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Health Care Bias, Politics & Profits

More Coming Soon! This is a big and important ongoing topic that is affecting us all.

The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine with the BMJ by Dr. Campbell - Mar 2022 Hard-hitting critical 30 minute summary by the esteemed British Medical Journal of the problems with money corrupted medical research funding (mostly controlled by big pharma now) and with industry capture (lobbyists and revolving doors) of regulators who are supposed to be ensuring public safety and help.

Ten Reasons Behind Most Chronic Health Problems by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022 How the medical healthcare system contributes to poor health.

Ways to Protect Yourself from the Third Leading Cause of Death - Medical Errors by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022 Plus a lengthy critique of vaccine risk.


This is Why Your Meds Are Getting More Expensive by Dr. John Abramson with Think on Spotify - Apr 2022 In his new book "Sickening", he explains how drug companies control the medical research and the release of data. He explains how peer reviewers do not get to see the original data but the manufacturer's summary of the data. He explains how the journals have also been bought by the drug companies because they sell article reprints for pharma to use to promote the drugs to medical doctors. He explains how medical doctors do not have reliable data to use for their patients (now called evidence based medicine). He explains that over half of new drugs are for profit and not to offer a new treatment. The underlying problem is drug money - payoffs to politicians and medical regulators and journals. (Dr. Rolland's comments: In spite of his concerns, I am not sure why he does not apply this same reasoning to the COVID vaccine program and instead highly recommends them to everyone???)

How Medicine has Moved Away from Nutrition and Prevention with Robert Lustig, M.D. by - May 2021 CENSORED Dr. Lustig, reviews his book, Metabolical, and how we need food as medicine to answer the mounting health crisis. He says that "food is medicine, but processed food is poison, and there is no medicine that can undo the damage of processed food."

Impossible to Ignore: How Big Pharma Controls American Medicine by BMJ on Russel Brand - Apr 2022 The British Medical Journal discusses how big pharma money controls medical research, data, regulators, providers and even the peer review journals.


Leading Stanford Doctors are Censored for Opposing Opinion by Fox News - Dec 2020 Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford was eventually exonerated along with Drs. John Ioanndis, Jay Bhattacharya and Eran Bendavid.

Truth About Vaccines Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits - May 2020 Telling her story as a former government virus scientist and her concerns. Her book Plague of Corruption and how her voice is being silenced.  Discussing the problem and healing solutions for cancer and other health problems. (Dr. Rolland's comments: I have seen all 7 parts of this series and they are worth your time if you can.)

Why Most Published Research Findings are False by John Ioannidis - Aug 2005 NIH listed paper explains how poorly conducted research and confirmation bias reveals that many research findings are not what they appear to be.


Journalists Detained and Worse in 2020 for Pandemic Reporting? by - Jan 2021 CENSORED

Constitutional Sheriffs by United Medical Freedom Super PAC - Aug 2020 some food for thought about freedoms and medical choice

CDC Provisional Drug Overdose Death Counts - updated monthly


How People Are Treating Free Speech These Days by AwakenWithJP - Jan 2021An eye-opening satire.

How the Powerful, Wealthy Elite Control Medical Information Citizens Get by - Mar 2021 CENSORED A description about steps that limit, influence or distort the scientific and medical information that individuals can access and review for themselves. (Here discussing aspects of Dr. Mercola's health information website. Discussing concerns of the mRNA vaccine.) Many ethical scientists and doctors who struggled through 2020 and 2021 now realize that this is not merely a conspiracy but action that occurs on a regular basis. Estimates are that drug companies spend about $30 billion dollars annually on advertising and about $300 million on lobbyists to congress.

Liberty Counsel Vaccine Research Page - June 2021 Regularly updated, this page by includes many LEGAL topics like Vaccine Passports & Contact Tracing, Adverse Reactions and Deaths, Blood clots, Breakthroughs, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, EUA law, EEOC, OSHA, mRNA, Five Stages of Vaccine Development, Masks, Pregnant Women Risks, Personal Stories, Spike Protein, Vaccine Self-Replication & Transmission of Adverse Reactions, Wuhan.


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