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>>Corona Update Feb 2022

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THIS PAGE INCLUDES: COVID Truth, FOIA, 2nd Opinion, Boosters Weaken, Child Vax Risk, mRNA Risk, Powerful Natural Immunity, Durable Immunity (after 18 years), Vaccine Aspiration, Ivermectin, Sunlight Benefits, VAERS Data, U.K. Ending Mandates, Misinformation, SARS-CoV2 Origins? (Also see our Immune Support page inclusive summary & more help.)

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  "If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, then the world is yours, and all that is in it." - Rudyard Kipling

  "In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity." - Albert Einstein

  "I believe in one thing - that only a life lived for others is a life worth living." - Albert Einstein


    >>See the COVID Vaccine, Adverse Event Reaction numbers from the latest CDC reports on / COVID (for years now, OpenVAERS has extracted data from the CDC system to report it in a simple format without editing or manipulating).

    As of July 23, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there were reports of 518,769 adverse reactions40,991 hospitalizations, 12,808 permanent disabilities and 11,940 deaths - these are estimated only a fraction of the actual total according to the Harvard Pilgrim Lazarus report on VAERS reporting participation on 

   As of October 8, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there are reports of 798,634 reactions79,669 hospitalizations16,766 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far reactions include: 2508 miscarriages, 8136 heart attacks, 9470 myocarditis, 3735 thrombocytopenia, 9787 Bell's palsy, 7336 anaphylaxis, 31,196 severe allergic reactions, 9472 shingles and 24,805 permanent disabilities. (Statistically, a majority of reported vaccine related deaths occur within 3 days of vaccination.)

   As of January 28, 2022, related to COVID vaccines there are reports of 1,088,558 reactions124,445 hospitalizations23,149 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far reactions include: 3,903 miscarriages, 11,765 heart attacks, 31,185 myocarditis, 5,443 thrombocytopenia, 13,575 Bell's palsy, 9,028 anaphylaxis, 39,041 severe allergic reactions,12,211 shingles and 41,163 permanent disabilities. (Statistically, a majority of reported vaccine related deaths occur within 3 days of vaccination.)


    >>The SARS Pandemic: Will Truth Prevail? by Dr. Atlas with Hillsdale College on Odysee - Jan 2022 Scott Atlas, M.D. of Stanford's Hoover Institute was an advisor to the White House on COVID-19. He comments on science and the facts of the pandemic, impacts on society and how the issues have been distorted.

    >>Truth is Coming Out About COVID Deaths by MercolaPDF - Jan 2022 COVID only deaths seem to have been greatly inflated, possibly by a factor of 10.

    >>Freedom Of Information Discovery by Dr. Campbell on YouTube - Jan 2022 Dr. Campbell explains that of the 174,000 COVID related deaths - from 2020, the British Health Ministry, reported that only 9400 were COVID only with 7800 of them being over age 65 with an average age of 81. And for 2021, there were 17,371 with COVID only on the death certificate with 13,597 over age 65 and an average age of 82 years! About 10%??

    >>What the VAERS Data Tells About Vaccine Injuries by MercolaPDF - Dec 2022 A key interview with Jessica Rose, PhD, who has been analyzing (and saving weekly) the VAERS data all year - from Israel. She says that it is not perfect and difficult to use but that it shows a number of strong safety signals. Many events go unreported. It is impossible to statistically say (as CDC) that all of these deaths are unrelated (even coincidental). Deaths may actual be in the hundreds of thousands. There is a strong signal for fertility issues and young male heart inflammation. About 100 records per week are being deleted from the VAERS database without any explanation. She feels that fake reports are not being filed. Latent infections are being reactivated. Data on children is being deleted. She explains how to estimate under-reporting and how statistics can start to show causation (beyond correlation). These are clearly the most lethal and injurious vaccines in history.

    >>BMJ is Demanding Immediate Release of All COVID Data by MercolaPDF - Feb 2022


    >>COVID 19: A Second Opinion by Senator Ron Johnson Youtube - Feb 2022 Hear top doctors who are sharing their COVID experiences and patient with vaccine injuries. Top government, health and media officials are overall refusing to participate.

    >>COVID-19: A 2nd Opinion with U.S. Senator Ron Johnson by VCYAmerica - Jan 2022 PLEASE LISTEN TO THESE EXPERT testimonies about vaccine injury and what went wrong and what went right during the pandemic response. You can watch all 5 hours of this Senate testimony on Rumble if you search for 2nd Opinion

    >>Marching Against Mandates by MercolaPDF - Feb 2022 Discusses protests and mandate issues. Reports Pfizer data that shows an increase in dying within 6 months of getting the jab. States that among some Americans surveyed, 55% favor fines, 49% favor house arrest, 48% favor a fine or even prison for those who question the jab effectiveness, 45% approve of segregation in internment camps, 29% favor removing children from homes who won't vaccinate.

    >>COVID-19 2nd Opinion: Expert Testimony with Senator Ron Johnson by MercolaPDF - Feb 2022 Five hours of expert medical and patient testimony on the many COVID treatment problems and vaccine side-effects. 


    >>British Doctors, Scientists Urge Caution for Jabbing Low-Risk Children by Dr. Dhand - Jan 2022 The risk for young men of myocarditis is 14 times higher for those vaccinated over those who had the natural infection. Risk is worse after the second dose. Questioning why proceeding with vaccines in low-risk children. Review the evidence of the benefits against the risks.

    >>Protect the Children Speech by Robert Kennedy, Jr. with Patriot News Outlet on Rumble - Feb 2022 Excellent pandemic and vaccine overview and well worth 30 minutes. At the Defeat the Mandates rally, Director of Children's Health Defense Fund, discusses many aspects of child vaccines, COVID vaccine risks, faulty data, VAERS underreporting and corruption.

    >>Swedish Spotify Deleting Several of Joe Rogans Podcasts by TheEpochTimeS - Feb 2022

    >>European Medical Agency Warns Too Frequent COVID Boosters May Weaken Immune System by Dr. Dhand on YouTube - Jan 2022


    >>Are mRNA Vaccines Worth the Risk? by Dr. Marcum on Youtube - Jan 2022 Christian cardiologist James Marcum, M.D., discusses COVID, vaccines and myocarditis. Follow his Rumble channel if this gets taken down. Covering disease vs. vaccine risks, alternatives, numbers, subclinical exposure, vaccine duration, recovery and natural immunity and that each person is an individual with an individual response.

    >>COVID-19, Vaccines and Myocarditis by Dr. Marcum on Youtube - Jan 2022 Christian cardiologist James Marcum, M.D., discusses COVID, vaccines and myocarditis.

    >>Fully Vaxxed Surpass Unvaccinated in Australia Hospitalizations by EpochTimes on YouTube - Jan 2022


    >>CDC Study Finds Natural Immunity Offers Better Reinfection Protection by HighIntensityHealth on YouTube - Jan 2022 Good review by Mike Mutzel, M.S., of this study showing how many more times better protection natural immunity offers. January CDC WMMR report review. In October they had reported that vaccine was 5.49 times better than natural immunity and that hospitalization was 27 times lower if vaccinated without prior infection and 6 fold lower with prior COVID infection. Now, from May to November 2021 delta data, the CDC says that hospitalization is 19 fold lower if vaccinated without prior infection but that prior infection creates 55 fold better protection in those who have not been vaccinated.

    >>Coronavirus Immunity 18 Years After Infection by Dr. on YouTube - Jan 2022

    >>Excellent Natural Immunity as Protective as Vaccine Induced Immunity by Dr. Campbell on YouTube - Jan 2022

    >>Natural Immunity is Powerful - A CDC Study by Dr. on YouTube - Jan 2022 Finally a CDC study the acknowledges.

    >>Safe Without Being Sick: T Cell Memory Without Detectable Infections by Dr. on YouTube - Jan 2022 An interesting study.


    >>Doctors Smeared by Officials Speak Out against Mandates & Lockdowns by The Jimmy Dore Show - Jan 2022 Warning some expletives by host. Will this be taken down? Public Health doctors from the Great Barringtion Declaration speak out against lock-downs, mandates, child COVID vaccines, media lies, and more. Discussing viral mutations driven by lockdowns and injustice vaccinating the wealthy and not the poor vulnerable. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Heart breaking how the vulnerable are abused. Helps explain what seems to be going on.)

    >>Authors of Barrington Declaration Speak Out by The Jimmy Dore Show on MercolaPDF - Jan 2022 Details of above interview.

    >>Public Health Child Abuse: Masks, Lockdowns, Fear & Harmful Vaccines by MercolaPDF - Feb 2022 Why are there so many lies?


    >>Israeli Report Says that 80% of Hospitalized Cases are Vaccinated by Feb 2022

    >>Nearly 30% of Healthcare Workers Hesitate to Vaccinate by Tribune Content Agency - Feb 2022

    >>Vaccine Choice Video - Ongoing. A wide variety of useful videos and resources on vaccine choice.

    >>Vaccine Choice Rumble page - Ongoing. A wide variety of useful videos and resources on vaccine choice research.

    >>Giving Vaccines Wrongly by Dr. Campbell - Dec 2021 Dr. John Campbell discusses the critical importance of aspirating (drawing the needle back after inserting it into the muscle) when doing an injection to reduce the chance of giving the injection directly into the blood stream. If blood appears when aspirating that is an indication that the needle is in a blood vessel and the intramuscular injection should not be administered. This type of injection, when given (accidentally, without attention) INTO the blood vessel seems to be linked to COVID vaccines giving people much WORSE side effects.

    >>Natural Immunity Confirmed by 146 Studies by Epoch Times - Jan 2022


    >>Ivermectin Safe and Effective for Treating Omnicron per Japanese by Epoch Times - Jan 2022

    >>The Case For Sunlight with COVID Patients by Dr. Seheult on MedCram - Feb 2022 Big benefits of IR light explained by Roger Seheult, M.D..

    >>Sunlight Optimizes Health and Immunity by Dr. Seheult on MedCram - Feb 2022 

    >>Sweet Wormwood Effective Against SARS-CoV2 by MercolaPDF - Feb 2022 This is the Standard Process Artemisinin Complex.

    >>Holy Basil, aka Tulsi may help with Diabetes, Hypertension and Infections by MercolaPDF - Feb 2022

    >>Immune Benefits of Oregano Oil by MercolaPDF - Feb 2022


    >>VAERS Data and COVID Jab Safety with Jessica Rose PhD by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022 Calculates underreporting of VAERS. She has tracked the VAERS data for over a year? and done many analytical calculations and comparisons.

    >>Dr. Jessica Rose Research on Substack - Updated regularly. Researcher Dr. Rose wrote a paper with cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough on the incidences of myocarditis and other COVID vaccine injuries.

    >>Dr. James Lyons-Weiler Research on Substack - Ongoing. Dr. Lyons-Weiler investigates the vaccine toxicity and viral mutations.

    >>U.S. Defense Department Shuts Down the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) - Feb 2022 Reportedly this is to limit access to the many injuries being suffered by soldiers.

    >>Unvaccinated - Death Rates by Age by Dr. Been - Jan 2022 - Dr. Moybeen reviews January 2022 data from various countries showing that 1) Death rates are significantly declining across all age groups, 2) Older people are at significantly higher risk, 3) There is very little (essential zero) risk or death for younger people up to age 40, 4) While unvaccinated death rates are higher, they are somewhat similar to vaccinated rates in lower age groups. Dr. Been questions why vaccinate the young who have virtually zero risk of COVID-19.


    >>British Health Services Scrapping Health Worker Jab Requirement by Dr. Dhand Youtube - Feb 2022  American doctor, Suneel Dhand, M.D., reporting on changes in European COVID requirements.

    >>How Does Health Care Mandates Make Any Sense? with Ron DeSantis by Forbes - Jan 2022

    >>England Scraps All Mask Mandates by Dr. Dhand on YouTube - Feb 2022 Dr. Suneel Dhand, M.D., reveiws.

    >>Racing to Make an Omnicron Vaccine by MercolaPDF - Feb 2022 Why?

    >>Pfizer Seeks to Vaccinate Children Under 5 by MercolaPDF- Feb 2022 Want to move forward even if trials are not finished. Poor response in 2-4 year olds after 2 shots, so suggesting a 3rd. Will use doses 1/10 of those for adults? Why anxious to start? Why does Pfizer want to "help" redact its research before the FDA releases it to public scientists.


    >>Canadian Prime Minister Asks If Protestors Should Be Tolerated by Toronto Sun - Feb 2022 They say that this raises grave concerns when a leader asks if law abiding citizens who have different opinions should be tolerated.

    >>David Martin, PhD Explains Why PM Trudeau Will Not Back Down on Rumble - Feb 2022 Follow the money?

    >>Summary of Terrorism Threat to Homeland by DHS - Feb 2022 Individuals spreading "misinformation or disinformation or malinformation" are a domestic threat according to DHS.

    >>Freedom Over Fear: Canadian Truckers Peacefully Protest to End Mandates by Washington Post - Feb 2022

    >>Fend For Yourself by Kim Iversen on TheHillRising - Jan 2022 CENSORED? Reporter Kim Iversen vents about how hard it is to take care of COVID sick family members with no helpful guidance from public health officials or most medical doctors.

    >>Dr. Meryl Naas Under Attack in Maine for "Spreading Misinformation" by MercolaPDF - Jan 2022 And for treating COVID patients. Seems that much of what she said we are now finding out to be true.

    >>Dr. Li-Meng Yan Reveals CCP Plans for Hemorrhagic Virus on Substack - Feb 2022 

    >>What Is The Next Great Pandemic? by GAVI - Feb 2022 Is Marburg going to be the next great virus?

    >>Michael Gaeta Recommends QualiHerb - Feb 2022  Dr. Gaeta says that when MH Artemisinin is not available, order Qing Hao Plus using his name from this Chinese herb company. It has Artemisinin and Andrographis. 4 capsules = one MediHerb tablet. Mention him when call with a medical license.


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