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>>Essential Vitamins B & C {video}

Vitamin C is a water soluble, anti-inflammatory, essential nutrient for many processes in the human body including immune function, cell protection and tissue repair. It maintains blood vessels and other tissues, hastens tissue healing & helps form red blood cells. Vitamin C helps maintain healthy blood pressure, limits iron deficiency, may reduce uric acid & gout. It supports the immune system by promoting production of, stimulating and protecting (strong anti-oxidant) white blood cells phagocytes & lymphocytes. Sugar directly interferes with its function by blocking the same receptor sites for several hours after ingesting it. Vitamin C is readily available in fresh plant-based foods but it is water soluble and must be regularly consumed because it is not readily stored in our bodies. There is significant support for the benefits that vitamin C, especially with bioflavonoids (40% more potent?), provides for immune function. Although there are various opinions about what daily and therapeutic doses should be, typically, therapeutic oral vitamin C is recommended at 1000mg three or four times daily. Higher does buffered or intravenous vitamin C is more effective (more potent) for certain types of illness. 

Vitamin B is a family of water soluble nutrients that are essential for many nerve and metabolic functions in the human body. They need to be consumed regularly in the diet. Newly researched methylated forms of vitamin B12 and folic acid (B9) are found to be helpful for numerous metabolic funtions especially in people who are deficient in key enzymes.

RESEARCH LINKS (here are a few of many Vitamin C resources):

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Dr. Rolland discusses some of many essential and vital immune benefits of vitamins B & C.



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