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Looking around, patients have rhetorically asked me, are these troubles, signs of the end of the world? Difficult times help us to think deeper about the important things of life. Our purpose is to help you live a healthy, abundant life, filled with joy, peace, hope and a strong, loving family. Whether your concerns are physical, emotional, financial or spiritual, there are answers and opportunities for you. Whether you come from a place of Christian faith or are curious to see what it can offer, this page is an on-going effort to bring you helpful resources beyond the physical. The Bible reveals that God cares and has a personal plan for each of us regardless of our background or circumstances. Ultimately, God is the only one who has anything worthwhile or eternal to offer. If we can pause and really listen with our hearts, treasure can be found.

Like the attack of 9/11, the pandemic of 2020 has caused fear and uncertainty, irreversibly reducing America's collective sense of security. Jesus foretold of conflicts, pestilence and famine, even men's hearts failing for fear - while the love of many will grow cold (people turning against one another). Remembering Jesus' words and having read the end of the Book, we know these and worse must come to pass before suffering and death are ended and replaced with joy, peace and life. (Please see the gospel of John chapters 3 and 14, Revelation chapter 22, Psalm 1 and 91 to study more.) As you journey through this world's uncertainty and numerous difficulties, we pray that God will comfort, encourage and keep you and your family. Sincerely yours, The Rolland's

Please review this short list of speakers and check-out other helpful videos that each of them offer on the internet. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments or if you would like any of our free, printed inspirational or study materials.

Here is a video that can bring you hope when life gets you down.

Song "After the Last Tear Falls" by Andrew Peterson & illustrated by Trinity Fellowship. 

Song  "Let the Truth Be Told" by Matthew West - "Am I the only one who says, 'I'm fine - but I'm not?'..."

Watch here for encouragement and The Battle Belongs to the Lord

>Pastor Mark Finley of HopeLives365 Shares "The Ultimate Vaccine" from the Bible

>Pastor Finely explains a prophecy about Manassas Civil War battle and God's end-time hope - video.

Civil War Prophecy Gives Hope for Future End-Time Conflicts and God's Provisions.

>Pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts on "The Only Safe Shelter in the Last Days"

>Pastor Mark Finely shares Events the Bible says occur before the Second Coming of Christ.

>BLT interviews Pastor Mark Finely to discuss "End-Time" events predicted by the Bible.

>Pastor Jason Dietz Explains God's Ultimate Plan to Rescue Humanity & Restore Peace & Joy

>Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis Shares a Christian Perspective on COVID-19

>Pastor Tony Evans of The Urban Alternative "The Divine Disruption" faith podcast

>Pastor Tony Evans of Urban Alternative "What In The World Is Going On" faith podcast

>Pastor Tony Evans of The Urban Alternative on "Why God Allows Your Crisis"

>Pastor Mark Finley of HopeLives365 Shares Biblical Keys to Sickness, Suffering & Fear.

>Pastor John Lomacang of 3 Angels Broadcasting Encourages Us to Spend Our Time Well

>Pastor Jason Dietz Shares How in God's Plan "Hope Will Ultimately Win"

>The book Steps To Christ by Ellen White beautifully portrays the benefits and hope of the Christian journey. 

>STEPS TO CHRIST audio book on - Listen to the full audio version (3.5 hours) here.

Contact us if you would like a free paperback copy of this book for yourself.

>Pastor Mark Finley of HopeLives365 on "The Coming Economic Collapse: Three Things You Should Know"

>Pastor John Lomacang of 3 Angels Broadcasting Offers Hope for Difficult Times Yet to Come

>Pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts does Q&A on COVID-19 and Bible Prophecy

>Pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts does more Q&A on COVID-19 and Bible Prophecy

>Pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts on "Placing Our Children in the Hands of God"

>Pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts on "How Can God Save Us Through the Storm?"

>Pastor Mark Finley of HopeLives365 on "The Decision that Decides Your Destiny"

>Pastor Mark Finely discusses Biblical teachings on duties of Earthly Rulers and Citizens 2020

>American Principles of Religious Freedom by Liberty Magazine :

   "The God-given right of religious liberty is best exercised when church and state are separate.

   Government is God's agency to protect individual rights and conduct civil affairs; in exercising these responsibilities, officials are entitled to respect        and cooperation.

    Religious liberty entails freedom of conscience to worship or not to worship; to profess, practice, and promulgate religious beliefs, or to change              them. In exercising these rights, however, one must respect the equivalent rights of others.

    Attempts to unite church and state are opposed to the interests of each, subversive of human rights, and potentially persecuting in character; to            oppose union, lawfully and honorably, is not only the citizen's duty but the essence of the golden rule - to treat others as one wishes to be treated."

>Religious Liberty and Critical Race Theory by Conrad Vine - Jan 2021 in his series 3 part series WrongThink III on


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