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>>Corona Update Sep 2021

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    >>See a summary of the latest CDC reported COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction numbers on / COVID   (for years now, OpenVAERS has extracted data from the CDC system to report it in a simple format without editing or manipulating)

    As of July 23, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there were reports of 518,769 adverse reactions40,991 hospitalizations and 11,940 deaths - these are estimated only a fraction of the actual total according to the Harvard Pilgrim Lazarus report on VAERS reporting participation on 

   As of September 10, 2021, related to COVID vaccines there are reports of 701,559 reactions60,741 hospitalizations14,925 deaths - more than all other vaccine deaths combined for 3 decades. So far reactions include: 1862 miscarriages, 6637 heart attacks, 5765 myocarditis, 3025 thrombocytopenia, 8156 Bell's palsy, 5959 anaphylaxis, 28,168 severe allergic reactions, 8153 shingles and 19,210 permanent disabilities.


    >>Big Report Shows Natural Immunity 13x Better Than Vaccine by TheHill on YouTube - Sep 2021 Reports a Tel Aviv study of 700,000 showing those recovered from natural infection had a 13x better protection against the delta variant than those who had received 2 Pfizer shots. The benefit of getting one jab after recovering from COVID-19 seemed to provide only minimal benefit that was statistically insignificant. Of 850,000 Israeli's who were recovered from COVID-19 only 72 were reported to be reinfected - and they were 6x less likely than fully vaccinated to be to affected by delta. Natural immunity protection in other studies reported as 82-95% with rates of hospitalization and death very low. Should we be "wasting" vaccine doses on healthy Americans when many poor countries have not fully vaccinated 10% of their populations? Supposedly, nearly 1/3 of Americans have recovered from COVID-19. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Why is the United States not recognizing what scientists have known this for other diseases for decades - is it about politics or money? The reinfection rate here of nearly 1 in 12,000. Vaccine protection will greatly vary depending on when it was received since it wanes significantly over 6 to 8 months. Whereas it is reported that natural immunity is not only broader against variants but it also seems to increase over the first year following recovery.)

    >>University Law Professor Wins Court Cases Keeps Job with Natural Immunity by CBN News YouTube - Sep 2021 George Mason University law professor had COVID-19 and now has natural immunity that is as good or better than vaccination protection. No need to get vaccine.

    >>Willing to Take My Natural COVID Immunity to the Supreme Court by Dr. Dhand YouTube - Sep 2021 Suneel Dhand, M.D., is among thousands (120 million Americans have had per CDC estimates) who are threatened to lose their job for refusing to get a COVID vaccine EVEN though they have had the disease and now have natural immunity. Why is there no official discussion about natural immunity? Dr. Dhand says that all medicine is decisions of risk vs. benefit and if there is a question of benefit then the procedure or medicine is withheld to avoid the potential risk: it is often not black and white. He also discusses that if there is no acknowledgement of natural immunity (which is verifiable with lab testing) then there is no such thing as immunity from a vaccine BECAUSE the vaccine stimulates the recipient's immune system to create a defense (against the COVID spike protein) - like they would have had from a natural infection. (Natural immunity is typically broader, more robust and more durable!) He says that not recognizing natural immunity is unfair, illogical and unscientific.

    >>Is Natural Immunity 13x More than Vaccination? by Dr. Moran YouTube - Sep 2021 Keith Moran, M.D. reviews a matched, Israeli observational study of over 16,000 in each group showing that those who were previously infected were less likely, 13x (to test positive) and 27x (to have symptomatic infection) than those who recieved 2 vaccine shots. There was not enough statistical difference in the post infected and one shot group to draw a conclusion of benefit. Further, vaccination protection wanes (over 2 to 8 months) while is appears that the natural immunity actually improves throughout the year following (giving a multifaceted defense beyond anitbodies). (This study seems to be from Jan-Mar data and may not include the delta variant - which seems to be even better defended by natural immunity.)

    >>Natural Immunity Better than Vaccine Protection by Dr. Marcum YouTube - Sep 2021 Among 15 or so studies on natural immunity that Christian cardiologist James Marcum, M.D. has looked at, he again reviews a pre-print study of 32,000 people who were vaccinated in January & February and how they were doing in June & July. Those only vaccinated were 13x more likely to become infected by the delta variant and they had more symptoms and more hospitalization. Natural immunity is dynamic and also wanes over time? Shares that only God's care is everlasting.

    >>Pathologist Shares Concern over Natural Immunity Cover-Up on WarRoom on Rumble - Aug 2021 Pathologist Kevin Homer, M.D. reports on many concerning things he is seeing from SARS-CoV2 and related in his work as a hospital pathologist. See more interesting content on his website and blog at He explains that natural infection creates a strong natural immunity and shares concerns that officials are Not discussing or acknowledging what is necessary for our bodies to fight COVID-19 from a vaccine or natural infection. He recommends vaccines for some but not for others based on risk benefit analysis. (Dr. Rolland's comments: I rarely include this platform because of its overt political bent.)

    >>Lifelong Protection After COVID Infection Study by Dr. Been YouTube - Jun 2021 Mobeen Syed, M.D., discusses technical peer reviewed publication in Nature, how our immune system creates memory B-cells (stored in bone marrow) and T-cells (thymus) that appear provide for durable, possibly life-long immunity. In the short term, memory cells are also stored for awhile in the infected areas i.e. lungs and in regional lymph nodes.


    >>No Child Vaccines or Random Testing in the United Kingdom by Dr. Dhand YouTube - Sep 2021 Suneel Dhand, M.D., reports on speech from Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Britian's health minister's statement that 1) the JCVI (joint commission vaccine) benefit risk analysis for children recommends that they will not be vaccinating children under age 16 - except maybe immune compromised (will the government over-rule the committee and do one dose for those over 16 - at parents choice?), and 2) they will not be using vaccine/medical passports to track people and allow access, 3) they will offer third shot boosters for vulnerable groups - elderly and comorbidities. U.S. social media wants this censored and not discussed.

    >>Important Announcement from United Kingdom by Dr. Campbell YouTube - Sep 2021 reports a British health minister's statement that 1) it seems SARS-CoV2 is so contagious that it looks inevitable that everyone (including the vaccinated) will get (and spread) it (because the vaccines allow break through infections - although says they greatly reduce severity of illness, hospitalization and deaths - but that 2 jabs are only about 50% protective) consequently. They are moving away from reporting positive non-sick test results, 2) Britian (and Germany) will discontinue random testing of non-symptomatic people and will only test symptomatic people (as is done with most other disease), 3) the JCVI (joint commission vaccine) benefit-risk analysis for children dictates that they will NOT be vaccinating children under age 16 (except maybe immune compromised?) - says COVID is not the problem (for health children). Says there will be a wave of infection this winter and some officials want to offer booster shots for the vulnerable. (Dr. Rolland's comments: First I really appreciate Dr. Campbell's careful review of studies and the pandemic. However, I do not agree with his position that we cannot reach "heard" immunity - even with a vaccine. For some reason, even he is not acknowledging here the benefits of natural, post-infection immunity. Further, even though he has reviewed the benefits of Ivermectin and vitamins and recommends them (and room ventilation) he still stresses getting a vaccine. Lastly, even though he has discussed comorbidities, risks of the vaccines and benefits of a healthy lifestyle, he seems to feel the vaccine is necessary for everyone and is the only way to arrest the pandemic. As defended many times elsewhere, I do not agree with that last premise.)

    >>U.K. JCVI Not Recommending Vaccines to Healthy Children Under 16 by Dr. Dhand YouTube - Sep 2021 A good discussion about why not to vaccinate most children. This doctor shares the recommendations of the British vaccine commission to NOT vaccinate most children saying that the benefits are not worth the risk.

    >>Dr. Dhand Being Censored on Social Media YouTube - Sep 2021 Suneel Dhand, M.D., is being warned by social media not to discuss natural immunity or things that are going on for freedom in the United Kingdom. He can be found at  and email at [email protected].

    >>Risk of Dying of COVID-19 in the U.S.A. Stratified by Age by Dr. Malone YouTube - Aug 2021 Using CDC data sets.

    >>CDC Provisional COVID-19 Deaths for 0-18 years old by - regular updates. The CDC reports as of Septemer 15 that the total number of COVID-19 related child deaths during the pandemic are 159 for ages 0-4 and 357 for ages 5-18. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Of the more than 75 million American children, the CDC estimates that over 25 million have had COVID-19. That 25,000,000 divided by 516 is ONE death per every 48,449 infections during the last 18 months. Tragically, it is reported that children who are succumbing to COVID-19 generally have serious comorbitities. Some other largely preventable deaths of children per year: accidental drowning nearly 1000, opiod related deaths about 500, suicide age 5-14 more than 500 and age 15-19 about 2200.)


    >>COVID Shot: FDA Bait & Switch with Attorney Matt Staver on - Aug 2021 Constitutional attorney Matt Staver with Liberty Counsel on Christian talk show VCY America Crosstalk explains concerning details on the recent FDA "approval" of the Pfizer vaccine. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a press release that it had approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. Their press release says their vaccine has been known as the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and will now be marketed as Comirnaty for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older. Attorney Staver says this is a bait and switch. Here are the issues: 1) All existing Pfizer vials remain under the FDA emergency use authorization (EUA) - This means people still have the option to accept or refuse them. 2) Third shot boosters are still Pfizer, identical to above and under EUA with limited use to people in certain categories 3) BioNTech recieved FDA approval for people age 16 and over under the name Comirnaty - however there is currently no Comirnaty available in the U.S. 4) There is currently no FDA approved COVID-19 vaccination anywhere in the United States - Every shot in America remains under EUA and people have the right to refuse them 5) Even when FDA approved shots become available, people are still protected by Federal law (and many state laws) by being vaccinated against their will according to their sincerely held religious belief or conscience objections. (It seems there are two physically similar but legally different products - the approved one is not available at present.)

    >>Pfizer Misinforming Military on Pfizer Vaccine by - Sep 2021 Army medical corps veteran Pam Long reports to the Defender that the Navy is distributing the original EUA Pfizer vaccine as "interchangeable" with the unavailable FDA "approved" Comirnaty vaccine. Reportedly since it is still the EUA product, service members have the right to legally reject any mandate to take it. Further, religious exemptions are still available for service members who have convictions not to take Comirnaty when available.

    >>Dr. Malone on How Media is Misrepresenting the FDA Vaccine Authorization on - Aug 2021 Robert Malone, M.D. explains to Bannon that the FDA has approved a vaccine by BioNTech called Comirnaty with is not yet available. While it is similar to the Pfizer-BioNTech emergency use authorization vaccine, it is not legally the same. The vial has to say Comirnaty. Media, businesses and the government are now pushing people to get vaccinated (using the emergency use vaccine) and allowing people to think this is fully FDA approved. Explains that the FDA used old (early 2021) data for its review and did not send out for committee reveiew and public comment as is policy for ever other drug approval. Also discusses the ethical dilema of injecting pregnant women and children with experimental drugs that are not proven safe or fully effective for a disease that actually has medical treatments. Here is another link of Dr. Malone FDA Approval Concerns on Rumble with Bannon.

    >>FDA Booster Shot Hearing with Steve Kirsch on YouTube - Sep 2021 Researcher Steve Kirsch explains that the vaccine adverse reactions show excess deaths above that from other sources. This cuts to a clip from the 7 hour FDA review hearing where Steve is speaking. The FDA rejected booster shot approval this week for Americans except for a few high risk people groups.


    >>Dr. McCullough Reviews Vaccine Risks with Perspectives on the Pandemic by Journeyman Pictures Youtube - Aug 2021 CENSORED Dr. McCullough explains how the mRNA vaccines looked good to start with (although both control and vaccine groups showed a 90% efficacy, the absolute efficacy preventing contraction of COVID-19 was less then 1%). This technology has promise but has a history of many problems. The CDC has been directing patients to look at the VAERS data and decide for themselves. Both FDA and CDC are sponsoring these studies - and they have NOT set up an external critical event committee, external data safety monitoring board or human ethics committee. As of January 22, there had been 186 reported deaths with only 25 million Americans vaccinated and that should have raised the red flags and shut down the vaccine program - this is unprecedented. (Based on 2 studies, one from Mclachlin of U.K. and Rose of Israel, it appears that 50% of the deaths in VAERS occur within 48 hours and 80% within 7 days of vaccination to people who were otherwise mobile, determining that 81% of deaths MAY have been caused by the vaccine and 5% LIKELY caused by the vaccine. About 12% of people say they know someone who seems to have died after taking the vaccine.) Typically initial studies are for 24 months but this was compressed to 2 months under the emergency use authorization. The studies excluded many high risk patients. Dr. McCullough reviews the many side effects from headaches, to paralysis, to heart problems, to deaths, etc. These are ALL certified by the CDC. Even people who have had COVID-19 and do not benefit from the vaccine because they already have immunity. He explains the danger of the spike protein and says that he would never give this to a woman who is pregnant or of child bearing age. Moderna reports that their vaccine reduces fertility in animal studies by 16%. He explains how mass vaccines can possibly create and spread variants. He hopes the pandemic will die out with Delta. Wonders where our medical ethics have gone and why any doctor would inject a pregnant woman with an experimental drug. He discusses how many medical colleagues he talks to do not want to get vaccinated. He shares fears for the "trusted news initiative" and about medical licensing boards threatening to go after doctors for misinformation. He hopes that Americans stand on principles rather than fear. Why are we pushing a vaccine that does not work that well and is dangerous??

    >>Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Death Reports by McLachlin on Trialsite News - Jun 2021 This is the report mentioned above.

    >>COVID Shot Mandates, Boosters & Adverse Effects with Barbara Loe Fisher by - Sep 2021 A very interesting and disturbing discussion about the state of mandates in America and plans to track and force everyone to get a COVID jab - the tip of the spear for authoritarian actions. For many years, Ms. Fisher has run the National Vaccine Information Center at - a website with many resources for those investigating vaccine issues. Also discusses, vaccine religious and other exemptions.

    >>VAERS Patients Deserve to be Heard by The High Wire - Sep 2021 It turns out that it is difficult to submit a report to the VAERS website. One doctor said that it takes her about 1/2 hour per submission and she has to do it after hours. It is not mandatory, but up to the provider.


 >>Get COVID Prophylactic, Home & Hospital, Evidence based, Nutrition & Medication (I-MASK+) protocols from: 

    FLCCC at  OR  OR  Richard Fleming, M.D., at 

 >>Get med scrips thru  or text (850) 750-1322.  Buy meds through your local pharmacy or an online source.

    Source for Ivermectin with a prescription at


    >>Early Treatment Protocols by - Aug 2021 For those who want to have a plan for early home treatment of COVID-19 scroll down and go to page 2. Here is a summary of what these medical doctor's recommend: Ivermectin 0.4mg-0.6mg/kg body weight per day for 5 days. (Use upper does if strong variant, started after day 5 of symptoms or comorbidities.) Antiviral mouthwash of iodine or nasal spray (do not swallow). Aspirin 325mg/day (unless contraindicated). Vitamin D3 5000IU daily (prefer calcitriol if available). Melatonin 10mg before bedtime. Also Quercetin 250mg 2x daily, Zinc 100mg /day and Vitamin C 500-1000 2x daily. Other medical adjuncts are Spironolactone, Dutasteride, Fluvoxamine and monoclonal antibodies.    (Dr. Rolland's comments: When sick, it is generally better to spread vitamins throughout the day taken with light food. Remember that fever is generally helpful against infection and that calcium every few hours helps support that process. I personally take higher doses of vitamin D3 like 10,000iu with magnesium and vitamin K2 - blood testing is important to monitor for excess values long term. I personally use higher does of buffered vitamin like 2,000mg 3-5x daily. Niacin is helpful. NAC supports viral respiratory complaints. As you know, gingergarlic and turmeric also help thin the blood. There are benefits to green tea, applesauce, onions and chicken soup or similar. Also, herbs such as ArtemisininLicorice RootSt. John's WortThuja, and Black Cumin Seed seem to be helpful. Some doctors also recommend using a special blend of nebulized peroxide.)

    >>Dr. Dhand on the Latest Hospital COVID Care YouTube - Sep 2021 Suneel Dhand, M.D., says that high risk people, elderly, obese, lung disease or diabetes, should get the vaccine. He says that treatments are much better now, especially with steroids. Reports that more patients are male, that poorest communities are being hit the hardest, that 75% of patients aer unvaccinated.

    >>Risks Following Infection vs. Vaccination by Dr. Campell YouTube - Sep 2021 Are these numbers from the VAERS? If all will get COVID-19, we need to stratify based on age and comorbidities. We need to consider COVID treatment options. Consider that this is a first dose? and that a second will probably make reactions worse. Can get a combination of vaccines and treatments? This study clearly shows that the vaccines cause death, but what about the other side-effects and permanent disabilities? Most reactions occur in less than 48 hours. Dr. Campbell still is recommending vaccines for all inspite of the adverse reactions described here.


    >>Judge Orders Hospital to Give Prescription Ivermectin on MSNnews - Aug 2021 Judge Gregory Howard ordered West Chester Hospital (near Cincinnati) to give a patient Ivermectin after it was prescribed by FLCCC doctor Fred Wagshul, M.D. The patient was on a ventilator and is being helped via his wife by attorney Ralph Lorigo who has won similar cases in Chicago and New York. Ivermectin prescriptions are up to 88,000 per week from the pre-pandemic baseline of around 3,600. (See our other links covering the resistance to using and disinformation about Ivermectin.)

    >>Pharmacy Rejects Doctor's Ivermectin Prescription by Dr. Risinger on YouTube - Sep 2021 Christy Risinger, M.D., explains that while she uses monoclonal antibodies but that for some patients who don't qualify, she prescribes Ivermectin. The pharmacy denied her order even though she spoke to the pharmacist, so she had to send her patient to a compounding pharmacy. She recommends vaccines.

    >>No Deaths Among Ivermectin Poison Control Reports in U.S. by TrialSiteNews - Sep 2021 Although weekly prescriptions have increased from about 3000 to 88,000 and there has been an increase in calls to poison control, there have been NO ivermectin deaths reported. While there have been some severe reactions, those are most likely from animal medicine self-administered and none from medical prescriptions. Similarly, during the pandemic was an increase in calls to poison control for hand sanitizer. Associated with included a handful of deaths. An interesting review for those concerned.  (Dr. Rolland's comments:  Drugs like this are used for lupus. (Nearly 1/3 of drugs are prescribed off-label said one doctor. It is approved since the 1990's and has a robust safety profile. it is anti-viral, anti-parasitic and protective against the spike protein. It impairs the spike protein's ability to attach to the ACE2 receptor on human cells. it can help prevent blood clots by binding to the spike protein. Four billion doses have been administered to humans since 1998 with only 28 serious adverse reactions reported. It seems far safer than the current vaccines with hundreds of deaths per 10 million vaccinated.) <<LOL supposedly  Pfizer is working on its own version of Ivermectin as we speak.>>

    >>Ivermectin Benefits, Media & Politics with Pierre Kory by Rajiv Malhotra on Rumble - Aug 2021 A VERY INTERESTING INTERVIEW about how drug companies, public officials and health care agencies like the CDC and WHO are working to stymie the use of low-cost, effective and available off-lable medications.

    >>Prominent Doctor Talks about Benefits of Indian Home Care Kits with Ivermectin on TrialSiteNews - Sep 2021 When people tested positive, India gave each one a free, home-care kit containing Ivermectin, Doxycyline, Vitamin C and Zinc. W.H.O. reported on their success but left off the Ivermectin or benefits - They say that ivermectin use is inconclusive. The state of Uttar Pradesh continued to issue the kits with ivermectin even though the Indian government after apparent pressure from W.H.O. discontinued it in their recommendation. They credit the decline of their COVID cases just as rapidly as they increased to the use of early Ivermectin. This report also includes the BMJ criticism of the FDA as approving the Pfizer vaccine saying there is no rush, lets slow down and get the science right.


    >>Ivermectin Review with Dr. Tess Lawrie by Dr. Campbell YouTube - Apr 2021 The many benefits and safety profile of Ivermectin from a medical researcher who presents evidence for recommendations to be made by medical officials. It is a W.H.O. essential drug.

    >>Ivermcetin Questions Answered by Dr. Tess Lawrie by Dr. Been YouTube - Apr 2021 Technical review from international conference with Tess Lawrie, M.D., and researcher Andrew Bryant, who did a trial sequential analysis (15 trials) that showed a 62% reduction in COVID-19 deaths.

    >>Doctor Says the 98% of 52 Studies Show Effective Against SARS-CoV2 by ANC YouTube - Apr 2021 Benigno Agbayani, Jr., M.D., of the Phillipines, reviews highlights of the Ivermectin studies. Says even 10 to 20 times the recommended dosage there is few reported side effects.

    >>Ivermectin in Mexico, Peru, India by Dr. Campbell YouTube - Jun 2021 These countries used Ivermectin to help their citizens and saw dramatic improvements in management of COVID-19.

    >>Why Ivermectin Should Not Be Used to Prevent or Treat COVID-19 by AMA - Sep 2021 A collaboration of the AMA and Pharmacists? (Dr. Rolland's comments: This piece promotes the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines (without discussing their flaws) and discusses problems with taking too much Ivermectin or horse medicine (of course), but does not discuss the long standing safety profile of Ivermectin or the over 52 studies that now show slight to significant benefits in the treatment of COVID-19. Is there a hidden agenda here?  >> It turns out that some of the news outlets are running fake stories - like they did with Joe Rogan who actually took a medical prescription of ivermectin - to dissuade people from taking the drug. Are they hurting people doing this? Why are they doing this?)

    >>Australia Prohibits Ivermectin for COVID-19 by Dr. Campbell YouTube - Sep 2021 Saying it's in short supply and will discourage vaccination or care seeking and social media gives wrong doses? Says pathetic excuses? Don't PCPs deal with writing safe prescriptions on a daily basis??

    >>Zinc Benefits as We Enter the Endemic by Dr. Campbell YouTube - Sep 2021 Zinc deficiency affects all immune cells and suboptimal levels enable increased risk for autoimmune states, infectious disease and cancer. Elderly and malnourished are more deficient. W.H.O. estimates 1/3 of world population is deficient and zinc deficiency is thought to be responsible for 16% of all deep respiratory infections. Zinc helps to defend the cells against viral infections in a number of ways and directly inhibits viral replication. It helps cilia and pneumocytes. Zinc helps lymphocytes and memory T-cells. Prophylactic supplementation is better then when sick. Zinc helps reduce severity, frequency and duration of the common cold. (About 30% of colds are from coronaviruses.) Zinc supplementation in children in developing countries seems to reduce pneumonia by 19% and pneumonia mortality by 16%. At 15:00 minutes shows chart of many diseases common to have low zinc and be susceptible to COVID-19. Common foods with zinc are seeds, nuts, dairy, whole grains, eggs, legumes, potatoes, etc. RDA is 8-18mg for women and 11mg for men.


    >>Pandemic Concerns Blog by Pathologist Dr. Homer on - ongoing Kevin Homer, M.D., a Texas clinical pathologist briefly discusses many interesting medical topics on his pandemic blog such as Losing Trust, Leaky Vaccines, RSV, FDA approval?, Mandate Concerns, Passport Follies, etc. THOUGHT PROVOKING AND CAREFULLY WRITTEN.

    >>Dr. Hoffe Explains How Vaccine Spike Proteins Cause Clots on Bitchute - Aug 2021 Charles Hoffe, M.D., a Canadian PCP began testing his patients (using the D-dimer lab test) to see who was experiencing blood clots. He found that 62% of his vaccinated patients tested positive for clots when tested 4 to 7 days after their jab. When he went to the Canadian health department, he was threatened with disciplinary action for going against the official pandemic narrative. Only 25% of the billions of mRNA nanoparticles from the vaccine stay in the arm; the rest spread into the body. Says that a clotted vessel is permanently damaged, especially in the heart, lungs and brain - these can manifest as headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, brain fog, etc. Says that lung clots can cause pulmonary artery hypertension that can lead to right sided heart failure and then death within a few years.

    >>Dr. Hoffe Explains How Vaccine Spike Proteins Cause Clots on YouTube - Jul 2021 Charles Hoffe, M.D., asked his health authorities what was happening to his patients and how to treat them. They did not know. This is what he seems to have found out about how the vaccine affects people. The numerous microscopic clots do not show on regular scan but with a D-dimer test - 62% of the vaccinated patients have elevated labs.

    >>Changes in Women's Periods Reported 27,000 after Vaccines on MSNnews - Sep 2021 But some doctors saying that it is ok and get jabs anyways. (Dr. Rolland's comments: WHAT??? Doctors years ago would hardly ever recommend women of child bearing age take experimental drugs.)

    >>How SARS-CoV2 Spike Protein Causes Acute Lung Injury in Mice by Dr. Been YouTube - Aug 2021 Technical.

    >>Vaccine Induced Clotting and U.K. Numbers by Dr. Been YouTube - Sep 2021 Mobeen Syed reviews the vaccine data, U.K. death rates and Pakistan data. (Dr. Rolland's comments: I don't know if those doctors are using the D-dimer tests like above?)


    >>Bullying the Unvaccinated by TheHILL YouTube - Sep 2021 Why are the media celebrating the demise of those who are not compliant?

    >>White House Vaccine Mandates Infringe on Bodily Freedom by TheHILL YouTube - Sep 2021 Discusses many sides of and issues around bodily freedoms and public health responsibilities.

    >>Mandate Concerns / Israeli Cases: 3 Jabs Still Rising by TheHILL YouTube - Sep 2021 Do vaccines stop - hospitalization or death? Using old data? It is not about spread - only hosptial census and deaths? Fully vaccinated can only do super spreader things? What about the young and healthy or those who have recovered from COVID-19? Demonizing the unvaccinated vs. the unhealthy?? (Have they worked on this for 20 years?)

    >>The Latest Vaccination and COVID Data from Israel by Dr. Been YouTube - Sep 2021 

    >>Shocking Vaccine Data from Israel by TheHILL YouTube - Sep 2021 Not only does the Pfizer data show that 2 vaccines wane over time, but that protection against severe disease also is diminished. Now even after 3 shots they are still having COVID-19 waves. Now recommending a 4 shot, but even with 80% fully and booster vaccinated, Israel is still seeing waves. Will they ever stop? (Dr. Rolland's comments: Israeli data seems to be more accurate and more transparent than many other countries; they have a sofisticated montoring system. Reportedly, Pfizer has made a deal with Israel to be their exclusive vaccine supplier. Essentially they have agreed to be the Pfizer test subjects - even though, perhaps other vaccines would be more suitable...)


    >>White House, CDC, Pfizer Staff Not Yet Required to Get Vaccine by SNOPES - Aug 2021 As many as 50% of NIH, CDC, Pfizer, etc. are not yet vaccinated - reportedly many do not want it. As of September 9, the president announced that all federal employees and contractors and all businesses with over 100 employees must get the vaccine (a vaccine)?

    >>Biden Mandates Vaccines for Two-Thirds of U.S. Workers by MSN - Sep 2021 President Biden through OSHA, orders that for the health and safety of workers, all businesses with 100 employees or more must order them to get vaccinated or face weekly testing. Approximately 53% of the 330 million Americans are vaccinated so far, that is about 175 million adults and some teens. There are about 80 million adults and the remainder of the 75 million children who are unvaccinated. Businesses and employees will face penalties. Large groups like the American Federation of Government Employees (a union representing 700,000) are pushing back. People have 75 days to comply. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Reportedly, there is a known carcinogenic compound on the test kit swab. If that is accurate, we now have OSHA that is supposed to ensure worker safety, putting them a risk. A number of groups are planning to bring legal action. Still no mention about the benefits of natural immunity in the estimated 120 million Americans who have had COVID-19 or any discussion about how people can get healthier to resist SARS-CoV2 and recover quicker at home.

    >>Is Biden Mandate Backfiring in America? by FoxNews YouTube - Sep 2021 Why/How do we need to protect the Vaccinated from the Unvaccianted? A montage of Pelosi, Faucci, Pasaki, Biden, Harris? saying they cannot and will not mandate masks or vaccines - and now???

    >>Unvaccinated People 10 Times More Likely to Catch COVID-19 by Newsweek - Sep 2021 Running a story based on a CDC report. (Dr. Rolland's Comments: How does this line up with the other studies and what really matters about severe illness and deaths? Still no discussion about the risks of the vaccine vs. the disease?)

    >>U.S. Hospitalizations and Deaths in Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated by Dr. Been YouTube - Aug 2021 Moybeen Syed, M.D., reviews some data. (Dr. Rolland comments: From other sources we learn that the CDC has modified the way that it tests and tracks vaccinated people vs. unvaccianted, beginning sometime around April? 2021 - there can be no fair comparisons beyond that point. The counting methods seem to inflate numbers for the unvaccinated and deflate those for the vaccinated. Two major ways that they differ are the number of cycle threshholds that the PCR test is run, supposedly around 25 for vaccinated and higher (35?) for unvaccinated people - giving many more false positives to the unvaccinated. Also, it seems that vaccinated people are not getting randomly (tested?) counted anymore, even their break through cases - unless they are hosptialized or die. Further, a patient is not considered "vaccinated" unless they have had their full doses and the maturing time (2 weeks?) other wise, if they are in the hospital or die, they apparently are reported as being unvaccinated.)


    >>Massive U.K. Study Finds Shocking Results by TheHILL YouTube - Sep 2021 Discusses a big study showing that younger people are getting more sick and dying. Blaming and shaming others. Agrees that yes, many Americans of all ages are unhealthy. Reports that unvaccinated are more likely to catch and spread and carry a higher viral load for more days. (Dr. Rolland's comments: This report is using old data. It seems likely that everyone will get COVID now. He still does not discuss at all getting healthier or that vaccines have adverse side-effects or that there are other effective COVID treatments or broad, robust, durable natural immunity or that the vaccine wears off and seems to need a booster. Maybe some people can statistically benefit from the vaccine, but everyone? That is really hard to argue. It does not compare to drunk driving because not drinking has no risks to the person. Taking a vaccine does. Stay home if you feel sick. Get a vaccine if you are at risk and want one. Maintain health and personal freedoms.)

    >>Big Pharma's Ties to the FDA Questioned? by TheHILL YouTube - Sep 2021 Discussion about regulation capture and how much FDA funding comes from big tech. Per Robert Kennedy, Jr. 50% of total FDA funding and 75% of their drug review budgets come from industry. The industry they are supposed to be regulating. The conflict of interest and regulatory capture seem to be enormous. How can ethics and neutrality be preserved? 

    >>Two FDA Senior Scientists Resign by TheHILL YouTube - Sep 2021 dispute over vaccine boosters being recommended without data? CDC getting into the FDA's business?


    >>Keep Free & Open by - ongoing This website, Keep Colorado Free is a group of individuals who are working to maintain freedoms of the First Amendment (speech, press, assembly and religion) in Colorado and beyond. They stand on 3 pillars of EducateInformEnforce. They are working with attorneys from FLCCC to file criminal complaints county-by-county against officials who are restricting freedoms beyond that essential to regulate the pandemic. It is a good site for legal planning and ideas for those of you concerned about such. They are open to helping anyone who is in need.

    >>Filing a Criminal Vaccine Complaint on - Aug 2021 A number of resources to investigate the risks of mRNA vaccines and to file complaints and exemptions.

    >>Form Using the Nuremberg Code for Vaccine Exemption on  -  Aug 2021 A vaccine exemption form using the Nuremberg Code and petitions from healthcare workers, government workers and service members for vaccine choice.


>> VACCINE CHOICE INFORMATION - Although I appreciate these websites, I cannot verify all their content.

Vaccines and Choice by Gaeta Institute We highly recommend this free online course by Dr. Michael Gaeta. website of Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent has exemptions and employee bills of rights & legislation website of National Vaccine Information Center by Barbara Loe Fisher a long time advocate of medical choice & freedom. website of Vaccine Information Coalition by April Renee "Educate before you vaccinate" &  Attorney Alan Phillips who helps with vaccine Choice issues at email [email protected]  Attorney Alan Philips works to help maintain vaccine Freedom of Choice for concerned citizens from all 50 states.  Robert Kennedy, Jr. vaccine education site for health choices and children

Liberty Counsel Vaccine Research Page - June 2021 Regularly updated, this page by includes many LEGAL topics like Vaccine Passports & Contact Tracing, Adverse Reactions and Deaths, Blood clots, Breakthroughs, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, EUA law, EEOC, OSHA, mRNA, Five Stages of Vaccine Development, Masks, Pregnant Women Risks, Personal Stories, Spike Protein, Vaccine Self-Replication & Transmission of Adverse Reactions, Wuhan. - Richard Fleming, M.D., J.D., has free vaccine exemption documents on his website for medical, legal, religious and Constitutional exemptions and forms that lay out your Constitutional and statutory rights as an American citizen.  Peggy Hall runs an organization to help maintain health choices and freedom including vaccine choice.

Citizen's Council for Health Freedom on VCY America - Aug 2021 Interview with Twila Brase, R.N., director of CCHF about concerns regarding mandates, masks and vaccines and what legal options and resources might be available.

CCHF Legal Support Site at - Aug 2021 Legal support site by Citizens' Council for Health Freedom   A website by CCHF discussing the various risks of vaccines, including for C*VID.

Vaccine Exemptions by State - Regularly updated? an interesting format summarizing state vaccine exemptions.

Constitutional Lawyer - KrisAnne Hall, J.D. constitutional attorney

(See also the Gaeta Institute's Ending the MASKERADE online education course.)

COVID Related Resources by Dr. Michael Gaeta - ongoing updates


    >>Sweden's Death Rates Near Zero by RT- Aug 2021 Sweden has very low death rate even though they have not mandated vaccines since early July. Sweden slated to end all restrictions by the end of September.

    >>American Epidemiologist Dr. Feigl-Ding Says Vaccines Alone Won't Stop Delta by CNN - Aug 2021 Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding says that vaccines alone will not stop the pandemic but that Americans will have to continue with testing, lock-downs, masks and social distancing. (Dr. Rolland's comments: Where is the effectiveness of these measures? Still no mention about natural immunity or early treatment options or taking care of one's self?)

    >>Hospital Warns It May Not Have Enough ICU Beds Amid COVID Surge by MSNNews - Sep 2021 (Dr. Rolland's Comments: i have heard that some of the reported hospital shortages are because health care workers are among the largest group of people refusing to get a COVID-19 jab. And since you can't just hire any untrained person to run high tech medical care.)

    >>U.S. Resource Availability for COVID-19 by SCCM - ongoing The Society of Critical Care Medicine provides statistics for ICU bed availability, mechanical ventilationstaffing and other resources during a time of potential shortages.


    >>It Looks Like Vaccine Status is Not HIPPA Protected PHI by - Sep 2021 Looks like your vaccine status is Not part of your HIPPA protected personal health information.

    >>Dr. Malone Reviews FDA Pfizer Approval Letters on - Aug 2021

    >>Link to FDA Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Approval Letters - Aug 2021


    >>ACLU Betraying their Mission of Defending Constitutional Violations by TheHILL YouTube- Sep 2021 The ACLU is less now about defending marginalized groups against big government and big business. They have taken a 180 degree turn saying now that mandates help defend people's liberties vs. their statements from the past where they defended even people who they did not agree with because they were being oppressed. Now they say they further the greater good and freedoms by limiting medical choices - trading liberties for security. People rather than the disease become the enemy. Now the ACLU (always left leaning) has taken a strong bent to the left and recruited additional 800,000 more donors and is become a political tool. 

    >>Big Tech Surveillance and the China Credit System by TheHILL YouTube - Sep 2021 A system that is supposed to track everyone with tech and citizen observers (rewarded to track their neighbors) to denote people as good citizens who earn privileges. It affects every aspect of their lives and is reinforced by social media. Censorship, cancel culture and big tech and big business all working per the governments guidelines to KEEP US SAFE by restricting LIBERTIES. Deeply disturbing bipartisan push of the Right.

    >>White House Refusing to Share Vaccine Formulas with the World by TheHILL YouTube - Sep 2021 What are the ethics of hoarding vaccine?

    >>Huge Big Tech Company Contracts with the Government by TheHILL YouTube - Aug 2021 Securing contracts.

    >>Expansion of the Police State - Capital Police Nationwide? by TheHILL YouTube - Aug 2021


    >>Dr. Richard Fleming Explains Why COVID-19 is a Bioweapon and How to Treat It on - Sep 2021 (PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS - I do not care for the format of this link, but the content and video will make you speechless with its legal and medical content.) Forensic scientist, medical physician (nuclear med) and attorney Richard Fleming, explains aspects of the SARS-CoV2 that make it a bioweapon - and that includes the vaccine. He has done deep research to unearth the corruption of the past decades that has lead to this pandemic. He is preparing to take his case to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague for crimes against humanity. He says that doctors cannot give these vaccine patients informed consent because the package inserts are blank and doctors are violating the Hippocratic Oath, violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Treaty, violating the Nuremberg Code, violating the of Declaration of Helsinki. And there are no biologics, like vaccines, that will not work because the virus continues to mutate and cannot be controlled. The first people Hitler put in prison were the doctors and the intellectuals. Read the emergency use authorization documents to see that there is essential NO statistical benefit difference between the vaccinated group and the unvaccinated control. There are 13 to 50 billion sequence strands in the vaccines. Dr. Fleming was on the BMJ and Lancet review committees and resigned because of their bad handling of the HCQ study. The Chinese have been working since 2006 on HIV, hepatitis C, SARS-CoV1 and SARS-CoV2. He explains that the virus makers also worked with the vaccine makers and are the ones who are working to block doctors from treating patients for their adverse reactions. 

Dr. Fleming has written a book about COVID-19 and has researched and formulated a treatment plan for the blood clots and other adverse reactions from infection and the vaccines or transmission of the spike proteinsHe says that these will save 99.9% of patients. Go to his website for the HOME and HOSPITAL nutrition and medical treatment protocols that he has researched at . Dr. Fleming, J.D., also has vaccine exemption documents on his website for medical, legal, religious and Constitutional exemptions and forms that lay out your Constitutional and statutory rights as an American citizen.


    >>COVID-19 RNA Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease by Dr. Classen on - Jan 2021 J. Bart Classen, M.D., in this article lays out the possible mechanism of the vaccine spike protein causing prion transformation and of the possibility that the vaccine may be a bioweapon. 

    >>COVID-19 and the Global Predators with Dr. Peter Breggin on Bitchute - Sep 2021 Interview with Peter Breggin.

    >>Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World by The Corbett Report on Bitchute - May 2020 The history of the Gates foundation and its influence to vaccinate the world and plan for pandemics.

    >>Cashless Society, Forced Vaccination and Big Tech by Gary Kah on - Sep 2021 Gary Kah discusses forced vaccinations and big tech implications on this Christian radio program - VCY America Crosstalk.


  "He who governed the world before I was born, shall likewise take care of it when I am dead. My part is to improve the present moment." - John Wesley

  "One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

  "You do not lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault not leadership." - Dwight Eisenhower 34th President of the United States


1)”Are you going to get vaccinated?”
2)”I think I am going to wait a little bit longer”
1)”Why are you being so selfish”
2)”How am I being selfish?”
1)”Because if you get COVID-19, you could give it to me!”
2)”But you are vaccinated!”
1)”Yeah but I can still get it.”
2)”So if I get vaxed, I could still get it.”
I)”Yea but you should still get it because then you won’t pass it to me.”
2)”So I should get vaxed, but I can still get it, and pass it on to you?”
1)”Well yea, but you still should get it.
2)”But you can catch it off of me, whether I get vaxed or not!”
1)”Yeah, but you should still get it.”
2)”But Why????”
1)”Because it is the right thing to do.
2)”Who says?”
1)”The people who make it.”

So who does this help to make safer? Who does if make richer?


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