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>>Exercise, Sunshine & Fresh Air - Breathe {video}

This page explains Health & Longevity Benefits of Exercise, Whole Body Vibration,

 Sunshine & Infrared Light Therapy, Fresh Air & Breathing Techniques.

Please note that some of the MercolaPDF or links may be censored and only available through his substack.

Muscle Mass - Key to Longevity by MercolaPDF - Apr 2022 Muscle mass helps people endure illnesses and aging.

Muscle Mass - Key to Longevity with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon & Mercola on Bitchute - Apr 2022 How much exercise and what type do you need? Protein uses?

Simple Ways to Boost Athletic Performance by MercolaPDF - Mar 2022 - Many simple tips. Pickle juice for muscle cramps. Hydration. Adequate protein. Salt water (1/2 tsp per 10 ounces) 1 hour before competition helps boost endurance up to 50% - helps cooling, lowers heart rate. To eat or not eat before training? Training in a fasting or dehydrated state trains you for optimal adaptation.

Simple Ways to Boost Athletic Performance with Siim Land and Dr. Dinicolantonio & Mercola on Bitchute - Mar 2022 Vital info for aging.

Exercising Only on Weekends Still Reduces Risk of Dying by MercolaPDF - Jul 2022 While getting 150 minutes of exercise throughout the week is preferred, even cramming it into the weekend still reduces the risk of dying compared to those who do not exercise.

Sauna Use Mimics Exercise for Heart Health by MercolaPDF - Feb 2023


Dr. Michael Hamblin on Photodynamic Therapy for Brain Disorders by Ricci Flow Nutrition - Nov 2021 Dr. Hamblin is a researcher at Wellman Center for Photomedicine (U.S. Army), Massachusettes General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Is Dementia Helped by Infrared Light? by Dr. Seheult of Medcram - Jul 2022 Explains how it helps reduce inflammation. Melatonin in the mitochondria produces melatonin which helps reduce inflammation. Melatonin is produced by exposure to near Infrared light from the sunlight and other sources. Being outdoors helps improve health on many aspects - stress, heart health, reduces diabetes, high blood pressure, death, etc.

The Importance of Sunshine and Vitamin D for Health by MercolaPDF - May 2022 Consider helping SUN BURN not with so much sunscreen but improving diet and cutting seed oils and adding ascorbic acid or whole food vitamin C, vitamin D (even topically), calcium and vitamin F to move the calcium into the cells. (Do it within an hour of exposure.)


The Case For Sunlight with COVID Patients by Dr. Seheult on MedCram - Feb 2022 Big benefits of IR light explained by Roger Seheult, M.D..

Sunlight and Light Therapy Optimizes Health and Immunity by Dr. Seheult - Jan 2022 Discusses important benefits of near infrared NIR light therapy to lessen symptoms and help heal the body. Seems to help lower inflammation and help produce melatonin.

Benefits of Red Light and Near-Infrared Light Therapy by - Mar 2021 CENSORED Many health benefits of sun bathing and IR sauna.

Health Benefits of Red and Infrared Laser Light by Dr. Mercola on YouTube - May 2017 Photobiomodulation effects for cell energy and recovery.

Health Benefits of Sauna Bathing by FoundMyFitness - Apr 2022

Uses for Whole Body Hyperthermia by FoundMyFitness - Apr 2022


   K-Laser Therapeutic Light Treatment        

   SaunaSpace Infrared Saunas

   Celluma Light Therapy Pro                     


Sauna Benefits and Optimal Use with Dr. Patrick and MedCram YouTube - Apr 2022 Very good review.

The Science and Benefits of Deliberate Heat Exposure with Huberman Lab Podcast YouTube - Apr 2022

Dr. Mercola & Brian Richards on Near Infrared Light on Bitchute - Apr 2022 Brian Richards of SaunaSpace NIR saunas.

Near Infrared Light Repairs DNA and Rejuvenates Your Cells While You Relax by MercolaPDF - Feb 2023 A review of the latest benefits of IR light. Far infrared will penetrate up to a few centimeters while near infrared (preferred) will penetrate up to a few (4?) inches.


Photobiomodulation for Brain Disorders by Dr. Michael Hamblin on YouTube - Dec 2021 Light therapy has been progressing for over 100 years. It has many healing benefits.

Introduction to LLLT by Dr. Michael Hamblin by THOR on YouTube - 2009

Low Light Laser Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury by THOR on YouTube - Jan 2013

Low LIght Laser Therapy Video by - A collection of videos showing laser therapy benefits


Box Breathing - Calm and Energize Your Body by Mark Devine of SealFit on YouTube- Feb 2012

Benefits of Box Breathing by Mercola PDF - Jan 2022 Calms and balances the nervous system. Raises nitrous oxide which may help infections.

How Being Outdoors Helps Reduce Infections by MercolaPDF - Jul 2022 And how being locked indoors can worsen infection factors.

Top Breathing Techniques for Better Health by MercolaPDF - Jul 2022 Nose breathing and horizontally is key. Try the 4-7-8 breathing sequence.


All types of physical activity are important - stretching, cardio, balance and strength conditioning.

A unique way to optimize exercising is called HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training - see below.

Vigorous Exercise Associated with Additional Health Benefits by - Jan 2021 CENSORED

Why Standing May be As Important As Exercise by MercolaPDF - Aug 2022

A very useful link showing exercising to maintain health into later life by Dr. Mercola.  - CENSORED

Dr. Mercola shows a few exercises and machines that are helpful for a daily fitness routine.


Corrective Exercises & Whole Body Vibration The many benefits of WBV by

Whole Body Vibration Improves Balance and Muscle Endurance on PubMed - Feb 2014

Metabolic Effect of Whole Body Vibration in 20 Minutes on PubMed - Jan 2018 Seems to help diabetes.

Whole Body Vibration Helps Improve Circulation - 2007 Loma Linda

Favorable Effects of 24 Week WBV on Glycemic Control in Elderly Diabetic Patients - PubMed Jun 2021

Building Bone and Whole Body Vibration Training on PubMed- 2004


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