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>>Corona Update July 2020 {video}

More Coming Soon!

My apologies that I have been busy at the office and preparing to support patients with going back to school, etc. and have not had time to keep writing summaries. I will get back to that but for now, I am going to at least post links that seems important to understanding this virus and its complications.

>>Best Treatment So Far? by Dr. John Campbell- July 2020 Man made interferons to boost immune function that COVID-19 has down regulated. See also MATH+ protocol care from our June 2020 update page..

>>Ideas to Fix the COVID-19 Crisis in 30 Days by - July 2020

More support for antibodies from other virus exposure helping with SARS-COV2 and the duration of its immunity.

>>Long Term Immunity More Likely COVID-19 by Dr. John Campbell - July 2020 SARS T-cell memory still active after 17 years?

>>Coronavirus Antibodies, Immunity and COVID-19 Prevalence Spain Data by MedCram - July 2020

COVID-19 Complications and what to do about them. See also the nutritional posts to help these chronic symptoms.

>>Increased Blood Clotting by Dr. John Campbell - July 2020

>>Why Are So Many COVID Patients Dying of Sepsis? by - July 2020

Long-haulers - an emerging group of about 10% who continue with chronic varied symptoms. What can be done? Likely, a lot. This is another area that natural health care really shines - helping to strengthen the body to heal and get rid of chronic infections. More coming.

>>Masks - The Pros & The Cons by - July 2020 What do they actually help?

>>Are Masks Reducing SARS-COV2 Spread? by July 2020 Several ideas for your consideration.

>>Viral Mutations by Dr. John Campbell - July 2020

>>Immune System ResponseTypes biochemistry by July 2020

>>What Determines T helper 1 vs. T helper 2 Response? biochemistry by Dr. July 2020  

>>Escape from the Antibodies by SARS COV2 biochemistry by Dr. - July 2020

>>A Food Plate for a Strong Immune System by - July 2020

>>Covid-19 Severity - Study Reveals Cellular Behavior by - July 2020


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