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>>Essential Minerals - Ca, Mg, Zn, Se {video}

Calcium, Magnesium and even Zinc and Selenium are major essential minerals that have hundreds of critical metabolic functions in the body. They are part of everything from bones and muscles to nerve function. These minerals help with immune function, cardiac function, muscle function and numerous others. Although our bodies do have a means for storing minerals in the bones and muscles, essential minerals must be taken in the diet. Calcium, Zinc and Selenium are especially vital for immune function with Magnesium to a lesser degree. However, proper Magnesium levels help reduce inflammation and help the immune system to not overreact.  It also helps maintain healthy blood vessels, blood pressure and helps muscles relax. (70% of people are Magnesium deficient not getting enough in their diet. Poor foods cause inflammation and Magnesium depletion. Diuretics & caffeine cause Magnesium excretion from the body. Stress also depletes Magnesium because it is used heavily by metabolic pumps.) Calcium is released by hyperthermia (fever) for use by macrophages during an infection.  (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium & Sodium are the top cations in the blood.)

Benefits of Zinc with Quercetin by Dr. Rhonda Patrick - Start at 17 minutes for Quercetin

More Benefits of Zinc by Dr. Rhonda Patrick - Start at 35 minutes for nutrient deficiency immune discussion

How to Improve Zinc Uptake with Quercetin by

Are You Getting Enough Zinc?

When Should You Take Zinc to Help Your Cold?

Magnesium Biochemistry & COVID-19 by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - June 2020 Vit D, B12 and Mag may help severity, see MATH+ protocol on our Immune Support/ Corona Update June 2020 

Selenium Biochemistry & Coronavirus by Dr. Been Medical Lectures - June 2020

Dr. Rolland discusses some of many essential and vital immune benefits of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium.


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