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Laser, Sauna & Light Therapy {videos}

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   K-LASER Therapeutic Light Treatment - A premiere Italian class IV multi-wavelength laser.

   SAUNA Space Infrared Saunas - Use our affiliate link to save on your purchase.

   CELLUMA Light Therapy Pro - Order through our office for a discount.


Ultimate Guide to Sauna & Heat Exposure by Dr. Patrick on YouTube - Apr 2024  Great 10 minute overview.

Sauna Benefits and Optimal Use with Dr. Patrick and MedCram on YouTube - Apr 2022  Very good review video.

Health Benefits of Sauna Bathing by FoundMyFitness - Apr 2022  This article outlines the many benefits of Sauna bathing.

Uses for Whole Body Hyperthermia by FoundMyFitness - Apr 2022       


The INSANE Cardiovascular Health Benefits of Sauna Bathing by Dr. Patrick on YouTube - Feb 2024 Sauna mimics cardio exercise.

The Science and Benefits of Deliberate Heat Exposure with Huberman Lab Podcast YouTube - Apr 2022

Sauna Use Mimics Exercise for Heart Health by MercolaPDF - Feb 2023


The CRAZY Benefits of Sauna on Brain Health by Dr. Patrick on YouTube - Feb 2024 Sauna use seems to help with Alzheimer's, Depression, Stress, Mood, Chronic Inflammation and boost heat shock proteins.

Are Saunas Good For Your Brain? by MercolaPDF - Feb 2024

How Therapeutic Use of Full-Spectrum Light Can Improve Your Health by MercolaPDF - Dec 2023

How Therapeutic Light Can Improve Your Health with Dr. Alexander Wunsch by Mercola on Bitchute - Dec 2023


Dr. Mercola & Brian Richards on Near Infrared Light on Bitchute - Apr 2022 Brian Richards of Sauna Space NIR saunas.

Near Infrared Light Repairs DNA and Rejuvenates Your Cells While You Relax by MercolaPDF - Feb 2023 A review of the latest benefits of IR light. Far infrared will penetrate up to a few centimeters while near infrared (preferred) will penetrate up to a few (4?) inches.

Benefits of Red Light and Near-Infrared Light Therapy by - Mar 2021 CENSORED Many health benefits of sun bathing and IR sauna.

Health Benefits of Red and Infrared Laser Light by Dr. Mercola on YouTube - May 2017 Photobiomodulation effects for cell energy and recovery.

Healing Responses to Laser Therapy by Laser Therapy Institute - Somethings to consider: Soreness, Fatigue, Increased Appetite, Mental Clarity, Injury Healing, Nerve Healing (waking up), Blood Normalization, Increased Hydration, Increased Protein Use...


Photobiomodulation for Brain Disorders by Dr. Michael Hamblin on YouTube - Dec 2021 Light therapy has been progressing for over 100 years. It has many healing benefits - including for the brain and nervous system.

Dr. Michael Hamblin on Photodynamic Therapy for Brain Disorders by Ricci Flow Nutrition - Nov 2021 Dr. Hamblin is a researcher at Wellman Center for Photomedicine (U.S. Army), Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Is Dementia Helped by Infrared Light? by Dr. Seheult of Medcram - Jul 2022 Explains how it helps reduce inflammation. Melatonin in the mitochondria produces melatonin which helps reduce inflammation. Melatonin is produced by exposure to near Infrared light from the sunlight and other sources. Being outdoors helps improve health on many aspects - stress, heart health, reduces diabetes, high blood pressure, death, etc.

Introduction to LLLT by Dr. Michael Hamblin by THOR on YouTube - 2009

Low Light Laser Therapy video by - Search this collection of videos showing laser therapy benefits

Low Light Laser Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury by THOR on YouTube - Jan 2013


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