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>>Super Cell Protectors- 6 you should know {video}

Dr. Rolland introduces: ALA, Quercetin, NAC, CoQ10/Ubiquinol, Resveratrol, ECGC (green tea)

Many Dr. links have been CENSORED in 2021. Please see notes and look for that content on alternative platforms.

How Quercetin Helps Blood Pressure by MercolaPDF - Oct 2022 Vitamin C and bromelain help absorbability. Quercetin is a strong antiviral and helps reduce inflammation too. It seems to help with metabolic syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, gout, mood disorders and aluminum induced neurodegenerative diseases. Found in red onions, red grapes, red leaf lettuce, elderflower and green tea. Can reduce the effects of some antibiotics and increase action of blood thinners. May interact with corticosteroids and some other drugs. Aged black garlic and inspiratory muscle training also help with blood pressure.

Quercetin: an Alternative to Hydroxychloroquine and More by Mercola PDF - Dec 2021 Quercetin acts as a zinc ionophore helping to interfere with viral replication. It also has antiviral properties on its own. FLCCC recommendeds using 250mg twice daily with zinc and vitamin C.

Quercetin - A Review of Research Papers by Dr. Rhonda Patrick - start at 17 minutes for Quercetin as a zinc ionophore 2020

Quercetin As a Zinc Ionophore Biochemistry by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - 

Quercetin Improves COVID Outcomes by Mercola - Oct 2021 CENSORED Quercetin is an adjunct therapy in mild SARS-CoV2. It helped clear the virus quicker, and reduce hospitalization, need for noninvasive oxygen, intensive care and death. Quercetin is anti-viral, anti-blood clotting, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It also helps block the SARS-CoV2 spike proteins from binding to the ACE2 receptors thereby directly neutralizing viral proteins and inhibiting replication of the virus. One of the studies used 600mg split 3 daily portions . Taken with sunflower lecithin seem to help absorbtion. Another study used 1000mg daily with vitamin C and niacin which help improve absorbtion. In general, use Quercetin 250mg twice daily and if sick 1000mg three times daily for 10 days. It also helps with obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, some cancers, NAFLD, metabolic syndrome, gout, Alzheimer's, parkinsons, arthritis and mood disorders. 


Quercetin - A Natural Anti-inflammatory, Anti-histamine -  CENSORED Quercetin is a natural anti-histamine (stabilizes MAST cells) and anti-viral. It seems to help inhibit virus entering the cell and to inhibit viral replication within infected cells. It boosts immunity and reduces inflammation. It helps modulate gene expression and helps metabolic syndrome and diabetes induced - NAFLD. It is naturally found in apples, red onions, grapes, plums, elder flower, and green tea.

Quercetin - A Better Flu Remedy than Tamiflu? - CENSORED It seems to help influenza and other viral infections.

Quercetin - Lowers Your Risk for Viral Illness - CENSORED It may also regress tumors and lower blood pressure.

Quercetin - A Natural Zinc Ionophore (helper) - CENSORED Quercetin is a low risk natural zinc ionophore (helps move it into the cell).

Quercetin - Boosts Interferon Response to Viruses - CENSORED Help your first line defense June 2020 Zinc at 60 to 150mg/day and Quercetin 500 to 1000mg/day. Our first line of defense is the innate immune system and interferons are important anti-viral compounds.


NAC Supplementation and COVID-19 by Dr. Seheult of MedCram - May 2020

Coronavirus and Glutathione Deficiency by Dr. Seheult of MedCram - May 2020

Coronavirus Blood Clots and NAC by Dr. Seheult of MedCram - Jul 2020

Coronavirus Death Rates and NAC by Dr. Seheult of MedCram - Oct 2020

NAC Biochemistry Review for 2020 by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - May 2020

8 Science Backed Benefits of MSM by Healthline - May 2018 helps inflammation, joint pain, immunity and glutathione


NACs Crucial Roll in Preventing and Treating COVID-19 by - Nov 2020 CENSORED NAC is an over the counter supplement that seems to help immunity T-cell response, reduces inflammation & cytokine response, helps lung function and lessens blood coagulation. NAC is a precursor to glutathione, a super antioxidant - of which deficiency is correlated to severe COVID symptoms. Studies show it is more effective than vitamin D or vaccines for influenza.

Will FDA Ban NAC since it may Combat COVID? by - Sep 2020 CENSORED benefits of NAC for respiratory & viral problems, it raises glutathione, lowers hypercoagulation/blood clots, thins mucus, reduces viral replication, dampens inflammation and supports immune function.

Glutathione Deficiency and Risk of Severe COVID-19 by - May 2021 CENSORED Glutathione helps with inflammation and a host of other things and can be derived from NAC.

NAC Banned from Amazon, FDA Says It Is Medication by - May 2021 CENSORED One more step in removing effective supplements from your self-care tool box.

NAC and Glutathione Potential Roles in COVID-19 Treatment - CENSORED Dr. Roger Seheult of MedCram


Glutathione and NAC for Health & Fitness -  CENSORED 

The Many Benefits of NAC - CENSORED many health benefits.

8 Science Backed Benefits of MSM by Healthline - May 2018 helps inflammation, joint pain, immunity and glutathione


CoQ10 Biochemistry & Help for Viral Respiratory Ailments by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - June 2020

CoQ10 May Help Heart and Other Illnesses by - Oct 2020 CENSORED 

Dr. Rolland discusses super cell protectors that you should know:
 ALA, NAC, Quercetin, CoQ10/Ubiquinol, Resveratrol, ECGC.
 Learn why these supplements are important for your health in 2020 and beyond.


Dr. Neal Nedley explains the benefits of NAC for limiting respiratory viral infections. 

Dr. Michael Gaeta explains the benefits of ECGC and how it may help prevent Cancer.

Green Tea (ECGC) Can Boost Heart and Brain Health by MercolaPDF - Feb 2022


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