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>>Essential Vitamins - A, E, D & K {video}

VITAMIN D & IMMUNE FUNCTION: Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin/ steroid hormone that is essential for bone metabolism and calcium function, modulation of cell growth, neuromuscular function and immune function (including autoimmune issues). It not only helps to boost both innate and adaptive immune function, it is an immune modulator (balance) and seems likely to help dampen cytokine storms

It is known than many Americans, 40-80% are vitamin D deficient. Deficiency is worse in people who are older, darker skin, stay indoors, dwell in cities, live up north, have kidney and liver problems, wear heavy sun screen, etc. Most people will need to supplement because there are few foods with good natural levels of vitamin D. Also, it is important to spend some time (i.e.15 minutes) exposing most of your skin to the sun without sunscreen. (Sunscreen can block vitamin D production by over 90%.) Ultraviolet light converts the vitamin D precursor (from cholesterol) in your skin so that it can proceed for processing to your liver and then finally to your kidneys to become active D3. 

There are varying opinions about what dose to use. Numbers vary from 2000IU to 4000IU daily. Some recommend higher doses such as 5000IU or more to help optimize blood levels. Blood levels of 30ng/ml are considered acceptable by some, while other experts strongly suggest 50-60 ng/ml or even higher according to studies. While vitamin D3 is actually a hormone and does have toxic effects when taken in high doses, reports show dangerous levels are from consumption of 100,000IU taken daily for several weeks to months. OBVIOUSLY DON'T TAKE THAT MUCH!!! Finally, it should be noted that it takes time to optimize one's vitamin D levels and that vitamin D needs to be taken daily or weekly to be of help. Monthly bolus doses are significantly less effective. Vitamin D is better absorbed when taken with dietary fats and other fat soluble vitamins. Adequate magnesium of 400-900mg (citrate or malate) is also important to activate the vitamin D. Vitamin K further helps vitamin D adsorption.

Get tested now and see what your numbers are. (Call us if you want us to order for you.)

VITAMIN A is another great immune helper among other things. For example, vitamin A and D have been shown to be effective as nutritional support during a measles infection. Miller's review book includes several research summaries for measles nutrition. 

VITAMIN E is another powerful immune supporter. 

VITAMIN K is also important for immune health and the blood. Deficiency of  vitamin K leads to less protein S and more thrombosis (blood clotting). Low vitamin K also leads to failure of elastic fibers in the blood vessels leading to desmosins and calcification of the blood vessels with resulting fibrosis (scaring). 

IMMUNE RESEARCH LINKS (note dates released):

Vitamin D, Science by Dr. John Campbell - July 2020

Vitamin D Deficiencies in COVID-19 & Endothelium Problems by Dr. Roger Seheult of MedCram - July 2020 studies confirm >45ng/ml

Vitamin D Comments by Harvard Professor Dr. JoAnn Manson - See her 2020 article too.

Vitamin D in the Prevention of COVID-19 from - July 2020

Vitamin D Important Regardless of Media Reports from June 2020

Vitamin D Levels Correlated to COVID-19 Outcome from -  reviews several European papers May 2020

Vitamin D Immune Support for 2020 from - some official comments April 2020

Vitamin D Research Paper Summary by Dr. Rhonda Patrick  - Start at minute 24 for Vitamin D April 2020

More Benefits of Vitamin D & A by Dr. Rhonda Patrick - Start at 35 minutes for nutrient deficiency immune discussion June 2020

Vitamin D Harvard Research Review by Dr. John Campbell - Please search his other Vitamin D reviews too.

Vitamin D Strongly Recommended - Update by Dr. John Campbell - June 2020 MORE SUPPORT

Vitamin D More Effective Than Flu Vaccine from - 

Vitamin D Immune Support Biochemistry Explanation by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - see his other good topics.

Vitamin K Deficiency Leads to Poor COVID-19 Outcome by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - June 2020 the biochemistry

*See also my Inflammation and Cytokine Storm pages Dr. Been video explaining how Vitamin D affects CRP and COVID-19 illness.

Dr. Rolland discusses some of many essential and immune benefits of vitamins A, E, D & K.


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