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See also What to Eat - What to Avoid (under our Natural Self-Care Remedies page) Many of and MercolaPDF are censored and available only through his substack.


Cellulite Reduction with Near Infrared (NIR) Sauna by Sauna Space - Apr 2021

Are Blood Clots The Cause of All Heart Disease? by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick on Bitchute - Sep 2022 Interview by Dr. Mercola discussing benefits for heart care and vascular issues like stroke.

How Quercetin Helps Blood Pressure by MercolaPDF - Oct 2022 Vitamin C and bromelain help absorbability. Quercetin is a strong antiviral and helps reduce inflammation too. It seems to help with metabolic syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, gout, mood disorders and aluminum induced neurodegenerative diseases. Found in red onions, red grapes, red leaf lettuce, elderflower and green tea. Can reduce the effects of some antibiotics and increase action of blood thinners. May interact with corticosteroids and some other drugs. Aged black garlic and inspiratory muscle training also help with blood pressure.


How to Lessen Cardiovascular Disease - One of America's Top Killers by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022 Top 3 CVD burdens are iron overload, insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. (Statins actually seem harmful.)

What Caused the Obesity Epidemic? by MercolaPDF - Jun 2022

Burn Fat Fast with Intermittent Fasting by on Bitchute - Oct 2022


Is Salt Really Bad For Your Health? by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022

Are Statin Cholesterol Drugs Really Helpful? by MercolaPDF - May 2022 Or do they cause more problems than they help?

The Longevity Solution with Dr. Jason Fung & Mercola on Bitchute - Apr 2022 Time restricted eating in a 6 to 8 hour window, that is fasting 16-18 hours daily and 23 hours (skipping 2 meals) 2-3 days per week is a good target. Many can get off insulin medicine within 3 weeks. During fasting the growth hormone receptors are downregulated and growth hormone levels increase. They stay elevated in 2-4 times regular levels while fasting for 24-48 hours and then consuming protein after training leads to better healing and recovery. Eat anytime within 24 hours after exercising to be in the rebuilding state.


Anti-obesity Effects of Low Dose Niacinamide by Mercola PDF - Jul 2022

Is Higher Cholesterol Associated with Longer Life? by MercolaPDF - May 2022

Reversing Fatty Liver by Dr. Jason Fung - Apr 2021 How sugar, especially fructose from sugar and high starch foods, creates new fat that is converted into triglycerides and stored by insulin (triggered by carbohydrate intake) in the liver. This is reversible by intermittent fasting and healthy eating (with low sugar). Later stages of non-alcoholic fatty liver leads to cirrhosis of the liver and eventually the need for a liver transplant (or death).


How Magnesium Helps Prevent Diabetes by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022

Berberine Acts Like Metformin by Dr. Rhonda Patrick - 2020

Ketones: The Fourth Fuel by Travis Christofferson with MercolaPDF - Aug 2022 How living in a state of metabolic flexibility reduces inflammation, obesity, diabetes and a other health problems.

Ketones: The Fourth Fuel by Travis Chritofferson on Bitchute - Aug 2022 Interview with Dr.Mercola and how important it is to be able to generate ketones and be metabolically flexible for good health including a healthy response to mitigate viruses like SARS.


Dr. Neal Barnard of Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine Shares Diabetes Strategies



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