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>>Corona Update Nov 2021

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THIS PAGE INCLUDES: Vaccine Injury & Denial, Early COVID Treatments & Long Haulers, Natural Immunity Superior, Vaccine Risks, Court Stays Mandates, Telemedicine Consults - When Your PCP Won't Help, Vitamin D & Black Seed, Unvaccinated Narrative, Waning Vaccines, Mandates & Legal Help, Fluvoxamine, Fraud & Medical Mafia... (Also see our Immune Support page inclusive summary & more help.)

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  "He who governed the world before I was born, shall likewise take care of it when I am dead. My part is to improve the present moment." - John Wesley

  "You do not lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault not leadership." - Dwight Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States


    >>See the COVID Vaccine, Adverse Event Reaction numbers from the latest CDC reports on / COVID (for years now, OpenVAERS has extracted data from the CDC system to report it in a simple format without editing or manipulating).

    As of July 23, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there were reports of 518,769 adverse reactions40,991 hospitalizations, 12,808 permanent disabilities and 11,940 deaths - these are estimated only a fraction of the actual total according to the Harvard Pilgrim Lazarus report on VAERS reporting participation on 

   As of October 8, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there are reports of 798,634 reactions79,669 hospitalizations16,766 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far reactions include: 2508 miscarriages, 8136 heart attacks, 9470 myocarditis, 3735 thrombocytopenia, 9787 Bell's palsy, 7336 anaphylaxis, 31,196 severe allergic reactions, 9472 shingles and 24,805 permanent disabilities. (Statistically, a majority of reported vaccine related deaths occur within 3 days of vaccination.)

   As of November 5, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there are reports of 875,651 reactions91,982 hospitalizations18,461 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far reactions include: 2887 miscarriages, 9094 heart attacks, 12,131 myocarditis, 4268 thrombocytopenia, 10,981 Bell's palsy, 7984 anaphylaxis, 33,259 severe allergic reactions, 10,289 shingles and 29,104 permanent disabilities. (Statistically, a majority of reported vaccine related deaths occur within 3 days of vaccination.)


    >>Vaccine Mandates INJURY Panel with Senator Ron Johnson - Nov 2021 PLEASE WATCH THIS 30 MINUTE VIDEO. Vaccine injuries ARE REAL and are being IGNORED. How the doctors are being punished and how vaccine injuries are being ignored.

    >>Senator Johnson Vaccine Hearings by - Nov 2021

    >>Dr. Simone Gold of America's Frontline Doctors of AFLDS - Jan 2021 A very good and eye-opening video by Emergency Simone Gold, M.D., about what is happening to America's medical system and how the COVID-19 dysinformation and vaccine side-effects are being distorted. Discusses hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.


    >>Anti-viral therapeutics - COVID is a Highly Treatable Disease with Pierre Kory on Odyssey - Oct 2021 Dr. Kory explains the benefits of many medications. He also explains the huge benefits of the Indian public health treatment and how they have almost completely eliminated COVID-19 from Uttar Pradesh and its 200 million citizens.

    >>Dr. Pierre Kory: COVID-19 Is Highly Treatable by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021 Pierre Kory, M.D. explains a number of anti-viral treatments that are effective against COVID-19. They also discuss the attack on truth and scientific debate. 

    >>Treating Long-Haul Syndrome with Dr. McCullough by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021 Printed outline of helpful tips.

    >>Helping Long-Haul COVID Patients with Dr. McCullough by Dr. Al Johnson on YouTube - Nov 2021 A good discussion with many ideas about how to help recover from long haulers symptoms. Please listen to this video.


    >>More Than 15 Studies Show that Natural Immunity is Superior to a Vaccine by Mercola PDF - Oct 2021

    >>Signs You Should Go to the Hospital With COVID? by Mercola PDF - Sep 2021 Going to the hospital can increase your risk for many hospital related complications. Having niacin, NAC, melatonin, a nebulizer and hydrogen peroxide mix and a pulse oximeter are good for home early care. Watch for shortness of breath, chest pressure, difficulty breathing, and confusion.

    >>When Sanity Returns, Compassionate Doctors Await with Pierre Kory on Odyssey - Oct 2021 Pierre Kory, M.D., explains that there are a number of anti-viral treatments which are effective especially when started early on and fully.

    >>Dr. Simone Gold of America's Frontline Doctors on Rumble - July 2021 The Uncensored Truth Tour by AFLDS.


    >>In Vitro Study Shows that mRNA Spike Proteins Impair DNA Repair Mechanisms by Dr. Been - Nov 2021 A technical reviews of a study from Sweden that shows in vitro that the spike protein enters the nucleus - affecting the production of antibody, B and T cell binding regions. They also enter and interfere with DNA repair which affects "cancer" cells and cell proliferation. The researchers recommend using vaccines without full spike proteins. (getting infected creates spike proteins too).

    >>CDC Changes and Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Un-Vaccinated by Mercola PDF - Sep 2021

    >>Analysis of COVID-19 Death Reports from VAERS by McLachlan on Research Gate - Jun 2021 Summary of VAERS showed that 14% most likely were not related to the vaccine, 5% most likely were and 81% were uncertain. However, there appeared that the vaccines could be ruled out as a contributing factor in only 14% of VAERS deaths (86% then were a possibility).  


    >>Kyle's Vaccine Adverse Heart Reaction by John Campbell - Oct 2021 Kyle is a 29 year-old professional cyclist (3x national champion) who had a metallic taste after his 2nd Pfizer vaccine in June 2021. He got the vaccine because he wanted to be able to travel. He took off 2 weeks from training then went for a ride and had a racing heart. He went to ER and was told that he was having a panic attack and not to worry about it. It turns out that he developed pericarditis and was told that he could have had permanent damage if he had not come right in. He has not been able to train or work - physical and mental effort still cause major relapses even 4 months later. He is feeling pain in the joints of his old injuries - he is in pain. Was told that he will hopefully recover in 12 to 18 months. He is staying hydrated. He is using black seed oil, Ivermectin, star anise tea, pine needle tea, thuja, etc. - ACE2 inhibitors. Hard to find doctors who know anything about this and who will step up prescribe in spite of work restrictions. He is part of, a group who is bringing vaccine injury stories to public officials. Many injured people are giving up to suicide. KYLE STRONGLY BELIEVES THAT DRUGS WITH THIS TYPE OF RISK SHOULD BE VOLUNTARY.

    >>Pericarditis After 2nd Pfizer Vaccine with Kyle by John Campbell - Nov 2021 Kyle is a professional cyclist who had a strange vaccine reaction that took all of his athletic ability and strains his heart - even just trying to stand. He also is diagnosed with POTS and has many allergies now to most everything - with MAST Cell Activation Syndrome. He went with part of a team of vaccine injured people to testify November 2 in D.C. before Senator Johnson but NO officials from the CDC, NIH, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, Faucci or any other place came to hear their testimonies. He explains how there is no regular compensation for vaccine injured people. 

     >>Myocarditis with mRNA COVID Vaccines by Dr. Been - Nov 2021 


    >>Neuro Disability After Vaccine with Nikk by John Campbell - Nov 2021 Tasted metallic taste right after vaccination. Vomited, felt shivers and coughing and nose running, and head ache, etc. She felt massively dehydrated. Couldn't drive or keep balance. The PCPs (GPs) and specialists did NOT want to see her or follow-up with her. If you want to see what socialized medicine care access is like, listen to this telling of her vaccine adverse reactions and the doctors who did not offer her much help. The doctors kept telling her to go ahead and get her boosters.  See the website of for hundreds of stories from vaccine injured. Her medical clinic seemed to not be keeping appropriate records and not sending her for specialists or testing. She is having chest pain from any type of physical exertion. - She feels unsafe and unwell. On top of this, she thought that she had already had COVID and had natural immunity. (Dr. Rolland's comments: IF YOU WANT TO HEAR WHAT SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IS LIKE AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR CARE - TO SEE A SPECIALIST OR GET A TEST, LISTEN TO THIS WOMAN'S STORY ABOUT NOT GETTING CARE FOR HER COVID VACCINE INJURIES.) 

     >>Neurological Problems After Vaccination by Dr. Been - Nov 2021 This doctor and researcher shares his neurological issues after getting the vaccine. Well worth listening to - see how little help is available for vaccine injured and how few doctors believe the patient's account.

    >>Long Term Dangers of Experimental mRNA Shots by Mercola PDF - Sep 2021


    >>Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Orders Stay on OSHA Vaccine Mandates - Nov 2021 This is the actual court document ordering the stay.

    >>Federal Appeals Court Rules Biden Mandates are "Fatally Flawed" and "Staggeringly Over Broad" by CNBC - Nov 2021

    >>Legal Criteria for Emergency Authorization for COVID-19 Does Not Seem to be Met on - This document shows the legal requirements for medication given emergency authorization under section (c) Criteria for Issuance of Authorization. It states that the known benefits of the drug must out weigh the risks; that there is no adequate, approved and available alternative; etc.

    >>OSHA Changes Rule To Cover Up Vaccine Injuries by Mercola PDF - Oct 2021


    >>Get 4 COVID Evidence based, Nutrition & Medication protocols for Prophylactic, Home & Hospital from: 

   #1. Front Line Critical COVID Care protocols at PROTOCOLS  (I-MASK+) 

    OR  CLICK HERE to book a TELELMEDICINE consults with America's Frontline Doctors 

    ($90 for the phone consult and scripts and about $200+ for the medications plus shipping. Takes about 3 days.)


     America's Frontline Doctors for C*VID Medication - at  

     Scroll down to access meds - available in most states. Please note that things may change without notice.


    OR  #2. American Academy of Physicians & Surgeons  AAPS COVID Home Guide or Protocol Chart 

    OR  #3. World Council for Health with Tess Lawrie, M.D.  Early COVID-19 At Home Treatment Guide

    OR  #4. the Zelenko COVID Protocols at (choose from protocol menu)

    OR  #5. Richard Fleming, M.D., at  (now copyrighted?)


    >>Get med scripts thru or text (850) 750-1322 at FLCCC for telemed.

    Buy prescription meds through your local pharmacy (especially a compounding) or an online source...

    Get Ivermectin or HCQ at or or

    (Insulin Hub has a link at the bottom of the page for those without a doctor to get a consult and prescription. Try them.)


    >>Low Vitamin D and Increased Deaths by John Campbell - Nov 2021 

    >>Vitamin D Papers Top List of Most Popular Studies of the Year by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021

    >>Black Seed Oil Evaluated for Chronic Inflammation by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021 Black seed oil is being added to the AFLDS COVID-19 protocols. It has an anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory effect. It seems to help with acne vulgaris. It is thought to have possible benefits against SARS-CoV2 and N. sativa may have benefits against diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, autoimmune and auto- inflammatory problems. Black Seed may work as a zinc ionophore with ECGC and quercetin.  It is recommended with honey. Nigella sativa has been shown to have other anti-viral properties. One Saudi study used 500mg soft gel twice daily for 10 days with other standard medical treatment. Results were that within 14 days, 62% of the black seed group recovered from mild COVID-19 while only 36% of the control group did.

    >>High Dose Melatonin - a Treatment Adjunct for Acute Infections by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021 One study used high dose melatonin from 36 to 72 mg per day divided into 4 doses. Melatonin helps with vitamin D utilization, glutathione recharging, calming cytokine storms, inhibits sepsis, helps high blood pressure, insulin resistance and diabetes. It also seems to help prevent mitochondrial impairment, energy failure and apoptosis in mitochondria damaged by oxidation.


    >>The Vaccine Is More Dangerous Than COVID-19 with Peter McCullough, M.D. by - Oct 2021

    >>COVID Jab Far More Dangerous Than Advertised by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021

    >>57 Top Scientists and Doctors Call for Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations by - May 2021

    >>Vaccination Status is Temporary - Boosters Are Required for Life? by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021

    >>What You Should Know About Comrinatry with Dr. Meryl Nass by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021 It is approved but not available?

    >>COVID Shots are the 'Deadliest' Vaccines in Medical History with Steve Kirsch by Mercola PDF - Nove 2021 


    >>The COVID Shot Problems for Children & Expectant Mothers, etc. by - Nov 2021

    >>Pfizer is Calling The Shots to Jab Kids by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021

    >>How Pfizer Bullies and Blackmails Countries Who Want or Use Its Vaccines by WION - Oct 2021 VERY EYE OPENING. Pfizer forces contracts with gag orders and financial backing for any expenses and 100% of immunity against vaccine injuries.

    >>Oklahoma National Guard is Not Required Per the Governor to Get Vaccinated by Washington Post - Nov 2021

    >>Minnesota Surgeon Fired After Telling School Board Parents Should Make Their Own Mask Decisions by BusinessInsider- Oct 2021


    >>Declining Vaccine Efficacy by John Campbell - Nov 2021 Review of a preprint paper on the waning efficacy of the vaccines. Discussion about possible worse vaccine injury if it is injected into a blood vessel.

    >>COVID Vaccine Integrity Whistleblower for Pfizer Trial by John Campbell - Nov 2021 Reviews a report by the BMJ about data integrity problems in Pfizer's Vaccine Trial. Here is the BMJ Nov 2021 link for COVID-19: Researcher Blows the Whistle on Data Integrity Issues in Pfizer's Vaccine Trial.

    >>Fact Checking the BBC by John Campbell - Nov 2021 The BBC seems to report that ivermectin is not an effective or useful COVID-19 medication. Dr. Campbell reviews their bogus reporting.

    >>COVID Cases are Declining - Will It Come Back? by Dr. Been - Nov 2021 review of those with natural immunity and vaccination status.


    >>Antiviral Agents Approved or Under Evaluation by NIH - Jul 2021 What 3 drugs are on NIH list 2e.? First, Remdesivir (which by the way comes with cautions to monitor for kidney and liver side effects - approved August 2020), second IVERMECTIN (which says "generally well tolerated" and simply to monitor for AE - adverse events) and lastly Nitazoxanide (also "generally well tolerated" and to monitor for AE). (Dr. Rolland's comments: Notice that Ivermectin is one of the few drugs that has been on this NIH list for many months. And notice toxicity for Remdesivir compared to Ivermectin.)

    >>NIH List of Ivermectin Clinical Trials - Nov 2021 as of this date there are 81 Ivermectin clinical trials on this list.

    >>NIH Medline Plus Summary of Nitazoxanide - Nov 2021

    >>How Hospitalis are Incentivized to Treat COVID-19 by - Nov 2021 This news article summarizes how hospitals are paid a bonus to have a COVID diagnosis, to use Remdesivir, to have a ventilator patient, to list COVID on the death certificate, etc. (Dr. Rolland's comments: I have seen some of these on official websites and have had patients tell me that they have had people close to them pressured to note cause of death as COVID-19 when their family did not have COVID and died of cancer or another illness.)


    >>WHO Advises that Remdesivir Should NOT be Used on COVID-19 Patients by NBC News - Nov 2021 Conclusions from a large WHO study on Remdesivir suggests that it is not very effective against COVID.

    >>Independent Summary of Remdesivir Problems by - Nov 2021 While I don't prefer this type of hyped news format, this article summarizes many things that are true to the best of my knowledge from what I have gathered from numerous more scientific sources.

    >>The Bad Look of Remdesivir by - Oct 2020 An independent summary of problems with Remdesivir.

    >>Kidney Injury as Serious Side-Effect of Remdesivir by Elsevier NIH - May 2021 The authors caution doctors to be aware of this.

    >>Making Remdesivir into a COVID Pill? by UCSD Health - Aug 2021 Will this have the same injurious kidney and liver effects? Will it really help COVID any better?

    >>Medicare Document Promoting Hospital Use of Remdesivir with 20% Bonus on - Nov 2021 It looks like the government through Medicare is incentivizing hospitals to use Remdesivir for COVID patients. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Even though it is known that Remdesivir causes severe kidney and liver problems for many patients, is more expensive than other possible treatments, can't be used with hydroxychloroquine and what found by WHO to not be very effective against COVID-19.)


    >>Pfizer New Anti-viral Medication by John Campbell - Nov 2021 Is it save or effective?

    >>New Pfizer Drug and Ivermectin by John Campbell - Nov 2021 Dr. Campbell shows that the pharmacological action is about the same.

    >>YouTube Decides that Dr. Campbell's Comparison is Misinformation - Nov 2021 But their fact checking is done by journalists and seems not to be science based.

    >>Ivermectin vs. Molnupiravir by Dr. Campbell - Nov 2021 Comparing Merck's (yes they created both of them) medications.

    >>Merck COVID Pill Side Effects You Need to Know by Dr. Risinger - Nov 2021 Christie Risinger, M.D. reviews her concerns about the potential mutagenic effects of the pill, Molnupiravir - such as causing cancer or birth defects. These experimental drugs are concerning and unproven.

    >>Britain Authorizes Merck's Molnupiravir the First Approved Antiviral Pill by Washington Post - Nov 2021 The problem is that, this is a pill that Merck dropped years ago because of problems - with toxicology problems. There seems to be no toxicology animal studies for this drug which is strongly thought to have toxic and mutagenic problems. 


    >>How COVID-19 Jab Benefits are Exaggerated by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021 Relative vs. Absolute benefits??? Astra Zeneca reported a vaccine benefit of 100% but that was the relative reduction whereas the absolute benefit was only 0.01%. For the Pfizer shot, the relative risk (typically the reported number) was initially 95% but the absolute benefit was only 0.84%. Vermont has the highest vaccine rate in the country but is still having a COVID surge - Why? At the hospital where Deborah Conrad, P.A., works, their analysis found that patients who had received at least vaccine shot were 9 times more likely to be hospitalized than the unvaccinated.

    >>COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines are Not Legally Vaccines by Mercola PDF - Oct 2021

    >>How to Fight Vaccine Mandates and Passports by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021

    >>Vaccine Mandates the Ultimate Showdown by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021

    >>Vaccine Insider Explains Risk of Global Vaccinations by Mercola PDF - Oct 2021

    >>Vaccine Boosters Required for Life by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021


    >>FDA Fast Tracks an mRNA Vaccine for RSV by Mercola PDF - Oct 2021

    >>COVID Shot Enhances Delta Infectivity by Mercola PDF - Sep 2021

    >>Teacher Dies of COVID Petitioning Hospital for Ivermectin by USA Today - Nov 2021

    >>COVID Protocols Take Their Toll by - Nov 2021 Discussion with Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.

    >>How COVID Vaccines May Damage Your Immune System by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021


    >>Fluvoxamine $4 Antidepressant Reduces COVID Hospitalizations by Dr. Seheult of MedCram - Nov 2021 Lancet. As an SSRI, shows that it seems help reduce cytokine storms. A drug approved since 1994 - it has some severe side-effects with a depression+ black box warning.

    >>Antidepressant Reduces COVID Hospitalizations and Deaths by 30% by John Campbell - Oct 2021 A rather well tolerated SSRI drug , Fluvoxamine seems to help about 30% of COVID patients. It has a very good safety profile. It appears to work as an anti-inflammatory on a short course of 9 days or so. This medicine is low cost and readily available.

    >>RECOVER COVID - NIH Website Researching Long COVID Effects - Nov 2021

    >>Who Gets Long COVID? by Natural Medicine Journal - Nov 2021 with Michelle Harkins, M.D. a study coordinator. Would like more info.


    >>Follow the Patents to the Cause with Dr. David Martin on BitChute - Nov 2021 Investigator, David Martin, Phd, follows the patents for SARS research and COVID-19 products back for DECADES before 2019. It looks like this pandemic and response was planned long in advance. Red Pill-another David Martin video.

    >>Dr. Samantha Bailey Odyssey Web Page - Nov 2021 Sam Bailey, M.D,, She discusses and has videos on NAC, quercetin, PCR tests, science vs. dogma, misinformation, germs, SARS, our immune system and many other topics.

    >>CCP Orders Chinese People to Stock-up by WION - Nov 2021  It appears that the Chinese people are being ordered to stock up on vegetables, lunch meat, biscuits, noodles and some other commodities. The question is WHY?  The proposed reasons are 1) New COVID outbreaks and lock-downs comings, 2) Shortage of food crops due to weather disasters, 3) Conflict with Taiwan and shortages, 4) a hard, cold winter coming  or MORE?


    >>Medical Mafia Sinking the Health Care System by Mercola PDF - Oct 2021

    >>Patents Prove COVID Fraud and Illegal Dealings for 20 Years by Mercola PDF - Oct 2021 These have been in the works for years.

    >>The Pandemic No One Wants to Talk About by Mercola PDF - Oct 2021 How bad food and other health problems add up.

    >>Vaccines: Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good? by Mercola PDF - Oct 2021

    >>Your Driver's License will become a Vaccine Passport by Mercola PDF - Nov 2021


  "One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

  "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy." Jesus, Matthew 5:7

  "You can fool all of the people some of the time; you can fool some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln


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