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>>Super Cell Protectors- 6 you should know {video}

Dr. Rolland introduces: ALA, NAC, Quercetin, CoQ10/Ubiquinol, Resveratrol, ECGC

Quercetin - A Better Flu Remedy than Tamiflu?

Quercetin - Lowers Your Risk for Viral Illness

Quercetin - A Natural Anti-inflammatory, Anti-histamine

Quercetin - A Natural Zinc Ionophore (helper)

Quercetin - A Review of Research Papers by Dr. Rhonda Patrick - start at 17 minutes for Quercetin as a zinc ionophore 2020

Quercetin - Boosts Interferon Response to Viruses - help your first line defense June 2020

Quercetin As a Zinc Ionophore Biochemistry by Dr. Been Medical Lectures -

NACs Crucial Roll in Preventing and Treating COVID-19 by - Nov 2020 NAC is an over the counter supplement that seems to help immunity, inflammation, lung function and blood coagulation. It is a precursor to glutathione, a super antioxidant.

Will FDA Ban NAC since it may Combat COVID? by - Sep 2020 benefits of NAC for respiratory & viral problems, it raises glutathione, lowers hypercoagulation/blood clots, thins mucus, reduces viral replication, dampens inflammation and supports immune function.

NAC and Glutathione Potential Roles in COVID-19 Treatment - Dr. Roger Seheult of MedCram

Glutathione and NAC for Health & Fitness -  

The Many Benefits of NAC - many health benefits.

8 Science Backed Benefits of MSM by Healthline - May 2018 helps inflammation, joint pain, immunity and glutathione

NAC Biochemistry Review for 2020 by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - May 2020

CoQ10 Biochemistry & Help for Viral Respiratory Ailments by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - June 2020

CoQ10 May Help Heart and Other Illnesses by - Oct 2020

Dr. Rolland discusses super cell protectors that you should know:
 ALA, NAC, Quercetin, CoQ10/Ubiquinol, Resveratrol, ECGC.  Learn why
 these supplements are important for your health in 2020 and beyond.


Dr. Neal Nedley explains the benefits of NAC for limiting respiratory viral infections. 

Dr. Michael Gaeta explains the benefits of ECGC and how it may help prevent Cancer.


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