullough says this type of review (he has done several of them in his career) takes months for trained doctors and scientists to do, collecting and properly reviewing the data. He feels that it is a government, industry and media scrubbing of the truth via the "trusted news initiative" and censorship. He also feels that we should NOT be testing asymptomatic people (travelers, etc.) and that eventually COVID-19 will become like any other respiratory illness. For more information, he recommends website to see reliable safety data and the website for treatment protocols. 

    >>Lifelong Protection After COVID-19 by Dr. Been - Jun 2021 Technical discussion about protection against SARS-CoV2 and variants.

    >>About 9 People Die Yearly From the Annual Flu Shot by Quora - 2018? A page estimating that about 4-15 people die from the annual flu shot (from anaphylaxis and Guillain-Barre Syndrome) being administered to around 140 million people. Dr. Rolland's comments: I have heard other estimates of 20 to 30 annual deaths. This is a one shot deal. In comparison, we are now around 140 million COVID vaccine people in the United States with over 3000 related deaths reported to the CDC VAERS website. The COVID vaccines seem way more deadly (and if they were a typical (non-vaccine) drug, they would have likely been pulled from the market and lawsuits filed against the manufacturer).

    >>More Children Have Died From Suicide This Year Than COVID-19 by - June 2021 Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to the Chamber of Commerce states that more children have died from suicide than from COVID-19 and that one size fits all treatments cause harm to many.

    >>3 Things You Should Know About Blood Clots by James Marcum, M.D. - June 2021


    >>Oil & Gas Companies Planning to Replace Executives In Case Vaccine Side-Effects are Bad by Natural News - June 2021 Interview with gas & oil industry head hunter who says that it seems companies are worried that they may have to replace many of their executives over the next few years, if they succumb to serious COVID vaccine side-effects. Succession planning is part of all big company strategic operating procedures. However, this interview suggests there is significantly more concern than usual. 

    >>British Airlines Lose 4 Pilots to Blood Clots in One Week by Stew Peters - June 2021 Supposedly a leaked British Airlines document reveals that pilots dying from blood clots were recently vaccinated. Employee unions are reportedly pushing for vaccine incentives and rewards before vaccines become mandatory. United Airlines may have paid each pilot a few extra hours to get vaccinated by June 1.

    >>The E.U. Has Lifted Restrictions for Travelers whether Vaccinated for COVID-19 or Not by Business Insider /MSN - June 2021


    >>Canadian Pastor Harassed and Arrested for Holding Services by VCY America - Jun 2021 Polish pastor Artur Pawlowski is interviewed by VCY America regarding his experiences being harassed, detained and arrested (and repeatedly jailed). He has been cited (fined) multiple times for holding church and running his mission outreach and feeding the homeless - against government (Alberta, Canada) orders during the COVID pandemic. He says other groups (protests, etc.) in his city have been allowed to assemble en masse without any interference. Actions are being taken (against him and his church) that seem to outright ignore laws and the Canadian constitution as charges are brought against him and his church. Official actions are said to be for the “benefit and protection of the community” and "for your own good.” One judge authorized using whatever means necessary to stop this pastor. He compares the tactics of Canadian police and government officials aganst him and his family and church members with what he experienced from the Soviet government (KGB) in Poland (and similarities with methods used by the Nazi Germans). He explains why he feels people must resist this oppression and how those like him are being singled out and attacked. Only a few of the nearly 500 churches in Alberta are taking a stand like this. Pawlowski discusses the power (and duty) one has to peacefully speak up against officials (police, judges, politicians - and opposing citizens) when they appear to be violating human rights and personal freedoms. That is why he immigrated to Canada in the first place. Officials to him that those things will never happen in Canada, "the freest nation in the world". Pawlowski says that this cannot go unchallenged or your freedoms will be gone - even in Poland we had to stand up against the corrupt oppression. An eye-opening interview about what can go wrong, even in a modern society, when officials turn away from democratic, foundational principles (religious freedom, liberty and justice, etc.) and suspend rule-of-law (during an “emergency”). Is this type of thing happening in America?

    >>Another Case of Academic Censorship by - June 2021 COVID propaganda and censorship.

    >>Are Police Actions in Australia Crossing the Line? by Sky News Australia - June 2021 


    >>Is CDC Changing How It Counts COVID Cases? by - May 2021 Good Ron Paul liberty summary. Scientists have said for months that the PCR test should not be used for testing COVID-19 and if it is, it should not be run over 25 or 28 cycles. Because, if it is run for 35, 40 or even 45 cycles, as is often the case, there will almost always be a positive and therefore many false positives. Requests largely fell on deaf ears. Now that the vaccines are out, there is a move to lower the cycle threshold to 28 - which will directly lower the number of positive test results. Dr. Rolland's comments: Does this show more benefit than should be attritbuted to the vaccines? We have also reported elsewhere, that the CDC supposedly is only counting vaccine breakthrough cases if they result in hospitalization or death - not milder symptoms.

    >>COVID Spike Proteins In Immune Cells And Long Haulers by Dr. Been - June 2021 WATCH THIS technical discussion of COVID long-hauler treatment with Bruce Patterson, M.D.

    >>Did Connecticut Government Know that Spike Proteins Injure Cells? by TTAV - May 2021 Has this been confirmed by the Salk Institute? Are they keeping this information from the public? What about SM-102 in the Moderna vaccines?

    >>CDC COVID Weekly Data Tracker - Jun 2021 updated regularly. To date, reported COVID cases are 33,130,027 with 7 day average down 35%. Death rates continue down with 7 day average at 325 down 22%. Vaccination rates are down to about 500,000 daily with 169 million ( 51%) of American population having at least one dose and 137 million (41%) being fully vaccinated. Hospitalization 7 day average are down 17%. Youth hospitalization down for 3 consecutive weeks.


    >>Magnets Sticking At Vaccine Injection Sights? Fake or Real? by The Prisioner - June 2021 Here is a collection of vaccine magnet clips and some discussion about what could possibly cause this or is it all a hoax? Some medical research has involved magnet material. All dismissed on main social media and censored.

    >>Supermagnetic Nanoparticles? by Natural News - June 2021


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