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>>Corona Update Jan 2021

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This page includes: COVID Immunity & Reinfection, Vaccine Reactions, Powerful Nutrition Help, Ivermectin, Smoking Dangers, Variant Risks,  Flu Vaccine Risks, PCR Inaccuracy, Lockdown Problems & Tracking Concerns (Also see our Immune Support page for an inclusive summary & more help.)





    >> Post Infection Immunity: Good News by Dr. Campbell - Jan 4 Recovered patients seem to have good immunity.

    >> Reinfection Rate: Very Low by Dr. Campbell - Jan 14 It appears highly unlikely to get COVID a second time.

    >> Antigen Survey Shows High Prevalence by Dr. Campbell - Jan 28 Many people in the population seem to have resistance to COVID.


    >> Allergic Reactions and Death by Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - Jan 14

    >> COVID Vaccines May Only Reduce Severe Disease, but Not Infection or Transmission by - Jan 14 It seems that the vaccines will primarily reduce severe symptoms and hospitalization and death (hopefully?) but do not really affect infection rates or transmission of the disease.

    >>Vaccine Informed Consent and COVID Vaccine Risks by - Jan 2021 One big risk scientists are questioning is antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). Should patients be told about risks like ADE when they get a COVID vaccine? Do they read the consent form? Are they so scared of COVID (and offered no alternatives) that they will try just about anything to get away (Jurassic Park)? ADE is a serious condition in which a vaccine patient's immune system becomes primed to make not only neutralizing antibodies (which block a pathogen from entering our cells) but non-neutralizing which will still bind to a pathogen but Not prevent it from entering a cell. Rather, they may actually help (like a Trojan horse) the pathogen to infiltrate healthy cells (where they can replicate, etc). Some vaccines have been linked to deadly ADE reactions. Coronavirus vaccines have been linked to ADE. ADE can also be a time-delayed risk for similar future disease.


    >> Is Niacin a Missing Piece of the COVID Puzzle? by Dr. Mercola - Jan 20 Niacin (or vitamin B3) seems to be helpful for balancing the immune system, calming the bradykinin storm and also helping with long-hauler symptoms. The initial dose recommendation is 500mg twice or three times daily increasing to 1000mg t.i.d. after a few days if tolerated.

    >> Landmark Publication on Vitamin C for COVID-19 by Dr. Mercola - Jan 7 CENSORED Vitamin C for respiratory infections, sepsis and COVID-19. It is anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating and antioxidant. Oral vitamin C at 2 to 8 grams per day helps reduce incidence and duration of respiratory infections. Intravenous vitamin C of 6 to 24 grams per day helps reduce mortality, ICU admission rates, hospital stays and time on mechanical ventilation by patients with severe respiratory infections. 

    >>Vitamin D for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Dr. Seheult by - Jan 9 Shows the significant benefits of vitamin D for immune and respiratory health. Low vitamin D levels makes one statistically vulnurable to SARS-CoV2. Vitamin D is known to be very safe and cost effective. There is no down side. The U.K. started a citizen distribution program but then discontinued it - possibly with pressure from industry groups. Vitamin D is more effective when taken with vitamin K2 and magnesium.

    >>Could Most COVID Deaths have been Prevented? by - Jan 18 CENSORED A number of scientists add to the mounting evidence that good levels of Vitamin D are critical to immune health, some urging that it can lower the risk of COVID-19 related death by 700% in the elderly.

    >> Artemisinin from Sweet Wormwood Inhibits SARS-CoV2 by Dr. Mercola - Jan Antimalarial extract artesunate may help with SARS-CoV2. W.H.O. is opposed to using it saying that it may affect malaria resistance. 

    >> Emerging Dangers and Homeopathy by Dr. Campbell - Jan 25 Discusses the emerging variants and upcoming trends. Dr. Campbell is not in favor of homeopathy and feels that it does not help and can be dangerous. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Homeopathy has been helping patients around the world for over a century. Although caution is always due, it can more strongly be argued that medication (while saving lives) has side effects that also contribute to a large number of morbitity and deaths. I personally can share stories that patients have related to me. While I don't understand how homeopathy helps the body, I also know patients who have used it exclusively to assist their recovery from COVID and other ailments. I believe it is a potential treatment that is less dangerous than most medications and merits consideration by patients looking for an alternative treatment.)


    >> If You Get COVID-19 Optimize Your Immune System by Dr. Seheult - Jan 2 Review of nutrition and medical treatments to help COVID patients from Roger Seheult, M.D. quadruple board certified.

    >> Some Hospitals Return to the Basics to Treat COVID-19 by - Jan 6 And it is working.

    >> Ventilation & Filtration to Optimize Health by Dr. Joseph Allen of MedCram - Jan 16 Dr. Allen is a Harvard public health professor who explains how to better maintain good indoor air quality and how it helps optimize health and limit COVID-19.

    >> Can Ivermectin Help Prevent COVID Deaths? by - Jan 25 A W.H.O. review suggests that COVID mortality may be reduced by 83%. Other studies and country results are encouraging.

    >> Convalescent Plasma Does Not Seem to Benefit COVID Patients by Dr. Campbell - Jan 16 Convalescent plasma is an extract taken from someone recovered from COVID-19 and given to help a patient who is actively sick


    >>Smoking Worsens Risk of COVID by Dr. Campbell - Jan 2021 Study shows that smoking is NOT protective as some have claimed by that it both increases the chance of catching COVID-19 and the risk of severe symptoms.

    >> 95% of American COVID-19 Deaths are Over 50 by AARP - Oct 30, 2020 Chart of COVID-19 patients and mortality.

    >> Doctor Dies After Getting COVID Vaccine by Dr. Hansen - Jan 20 Medical review of a doctor reported to have died after getting a COVID vaccine.


    >> Variant Dangers by Dr. Campbell - Jan 26 Discussion about whether variants are more dangerous? Variants in Brazil, S. Africa, Canada and the U.K.?? (Dr. Rolland's comments: most authorities are saying that while variants seem to be contagious, even up to 50%, so far they do not seem to be more symptomatic or lethal. A more contagious virus is usually a less lethal one according to general viral theory.)

    >> More Contagious Variants by MSN Wisconsin AP - Jan 14 While there is considerable discussion and perhaps fearmongering over variants from around the globe and their being more contagious, most of them are not being reported as any more lethal. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Further, historical data suggests (as we have discussed before) that most variants that are more contagious are actually less lethal.)

    >> Are Variants Being Marketed to Justify Stricter Lockdowns? by - Jan 5

    >> Post Vaccine Contagion by Dr. Campbell - Jan 24 

    >>COVID Vaccine Deep Dive: Safety, Immunity, RNA Production with Shane Crotty, PhD by MedCram - Dec 2020 Interesting Q&A from a medical perspective on vaccines. 

    >>Coronavirus Mutations and COVID19 Vaccine Implications with Shane Crotty, PhD by MedCram - Jan 2021 More interesting details


    >> Can Flu Vaccines Increase COVID Risk? by - Jan 12 This question has been raised before by other doctors and a 2018 Department of Defense study. It seems that getting the flu vaccine may raise (called pathogenic priming) the risk of severe disease from coronavirus (like COVID-19). Observation suggests that patients over 65 who have had the flu shot are more likely to die from COVID-19 as are those in countries where the rate of flu vaccination among the population is higher.

    >>Will Vaccine Generated Spike Proteins Bind to our Cells by Dr. Been - Jan 14

    >>Will Experimental Vaccines Become Mandatory? by - Jan 2021 Discusses a number of potential risks.

    >> Ways COVID is Changing the Future of Vaccines by - Jan 12 Stage 3 clinical trials are yet to be completed. Still considered experimental, COVID vaccines will have data collection for years to come. What are the concerning vaccine side-effects for a disease that has an overall infection fatality rate of 0.26% and for those under 40 of 0.01%? Although adverse reactions are rather rare, some scientists are very concerned about what the longer range complications will be. And questions about what is the true effectiveness of these shots authorized for emergency use? Will vaccination be consensual? 


    >> More Scientists Speak Out on the Inaccuracy of the PCR Test - by - Jan 12 We have discussed this before from several scientists and doctors. Also comments on concerns over antibody testing and reliability.

    >> More About the Misuse  of PCR Testing by - Jan 13 PCR tests are mostly inacurrate as being used, falsely labeling health people as sick and promotiing a culture of fear and animosity between people.


    >>What Severe Damage Have Lockdowns Caused? by - Jan 27 Drug use, abuse, business failings and food insecurity are just a few of the servere side-effects of strict lockdowns that are irreparable for many. 

    >> Will There Be More Viral Outbreaks? by - Jan 14 Discussion about the history of gain-of-function research and its risks. A list of known past lab breaches. Lack of transparency from labs and government agencies and how they put civilization at risk. Worse next time?

    >> The Political and Scientific History of Lockdowns by Ivor Cummins - Jan 14 Concerning the severe affects that countries (and especially those with major human rights violations like China) have caused to their citizens. Nationwide, total population quarantine is an unprecedented way to treat a pandemic.

    >>Origins of the Pandemic by Dr. Campbell and - Jan 23 Investigations thwarted? Records deleted by China? China pressure on WHO?

    >> Dr. Mercola Targeted for Censorship for being Anti-Vaxx by - Jan 8 Organizations that want to stop debate about the 2020 pandemic actions, treatments and vaccines.

    >> A Global Initiative to Track Your Vaccine Data? by - Jan 26 How does this affect your medical privacy and civil liberties? Recent news also says that China is offering to work with WHO to create (says it can do it in a month - maybe because using this on its own citizens?) a worldwide tracking program for everyone's vaccine status. Are the Beijing olympics in 2022?


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