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>>Unique Immune Support - Monolaurin, etc {video}

Dr. Rolland introduces unique supplements that provide immune support including Melatonin, Colostrum, Monoloaurin, DMG and Glyconutrients. This page is under development with More Coming Soon!

MELATONIN is an strong anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, immune modulator and helps with calming cytokines, controlling ROS, boosting innate immune function and providing a mild sedative effect. It is made by the pineal gland, the gut and all mitochondria (when in darkness). People make less as they age but can easily supplement. Typical dosing is 1-10 mg. Supplementing melatonin encourages production of ATP and in turn more melatonin. 

 Melatonin a Standard Treatment Adjunct for COVID-19 by - Oct 2020 explains how melatonin helps inhibit cytokine storms, helps mitochondria and helps reduce severe COVID-19 symptoms.

 Cleveland Clinic Identifies Melatonin as a COVID-19 Treatment by - Nov 2020 Melatonin helps with many immune aspects of COVID-19 by working synergistically with vitamin D to help calm inflammation and balance other immune reactions. Supplemental melatonin seemed to reduce overall risk of tesing positive for COVID-19 by 28% (and for blacks by 52%). Melatonin helps recharge glutathione and prevent cancer. It helps with brain, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health. It may help bacterial treatments (i.e. TB) and may help with autoimmune issues like type 1 diabetes.  

 Melatonin Biochemistry by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - 2020 explains how it is part of COVID MATH protocol in home and hospital care

COLOSTRUM is an extract from bovine milk while they are feeding a new calf and containing the immune components.

 Colostrum: More Effective Than Flu Vaccine by - Oct 2020 Colostrum helps boost your natural killer cells. According to the CDC in 2019, the influenza vaccine had an adjusted effectiveness rate of 29% for all ages and only 12-14% for those over age 50. Counter the age-related decline of your immune system (immuno senescence) by regular exercise, quitting smoking, EMRB, cardamom and black pepper, colostrum, beta-glucans (from mushrooms like shiitake, maitake and oyster), probiotics, ginseng and melatonin. In one study, researchers found that probiotics and colostrum seemed more effective in preventing the flu than the influenza vaccine. Interestingly, those who contracted influenza after being vaccinated, had twice as many flu sickness days as those not vaccinated. 





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