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Other key things we know to do for children for a health microbiome is to 1) Have a natural childbirth, 2) Avoid antibiotics (unless absolutely critical), 3) Breastfeed for 18-24 months, and 4) Allow children to play in the dirt (avoid antibacterial soap and cleansers).

Healthy Gut Helps Combat COVID by Dr. Mercola - Mar 2021 Studies showing that patients with more severe COVID symptom are more likely to have gut dysbiosis. A healthy gut flora from probiotics and healthy vegetable fiber helps reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, promote better mood balance and helps with brain function. Discusses fermenting vegetables.

How Your Microbiome Influences Your Immune System by Dr. Mercola - Feb 2021 with Rodney Deitert, PhD. explains how your gut and microbiome health may be the number 1 predictor of your overall health.

How Gut Health Impacts Your Disease Risk by Dr. Mercola - Dec 2020


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  • "I was constatnly getting bad kinks in my back that lasted all day. Headaches came on when the weather changed. After my roomate insisted I go to Dr. Rolland, I no longer get headaches or kinks in my back. I sleep better and am more flexible! I did not realize how much your back links to other health problems until visiting Rolland Chiropractic."
    Amy M. - Beaver, PA